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We need to file a class action suit against this company.
Posted by Mcderm767 on 05/17/2013
OCEAN, NEW JERSEY -- The managers at the Ocean Work out World Gym called a handicapped girl retarded. When her boyfriend died they said, "We're glad he's gone." They had a three minute fire drill so loud the babies, children and infants in the daycare were crying. One woman said it was unusually loud and they told her to stuff cotton in her ears. They make the girls stand ALL DAY behind the counter.

They secretly overcharge the customers (My daughter works there), won't let them cancel, shortchange the staff on pay and Oh, and there's no way to reach the owner.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-05-17:
Wow, a good place to stay clear of. Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by lavina on 2013-07-02:
I sign up for this GYM asking all the question, making sure there weren't going to be any surprises when my bill was due, they re-a sure me there weren't going to be any. First month come along and SURPRISE, SURPRISE! from a $32.99 bill it jump to $150.00 dollars
and my bill went from $32.99 to $36.99 Because there stupid towel service that I don't even use. Note the $150.00 bill come to you after the 90 days you have to cancel the contract. This place Sucks!!!!!!
Posted by Dena on 2013-10-04:
They charged me 630 dollars without pre-notification for a package I had long finished and they claimed I already paid for.
if anyone is interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit please let me know. We can't let these crooks get away with this.
Posted by Barb on 2014-03-18:
All I know is they LIE A LOT!!
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Never Ever Join this Liar.....Unprofessional Gym
Posted by Work out world Sucks..!!! Never ever joie this Gym on 10/26/2010
NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- I joined the work out world Gym at North Brunswick, NJ in May, 2008. My membership was month to month basis as; it was a special promotion going on at that time. My contract does mention the same. I was told that I can cancel my contract any time giving 30 days notice.

I did cancel my contract with the gym 3 months after I started. I did following to cancel my membership.

- Personally hand delivered cancellation letter to receptionist. The office of WOW had fire recently. I called the head office few times and than hand deliver the letter.
- Also send register mail to WOW head office, even though there head office was closed because of fire.
- Also fax the letter to mentioned fax numbers.

I did everything possible to cancel my contract legally. I haven’t heard anything from them since than.

In February 2010. I received the notice from law firm regarding the outstanding payment of $167.15, which I need to pay WOW or they will take legal action against me. I talked to the representative of law firm and she asked about the all the proof I have. Unfortunately, I don’t have any proof except the copy of contract with me. I shredded the cancellation letter and delivery proof, as it’s been such a long time since. I thought the matter is completed and I no longer need this letter. The only thing I kept is the copy of contract. I faxed the copy of my contract to representative of law firm. She mentioned, she will look into it. I haven’t got any response since than.

From Mid September, 2010, I am getting calls from Levy and levy associates during afternoon time (I work during that time), leaving messages to call back. I didn’t contact them as I thought it’s a marketing call. The voice message was never clearly mentioned anything.

I called the company on 10/25/10. Just to see what’s going on. I talked to the person name Brian. He spoke with me very rudely, sounds like debt collector. He wanted me to pay $167.15 right on the phone, than he came down to $90 to make it better. According to me, I shouldn’t be paying anything as I did everything legally to cancel my contract. Brian mentioned that, the contract was month to month based for minimum one year. I have a copy of my contract and it doesn’t say this at all. Brian mentioned that, than WOW lie to you when you signed the contract and you must pay your outstanding due or he will take this matter to court. I asked them to send me the legal paper work and than I will seed what to do.

I don’t understand why the customer likes me to go through this harassment after such a long time cancelling my contract legally. Anybody has the same issue I have. I welcome your opinion.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-26:
If your membership was month to month, why would you need to give 30 days notice of cancellation? It sounds like there was a promotional period, and after the promotional period they locked you into a contract?? I'm not sure how you'll get out of paying this if you no longer have proof that you cancelled, but I wish you good luck.
Posted by LizzieT on 2010-10-26:
File a complaint with the NJ Attorney General, they will assign an investigator to you and you give them a copy of whatever you have and they take care of the rest. I had to do this with the WOW in Ocean and it was a HUGE help! Good Luck!
Posted by hossawy on 2010-11-30:
I am at the same situation they do not want to cancel my membership
Posted by pongo on 2011-02-07:
I am having a similar situation trying to cancel my WOW membership. It is a scam and nothing less than extortion. I also followed all the proceedures trying to cancel by certified mail then emailed me telling me i can't cancel because i had an outstanding balance. How can I have an outstanding balance if I have an automatic withdraw with them. Paid it anyway just to get them off my back. A year later I received letter from Yale Levy Associate to collect the debt. I called the firm and the attorney representing WOW told me he looked into the account and saw it was already paid in full along with 490 other accounts. He indicated WOW has a lot of problems and insinuated I should lodge a official complaint with the Prosecutors Office. They are extortionist and crooks. Their cancellation policy or lack of it is nothing but a huge profit maker for them.
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Horrible Workers
Posted by Pnthrs on 10/04/2010
RHODE ISLAND -- WOW went overnight some months ago and then 24 hrs a month ago. The workers they hire actually are asleep while working! One worker laid down on the mats in the main room like it was a bed and slept. The next worker they hired after that worker went off to college (no, they didn't fire him) sleeps right at the desk a little ways in or in the office. You have to wake him up to go tanning, get change, or ask for anything. He's difficult to wake up even. We are talking a sound sleep. This is when you can find him. Sometimes he's off somewhere sleeping. That means no tanning or anything else you want. Why pay for tanning when you can't go! Also, somebody could get trapped under a bench.

So, you complain to management, or try since she never answers the phone, and nothing gets done. You call to try to complain above her head and nobody will give you the phone number. They route you from telephone # to telephone #.

This is a clear cut example of how this gym runs. I mean the rudeness of the employees astounds me. The inefficient manager walks around w/ no shoes on and bright pink socks and sits around chatting w/ her employees while you wait to buy a simple water. Ohhh but if I was going to sign up she would run right over.

People of Warwick......sign up at Planet Fitness. It's a couple miles from WOW and is 24hrs and the same pricing. Run much better, looks much better, and is much cleaner.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-10-04:
Have you tried to contact them via email?


When you get to the option to choose what the priority of your email is, select urgent. Someone has to be out there and not sleeping, who will listen to your concerns and complaints.

Good luck!
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How NOT to treat your customers!
Posted by BritGecko on 12/08/2010
TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I joined WOW Tinton falls in Dec 09. I elected to waiver the trial period to reduce my joining fee on the day. Initially I went twice. Both times I couldn't get onto the cardio equipment I wanted and 15+ machines needed repair. I ended up walking out. I tried to cancel the membership on the basis that they had failed to deliver a service however as with other reviews I was advised of my 12 month contract. I decided not to go back into any WoW again on principle. I gave notice to cancel within the last 30 days but they still wanted an additional 30 days period after the end of the contract and billing cycle. This companies customer service sucks and you can't even speak to someone about it. With the money I've wasted on this company I could have bought myself a home gym!!!!! Think twice before you join!
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Posted by momsey on 2010-12-08:
In their defense, you had the option of a trial period and you waived that option. That's the point of the trial period, so that you can find out things like you found out before you sign up.
Posted by BritGecko on 2011-01-14:
That may well be the case but to avoid ridiculous joining fees that they don't advertise you are encouraged to waiver. That said it doesn't end there. Even when you elect to cancel you get charge the annual reoccurring fee as well for the year your not going to be a member. Crazy.
Posted by WOW burned @Menlo Park on 2013-09-28:
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The Worst gym and management I've ever experienced
Posted by WOW!The Worst on 05/13/2010
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I went with a free pass on the first day to the Menlo park mall facility in the month of Jan, 2010. I thought the facility was good and I was trying to ask details to the person there. Unfortunately, I don't remember his name, but he was a big Mexican guy with a dark tan skin and very little hair. He wanted me to join the gym on the same day by hook or crook. I told him that I will be out of the country for the next 3 months until end of March and will come and join from April. He said that if I join the same day, he would give me a discount on the enrollment fee which is $150 of which I would pay around $80. Also he said that I would be charged only $9.99 for the first 3 months as I'd be out of the country. He promised me and I signed the contract. Before signing the contract, I asked him what is the procedure for terminating the contract. He said that we can look at it later and not to worry about it. But I forced him to tell the procedure. He gave me the website and asked me to go through the process and said that its very easy and not to worry as he would make it easier for me if I wanted to terminate.

Finally I've signed the contract and I left the country. When I saw my credit card statements, I was charged with $37.45 instead of $9.99 what he promised for the first 3 months. I immediately wanted to cancel the membership for the same reason and also I've moved to another state. I called the facility and requested to cancel my membership. They replied in a very rude manner that I cannot cancel the membership until the end of the year. If I want to cancel, I should provide them with a proof of address change and then they can cancel the membership. They wanted me to do everything online and by mail. I tried going online and looked at the procedure. It was the worst and meaningless process ever. We have to pay 10% of the total contract price + enrollment fee+ membership cancellation fee+ yearly maintenance fee. I again called the facility and this time some one replied softly. I again forgot the name of the person. The person asked me to visit the facility with the proof of address change and I visited the facility from another state with my credit card statement. There is a lady who thought that she owned the gym. She replied in a very reckless manner.

She said that she will not deal my issue and again I've to do everything online. This is completely wrong from what I was told on phone. I told her the same conversation. She said that no one in that facility would reply like that and I'm just building up a story. I was pissed and I left the place and again the next day I called the facility so that some other person would answer the phone. This time I asked his name. His name is Dean and he told me to visit the facility again with my credit card statement. I've again visited the following weekend. He took a copy of my credit card statement and asked me to mail the cancellation form. I did the same and I got a response that I would be charged 10% of the total contract price from the day I joined the gym+ enrollment fee+cancellation fee+ yearly maintenance fee. The gym fee was $37.45 per month and they multiplied it by 12 months though I paid fee for the first 5 months they don't care. Below is the response I received from an agent.

The 10% is for the total contract price. The amount is broken down as:

Enrollment fee of $93.09
Membership dues of $37.45 x 12 =$449.40
30 day cancellation period $37.45
Yearly maintenance fee $37.45 Totals $617.39 x 10% = $61.74 divided into 3 payments of $20.58. The 1st payment starts on the next draft which is 6/1.

So, it doesn't matter even if we pay the entire enrollment fee or any fee for the months you were enrolled in. They just charge you 10% on the entire contract and other stupid fees. This is the worst experience I ever had. The management is very ruthless and arrogant. They don't know how to take care of customers. They just force you to join the facility at any cost. If you say that you don't like some of the equipment, they even can promise you that you don't need to pay any fee until you were satisfied. But again you will be charged for every billing cycle. I advise you to think twice before you even talk to any one there. I would never recommend any one to join WOW!
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Posted by LizzieT on 2010-05-13:
Work out World if by far one of the worst gyms! They score an "F" with the Better Business Bureau and there are so many lawsuits against them! From my experience, the only way they let me out of my contract (which was extended 6 months b/c I referred a friend) was to contact the BBB and the attorney general. An investigator was assigned to the case and my contract was cancelled. You should give it a shot!!!
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WOW Sucks Do not join
Posted by WOWSucks on 04/29/2010
NEW JERSEY -- Thinking about writing the review for Work out world (WOW) Jerse Strong :))from long time. Here are the details -
1. Personal trainers - They are bunch of Thugs, in the agreement they will say that every month you can go for 2 days of free trainer sessions. But if you go for that they will start forcing you to buy some classes and will put you on emberrasing situation. I tried it twice but felt that all of them are like that, so I stopped taking free trainer sessions.

2. Cancellation - I finished the duration of agreement and am now on month to month basis and under no agreement. I am moving out of the country, when asked about cancellation process, they said you have to go online, cancellation takes about 1 month time (note that - they want to charge for month and are ripping off money from customer pocket).

Ok I downloaded the form, and find out they accept form via registered or certified mail only (reason - they are worried about our personal protection - Ha Ha Ha...they hate customers)

3. There is no customer phone number, and when you ask about cancellation they deliberately delays the process.

I love going to Gym, but when I see them I feels very bad about WOW policy makers. They are crooked people, don't join WOW.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2010-04-30:
The cancellation process is the same at any gym, no matter if you are on month to month or still in contract. It's to protect them and you. Certified means that you have confirmation that it was received, not that they hate you.
Posted by WOW!The Worst on 2010-05-13:
They are unethical. They just want to grab money out of the customers. If they really are worried about protection, why would they charge for an additional month if we cancel the membership right away. It's all just ripping off money from customers.
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Nightmare Billing / Cancelling
Posted by Pcogs on 01/22/2009
TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I have had a previous problem trying to cancel a membership with Work Out Word but it is extremely close to my house and I thought I would try again.

To make sure there would be no difficulties quiting I called and asked what would happen if a one year membership was given as a gift and paid in full with cash, would it automatically renew? I was told that it would not be a problem, since it was being paid for in cash and was a gift it would not renew. Having already had a bad experience with them I asked if they could print that right on the contract. Sure enough they said ok and wrote "auto cancel after 12 months".

For starters I got a bill for my monthly dues in the second month despite having paid in full. I called and had this corrected but sure enough I got another bill the following month. Finally the issue was resolved after many phone calls and some serious attitude from the billing department.

Here we are in the 13th month and sure enough I get a bill in the mail. I call to let them know and I am informed that ALL of their contracts auto renew regardless of how you pay for them, if I wanted to cancel I had to give notice 90 days prior. I explained again that the contract said auto cancel after 12 months right on it. Once again I find myself having to make multiple phone calls to resolve their screw up. I went to the club with contract in hand and gave it to the manager hoping to get it taken care of quickly. I am told that all she can do is send it in to their billing office. If you try and find a contact # for their billing office anywhere it is not listed, just the number for sales. When you call them they tell you all they can do is send an e-mail to billing.

I think it's pretty obvious that they know they have a very unfriendly policy when it comes to billing. Their tactic is to make it virtually impossible to quit and figure they can squeeze enough money out of you to make it worth their while.
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Posted by LizzieT on 2009-01-23:
I am actually go thru a similar situation with WOW. They had a referral program where if you refer a friend and they join they take $10 off your dues for each person. Had a friend joing, $10 came off my dues (that was $50) and now that said b/c I participated in the referral program my contract was extended 6 MORE months!!! I was unaware of this till I tried to cancel my contract. I did not sign anything agreeing to this so they are taking money out of my account illegally and claim that another company handles thier billing. I call "billing", they give me the # to WOW. Its a complete scam! I call the Ocean WOW today to speak to the manager (CHRISTIAN POST) and he basically said he has no answers for me b/c he wasn't working there in 2006!!!! AND thats's the general manager. It's been 3 weeks and I still am getting the run around! I contacted a lawyer today to help me resolve this problem because the whole contract issue is a SCAM!! Good luck!
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Terminating Membership
Posted by Srock on 01/12/2008
WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- My experience corroborates a number of other complaints about Work Out World and also their financial handlers, ABC Financial. They make it extremely difficult to terminate your membership, citing the 50 mile or whatever radius from their location, and requiring written notice, etc. I went to the actual WOW location, filled out the paperwork, and thought that would be the end. In this instance the membership had actually lasted over two years.

To make a long story short, amidst numerous phone calls to WOW and ABC Financial I was continually billed for the next several months. Although the contract protects them legally, as a marketing professor I know that this is an unethical practice. Staying within the letter of the law and its fine print etc. is insufficient in many cases to constitute ethical practice, to say nothing of effective relationship marketing. This certainly is one of those cases. Keeping within the law is only the first step on the ladder of ethics and social responsibility. Good ethics involves ensuring that no undue suffering, injury, etc. occurs; and social responsibility implies a commitment to cater to consumers and to give back to society.

From my perspective, Work Out World and its ABC Financial partner are failing to pass the ethical test. Additionally, they are failing a basic marketing test - to strive one's best to develop totally satisfied customers. These shortsighted policies will return to haunt them if in no other form than to provide a competitive opportunity for another business to exploit these shortcomings and truly facilitate consumers' interactions regarding these credit card situations etc. Most likely though, eventually they will still suffer regardless, as word of mouth (and pen) comes home to roost. There are few exceptions to this in the business world and these unethical people are apparently quite ignorant of all this.

If enough consumers begin to complain, though, companies
like these will be forced to accelerate the inevitable changes that will have to be made.
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Posted by scammedbywow on 2008-12-02:
WOW is clearly an unethical and scam oriented business. I too had a membership, at the Brockton, MA gym. I completed my contract and let it ride for a number of extra months (for which I was rightly charged) before going in and canceling my membership...or so I thought.

I received a letter from ABC financing informing me I owe 3 months worth of membership fees including a last month membership fee. I put a stop payment on my credit card at that point.

When I joined I specifically asked the woman signing me up about WOW's cancellation policies and how would I go about canceling my membership when the time came. I was cheerfully told I simply hand in my WOW card at the front desk and I would be done, very uncomplicated. Never was I told of hidden fees, last month membership charge or anything remotely warning of what ultimately happened upon my canceling my WOW membership on the up and up.

Now I am working with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office to do something about WOW scamming practices. I would like to see them either shut down or hit with hefty fines for scamming consumers.
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Greediness disguised as incompetence
Posted by Mrhee on 12/29/2005
MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I wish I had found these reviews online before I signed up! I originally gave this company the benefit of the doubt when I moved and was unable to cancel my membership. Maybe it was a customer service rep who was new to the job, maybe my letter had gotten lost in the mail, maybe someone was confused about there not being any gyms around me. It has taken me over two months just to get someone to tell me that they're not sure if I'm going to be able to cancel my membership. Maybe there are some people there who want to help customers, but the general feeling is that there is nothing they can do to help you, and as long as they can still keep charging your credit card, they're happy.

Quick footnote: I was just told (after hounding customer service) that I am able to cancel my membership. However, they tried to charge me over $20 more than the 10% I'm supposed to pay. When I asked for a breakdown of the numbers, they realized that the price was wrong and said they would change it. But when I asked for a breakdown of the numbers that they used, they said that they were too busy because of high call volume and couldn't take the time to give me the three numbers. When I asked if I could call back later, they said no. Click.
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Posted by Ponie on 2005-12-30:
Did you sign a contract?
Posted by KenPC on 2005-12-30:
I signed a contract with them, and two years after I had fulfilled the contract they continued to charge my credit card after I had resigned. Discover says they get daily complaints about this outfit doing this. They are one of those companies that are just rotten to the core.
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Cancellation policy
Posted by Sthickening on 12/12/2012
WALL, NEW JERSEY -- Work out world's cancellation policy and general customer service is horrible. I joined at $5 a week and was told no problem to cancel. It turns out that a certified letter is required on top of that they charge for an additional 30 days. I joined for only a few months and had to stop for health reasons and they charged me an annual fee on top of the regular fee which was never Bally disclosed. Most of the gyms have very young people at the front desk and many have no customer service training which reflects the overall character of Work out world.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-13:
I'm sure the certified letter is a recommendation on their part to protect your interests. Without it, you have no way of showing you mailed said letter.

You might ask them for a copy of the contract you signed. It should defiantly clear up any confusion as to what you've agreed to and what they may be trying to require of you now.

Thanks so much for the post.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-12-13:
All these outfirs do this. They for some reason assume nobody ever looks at their credit card bill. Far as I can tell all of these gyms are flim flam outfits who have good lawyers that are real effective at getting that money out of anybody who "joins." You may not have knowingly signed a contract for a year - but I bet they can prove you did. You just think you were on some five dollar a month program. Truth is a lot of them have these but there really is no such thing.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2012-12-13:
I'm sure this is in there stated in the contract or rules and procedures section. Most all gyms do it this way, except for my gym. I chose a month to month fee and if I chose to leave I just stop paying and don't show up and it's only $20.00 a month for facilities and classes.
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-12-15:
To Crazy Redhead: If they ever got a credit card number or a bank acct number, just try to stop paying and see what happens. The way you wrote your response I presume you are plunking down cash - right?
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