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Beware of Woodlands Car Care Spring TX 77380
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I took my F350 in to their shop with a misfire issue and asked them to do a diagnostics on it concerning #4 cylinder. I had already replaced all 10 coils and spark plugs and #4 injector, all brand new replaced right before they got it. I had already taken and swapped around coils and misfire did not move (had another shop verify that as well). The owner of the shop Mr. Al ** says that misfire did not move so they wanted to check compression on that cylinder (we knew this already). Next thing I know I get a call stating that it will be $1592.00 to fix my truck and that I had one coil bad. #4 and that I had all the wrong spark plugs in my truck.

They wanted to clean injectors, put in new fuel filter, said I had 4 o2 sensors bad... I told him that first off I do have the right plugs in and I verified that with Ford dealer, I told him that I had only 2 o2 sensors not 4, that was also verified with the Ford Dealer for that year truck and that #4 coil was not bad because misfire never moved. I told him that I wasn't going to pay to have work done at his shop so I get a bill and he charged me for doing a compression check on all 10 cylinders... not just the (one) in question that he specifically said he wanted to check and also implied was covered under the diagnostics fee in the first place. Then for the diagnostics too.

I reiterated that I never agreed or even spoke to him about doing compression test on all 10 cylinders, he did lower the bill but needless to say it still cost me $262.00 to get my truck out of there for nothing. Here's the real kicker! I took it to the Ford Dealer afterward and they did complete diagnostics on it, found that my #1 cylinder injector plug needed to replaced due to a wire... That was it... A $43.00 part from Ford and they went ahead and replaced the spark plug in that cylinder only for good measure since injector wasn't working properly. TRUCK HAS BEEN RUNNING EXCELLENT EVER SINCE! So you see the big picture I hope! I have paperwork to prove it too!

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SPRING, TEXAS -- I took my truck into them to be diagnosed and was told by the owner that it would be $1592.00 to fix and that I needed a number of parts, parts that I was told were wrong for that truck but verified by Ford that they were indeed right and what it called for... then told me I needed more of a certain part then Ford even shows for that year truck... Charged me for a complete compression test when I only agreed to one cylinder... None of which would have ever fixed the issue. They totally mis-diagnosed the problem.

The owner just wanted to argue with me about everything plus I had to pay $226.00 for nothing to get my truck back. Took my truck to Ford Dealer found out all I needed was a $43.00 electrical part plus labor to fix. Unbelievable! Truck has run great ever since! They are not a member of the BBB and have several complaints filed against them. I tried to settle through BBB but was not resolved. I have paperwork from each place to prove everything. There are honest shops out there but in my opinion this is not one of them pursuant to the experience I had with them.

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Woodlands Car Care
24645 Budde Rd.
The Woodlands, TX 77380
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