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DRM Removal Does Not Work If You Don't Have License, But Website Does Not Tell You This
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According to the Wondershare website, their software will remove DRM from music files. But the site does not mention that you have to have the license in order for it to work. In my case the music files came from MusicMatch, a company which folded and stopped supporting their licenses. And since those music files contained DRM, I could not play them on my computer even though I paid for them with good old American currency.

To remedy this, I found the Wondershare site and read through their posted literature which simply stated that the software could remove DRM from music files. It even offered a trial version that I could used to see if it would work in specific circumstance. The trial software, however, only ran for 60-seconds then stopped. Well, it takes much longer to remove DRM from a file, so there was no way that I could tell, by running the trial version, whether or not the full version Wondershare software would work on your files unless of course I paid for and downloaded the full version itself--which I did.

Unfortunately for me, once I had downloaded the full version I quickly learned that the software could not remove DRM from the MusicMatch music files because the licenses were no longer supported by MusicMatch. So in essence, I was simply out of luck.

I contacted Wondershare right away and explained my problem to Customer Service. I also explained that their website failed to tell customers that the software would only work on licenses that are currently supported, and that the trial version did not function long enough to discover whether or not it was going to be useful to the customer.

Wondershare Customer Service Agent "John" gave me the runaround for a while, but eventually declined my request for a refund. I figured that would happen, but when I asked him to give me the name and contact information for his supervisor or the procedure to make a dispute claim with his company, he completely ignored me.

I eventually received a refund from VISA, but my advice to potential customers is to use caution when dealing with this company. Their website indicates that complaints like mine will be handled on a case-by-case basis; however, Customer Service refused to allow me to get past the "gatekeeper" so that I could have my case reviewed.

Additionally, the website is deceptive in that it claims to be able to remove all DRM. Of course, this is not true unless the license is still supported, but that is not mentioned anywhere on the Wondershare site. And finally, the trial version of the Wondershare software only functions for 60-seconds which is nowhere near the time required to remove DRM from a music file. The real time is something in the neighborhood of one second for each second of music. So a four-minute song would take approximately four minutes to remove the DRM. Therefore, downloading the trial version to determine if it is the software you need is in reality a complete waste of time.

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