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Just something informative....regarding cancellation
Posted by on
RANDOLPH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Well the reason why I chose to join WOW was probably for everyone's reason why, CHEAP PRICE! My wife and I entered a payment of only $10/month each with no contract (thank goodness). So of course we could not do a complimentary workout for a day or even a week, as most gyms would do to see if you like it. It's basically you either sign up or don't. So after walking around the place we said what the heck let's sign up because not only was it cheap but also it was so close to the house, which if we wanted to, could walk there. That could save us money on not only the membership but on gas as well. And of course the 24hr helped a lot also.

So we signed up and I am a big guy, muscular guy, but I am not the type of person that will look at every woman in there. I am very serious about my workout and I like to get in there, put on the headphones, and get out. But then I would constantly have other guys always ask me questions and blah blah blah. Anyway, if I was not working out with my wife when she would go in there on her own of course you would have every guy look at her and she felt uncomfortable when I was not there, and I did not blame her. So she canceled her membership after being there for a week or so. O by the way the WOW location is in Randolph, MA.

Her cancellation went smoothly b/c I guess we were not under contract but then here came mine. My cancellation went smoothly but after being on the phone for so long saying I was the next caller and then all of a sudden I exceeded the max hold time of 9 minutes and then got disconnected. But after countless tries I finally got through to a representative named Sonia. If you live in the Northeast, see if you can get the representative named Sonia. She canceled my policy sent me a letter within 5 minutes and it is canceled. Now I'll just have to wait and see if they bill me again so I made sure I saved the letter.

For those of you who do cancel make sure you have them send you a confirmation email of some sort or see if they will give you a reference number. If possible try to stay on the phone with them and be by your computer and wait for the letter to arrive to ensure they sent it. Because if not, you may be waiting for something that will not arrive and then have to try to call, which could be a disaster.

So I guess I cannot say I had a horrible experience with the cancellation of my membership, but I can tell not only from the posts here, but by their attitude that it is a complete ring around to try to cancel if you are under contract.

I hope for those of you who do have a contract get out of it smoothly. For those of you who are thinking of joining, even though I did not have a terrible experience, I wouldn't sign up again. listen to the post!
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Anonymous on 06/22/2011:
Good to know about the no contract option as there are dozens of horror stories from contracted members of WOW reliving in vivid detail the nightmare of trying to cancel their membership. Also, excellent advice on getting a cancellation reference confirmation # and follow- through email.
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Warning don't join WOW their cancellation policy is extortion
Posted by on
Please never join WOW. I joined my daughter a few years ago and when she moved away for college I put her membership on hold. When I realized she would no longer use it I sent a cancellation request via certified mail. They emailed me to say I could not cancel the membership while it is on hold and I had an outstanding balance that needed to be paid before I could cancel. My husband promptly paid the balance and we sent another certified letter requesting cancellation of the membership. We were under the assumption that the matter was resolved. A year later we received a collection letter from a law firm representing WOW stating we still owed 158.95 It was in my daughter's name and I feared her credit would be ruined!!! So my husband promptly called law firm and spoke to an attorney who is supposed to be collecting so called debt for WOW. He basically told my husband he had reviewed our account and knows it was paid along with 490 other accounts WOW is trying to collect on. He said their contracts are basically ironclad and almost impossible to cancel. He then recommended we lodge an official complaint with the prosecutor's office. It is pretty scary when the law firm in charge of collections for WOW tells you to lodge a complaint. To make matters worse I am now trying to cancel my son"s membership since he is away at college. I sent a cancellation request via certified mail and then received an email from them saying you can't cancel because the account is on hold and there is an outstanding balance. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! How could there be a balance if I pay by automatic withdraw and never received a statement. It is dejavu all over again.
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The Worst gym and management I've ever experienced
Posted by on
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I went with a free pass on the first day to the Menlo park mall facility in the month of Jan, 2010. I thought the facility was good and I was trying to ask details to the person there. Unfortunately, I don't remember his name, but he was a big Mexican guy with a dark tan skin and very little hair. He wanted me to join the gym on the same day by hook or crook. I told him that I will be out of the country for the next 3 months until end of March and will come and join from April. He said that if I join the same day, he would give me a discount on the enrollment fee which is $150 of which I would pay around $80. Also he said that I would be charged only $9.99 for the first 3 months as I'd be out of the country. He promised me and I signed the contract. Before signing the contract, I asked him what is the procedure for terminating the contract. He said that we can look at it later and not to worry about it. But I forced him to tell the procedure. He gave me the website and asked me to go through the process and said that its very easy and not to worry as he would make it easier for me if I wanted to terminate.

Finally I've signed the contract and I left the country. When I saw my credit card statements, I was charged with $37.45 instead of $9.99 what he promised for the first 3 months. I immediately wanted to cancel the membership for the same reason and also I've moved to another state. I called the facility and requested to cancel my membership. They replied in a very rude manner that I cannot cancel the membership until the end of the year. If I want to cancel, I should provide them with a proof of address change and then they can cancel the membership. They wanted me to do everything online and by mail. I tried going online and looked at the procedure. It was the worst and meaningless process ever. We have to pay 10% of the total contract price + enrollment fee+ membership cancellation fee+ yearly maintenance fee. I again called the facility and this time someone replied softly. I again forgot the name of the person. The person asked me to visit the facility with the proof of address change and I visited the facility from another state with my credit card statement. There is a lady who thought that she owned the gym. She replied in a very reckless manner.

She said that she will not deal my issue and again I've to do everything online. This is completely wrong from what I was told on phone. I told her the same conversation. She said that no one in that facility would reply like that and I'm just building up a story. I was pissed and I left the place and again the next day I called the facility so that some other person would answer the phone. This time I asked his name. His name is Dean and he told me to visit the facility again with my credit card statement. I've again visited the following weekend. He took a copy of my credit card statement and asked me to mail the cancellation form. I did the same and I got a response that I would be charged 10% of the total contract price from the day I joined the gym+ enrollment fee+cancellation fee+ yearly maintenance fee. The gym fee was $37.45 per month and they multiplied it by 12 months though I paid fee for the first 5 months they don't care. Below is the response I received from an agent.

The 10% is for the total contract price. The amount is broken down as:

Enrollment fee of $93.09
Membership dues of $37.45 x 12 =$449.40
30 day cancellation period $37.45
Yearly maintenance fee $37.45 Totals $617.39 x 10% = $61.74 divided into 3 payments of $20.58. The 1st payment starts on the next draft which is 6/1.

So, it doesn't matter even if we pay the entire enrollment fee or any fee for the months you were enrolled in. They just charge you 10% on the entire contract and other stupid fees. This is the worst experience I ever had. The management is very ruthless and arrogant. They don't know how to take care of customers. They just force you to join the facility at any cost. If you say that you don't like some of the equipment, they even can promise you that you don't need to pay any fee until you were satisfied. But again you will be charged for every billing cycle. I advise you to think twice before you even talk to any one there. I would never recommend any one to join WOW!
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User Replies:
LizzieT on 05/13/2010:
Work out World if by far one of the worst gyms! They score an "F" with the Better Business Bureau and there are so many lawsuits against them! From my experience, the only way they let me out of my contract (which was extended 6 months b/c I referred a friend) was to contact the BBB and the attorney general. An investigator was assigned to the case and my contract was cancelled. You should give it a shot!!!
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The Biggest Membership Scam Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROBBINSVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- The entire WoW franchise is absolutely horrible and one of the worst scams I have ever encountered. They lured me in with a $1 down payment on a 12-month contract, with a full VIP membership for only $25/month...however, after I had completed school and moved away, they would NOT let me cancel my membership. Their website says that they will allow membership cancellation before the contract finishes out if the member has moved somewhere with no WoW gym within 25 miles...well, I'm in NC, and the closest WoW is hundreds of miles from me. Yet despite me sending them the cancellation fee + a filled out form for membership cancellation by certified mail (another cost out-of-pocket), they would not allow me to cancel.

There is absolutely no way to get in contact with their main office, they have no phone number, fax number, or email address. I had half a mind to go to their corporation's main address and walk in to complain since I couldn't contact them in any other way. If you ever have a problem, the workers in every gym will only be able to tell you that they "sent an email" to the corporate owners through their own system, which I doubt is every actually checked or responded to.

It has been 3 YEARS since I last lived in NJ, and I just got another phone call TODAY saying that they were sending my information into a collection agency & the credit bureau if I didn't pay them over $300 to compensate them for my (already canceled for over 2 years) membership!!!

DO NOT EVER JOIN A WOW. Their gyms might be nice, but the customer service migraine that you will get might just kill you.
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Cancellation policy
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
WALL, NEW JERSEY -- Work out world's cancellation policy and general customer service is horrible. I joined at $5 a week and was told no problem to cancel. It turns out that a certified letter is required on top of that they charge for an additional 30 days. I joined for only a few months and had to stop for health reasons and they charged me an annual fee on top of the regular fee which was never Bally disclosed. Most of the gyms have very young people at the front desk and many have no customer service training which reflects the overall character of Work out world.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 12/13/2012:
I'm sure the certified letter is a recommendation on their part to protect your interests. Without it, you have no way of showing you mailed said letter.

You might ask them for a copy of the contract you signed. It should defiantly clear up any confusion as to what you've agreed to and what they may be trying to require of you now.

Thanks so much for the post.
wjk898 on 12/13/2012:
All these outfirs do this. They for some reason assume nobody ever looks at their credit card bill. Far as I can tell all of these gyms are flim flam outfits who have good lawyers that are real effective at getting that money out of anybody who "joins." You may not have knowingly signed a contract for a year - but I bet they can prove you did. You just think you were on some five dollar a month program. Truth is a lot of them have these but there really is no such thing.
CrazyRedHead on 12/13/2012:
I'm sure this is in there stated in the contract or rules and procedures section. Most all gyms do it this way, except for my gym. I chose a month to month fee and if I chose to leave I just stop paying and don't show up and it's only $20.00 a month for facilities and classes.
wjk898 on 12/15/2012:
To Crazy Redhead: If they ever got a credit card number or a bank acct number, just try to stop paying and see what happens. The way you wrote your response I presume you are plunking down cash - right?
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Lack of Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I was charged a maintenance fee on top of my monthly fee with no warning at all. I understand it is in the very fine print of the contract. When you are signing up they give you the details of all the fees but make sure they leave that part out. I was talking to an ex-employee that told me they do that on purpose.

I just had three friends join and they told me they were not informed either. When I called Middletown today the person that spoke to me said it should have been mentioned when signing. I said it was not and he said well that is your word against theirs, and I said well I had another person in the office with me, and they did not hear it. I have until next April for my membership to expire. I think their practices are very unprofessional and you should post your complaints anywhere you can.

I sent out a memo in my company and posted a bulletin in the lobby of a very large professional building....and this will continue until they treat their customers with more respect.
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Bad Owner
Posted by on
MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY -- When I signed up with Work Out World I paid $100+ in order to have a reoccurring payment of $32 per month. When I realized I was overpaying quite a bit (after one year) I asked to change my monthly rate to $10 per month as advertised on billboards and other outrageous LOCAL billboard marketing campaigns for this particular franchise location. When I asked to begin paying the "Basic" package of $10 as explained on billboards, they explained I had to pay another $100 in order to have the reoccurring payment of $10 because it was a different package then I signed up with. I explained if I had this "basic" package option from the beginning, I would have purchased that versus this VIP package I am stuck with. They said there was no such "Basic" package one year ago, that it has begun very recently. I explained I do not use the "day care", hence no children, do not use the classes offered and do not go to any other locations. I asked the Work Out World customer service office to make an exception and they communicated with the owner of the franchise. This owner declined, therefore, I am leaving. ALSO 10% of the machines here are ALWAYS being fixed which means you cannot use them. I will be going to Retro Fitness since Work Out World has screwed up their customer base and will not help transition their old customer base to a fair rate their NEW customer base is entitled to.
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Skye on 11/26/2011:
It's like every other special offer out there. The special offers only apply to new customers. Well how about something once in a while for the OLD customers?
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Total Scam
Posted by on
ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- After a mere 3 months of happiness with the business, the next 9 (and from what it looks like a few more) months have been complete hell. Saying WoW has "issues about payment" doesn't do justice to what I've been through. I couldn't get the opportunity to freeze my account when I went off to college for some reason unknown to me. I tried canceling a few months into my college school year to find out that I had to come back to my hometown in person to cancel it. The trouble is when I went there, there seemed to be no manager available to help me. I finally contacted one and have been on a wild-goose-chase ever since in my efforts to track down the filthy scammer who is taking my money and trying to bill me for and 'annual' fee for a membership that has been cancelled at the WoW facility. The whole bit seems so damn shady to me, I wouldn't mind if someone put together a class-action lawsuit to hold these scam artists accountable for their actions. It's a shame so many of us have been mistreated by these despicable thieves.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/14/2011:
The problem with gym memberships and other similar programs is the sheer volume of individuals that come and go. So in order to keep their cost to a minimum and their profit to a maximum, they make the contracts as binding as they possibly can to ensure you don't opt out. Personally, the gym I use is a month-to-month program, with no long term contracts. I always pay for the month ahead, so if I leave, I'm only out the one month's fee. A monthly program might suit you in this situation.
Whiteduck on 06/15/2011:
And why does everyone always scream about a class-action lawsuit? All those do is make lawyers rich. If you've got a good case, do it yourself. You'd probably get a quarter if it went to class status...
trmn8r on 06/15/2011:
You sound young, unless you are returning to college after several years.

The thing about many gym memberships is they are a lot like yours. So, take this as an annoying learning experience. Whenever you consider entering into a long term contract, think about the end game and look around to see how others have fared.
JP on 06/28/2011:
GOING THROUGH THIS RIGHT NOW.....leaving for school in August and have been trying to give notice since June! You'd think by going beyond the required 30 day notice that the process would be easily handled by their staff. However, it appears that by design the whole cancellation of membership is a run around quagmire in order for them to keep billing otherwise happy ex-members.
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Cheap Monthly Sign Up Scam
Posted by on
FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I went to Work Out World at the end of September to switch from Retro Fitness and take advantage of their classes and the advertised 14.95 rate a month. A sales representative helped us and explained to us the whole "process". The deal was the it would be 1.00 down each if we did the 14.95 a month rate but had to refer two people. We explained that we are coming from retro only charging 19.99 a month and we paid zero down and were not interested if we had to pay anything up front and if the costs was more than 20.00 a month. He said he understood and wanted us to join so he said he would get the people for us. Meaning, when individual people came in to join under the standard non-promo deal, he would simply add them to us as our referral. We of course questioned this but he insisted they do it all the time so we agreed. He charged us our 1.00 each and said we will see the 14.95 for the November billing cycle. Three weeks go by, so my wife called to see if everything was OK and if he got the referrals but was told Mitchell was fired.

The general manager basically said we were lying and we had to pay the full amount. WOW billed us 54.95 twice in October aside from the 2.00 we OK'd the day we signed up. [The GM] did say she would contact corporate and ask if we can get this rate since it really not our fault but never called us back or took our calls. On 11/8/10, I called and of course the GM is no longer there and the new manager referred us to the website to complain.

No corporate number, they won't cancel our account and they are just nasty all together. I already blocked them from billing me in the future and will go to court if needed. DO NOT JOIN THIS TERRIBLE PLACE!!
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 11/08/2010:
Did you get all these agreements in writing?
dunker925 on 11/10/2010:
No but we got charged the 1.00 sign up fees associated with the 14.95 charge otherwise we would have had to pay 100.00 to sign up.
hossawy on 11/30/2010:
I'm almost at the same situation this is my email we have to do something
BritGecko on 12/08/2010:
I joined WOW Tinton falls in Dec 09. I elected to waiver the trial period to reduce my joining fee on the day. Initially I went twice. Both times I couldn't get onto the cardio equipment I wanted and 15+ machines needed repair. I ended up walking out. I tried to cancel the membership but was advise I had a 12 month contract. I decided not to go back into any WoW again on principle. I gave notice to cancel within the last 30 days but they still wanted an additional 30 days period after the end of the contract. This companies customer service sucks.
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Never Ever Join this Liar.....Unprofessional Gym
Posted by on
NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- I joined the Work Out World Gym at North Brunswick, NJ in May, 2008. My membership was month to month basis as; it was a special promotion going on at that time. My contract does mention the same. I was told that I can cancel my contract any time giving 30 days notice.

I did cancel my contract with the gym 3 months after I started. I did following to cancel my membership.

- Personally hand delivered cancellation letter to receptionist. The office of WOW had fire recently. I called the head office few times and than hand deliver the letter.
- Also send register mail to WOW head office, even though there head office was closed because of fire.
- Also fax the letter to mentioned fax numbers.

I did everything possible to cancel my contract legally. I haven’t heard anything from them since than.

In February 2010. I received the notice from law firm regarding the outstanding payment of $167.15, which I need to pay WOW or they will take legal action against me. I talked to the representative of law firm and she asked about the all the proof I have. Unfortunately, I don’t have any proof except the copy of contract with me. I shredded the cancellation letter and delivery proof, as it’s been such a long time since. I thought the matter is completed and I no longer need this letter. The only thing I kept is the copy of contract. I faxed the copy of my contract to representative of law firm. She mentioned, she will look into it. I haven’t got any response since than.

From Mid September, 2010, I am getting calls from Levy and levy associates during afternoon time (I work during that time), leaving messages to call back. I didn’t contact them as I thought it’s a marketing call. The voice message was never clearly mentioned anything.

I called the company on 10/25/10. Just to see what’s going on. I talked to the person name Brian. He spoke with me very rudely, sounds like debt collector. He wanted me to pay $167.15 right on the phone, than he came down to $90 to make it better. According to me, I shouldn’t be paying anything as I did everything legally to cancel my contract. Brian mentioned that, the contract was month to month based for minimum one year. I have a copy of my contract and it doesn’t say this at all. Brian mentioned that, than WOW lie to you when you signed the contract and you must pay your outstanding due or he will take this matter to court. I asked them to send me the legal paper work and than I will seed what to do.

I don’t understand why the customer likes me to go through this harassment after such a long time cancelling my contract legally. Anybody has the same issue I have. I welcome your opinion.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/26/2010:
If your membership was month to month, why would you need to give 30 days notice of cancellation? It sounds like there was a promotional period, and after the promotional period they locked you into a contract?? I'm not sure how you'll get out of paying this if you no longer have proof that you cancelled, but I wish you good luck.
LizzieT on 10/26/2010:
File a complaint with the NJ Attorney General, they will assign an investigator to you and you give them a copy of whatever you have and they take care of the rest. I had to do this with the WOW in Ocean and it was a HUGE help! Good Luck!
hossawy on 11/30/2010:
I am at the same situation they do not want to cancel my membership
pongo on 02/07/2011:
I am having a similar situation trying to cancel my WOW membership. It is a scam and nothing less than extortion. I also followed all the proceedures trying to cancel by certified mail then emailed me telling me I can't cancel because I had an outstanding balance. How can I have an outstanding balance if I have an automatic withdraw with them. Paid it anyway just to get them off my back. A year later I received letter from Yale Levy Associate to collect the debt. I called the firm and the attorney representing WOW told me he looked into the account and saw it was already paid in full along with 490 other accounts. He indicated WOW has a lot of problems and insinuated I should lodge an official complaint with the Prosecutors Office. They are extortionist and crooks. Their cancellation policy or lack of it is nothing but a huge profit maker for them.
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