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Dear Richmond County District Attorney's Office:
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STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I have an issue that I was told to submit to your office by the New York State Attorney General's Office. This issue concerns the questionable, and possibly illegal, conduct of the Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Board of Managers. The Treasurer of the Board of Managers, Anita Chalfen, refuses to comply with sections of New York State Real Property Law Article 9B (Condominium Act) Sections 339-v and 339-w. Specifically, Ms. Chalfen refuses to hold elections for seats on the Board of Managers and she refuses to hold annual homeowner meetings as required by law. In fact, I have heard that annual homeowner meetings and elections for seats on the Board of Managers haven't been held since the sponsor turned over the development to the homeowners association in the mid-1980's! Additionally, Ms. Chalfen refuses to allow the inspection of condominium books of receipts and expenditures, and we have never received an annual report from her! Because of Ms. Chalfen's refusal to abide by provisions of State Law, I can only assume that, not only do improprieties exist in the books of our condominium, but there is also the possibility of criminal wrongdoing on her part. I would like to request that you look into this matter, and if your office has jurisdiction, I would like to request that you conduct an investigation of the Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Board of Managers in general and the conduct of Ms. Chalfen in particular. Thank you very much for your anticipated assistance and cooperation!
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TXRoadTrip on 08/11/2004:
Do they operate as a nonprofit?
Send all requests certified returned receipt.
Stipulate a time, usually 30 days to comply.
Ask others to do the same.
You and the others contact and write complaints to your State Attorney General and your District Attorney.
Also complain to the local BBB.
See if any of this helps.
Liars, cheats and thieves don’t comply with normal requests under the law, there is too much to hide.
Most are nonprofits and think they are above the law, until they get caught.
It happens all over the USA.
missy00 on 08/17/2004:
I have recently moved into this community and agree something is not correct with the way this "Board" conducts itself. I have not been issued any statements nor have I been given any rules or regulations. I have been asked for my monthly dues and now an increase in these dues.
I do not understand how a board can operate with closed books and no meetings to agree on issues that we ultimately pay for inn the end. This Anita needs to be investigated!
Woodbrooke Estates on 08/17/2004:
missy00: So you had the misfortune of buying a condo in the infamous Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1? I'm sure that you have already discovered that the Section 1 Board of Managers (which was NEVER elected by the homeowners) absolutely refuses to hold elections, allow open meetings, or permit the examination of their financial books. This is a clear violation of provisions of the New York State Condominium Act, but these crooks don't seem to care. I've got some news for you, Anita & Company - this is the United States of America NOT Stalinist Russia!!! I think the time has come for someone to contact the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and request that they launch an investigation of the Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1 Board of Managers for violations of the R.I.C.O. (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) Act!!!
McSleazy on 08/18/2004:
To the Homeowners in Woodbrooke Estates Condominium Section 1: You buy a condo in a notoriously mismanaged and corrupt dump of a development (do your research PRIOR to your purchase), and then you expect the snakes and thieves on the board of managers of that dump to all of a sudden start running things honestly and in accordance with the law?!?! Give me a break!!!

I am a former resident of Woodbrooke Section 1, and I can tell you for a fact that Anita, Erwin, and the rest of the puppets and simpletons on the board of managers have been doing whatever they please, without care or concern for the homeowners, for the past 20 years. Nothing will change unless all of you homeowners start raising a ruckus about the way things are being done by this illegal and corrupt board.

The board of managers has always consisted of Anita Chalfen and at least 4 more of her "rubber stamps". Anita's mob has always been the majority on the board, so even if a couple of honest and well-meaning people are able to finagle an appointment to the board (there are no elections for board seats), Anita's puppets are always in control of the board.

You want things to change? You want the board to be run in an honest and legal manner? You want fair elections for board seats, annual homeowner's meetings, examination of financial reports and publication of said reports? Then stop whining about it, and GET INVOLVED and START STANDING UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!

Start writing letters to members of the board and tell them that you want them to IMMEDIATELY and FULLY start complying with the laws that govern the operation of Condominium boards.

Write letters to the Staten Island Advance and tell them to write a story about the illegal and corrupt way in which the Woodbrooke Section 1 Board of Managers is run.

Call and write the proper local, state, and federal investigative authorities and DEMAND that they investigate the conduct of this board.

If none of these methods work, pool your resources together and HIRE A LAWYER and SUE THE BOARD OF MANAGERS!!!

Complaining about the situation without taking any action will accomplish nothing except frustration. If you do nothing to stop this illegal and corrupt board, you will have only yourselves to blame when things get worse (and they will)!!!

Remember the old saying... "The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"!!!
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