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Work Out World = Expert Scammers and Fraud Specialists
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Rating: 1/51

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- At least a collection agency would be fairer than WOW and settle at a 10% instead of paying 100% of money that was ILLEGALLY billed to your account!! Even if you follow the rules you get screwed don't wait--get out ASAP by plugging the source by closing your accounts so they cannot continue to withdraw money. People with severe in injuries can't even get out of the contract. WOW are gypsies that steal for a living=money demons!

I am also one scammed client who sent both registered mail and return receipt requested and certified mail return receipt and said I have to send it again in spring 2014, when actually in contract it states if you even send it at minimum--well I sent it summer/fall 2013. And they said they cannot cancel it and I have to send it again in 2014 when I already sent notification=$80+ (why should I spend more money when they have already stolen thousands from my family!) And still NOT receive any acknowledgement when we follow their rules, but I am sure they will call when they don't get money from me!

Thousands of dollars for a family lost just because we want to be healthy! They claim "jersey strong" but really support making "jerseyans weak". This is only a fraudulent club that cheats dumb, unsuspecting people. The only way to stop them from stealing your money is to close your accounts!! It may ruin your credit, but at least they can't continue to steal your money!!! Let's sue WOW in NJ!!!

Cancellation policy
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Rating: 2/51

WALL, NEW JERSEY -- Work out world's cancellation policy and general customer service is horrible. I joined at $5 a week and was told no problem to cancel. It turns out that a certified letter is required on top of that they charge for an additional 30 days. I joined for only a few months and had to stop for health reasons and they charged me an annual fee on top of the regular fee which was never Bally disclosed. Most of the gyms have very young people at the front desk and many have no customer service training which reflects the overall character of Work Out World.

Lack of Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I was charged a maintenance fee on top of my monthly fee with no warning at all. I understand it is in the very fine print of the contract. When you are signing up they give you the details of all the fees but make sure they leave that part out. I was talking to an ex-employee that told me they do that on purpose.

I just had three friends join and they told me they were not informed either. When I called Middletown today the person that spoke to me said it should have been mentioned when signing. I said it was not and he said, "Well that is your word against theirs," and I said, "well I had another person in the office with me, and they did not hear it." I have until next April for my membership to expire. I think their practices are very unprofessional and you should post your complaints anywhere you can.

I sent out a memo in my company and posted a bulletin in the lobby of a very large professional building.... and this will continue until they treat their customers with more respect.

Bad Owner
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MIDDLETOWN, NEW JERSEY -- When I signed up with Work Out World I paid $100+ in order to have a recurring payment of $32 per month. When I realized I was overpaying quite a bit (after one year) I asked to change my monthly rate to $10 per month as advertised on billboards and other outrageous LOCAL billboard marketing campaigns for this particular franchise location. When I asked to begin paying the "Basic" package of $10 as explained on billboards, they explained I had to pay another $100 in order to have the recurring payment of $10 because it was a different package than I signed up with.

I explained if I had this "basic" package option from the beginning, I would have purchased that versus this VIP package I am stuck with. They said there was no such "Basic" package one year ago, that it has begun very recently. I explained I do not use the "day care", hence no children, do not use the classes offered and do not go to any other locations.

I asked the Work Out World customer service office to make an exception and they communicated with the owner of the franchise. This owner declined, therefore, I am leaving. ALSO 10% of the machines here are ALWAYS being fixed which means you cannot use them. I will be going to Retro Fitness since Work Out World has screwed up their customer base and will not help transition their old customer base to a fair rate their NEW customer base is entitled to.

Total Scam
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ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- After a mere 3 months of happiness with the business, the next 9 (and from what it looks like a few more) months have been complete hell. Saying WoW has "issues about payment" doesn't do justice to what I've been through. I couldn't get the opportunity to freeze my account when I went off to college for some reason unknown to me. I tried canceling a few months into my college school year to find out that I had to come back to my hometown in person to cancel it. The trouble is when I went there, there seemed to be no manager available to help me.

I finally contacted one and have been on a wild-goose-chase ever since in my efforts to track down the filthy scammer who is taking my money and trying to bill me for and 'annual' fee for a membership that has been cancelled at the WoW facility. The whole bit seems so damn shady to me, I wouldn't mind if someone put together a class-action lawsuit to hold these scam artists accountable for their actions. It's a shame so many ofus have been mistreated by these despicable thieves.

Not ethical
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ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA -- I went to freeze my account was not told about the five dollar a month fee associated with this. However when I checked over my statements (I was on an auto bill pay) I found that I had been charged the full monthly fee (not even the five dollar fee). This was after I filled out the paperwork to freeze my membership. When I was filling out the form I was not informed there would be any fee for keeping it frozen. I had moved out of the area was thinking about returning to the area later. I told them when I signed up I was only going to be in town for a little while. I am happy to say that I will not be returning to Rochester for the full season.

I canceled my membership about a week or so ago. I never did get a refund for the money that was billed to me that was a result of an error on there part. I found this to be unethical. I used to recommend WOW to people I knew where in Rochester. I have to say after my experience with them in regards to this incident I will encourage all my friends to go somewhere else in city. I hope they do not bill me again now that I have canceled it. BTW the customer care line did not return the message I left them and had a very long hold line. I used to like WOW but now I would advise against joining it.

How NOT to treat your customers!
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TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I joined WOW Tinton falls in Dec 09. I elected to waiver the trial period to reduce my joining fee on the day. Initially I went twice. Both times I couldn't get onto the cardio equipment I wanted and 15+ machines needed repair. I ended up walking out. I tried to cancel the membership on the basis that they had failed to deliver a service however as with other reviews I was advised of my 12 month contract. I decided not to go back into any WoW again on principle.

I gave notice to cancel within the last 30 days but they still wanted an additional 30 days period after the end of the contract and billing cycle. This company's customer service sucks and you can't even speak to someone about it. With the money I've wasted on this company I could have bought myself a home gym!!!!! Think twice before you join!

I am reading many complaints about WOW
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TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I see many problems that people are having with WOW. I had to move away from Bally's and the cancellation procedure was painless. My membership was less than a year. The prices were reasonable and there was even a pool.

I joined WOW and tried to freeze my account soon after I was recovering from surgery. I was shocked when I was told by WOW that they would be charging my account for a freeze while I was not using their services. The price is almost the same as having a regular membership. When I signed up, I told the salesperson that I would be undergoing surgery and asked what she could do. She said they could put my account on a freeze. I do not remember her saying anything about paying money for a freeze.

If you try to talk to them with a complaint, they will not handle complaints on the phone. You need to send them an email from off a form on their website. In their responses, they reply "This request is deemed solved." I told them I deemed it "unsolved" and they said the system automatically replies that the problem is "deemed solved." A freeze should mean that you will not be billed while you are not using their services. Their terminology is misleading.

Another consumer website member recommends we contact the Monmouth County Consumer Affairs and file complaints online about WOW. It should be easy and convenient to do and we can team up on this one and hope for action from the County.

Horrible Workers
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RHODE ISLAND -- WOW went overnight some months ago and then 24 hrs a month ago. The workers they hire actually are asleep while working! One worker laid down on the mats in the main room like it was a bed and slept. The next worker they hired after that worker went off to college (no, they didn't fire him) sleeps right at the desk a little ways in or in the office.

You have to wake him up to go tanning, get change, or ask for anything. He's difficult to wake up even. We are talking a sound sleep. This is when you can find him. Sometimes he's off somewhere sleeping. That means no tanning or anything else you want. Why pay for tanning when you can't go! Also, somebody could get trapped under a bench.

So, you complain to management, or try since she never answers the phone, and nothing gets done. You call to try to complain above her head and nobody will give you the phone number. They route you from telephone # to telephone #.

This is a clear cut example of how this gym runs. I mean the rudeness of the employees astounds me. The inefficient manager walks around w/ no shoes on and bright pink socks and sits around chatting w/ her employees while you wait to buy a simple water. Ohhh but if I was going to sign up she would run right over. People of Warwick...... sign up at Planet Fitness. It's a couple miles from WOW and is 24 hrs and the same pricing. Run much better, looks much better, and is much cleaner.

Extreme Hard Sell
By -

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I recently started working in Freehold and am looking at health clubs in the area. My doctor wants me to start exercising. I stopped in at W.O.W. on my lunch hour. What a waste of time. The salesman couldn't have been more rude. They don't let you look at the gym until you agree to listen to the pitch. I explained I was a little pressed for time and he tells me to come back when I have more time. Then he says the process take 45 minutes. I told him I would be happy to sit down once I see the gym and decide if it appeals to me. Then he starts to insult me.

I politely asked him why the hard sell. He says he is a salesman and he is supposed to sell me. Unbelievable. Then he says if I don't want to sit down, I can just leave. I asked him why lose a potential customer. Then he gets obnoxious. A real piss ant of a salesman. So I left. I never saw the place but if was any good, they would have had no problem with letting me see it first. And judging from the other reviews, I am probably right.

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