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They Have No Clue For Customer Service
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EBENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Long story. Their mistake but were reluctant to do anything. And lied to me.

My unemployment goes into an account that I have a debit card for. My only access to the money is by using the debit card or paying extra to do an online transfer to a bank.

I wanted to pay off a 0% cc loan that was about to expire. I had a few grand in my checking account and I had about $4500 in my unemployment account. On April 23rd I went to the bank to get a $3000 cash advance to deposit into my checking account so I could pay the cc off.

When the teller swiped the card the machine malfunctioned (she didn't tell me that). She processed the transaction again and it was delcined. I thought maybe there is a limit, try $2000. It was declined again. I said try $1000. The $1000 transaction was approved.

When I got home I checked to see if there was a limit and found that there was in fact no withdrawal limit. But I also saw a pending pre-authorization on my account for $3000.

I called the company and asked why the pending transaction if it was declined. They said it was not declined, that the amount was approved when the request was made. I knew that in order to get the pending removed I would need the bank to send a letter telling them they were not going to finalize the transaction. I asked the guy if there was another alternative other than waiting 5 to 10 days, he said no.

Next day, April 24th, I went to the bank and explained to the teller that there was a pending transaction for the $3000 and they needed to send a letter to the bank. I provided a copy of my statement showing the pending transaction. I thought it would be a simple request because I knew the procedure. (It happened to me once at the post office. They said I had to swipe my card again and there were actually 2 transactions for the same amount. I did let that one go for 5 days.) They had no idea what to do so they were going to send it to someone else and let me know what they found out. I never received a call so I just waited. 5 days and it was still there. 10 days and it was still there.

I called the company and found out what really happened. They told me she had swiped the card twice and the first time got approved, the second was declined because the first was approved and there was not enough money for the second request. The 3rd attempt was declined because the first was approved. The 4th attempt was approved because there was still enough money in the account.

She also said any thing over $250 would remain for 30 days unless the bank sent a letter. And she said the matter could be resolved in a few hours if they would just fax a letter. I went to the bank and asked them what was being done. They said nothing was being done because when they forwarded the matter no one had ever heard of anything like that and that they could not send a letter because they did not have any record of the transaction. I said if you have no record then what will it hurt to send a letter to that effect and tell them it won't be processed. I got them to call someone and in the phone conversation that is when she said she swiped the card and the machine malfunctioned. But in all the people she talked to, she never told them what needed to be done. She just asked if they should do anything to get the funds released.

But they still said they had never had to send any correspondence like that. Their risk dept. didn't have any idea. I made a small scene in the bank at Walmart and they said someone would call me that afternoon. I went straight home and called the account company back and spoke with them again and they assured me there was nothing I could do, the bank had to do it. I called the banks main CS in Houston and talked to about 3 people and a CS supervisor told me that someone in risk was taking care of it and it would be done within the hour. The branch manager called and I explained to him that I had called CS and he said he would call and make sure I was told correctly.

Well, the next morning the transaction was still there. I was hot. I called the account company and they said they had received no letter. I called the banks CS and went through about 3 people and no one knew what the hell was going on. I finally got a CS supervisor that told me that she had spoken to someone in risk and that the letter had been faxed in that morning (18 hours later than they said they were going to) and that they had received a confirmation of the fax. I told them I wanted a copy of the letter faxed to the bank so I could pick it up. I never got to speak to anyone in risk at any point. I am the customer, shouldn't they deal with me if they are offering customer service? They can't even give you a direct call back number, you have to start everything from the automated process.

I called the company back and got to the head person on duty on the phone and she told me the fax number I was give was for the Texas office and that she was in Harrisburg, Pa. so she could not verify receipt of the fax. I told her I was going to get a copy of the letter and would she accept it if I faxed it in. She said yes. She was very accommodating and said that if she saw the money post to my account before the end of the day she would call me. I told her I would get the letter but would wait until morning before I got back to her.

I went to the bank about 4 hours later to pick up the letter and no one knew a thing. After about 15 miutes they finally came up with the letter from an email. I brought the letter home and waited. The next morning the money was back in my account showing a transaction reversal.

So after 12 days and only two extra blood pressure pills I got my money back. The people at the bank did not seem at all concerned that I would have to wait 30 days to get my money even though it was their machine that malfunctioned and caused the whole ordeal. Hell, I guess all their account holders have an extra 3 grand to throw away for a month.

The lady at the account company said it is a very common thing to happen and that she has had a few banks refuse to send a letter, and those banks did complete the transaction 90% of the time. But she has never known of a bank that has never had it happen and did not know what the procedure was to rectify the situation. I think the bank was just stalling with the whole thing.

They said they made a one time exception just for me.

I know this was just one incident with the bank; but the way it was (or should I say wasn't) handled and the several times they lied to me about what was being done and the total lack of communication is just not the way customer service should be provided. Especially for a financial institution.

I told the teller, I normally keep a few thou in there but since they messed up, all that money was now gone from the account and I will make damn sure that there was never any money in that account again. I don't think they really care.
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Avoid Woodforest National Bank
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I really hate this bank!! The worst bank ever! Every time I would go to deposit a check, they needed a manager for an over ride. And half the time there was never a manager to be found! Then they have to call around to other Woodforest branches till they find someone with over ride authorization. This process holds up the line and makes me late for work! I have even had checks put on hold for up to 14 business days!! I could see the reason for this if I was a hot check writer. But I have never bounced a check ever! And I have plenty of money in my account. They tell me I can take the check to the bank it's drawn off of. And have it cashed there, and then bring the cash back to deposit. WHAT???? If I am going to go to that much trouble, I am just going to open an account at that bank!! These checks I deposit are not even over 600.00 The tellers are usually really rude. And I had to deal with the regional VP at one time. I quickly found out that she was just a woman on a power trip! She treated me like a piece of gum she had just stepped in. I am not one to complain. I know how to treat people! When you work in , or have worked in, customer service, you tend to be more patient with people. I would rather climb through razor wire, with my hair on fire and put my money in a coffee can and bury it under a fire ant bed in my back yard before I would even consider putting it back in Woodforest National "so called" Bank. I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone. In fact , when clients ask me about banks,I tell them how pathetic this bank is. And sometimes I even go into the whole"razor wire , ant bed speel". Then I recommend my bank.
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User Replies:
tjhooker90 on 08/13/2006:
That is an awesome idea. But, unfortunately, Woodforest does not have ATM machines that allow you to deposit money into your account. All they have is a night drop. There is no drive through or anything either. It is an "in store" bank located in most of the Wal Marts in Texas.
Thanks for the comment!!
Anonymous on 08/13/2006:
I think the problem is that he (she?) wants the check deposited with no hold placed. In other words, the bank should float him a loan on every deposit while the check clears. It's OK to ask for this, but not OK to complain when someone has to authorize special treatment.
tjhooker90 on 08/14/2006:
In response to KenPopcorn, the whole check deposit thing was NOT the only problem. It was just the mose annoting problem. I have used many banks, and I never had any problems till Woodforest. I understand putting a check on hold, to a point. But it was more the attitude I got from the tellers and from the manager who had to do the override. In NO WAY did I think I deserved special treatment.
tjhooker90 on 08/14/2006:
LOL! I DO know how to spell.
YFraga on 09/16/2006:
I work at Woodforest National Bank and I wanted to apologize for your experience with Woodforest. Our methods of banking are for safety resons to better serve you as our client. It may take time to do a deposit but sometimes our tellers just have a limit they have to keep. I can tell you as a teller I see many clients and customers who appreciate what we do because they understand that we are only trying to keep their accounts safe.
Shannie on 09/17/2006:
I too work at Woodforest and I have to say I totally disagree with you. The tellers do have a limit they have to be conscious of. If it is over their limit they must get it approved before going ahead. This protects us and you. If that check comes back for whatever reason you are held liable!! That also means if you don't pay it back, then we have to take it as a loss. I do apologize for the inconvience you were put through, but please try to understand that we have those limits and place holds for good reasons. I am sure it had nothing to do with you having never written a bad check. We go by your average balance and whether or not we are familiar with that item. Ultimatly the decision if made by the manager.
amazon3607 on 12/26/2007:
I LOVE Woodforest Bank! We live on a tight budget, and Woodforest's online banking lets you see what is going to clear your account the next day.

When we deposit our paychecks , the money is available that instant. ( we are in Ohio, if that makes a difference)We have never had a waiting period put on any deposit that we have made. the tellers are friendly and having a bank that is open evenings and weekends is a lifesaver for us with our work schedules.

Woodforest also has free checking with interest & free checks too if you are over 50. this bank is the BEST

I was going crazy with key Bank and getting charged for overdrafts that did not make sense. I have not had an overdraft or fee since switching to Woodforest over a year ago.
Comon Sense on 01/22/2008:
Woodforest is a great bank that treats people from ALL backgrounds with dignity and respect. Not just the wealthy people like other banks do. I have banked with them for years and cannot imagine this issue being anything more than you wanting them to make exceptions for you that they clearly state in their disclosures that they cannot make. My guess is that you did not have enough money in your account to cover the check that you tried to cash or deposit and that is why they needed to get it verified or out it on hold. Since my deposits are immediately accessible I would imagine yours are too. If you cash/deposit a check that you cannot cover with your own funds, should it be fake, you not only leave yourself open to problems but the bank is also stuck trying to recoup the loss. My question to you is WHY DO YOU FEEL YOU DESERVE SPECIAL TREATMENT...IF YOU READ THE DISCLOSURE YOU WOULD KNOW WHY THIS HAPPENS AND WHY IT IS IN NOT ONLY THE BANK'S BEST INTEREST BUT YOURS AS WELL. I am certain that EVERY bank out there has a policy in place that puts unverified deposits on hold. Stop picking on this BANK and find a hobby. Maybe one that pays you so that you can keep enough money in your account to allow your checks to clear...and one more thing PROOF READING IS AN AWESOME TOOL!
Cracker56 on 01/24/2008:
I feel that the whole Woodforest operation is shameful. They claim to want to help people and give them a "second chance", but really they target people who have no money handling skills to get rich off the fees. The reason they have to put a hold on the majority of the deposits is because over half their clientel have been previously reported for different kinds of checking account abuse. (which is why they bank at Woodforest to begin with, no other bank will take them.) In turn, everyone pays the price. It's so bad in my area that there are actually businesses with signs posted that say "will not accept checks from Woodforest National Bank". That's pretty bad publicity when a business would rather not get any money than take a chance on a Woodforest check.
Chainsaw on 03/14/2008:
Would like to know if anyone has purchased a money order from WoodForest Bank for $25.00 or less, and tried to get a refund on it if lost or stolen?
mrctx on 06/10/2008:
I have done business with a lot of banks, Woodforest is without a doubt the worst. They hold checks (some of which are drawn on the largest financial institutions in the country) for unreasonable periods, and have excessive fees. They even charge $12.95 for the debit card (which at other banks if free). They hold checks for 11 business days (in real time, about 2 and a half weeks). This no doubt fattens the deposits they have to show investors and the like. Don't buy the bits about "for the safety of the consumer", etc. Banks are out to make money, and Woodforest is the most blatant. They make huge profits from their Second Chance banking (ie., "second class banking"). It is just a matter of taking advantage of the disadvantaged. Management and employees are usually not much more than teenagers, that should tell you something. As someone else said once, you'd be better off using money orders and a piggy bank than doing business with Woodforest.
kilroy on 06/12/2008:
In response to mrctx:
$12.00 is the annual fee for the Debit Mastercard. Why the fee when most other banks offer their card free? No hidden charges for using the card. Use it as a debit (to receive cash back at the register) or credit - no extra charges. Use it at a foreign ATM (not a Woodforest Bank atm) there is a charge, like most banks do. Most banks, however, will charge you to use your card as a debit (foreign atm fee) and some even charge .25 to .50 cents per purchase using the card as credit. Use your card as much as I do and this will add up to more than the $12 annual fee. Also, WNB allows it's customers to with draw up to $800 per day from the ATM, which is more than most other banks.

Holds are necessary part of banking. If banks just allowed anyone to come make a deposit regardless of the check (some fraudulent) they'd lose money. Check kiters, scam artist, people who have won some foreign lottery, deceased millionaires in Nigeria, and the usual mystery shopper are constantly trying to cash or deposit these types of checks. Banks have to look out for their customers and themselves.
Ultimately, all banks are in the business to make money. This is why most people start a business.
candlegirl on 08/07/2008:
I too bank with Woodforest and I have had no problems so far. All deposits are immediately available, even personal checks from out of state written to me. I agree that the staff seems kind of young but at the same time I see that at a lot of banks these days. I remember once I had an automatic debit and coming out that I didn't have the money in bank to cover, but I also had an automatic deposit that was due that same day, it was a matter of what hit the bank first. Well as always when your short on money the bill comes first, it did put my account in the negative, but when the deposit hit, it just covered it and I wasn't charged an overdraft fee, something my last bank would have done. I also don't have that issue with it taking 3 or 4 weeks for my purchases to hit my account like my last bank, which is kind of what messes a lot of people up, if a pruchase takes more than a few days to show up we tend to forget about them. Yes we should keep a balanced checkbook but most people don't even use enough checks anymore to bother, which is bad I admit. So far I love the bank, and it's people, and I pray that no problems arrive in the future, and if they do I hope I have the wisdom to know if they were due to actions of my own or if it were actually the banks fault.
uluvcaca2 on 08/08/2008:
tjhooker is a former employee bashing a former employer online. Online bashing of a former employer is weak. If there are customers with valid complaints or concerns that they feel the public should know that is one thing, but being a cry-baby after no longer working for a company is childish.
LandonP on 01/11/2009:
I am a Wood Forest account holder from Indiana. I work at Walmart, which makes it easy to deposit / withdraw money since the branch is located there. There open on Sundays, open til 8pm...

I have had the account for 3 months now, and never had any problem with them. Sure, they do charge a fee for second chance checking, but its only $9.00 a month, and really... It's worth it for the risk they take on these clients. If you choose direct deposit, like me, its only $7.00 a month.

Sure they charge a debit card fee (which is waived for me since I'm a Walmart employee), but that is also understandable as a part of the risk. Really, $12 per year is only $1 per month. If you cannot afford $1 per month, you don't need a bank account, because you don't make enough money to need one.

With my other bank, Charter One, they always jiped me every chance they got. One time I asked them if there were any pending transactions on my account... they said no... So I only deposit $20, and a $23.00 charge comes in. Automatic $40 overdraft fee for each day, which means that by the time they closed my account, I owed them $750 for going over $2.00, and that was my available balance, not current balance, which was $210 dollars.

A similar thing happened at Wood Forest, where my available balance fell $2.14 into the negative. I was so sure I would get an overdraft fee. It was negative on Friday night, and even on Tuesday morning when I made the deposit, it was still $2.14 negative. However, after depositing enough money, they covered the $2.14 charge and didn't access a fee.

That leads me to believe that they use overdraft only for accounts that have a current balance in the negative, instead of available balance, like any other bank.

Overall, I'm happy with Woodforest...
dansteel on 02/13/2009:
OK, I would say that it is fair to assume that most people don't fully understand the ins and outs of banking. Checks are placed on hold for a variety of reasons. If you bring in a check for $700.00 but all you ever have in your account is $10.00, it may be held. If your check deposits total more than $5000.00 in one day, the amount over the five grand can be held. Checks drawn of a bank from another state, or a check that can't be verified can be held. A good number of the country's largest financial institutions won't very checks, but they are quick to take taxpayer money. Woodforest won't be taking any of that taxpayer money, because they aren't publicly traded or owned. The only way to get their stock is to work for the company. Unfortunately, people's word isn't worth what it once used to be, so the necessary precautions need to be taken. But no one should expect special treatment at the sake of compromising a business's integrity. And remember, when everyone is special, no one is special.
truth squad on 02/24/2009:
Woodforest is the bomb!! Open 7 days a week... what other bank does that?... open late til 7pm in Alabama...Where I live banks even close saturdays but not Woodforest they are open!
lovely09 on 03/21/2009:
to Cracker56 you are not correct on your information, I bank with woodforest and another reputable bank and Woodforest is not shameful, they do allow some of the s3cond chance clients the opportunity to open accounts when other banks will not but in this day and time even the riches person is having financial issues that have them in second chance situations so close your pie hole
trm123 on 04/23/2010:
I would just like to say that my Uncle is Robert Marling who is the C.E.O of WNB. He has worked very hard to take one branch and turn it into hundreds which is now very well known across the states. As most of you know on here this bank is the first to have started a lot of first time things like 24/7 banking. I don't like seeing my own families bank talked down on as if they are horrible people and their employees as well. I work at a bank (not WNB) and I get so tired of people ranting and raging at us for putting holds on large checks that they do not have the funds to cover. Here's my advice to you people who want to get on here and complain about these kind of actions banks take. GET OVER IT!!! It is a rule and procedure that we as tellers have to follow..b/c if we don't guess what it's on us and could cost us our job. It has nothing to do with you being a bad customer, writing bad checks, or anything of that nature, its solomn purpose it to protect you and the bank as a whole. Please find something better to do with your time than get on sites like this making a complete a$$ out of yourself and bashing other people's work ethic and maybe go out and make better use of your time. Every bank is going to have different procedures and not everybody is going to like the same bank that is why there are sooooo many to choose from but like I said make better use of your own time and don't make yourself look like an idiot for everyone to see. THANK YOU!!
SciTeach on 08/01/2010:
Woodforest bank typifies the worst in banking. Last week, every employee except 1 here in my local branch (Plano Walmart) resigned due to poor treatment by management. There is a fee for debit cards, account fees, check fees and fees for any teller service. This is a bank that derives its income from charging fees to lower income clients who don't know any better.
supermommy on 10/26/2011:
I am one of those second chance bankers and I am very disapointed to see how many on here think second chance= scum of the earth. You do not know what happened to these people and why they may have to have second chance. Especially now in this recession everyone is having trouble. Do not throw stones in a glass house. That being said I have banked with a lot of banks and Wood Forest and Washington Mutual are the best by far. Every other bank charges for every little thing. Chase you have to pay $1 to check your balance at an ATM or .35 to check it on the phone. BTW you cannot talk to a customer service agent at Chase without calling the same number you call to check your balance so you have to pay .35 to get help with your account as well. And with any other bank if your payments come out even a second before your deposits are posted they over draft you. Wood Forest as long as it is in the same day you don't get charge anything. Also Wood Forest lets you link a savings account to your checking and if you overdraw your checking it takes from your savings for just $2 instead of a $40 over draft. They have great hours, nice employees and work with their customers. I have never once had them hold my check. Even out of state personal checks sent by my parents are posted right away. I think there is more to the story then the OP is telling.
HeidiR on 11/18/2011:
I agree with supermommy. I too have a second chance for reason I won't disclose but I am grateful for the second chance. And the tellers in my branch have always been great to me.
jahr on 12/02/2011:
what nobody seems to be mentioning here is that when banks hold your money (and to you dansteel, my deposit which was over $5000 and the whole thing held for 2 weeks) that money is put into a high interest float account, so while WNB is protecting itself, it's also making money on my money. BTW- the check which I deposited cleared that account the same day as I deposited it. I too find the customer service the worse I've ever dealt within a bank.
Dave Tincher on 01/27/2012:
I had Woodforest ask for my I.D. one time when I purchased a money order? Also currently woodforest has $2500 canadian check I deposited on 12-26-11. The check is not bad but woodforest debited my account for $2500 and told me I will not have funds until 2-21-12..I have deposited canadian checks before with woodforest and I have been in business 23 years and this never happened. Woodforest will not even inform me who is holding the money. I will have another account else where, and I am going to file a complaint real soon. This bank is playing a hedge on my money.
Brently on 09/10/2013:
I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with WoodForest National Bank. I love their hours of operation!
Jamie on 09/18/2013:
Woodforest Bank has over 750 locations in 17 states and the majority of its branches are open 364 days/year 7 days a week. Holds are mostly placed on checks that can not be verified in there data base. Furthermore, the majority of checks are made available to you same day like cash unlike a typical 2 business day hold at most other financial institutions. If a check is placed on hold, it will be most likely 7 business days for the bank and most importantly the customers protection. If you think about it, if a check deposited ends up being fraudulent or the opposing bank didn't have enough funds to cover the check at the time of attempted funds allocation, the money that you may have spent in the mean time will be owed back. Most high risk checks are from insurance companies, 401k distributions and high end personal checks. Woodforest is a very competitive edge with the products and services they offer to its customer. Some I won't review only because it will seem to good to be true. Woodforest offers a checking account that can be free if you have direct deposit even if its just a quarter every pay. If you are on chex systems, a second chance checking account is offered. Yes it does contain a monthly fee, but you will probably pay more cashing your check elsewhere or loading it on to a card. One new perk is that regardless if you pay back who you owe, after one year, you will be eligible to roll your account over to the regular woodforest checking account! Anyone 50 year of age or older and not on chex systems qualifies for a free account with no direct deposit required in addition to other free perks. Moreover, money orders are only 25 cents. cashiers checks are 5 dollars. Overdraft and NSF fees are low,$30.00. Customers now have the ability to take a picture of there check and deposit it via mobile. Online banking and Bill pay are available on the website. After enrolling in OLB you can access mobile banking on your phone. With an email address on file, you will receive and email daily or if you choose, weekly informing you of your balance and recently posted transactions. If your looking for a business account, Woodforest offers several accounts for you. They will also help you obtain and set up a terminal so that you can begin to accept credit card payments. Another luxury is there rather new product called the Cell-it which is a square like device you can connect to your android or iPhone so that you can accept credit card payments on the go or off site or take in less than 8k in credit card transactions a month. This device is like the square with a way lower rate. Wood forest also has a variety of loan products to suit your needs. I can tell you from my experiences with many other financial institutions, Wood forest all across the board tops them all and you can only find out for your yourself how awesome and convenient this bank is by going and signing up.
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Security Flaws
Posted by on
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Woodforest does not care about you or your security, the only thing they do care about is your money and how they can keep it.

A few month after opening my account I noticed a fraudulent charge pending on my account for $35.00. I went to my local office to take care of it immediately; however, they told me there is nothing they can do about it. They refused to do anything about the fraudulent charge until it posted to the account. As a result, the charge posted for $35.00, and sent my account into the negatives. On top of that, the two legitimate transactions I made did not post until after the fraudulent charge posted, even though they were made four to five days beforehand. This resulted in $105 in overdraft fees due to a fraudulent charge that they allowed to post.

On top of that, they charged me $12.00 to cancel the debit card so there would be no more fraudulent transactions.

In just over a few months, I have noticed Woodforest often rearranges the way transactions post in an effort to overdraft your account. For example, if you have 20 transactions for $5.00 and one transaction for $500 that happened 5 days later, they will post the $500 dollar transaction first so that you have 20 overdrafts.

On top of that, they often wait until you have no money in your account to charge you any monthly fees. I often have little money in my account after the first of the month due to paying all of my bills. Yet, I always leave enough to cover the service fees. Yet, they will not withdraw them on the same day every month. Instead, they wait until your account balance is less than that of the service fee so that they can hit you with an overdraft fee on top of the service fee.

They will also hold your deposits for a long time. I have seen cash deposits left in the night drop take days to post, and if my girlfriend or father deposit money into my account it will take over a week to post to my available balance. It makes it difficult when my girlfriend is putting her half of the rent in my account or my dad is loaning me money from two states away by putting CASH into my account, yet I cannot use it for a week or more.

I highly recommend avoiding this bank. Despite their convenient hours, they will find someway to screw you over and make you out to blame.

Since this bank is only located in Wal-Mart, then I suggest just using Wal-Mart to cash your check and get one of their re-loadable Visa cards. You will save your self lots of headaches, frustration, and money in the end.
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User Replies:
Diabolical on 10/04/2009:
Nearly all banks re-order transactions with the highest amount posting first.
MaggieMcT on 10/04/2009:
True. But if you only spend what's already in your account, it won't matter.
Anonymous on 10/04/2009:
Bottom line is you're spending money that is not in your account. Don't give them the option of taking your money. By the way, all banks do that.
T. McGuire on 10/08/2009:
At Woodforest, we take every concern seriously and make every effort to resolve issues promptly. Please contact our Customer Care department at 877-968-7962 or e-mail us at info@woodforest.com. Our Customer Care Representatives are available Monday through Saturday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm CST. If you are an Online Banking customer, you may also send us a Secured Message by logging into your account, selecting the Messaging tab and clicking on “Send us a new message”. We hope we have an opportunity to speak with you soon.
BornToRefuse on 10/09/2009:
Right, I disagree. I did call the customer service line and they told me the same crap lines. They can't stop fraudulent charges until they post and overdraft my account. They still charge me for canceling a credit card to prevent further fraudulent charges.

And to the one who said I should not spend money that was not in my account, I did not. The bank allowed fraudulent charges to post to my account despite me informing them it was not, and that is what caused the overdraft fees.
MaggieMcT on 10/09/2009:
BTR, you indicate, in your 5th paragraph, that you've experienced overdraft fees caused by the order in which transactions posted. Again, that does say that you've made transactions before the money to cover them was in your account. I wasn't referencing the fraudulent charge.
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Woodforest stole $308.00 from me
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PEARLAND, TEXAS -- Do Not use their ATM's ! I have been with Woodforest for about 3 years. Recently I went to a Woodforest drive through ATM and requested $240.00. The money came out and sucked right back in...Although it is an internal dispute I was told I had to get a new ATM card and it would take up to 10 days to receive MY money. Although they are in " business " 7 days a week they really ment 14 days. I went to the bank on the 10th day and they had not even started to work on getting my money..they would wait the entire 14 days to complete this internal transaction..even though the ATM is reconciled every 24 hours. The customer service line repetedly hung up on me..repetivally giving everyone that answered the phone the same info over and over for days. I wrote my rent check which I was charged $34.00 for..I need a place to live..On the 13th day I took $20.00 from the ATM as I couldn't have made it to work otherwise...I was denied my dispute..they have a video !!! I called the retarted customer service line and asked to speak to a supervisor...hung up on again...I was told to write a request to view the video ...then twice the supervisors gave me wrong fax numbers to send it to..yep late for work. And now I have to wait, they won't even tell me if it will be 10 days...oops 14 or what..They have no video of me receiving the money..They are thieves and have put me on the financial edge...Can I file a police report for theft ?? Because these crooks owe me $308.00 right now..And when you call their " Customer service " when you ask who your talking to they give you a first name and the next time you call no one has ever heard of them...How can I get these inept fools fired ?? HELP !!!
Resolution Update 06/14/2009:
I give up
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Anonymous on 06/13/2009:
I hope you can get the problem fixed quickly. Have you tried the state banking commission? This is the first time I've heard of an ATM taking the 'sucking' the money back. I've seen many ATMs where the customer forgot to remove the money as the notes are simply sticking out. And yes, I have told the bank at the time.
madconsumer on 06/13/2009:
I would like to see the video. you can use walmart for cash back, and it is free.
Anonymous on 06/13/2009:
Isn't there some type of report they run at the end of the day where they match up the amount that is supposed to be left in the ATM versus what's actually in there?
BokiBean on 06/13/2009:
Viewing a tape of whether or not you received the money should have no bearing on whether your bank was debited and you never got the money from the machine. That should be accomplished through an audit of the machine itself.

I had something similar happen to me and it was reconciled immediately...within the hour. It was Compass Bank and that isn't even where I bank!

It wouldn't hurt to call a non-emergency line for the police department and ask to speak to someone to take a report. Don't call 911..lol
spiderman2 on 06/13/2009:
All else aside, please rethink your use of this phrase "I called the retarted customer service line..." This is quite offensive and if you are going to call names meant to demean the intelligence of someone, at least spell it correctly.
frannbro on 06/13/2009:
My spelling lapse was due to fury speed typing but after dealing with these people, I do not withdraw the comment. The machines should be reconciled everyday. I bet if it had been short $240.00 there would have been some action!If I do not get a response from them by Monday I will see if the police will take a report. Thanks for the idea.
Anonymous on 06/13/2009:
Spidey, you do have to admit to a certain irony there
PepperElf on 06/13/2009:

try that too
spiderman2 on 06/13/2009:
frannbro -- do you actually know anyone who has a mental and/or physical handicap? Because if you did, you would know how absolutely hurtful and insulting it is use the word retarded the way you did and you would have the decency to admit your error. Ken -- I absolutely see the irony!
frannbro on 06/13/2009:
Thanks PepperElf
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The Worst Mistake You Can Make! Avoid!!!
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HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Woodforest bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I will be closing my account there just as soon as my 6 months is up in April to avoid their "early close penalty". The branches are located ONLY in Wal-Mart stores and the tellers and managers I have worked with to address my complaint are about as bright as the Wal-Mart cashiers who can't add. Woodforest has so many policies in place that it makes normal banking extremely difficult for the average American consumer, trust me when I tell you this, AVOID WOODFOREST! WOODFOREST IS MESSED UP! DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH WOODFOREST! IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE SO SORRY!!! They place unreal hold times on deposits and they have policies about depositing checks that every other bank I have ever used would not do to you.

If this is the future of banking then we are all in big trouble. No coincidence they are all in Wal-Mart stores, Wal-Mart SECRETLY OWNS THE COMPANY THAT CONTROLS WOODFOREST!!!!!
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TGT101 on 02/25/2009:
1) What did you expect from a bank only in Wal-Marts. 2) Don't generalize all cashiers into a category [snip]
Anonymous on 02/25/2009:
I have no idea what Woodforest's funds availability policies are, but before you jump ship I would make sure I got a copy of the policy from where I am going.
truth squad on 03/15/2009:
sounds like you are the bonehead to me!!! I bank at woodforest and have no problems at all. Open everyday unlike other banks that close early or don't open at all.

Learn to manage a bank account and quit your whining!
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It Doesn't Get Worse Than Woodforest!!
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GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I opened a new account with WoodForest National Bank after moving to a new state. 26 days later I tried cashing a Massachusetts child support check and they told me there would be a 14 day hold on it! I asked why? They said they only cash government checks directly from "under 30 day old accounts". Well, It IS a government check! I ended up walking to the Walmart Customer Service desk and THEY casked the check for $3.00. They are constantly rude there and NO ONE knows what they are doing. My son sent me a bank order a week after I opened the account and they wouldn't even cash THAT until I insisted they call the bank to verify it. My direct deposits are being canceled and sent to a REAL bank...

I look forward to the day when WoodForest goes under because of their lack of service that drives people away!
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Anonymous on 09/15/2008:
Just a thought, you are aware that you are not 'entitled' to cash a check for more than you have on deposit, aren't you? A bank may or may not cash a check as a courtesy when you cannot cover it, but you have no right to 'insist(ed) they call the bank to verify it'. The fact that they did this at all shows that they are probably showing you more courtesy than you are showing them.
Anonymous on 09/15/2008:
There is always a delay on availability of funds for any new account.
They were probably referring to federal government checks.
bugaboo1 on 09/15/2008:
I may be wrong, but I believe that Walmart ownsn Woodforest bank, so if that's true, there you go, you have your answer!!!!!!
truth squad on 12/05/2008:
Woodforest is the best Bank ever!!!! They are always open when I need them, including late Saturday, Sundays, and even holidays..... They make my deposits available immediately with no cut off time. My other bank was Regions Bank who I had been with for 22 years used to be like woodforest is now. When they merged with Amsouth bank they implemented a 2pm cutoff time on deposits which frustrated me a great deal since I was used to immediate access to my money!

All the complaints on here have not been my experience at all. I live in Alabama and our Woodforest is awesome. They do charge 32.00 for overdraft fees but even that is cheaper than the big banks around like regions, wachovia and compass. I love my bank!
Jill on 07/02/2011:
I work for woodforest and can feel your pain and frustration. Woodforest does hire individuals that have no banking experience for branch manager positions. Their reputation in the banking industry for poor training, treating employees poorly, and low pay prevent them from getting experienced managers. I have seen and heard many times branch managers calling in to find out how to place a stop payment per a customers request. Really, a branch manager not knowing how to place a stop payment. Poor training and low employee moral is all throughout woodforest. Some employees try to make the best of it but they can only do so much.
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Employees / Procedures / Accounts
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- First of all, when you are depositing a large check and Woodforest wants to put it on hold the reasons are as follows: either you don't have enough in the account to cover the check if it were to charge-back (because you don't know if the check is really good or not and neither does Woodforest) or it is a new check presented to the account. Whenever Woodforest needs an over-ride, we do not call a manager always. It is because new tellers have certain limits to ensure they do their job correctly and efficiently and they have to check certain things about the account. Everyone has a different limit, it is there to protect you and the bank so that people don't write 9,000.00 Dollar checks and get away with it. Woodforest does have depository ATMs but they are not on every single corner.

Yes some of the tellers are young but they are trained very thoroughly and when we make a mistake the teller will always fix them or go to someone higher for advice about a decision. I used to work for Woodforest and Woodforest is a very understanding and great bank. There are 24 hour locations in Texas.
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Principissa on 11/17/2008:
Isn't this written in the little brochure that comes with your account? Oh wait, nobody reads those, they just use them for throwing out old gum and then write complaints on here because the mean bank held their check.

Good post! Again, read the papers that come with your account. Listen to princi, she's right. :)

-my new subliminal advertising.
Anonymous on 11/18/2008:
Yes you are indeed right Prinni, but beyond that, by law, a banks funds availability policy must be posted prominently in each branch. If the bank chooses to extend the hold, they are required to give written notice of the hold, stating why it was placed, and when the funds will be available.
yoke on 11/18/2008:
I thought the bank laws only applied to certain people, LOL.

Good Post, thank you.
madconsumer on 11/18/2008:
not much info, but what little there is, is common sense of banking.
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Excellent Customer Service
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OHIO -- Woodforest National Bank is amazing. They always have a friendly smiling staff that is eager to help. TRY getting that at any of the super sized banks. Those tellers are so snotty. They treat people like they are bothering them. Excuse me for interrupting your personal conversation ... I only wanted to cash my check that I worked really hard all week for. Woodforest also cares enough to stay open when other banks won't I am sure those other banks throw some pretty amazing "Columbus Day Parties".

Pay close attention TRADITIONAL BANKS. Real people work most government holidays! It's nice to have a bank like Woodforest that cares about REAL people!
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Cyane on 01/22/2008:
I'm a real person, just because my company chooses to close on federal holidays doesn't mean there is a lack of caring for customers. I like to think they care enough to give us employees some time off.

By your line of thought, your bank might as well be open 24 hours because some people work daylight hours and might not make it to the bank in time, and others might sleep during the day because they work overnight shifts.
jktshff1 on 01/22/2008:
good reply Cyane
speakyourmind2 on 09/29/2008:
FYI Cyane Woodforest National Bank is open 24 hours in some of its locations. They opened their first 24 hour branch in 1990.
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Great Service
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I have been with Woodforest National Bank since 2001 and have never had a problem. They really go out of their way to take care of my every need. Sometimes a deposit is late getting to them through the mail system and when I inquire they take the time to keep me updated with phone calls and process deposits immediately. When I do go into the bank I am met with friendly and prompt service. I trust this bank and I'm completely satisfied and wouldn't think of using another bank.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/12/2009:
Glad to see there are some banks that are still customer friendly. Thanks for the info
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