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Dishonest practices and unethical company
Posted by Bluflax on 11/28/2005
MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY -- If you are interested in poor customer service, and a company that is out to make a buck at the dispense of the company's integrity and fair business practices, by all means join. After being a member for over a year, I was given misinformation regarding their cancellation policy, and when I informed management about the misinformation I was given, they told me that since they were not privy to the conversation they could not do anything for me.

Customer knows best does not apply.

I called them a month ago when they were still charging my card after having cancelled my membership and they told me that I would still be charged for 90 days. When I questioned them on this, they said that was the policy. So, today, a month later, I called them again to question it yet again and I was told by Bernadette that the policy was that I needed to provide documentation of my new address and that they would then stop charging me AFTER they receive the documentation. When I told them that I had inquired a month ago about this matter and was not given that option, they gave me the run around saying that even though they have documentation of my call to them they cannot verify what was said and therefore cannot refund my money. Are they nuts!! I was a paying member for a year and a half, filled out the appropriate cancellation paperwork at the club, was under no legal obligation to continue services with them as it was past the 1 year initial membership period, and they are treating me like I am trying to pull the wool over their eyes. The woman's tone was completely insincere and unsympathetic and she was spewing one excuse after another without any offers of concession or resolution. I am sorely disappointed, thoroughly disgusted, and happy to no longer be a member of their gym.

And lastly, I just looked at my contract which was for 12 months only. After that it is month to month. I fulfilled my 12 months obligation, and now at 19 months I am no longer liable for the terms of the 12 month contract. I jus filed with the BBB and will take it up with the Attorney General if need be. It is my experience that Work out world is extremely dishonest and will bend the truth and mislead the consumer in order to make a buck.

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Posted by KenPC on 2005-11-29:
I had a similar problem with Work Out World in Randolph MA. After having been a member for over two years, a job change dictated that I find a new gym. Since I was a charter member, I had NO committment, but even if I had, I would already have met it. I filled out the paperwork at he gym to discontinue. They immediately deactivated my fob, but ABC Financial continued to charge my credit card.

I let the first charge go, assuming that maybe I had a partial month, but when they charged next month, I contacted them again, AND my credit card company, Discover. Discover reversed two charges. After four months passed, Discover re-applied teh charges, plus 3 more, stating that I needed to give the gym one month's notice. Since this is now the fifth month, I would have thought that was apparent. I re-requested the protest to the charges, and was told by Discover "They will not get in the middle", which is their polite way of saying 'drop dead'.

Having the last laugh, I paid my Discover balance, and closed the card. I get two or three mailings weekly, where they just can't understand why such a 'good customer' doesn't want a Discover card.

But, I digress... WoW sucks. I would avoid them and their tacky little gyms.
Posted by Mirsy on 2006-09-28:
I agree with you about Work Out Worlds unethical payment practices. I was also told when I signed up that I could cancel at any time after I gave them a one month notice. The salesman assured me that they would not charge me any additional fees. So when my daughter was involved in a horrible auto accident, I requested her membership and mine to be terminated. I was told to call WOW finance company and I did so about 5 times. They told me that I could not terminate either of our contracts because they were effective for one year. I assured them that my daughter is now handicapped and I was caring for her. It fell on deaf ears.
It took me 3 months and many calls as well as emails with Doctors names, hospitals, and newspaper articles about my daughter before anything was done.
Please be very careful if you decide to join this gym and take the contract home. Read it over many times before you sign it. The sales people there cannot be trusted and when you want to terminate they will make it almost impossible.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-04:
I read all these complaints about gyms, and it reminds me of what happened to me. When I was 19, I got a job selling encyclapedias. My manager took me to the Executive Health Club in Indianapolis, and I was so impressed by all the terrific features, I signed up. About 3 months later, I got fed up with the book business and left, I contacted the Health Club and told them I was quitting, due to financial problems. They said they understood. About a month later, my wife at teh time said some men had come to the apartment, demanding money. I got a letter from an outfit called Dial Finance, which was a collection agency. EHC had sold my contract soon after I joined to Dial, and they wanted the money. I won't say where, but I borrowed a .38 snubby and 6 rounds of blank ammo, and had it lying on a bookcase by the door. Sure, enough, one night at about midnight, 2 goons came around. I told them I had something for them and grabbed the gun. As soon as they saw it, they began running down the hall as I emptied the gun. I was taken to court by Dial Finance, and I explained to the judge that when I signed up for the club, I was 19, and I didn't want hoodlums coming to my house3 at night. The judge asked if the EHC was aware of my age,and I produced my copy of the paperwork, and there it was, age and date of birth. The judge told Dial Finance they could not enforce the contract, and ordered EHC to be notified as well. In Indiana, you cannot form a contract with anyone under 21 years of age. Such a contract is null and void on it's face.
Posted by wow hater on 2008-10-25:
I do not recommend this Gym at all - oversold so get in Line to use equipment. Unfair and deceptive practices designed to "dupe" you out of your money- "sorry you got screwed it's company policy" well enough of us together could literally beat the gym to a pulp. If you screwed up like I did and joined already then I suggest this: don't follow the rules- the staff can re rack my weights, don't wipe the equipment off after use- the staff can do it, deliberately be harsh and abusive to the equipment- I advise keying of the screens on the cardio machines, walls, doors and any horizontal surface you can find, you can also give all the padded surfaces a beating with your keys too- Screw me out of $100 dollars and it my "corporate policy" to depreciate and destroy your gym.

Yes, I have an anger issue when deliberately robbed.

If we all did this then they might get the point- if not you got some satisfaction and it's all you will get from Work out World, so it's off to the gym!!! Remember they are ruthless so be ruthless too. Let them feel the wrath of the consumer.

Cancel your credit card you can shaft them that way- no bank draft or they will suck out all your money as fast as they can bill you every month- beware all ye that enter here
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Work Out World sales sharks
Posted by NurseGlynda on 10/24/2007
ROBBINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I visited the registration trailer at the construction site of the new Work Out World on Rte 130 South in Robbinsville NJ. The staff were initially very courteous and friendly, one sales person gave his pitch and explained that, as incentive to signing up before the place is even finished, I get a coupon for $100 off the initial sign-up fee. At the end of his pitch he presented me with three different programs available, with different prices. This was all handwritten in ballpoint pen on a plain piece of paper, which seemed a little strange to me. I asked if there was a brochure or someplace where this was all written down so I could think about it, and he said he could write it down for me, but if I didn't sign up right then and there I would lose any chance of getting a discount! I explained that I had only come in for information, and that I was not prepared to make any decisions today, but he explained that they (the sales staff) are not allowed to extend the time limit. You have to sign up on the day of the visit.

I told him I did not appreciate being pressured into something I wasn't ready to commit to, and I handed back the coupon. He tried to backpedal, asking how long I needed to think about it, would a day be enough? or two days? Something just seemed suspicious, like if I thought too long about it I'd see the catch or figure out the flaw.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-10-25:
Glad you didn't fall for it. I would wait for them to open up and ask them for a copy of the contract before you sign. Never trust what the salesman says, always go by the computer generated contract says.
Posted by BWSEsq on 2007-10-27:
I just came back from their this morning, the place in Robbinsville. I was taken back by the lack of documentation they had for the facility. No website, no written contracts, no brouchers, nothing. I too was handed a handwritten sheet...but I kept mine. The sales rep didnt want to discuss termination, which kind of told me to look into them some more. Glad I did more internet searches. It sounds like the facility will be great but the prices are outrageous!
Posted by MaryJane22 on 2008-01-11:
This is pretty much "A"typical of any fitness club membership sales pitch. I remember my first venture many years ago into the old Jack La Lane fitness centers, (now Bally's) its based on the knowledge of the majority of customers that "join" but never go. It's the only way they can Lock in a certain amount of money per membership. It DOES look like a bigger, more state of the art facility than even the others (I've walked into the one in Freehold just to see the vibe of the place) and my nephew is paying 20 bucks a month with his membership.. which to me, sounds great as I am paying $79.00 a month for RWJ Hamilton's fitness center. VERY EXPENSIVE in my opinion. (nice club though) ..
Oh and with RWJ I had a huge upfront amount even after "their" "coupon". so.. if ya wanna be fit, be prepared to pay (or use at home dvd's! LOL Good luck !
Posted by tb234 on 2008-09-15:
you're lucky you didnt join! they make it very difficult to quit the club once you're a member, and theyc ontinued to charge my credit card after i quit
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Not Able to Quit Services
Posted by on 04/10/2003
TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I signed up at WOW in Tinton Falls, NJ and agreed to be a member for at least 3 years in order to avoid the enormous membership fees, which were in addition to the 55$ per month that I would also have to pay. But now when I want to quit, I find that I am not able to. This is because I still have about 4 months left of my membership. This is reasonable because I did agree to the 3 years. Then they tell me that I also have to give 120 days notice before I terminate my membership. Okay. So, here is the problem. They never told me about this 120 days, but since I still have about 4 months left, I told the manager that I wanted to put in my 120 days now so that I could quit when my 3 years are finally over. But the manager tells me that I can't give my notice until my 3 years are over. So I will have to continue paying 55$ per month for an extra 4 months, which is totally unfair. And I want everyone to know how shady this company is. My friend actually sued this company over training sessions that never happened. She had to take them to court, but she did win the case. I can't believe how this gym is treating me. They also gave me the option to freeze my membership for 25$ per month. Who would do that???? I am now looking into the contract itself to make sure that it is legal. I believe that I only committed to the 3 years and should not have to pay for an extra 4 months under any circumstances. Please post this message so that others can be forewarned about this company. Thank you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-15:
Posted by alanh on 2006-09-07:
I am in the UK and had the same problem with Gym and Trim in Ipswich, Suffolk. I joined after seeing a "No joining fee" Advert in the local paper. When I got there I said that I was considering leaving my old gym because the gym is always so busy after work. The girl there said that it does not get so busy here, so I joined. They hand out car park passes to stick in the windscreen of your car, but the car park get so full in the evening that no parking is available, So I am unable to use the gym after work. The gym is also very dirty, needs a good scrub! I tried to cancel and stopped my direct debit. I then got a letter from a debt recovery firm saying I owe £400. And if I want to pay it in instalments it would be more. I never even realised that I had signed a Credit Agreement.
This is a very grey area which should be looked into. Bad gym and trim ipswich.
Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
I had a problem with my gym mebership when my husband and I moved from utah to texas. I called the gym company and they gave me the run around. I complained to the Better Business Burea and the company said they were not going to do anything. so I called my prepaid legal lawyer and the lawyer sent them a letter threatning to sue and the gym company refunded my money,apologized and canceled my membership in good standing. The membership is only 36 dollars and month and the letter the lawyer sent was FREE!!! This membership is awesome If you need some help go to this website www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens
and watch the presentation Good Luck!
Posted by WorkOutWorldSux on 2009-01-14:
Work Out World is terrible with fees. From my experience and what I have heard from friends there are ridiculous joining fees, cancellation fees, processing fees, etc.

When it comes to joining, it's like your shopping for a car. Everything is negotiable. They start by saying some BS that it's $300 to join but right now I'll take 50% off for you. They should be focused on getting as many people as possible to pay a monthly fee. Joining fees will make you join the no hassle "Y" down the road. F them.

If you want to sign over your account to a friend you'll have to pay a %50 processing fee, 1st and last months fee, and I believe a small joining fee. Can you believe it's cheaper for you to cancel your membership then to have a friend take it over? I guess they don't want the business.

Oh and by the way if you ever want to cancel your membership be prepared to pay over a hundred bucks on a cancellation fee unless you can prove you have moved a certain amount of miles away. Haha! F them.
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Work Out World Customer Service Dept.
Posted by JLK1209 on 02/01/2005
CENTRAL, NEW JERSEY -- We joined Work Out World less then a year ago. Under our membership our first month was suppose to be free (as per a promotional offer they had in our area). Needless to say we got charged for that first month...a late charge on top of that. And when we contacted the customer service department they were of no help and basically said "if you feel you need to contact the BBB dept. then go ahead..we don't care" What kind of business runs like that.

Then to top it off...me and my boyfriend recently moved and the nearest WOW gym is 40 miles away. Which in the contract agreement states that if we move more then 25 miles from a WOW gym or an affilate gym, then we can cancel or membership. So we sent a fax (as per Bernadettes instructions at Customer Service) on December 28th. To this date, we are still getting late notices, credit "collections" letters saying that we owe them money for the month of January. When we call BERNADETTE she is no help to us...she keeps promising and promising she would take care of it...but guess what..she doesn't.

We have been on the phone with her once a week for the past month trying to get this matter resolved...but with no luck. Now we are going through the Better Business Bureau.

I highly recommend that everyone stays away from Work Out World Gym. Unless you want to be put through the frustration of dealing with there customer service department. This is a poorly ran business who obviously does not care about there customers.

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Posted by Eastie on 2005-02-02:
The BBB is OK, but has its limitations. The office that can really help with situations like this is your state's Office of the Attorney General. I recommend filing a grievance with the AG's office. That typically gets businesses to stand up and take notice.
Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
I had a problem with my gym mebership when my husband and I moved from utah to texas. I called the gym company and they gave me the run around. I complained to the Better Business Burea and the company said they were not going to do anything. so I called my prepaid legal lawyer and the lawyer sent them a letter threatning to sue and the gym company refunded my money,apologized and canceled my membership in good standing. The membership is only 36 dollars and month and the letter the lawyer sent was FREE!!! If you need some help go to this website www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens
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Can't cancel membership
Posted by on 08/30/2004
When my wife and I signed up we knew there would be a good chance of us moving. We specifically asked what would happen if that is the case. We were told if an affiliate is not found within 25 miles we could cancel. No mention of a 10% cancellation fee. Now that we have moved, the affiliate they found is for women only. I can cancel but wife can not. It is ridiculous they expect us to work out at different facilities when we signed up together and work out together. Plus they want 10% of the remaining contract to cancel. This is in the contract but was never mentioned when I specifically asked. We wouldn't have signed up for the long contract knowing there was a good chance we'd be moving and possibly cancelling. Work Out World's inflexibility and misinformation at the time of sign up is unbelievable. Becasue their employees don't provide the correct information (just to get you in) the customer pays the price.

Do not sign up with Work Out World.
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Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
I had the same problem when my husband and I moved from utah to texas. I called the gym company and they gave me the run around. I complained to the Better Business Burea and the company said they were not going to do anything. so I called my prepaid legal lawyer and the lawyer sent them a letter threatning to sue and the gym company refunded my money,apologized and canceled my membership in good standing. If you need some help go to this website. www.prepaidlegal.com/jasondickens
Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
CORRECTION ON WEB ADDRESS. www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens
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Work Out World, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
Posted by Nellee on 05/08/2007
MASSACHUSETTS -- My daughter is a college student and she wanted to join a gym for 3 months to keep in shape for the soccer season. She told the sales person that she would not need the membership after the 3 months because she would be back in college, playing soccer and would have no time to go to the gym. The sales person assured her that the best and cheapest way to go would be to sign up for a 24 month membership. All she would need to do is call a toll free number to cancel. It would only take a few minutes and she would be cancelled, NOT! At the end of the three months she called to cancel. They told her she couldn't unless she had moved more than a certain distance away and if there was any gym (not even theirs) within 25 miles, she would have to go there! She went there to discuss things and got no where. They continued to charge her debit card an additional $200 dollars until my daughter cancelled the account to get them off her back. She paid for 6 months. Now, they have her in a collection agency trying to collect for the additional 18 months.($638.84) Massachusetts General law, Chapter 93A, deals with Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices.

Basically it's against the law for a sales person to knowingly make false statements, misrepresent, in order to induce a consumer to engage in a contract. It is a misrepresentation and it's against the law. There are damages and they could be triple if the court really wants to slap this company for unfair and deceptive trade practices. Anyway, they haven't heard the end of this angry parent.
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Posted by Justusryan on 2007-05-09:
What did she think she was getting into by signing a 24 month contract? If she signed a contract, it will be her word against the signed document in a court of law, so there goes the deceptive part. She's in college because she is suppose to be smarter than that?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-09:
I had a similar problem with the same outfit. Even though I was well beyond my contract, and terminated in writing, I kept getting billed. Discover card told me that "they wouldn't get in the middle of it". So the solution was to bag both Discover and WOW.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-09:
YMCA - Check it out.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-05-09:
Are you kidding? Your college aged daughter signed a contract correct? If so, in it did it say "You can cancel at anytime with no penmalties"? If not, then why are you complaining? People have to stop believeing what every salesperson says to them and rely on the written facts aka agreements/contracts. When you bdon't you only have yourself to blame. And when I was in highschool, I joined Bally's with a similiar situation, read the contract and noted it had heavy cancellation fees. The salesperson assured me I could still cancel, but I refused to sign. The manager came in and added an addendum stating I could cancel. I was only 18 and knew what to do. Chalk this up as her learning lesson.
Posted by 3cents on 2007-05-25:
I am a member of this crooked gym myself. I signed up for a 3 year contract knowing that if anytime i moved i would be able to send in a copy of my new license as proof of move, and if there was no gym near my new address (which i was certain, and there still isnt) i would be able to cancel with a 10% fee of my entire contract.
After faxing, mailing, e mail my copy of my license for several months they FINALLY recieved it clear enough and found a gym (which is not theirs) within 26.7 miles of my new home. I went on map quest to find that this gym was 22.7 miles away from my home, and the only way they can assign this gym to you is if you are within 25 miles of this foreign gym. I called to argue and WOW, being the biggest scam artists told me that they are measuring the length by shortest mile, not shortest distance. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life? They were doing anything to keep me in contract.
Another joke is that I am a student, and they wrote on my contract that a student member may freeze their membership for as long as they like for unlimited amount of months with a fee of course of $4.99 + tax.
When i moved i figured since they wont let me cancel contract because i am within the .2 miles that they need me to be in, i would freeze my account "for unlimited amount of months" until my membership is over. I told them that i would continue freezing until i was over contract. They argued with me that every single time that I froze my contract I am extending my contract another month. I am stuck with this gym, and will most probably be freezing my membership for $60 a year for the rest of my life, until someone with enough sense has the decency to shut them down!
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Canceling Membership
Posted by Old Hoss on 03/23/2009
On March 23, 2009 I attempted to cancel my membership with the Work Out World gym in Methuen, MA. Upon calling them on the phone I was told that I needed to go to the gym and fill out a waiver form and have it signed by myself and the gym manager (Joanie). When I arrived at the gym, Joanie (no last name) informed me that they had no waiver forms on hand but "it's okay, I'll take care of it." Upon arriving home I called ABC Financial, who handles WOW's billing. They informed me that as long as I didn't submit something in writing, I couldn't cancel my membership. I called the gym back and they told me I would have to come in and sign a waiver form. Get the picture?

There is no waiver form and they intend to continue billing the member for as long as possible. I am now contacting the Better Business Bureau in Boston to deal with these cheats and liars.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-03-23:
putting something in writing would be the first step. Don't understand why you didn't bring them a letter and have that suffice. At least you'd be creating a paper trail. The BBB will get the response that the member did not follow the cancellation procedures.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-23:
I had a similar problem with WoW in Randolph. They continued to bill me even after I had submitted all the correct paperwork. It took me from November until February to get away from them.
Posted by denise28 on 2009-04-14:
Have the same problem.
Posted by rdygogo on 2009-08-31:
please see my listing in regards to Work Out World Cancellation problems in Worcester Ma. Did you solve your cancellation problem?
Posted by Dont trust anyone on 2010-01-06:
I had the same problem in Minnesota. I followed all the cancellation policies and was assured on many occasions that my cancelation was complete. I found out 2 months later that I was still being charged and ABC finance had "no record" of my attempts to cancel.
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Pre Sale Scam Up To There Old Tricks
Posted by Wall Mom on 07/30/2010


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Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-30:
I'm amazed that anyone would join a gym that does not exist yet.
Posted by Wall Mom on 2010-07-30:
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-30:
Paying for something that does not exist turned out to be pretty expensive. However, I did find in other reviews that WOW has in fact signed leases while building in other locations and posts indicate that they are a going concern overseas. So perhaps you won't be out your money.
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Membership Cancellation BS
Posted by Sullyllus on 01/04/2009
NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I am undergoing the same BS runaround that most people here have written about. I moved outside the 50 mile radius and am now "eligible" to cancel.

However, they made me come in to sign some form that basically is just a nonsense step to delay my cancellation. The "manager" also tried to pitch me on joining another WOW gym that was over 50 miles away while I was there.

Now I have to send in a utility bill and a request for cancellation. If approved by ABC Financial - their slimy parent company, I presume - I then will have my membership finally canceled.

All of this is just a runaround so that they can milk more money out of you. Dishonest and scummy to say the least. I also dealt with a dirtbag sales shark when I signed up.

This company and gym are absolute garbage. Avoid them and go somewhere else where people are honest and easy to deal with.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-04:
You are only half right about ABC Financial: they ARE slimy, but they are not the parent company. They do billing for a lot of he big gym chains, and they are real bottom feeders.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-05:
Planet Fitness is also contracted with ABCFinancial. It took threats to report to the BBB and local news media to get them to cancel my contract under the terms in which I had agreed. Never again will I deal with either entity. Good luck!
Posted by LizzieT on 2009-02-03:

Check out my review about WOW! I hope this helps!
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Shady Tactics
Posted by Finzup on 12/29/2006
WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- Outside the Work Out World in Warwick RI, there's a sign. It reads EXACTLY, "$1 Membership AND $1 per month".
Intrigued, we went in. They wouldn't explain the sign until we signed up with our name and address and provided a drivers license for THEM TO HOLD while they took us on a "tour" of the facility.
Their facility was fine, but we really wanted to get the low down on the price. They took us to a "sign up area" where we walked by a sign that read "$0 down/$25 per month".
They explained that the $1 membership/$1 month thing was really $499 sign up and $19.99 a month OR $299 sign up and $29.99 a month.
SO I said, "what about that sign over there for 0 down and $25/month??"
He then goes into THIS offer:
$100 down and $19.99 a month OR
$0 down or $29.99 a month. (He said that $25.00 a month with "taxes" was really $29.99 but there are NO TAXES on services in RI so that was another load of BS)
Of course he then says, "it's 2 years on EFT but you can cancel ANYTIME" (which I know is BS - once you're locked in, you're locked in for 2 years)

I'm like, Ok great -can we think about it and come back tomorrow?
He's like, "let me ask my manager."
So in true used car salesman style, this "Manager" comes out and is all buddy buddy with us.. Talks to us like she is our friend.. and she offers us :
$299 down and 29.99 a month. We are like, "umm no" and she's like (my best friend now) "how about this really great deal of $150 down and $19.99 a month?"
I'm like, "well that other guy already offered us $100 down and 19.99 a month. We just want to think about it until tomorrow"
Well obviously the $100 down/19.99 a month price thing is a big secret. She took the paper away from us.. folded it real small and hid it away. She was like, "ok yeah, you guys come back whenever".. As if we were offered some deal that she wasn't prepared to honor.

In any event -- Don't trust Work Out World. They use high pressure sales and shady tactics to get you in the door.

The ironic thing is that the gym was nice and they had a good schedule of classes and nice hours. I just will not join a gym where they utilize false promises and dishonest tactics to get members.
Thumbs down to Work Out World!

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2006-12-29:
Congratulations! You did an excellent job of avoiding getting taken. They rely on idiots caving in under the pressure. When they say you MUST SIGNUP NOW that is when it is time to walk away.
Posted by Shakra on 2006-12-29:
As I was reading your story, I was like "Don't do it!!! They're nothing but ex-used car salesmen." You did good.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
I agree with Shakra!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-30:
Hope things "work out" for you.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-12-30:
What's the deal with all these work out places? Is it the high levels of testosterone that makes these sales folks so aggressive?
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-12-30:
Don't go back!! I didn't even understand all those numbers the first time I read it. If I have to read it again to understand it, that is a sure sign not to sign up.
Posted by lmoore on 2007-10-18:
They are shady and do NOT honor coupons. I received a coupon yesterday for $10 a month and free initiation fee. They would not honor it. They wanted me to sign up with the other packages they offered. They would not honor the coupon.
Posted by Emereld on 2008-06-13:
Thank you so much for your comments about Work Out World in Warwick, RI. I was going to stop by after work to see what they had to offer. I was kind of suspicious when they wouldn't give me prices over the phone. After reading the reviews, I won't bother. Thanks again.
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