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Work Out World
762 NJ-18
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
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Extreme Hard Sell
By -

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I recently started working in Freehold and am looking at health clubs in the area. My doctor wants me to start exercising. I stopped in at W.O.W. on my lunch hour. What a waste of time. The salesman couldn't have been more rude. They don't let you look at the gym until you agree to listen to the pitch. I explained I was a little pressed for time and he tells me to come back when I have more time. Then he says the process take 45 minutes. I told him I would be happy to sit down once I see the gym and decide if it appeals to me. Then he starts to insult me.

I politely asked him why the hard sell. He says he is a salesman and he is supposed to sell me. Unbelievable. Then he says if I don't want to sit down, I can just leave. I asked him why lose a potential customer. Then he gets obnoxious. A real piss ant of a salesman. So I left. I never saw the place but if was any good, they would have had no problem with letting me see it first. And judging from the other reviews, I am probably right.

Pre Sale Scam Up To There Old Tricks
By -

WALL, NEW JERSEY -- Stay away from Work Out World in Wall: Ok Work Out World in Wall NJ. I went over the other day to join after retro fitness in wall hasn't opened in over 2 yrs. So I go like an idiot to join WOW even after my friend who goes to their Ocean Township location said "stay away." And now I'm relocating. So I went to the sales person and he wouldn't give me a refund, real jerk. I told him "you have been in pre sales for 2 weeks your gym doesn't even have construction going on." The guy tells me "come back next week we have no forms." I calling the consumer affairs on Monday. $14.95 is all they advertise but beware you cannot get refunds or out of their contracts.

My friend told me about WOW no service and they take your money. I just want to warn anyone going to WOW in Wall. Stay away. They are just here to scam people in Wall. How does Wall Township put up with these scam gyms. I'm glad I'm moving...

WOW Sucks Do not join
By -

NEW JERSEY -- Thinking about writing the review for Work Out World (WOW) Jersey Strong:)) from long time. Here are the details -
1. Personal trainers - They are bunch of Thugs, in the agreement they will say that every month you can go for 2 days of free trainer sessions. But if you go for that they will start forcing you to buy some classes and will put you on embarrassing situation. I tried it twice but felt that all of them are like that, so I stopped taking free trainer sessions.

  1. Cancellation - I finished the duration of agreement and am now on month to month basis and under no agreement. I am moving out of the country. When asked about cancellation process, they said you have to go online, cancellation takes about 1 month time (note that - they want to charge for month and are ripping off money from customer pocket). OK I downloaded the form, and find out they accept form via registered or certified mail only (reason - they are worried about our personal protection - Ha Ha Ha...they hate customers)

  2. There is no customer phone number, and when you ask about cancellation they deliberately delays the process.
    I love going to gym, but when I see them I feels very bad about WOW policy makers. They are crooked people, don't join WOW.

Work Out World experience
By -

NORTH BRUNSWICK -- Let me start off by stating that I recommend staying as far away as possible from this horrible establishment. The employees here are liars and they will try to trick you given any opportunity (especially the staff manager; **). They are in strong competition with the other local gyms (i.e. LA Fitness) and will tell you anything to tie you down in a contract. If you must sign up here, make SURE you read all the fine print. DO NOT take into account ANYTHING they say to you if it is not on paper. They will lie to you as they lied to me and others. These people are liars and cheaters and have built a business with dishonesty at its core.

Now here's a brief summery of my experience with the gym: Upon signing up I specifically asked the Staff Manager, **, whether I would be able to work out on weekends in the WOW location in North Bergen. I stressed that this was of great importance to me because I live off campus here in North Brunswick and spend most weekends at my parent's house in North Bergen. ** assured me that I could work out in North Bergen. “All they have to do is give me a call, I tell them its okay and you can work out there, it's completely up to me,” he said. He told me that I would be able to do this anytime during my membership and it didn't even matter that I got a basic membership.

Hearing this, I happily signed up. I went home on the weekend and was told that I could only work out in that gym for 30 days (consecutively). In a word; I was lied to by this “staff manager”. At this point I thought I would just go and cancel my membership, but this was far from what occurred. To make a long story short what followed was about 2 months of emailing the headquarters, complaining, negotiating with my credit card company and being told to wait constantly. These people will hold on to your money like their life depended on it and will not give it back unless they feel it is absolutely their only option.

I have never dealt with such a group in my life; they run their establishment more like a mafia and work on a policy based solely on greed and the lack of morals. In a word, BE VERY CAREFUL if you are considering signing up to this establishment. I recommended from it completely. Good luck.

Work Out World - Really Unscrupulous Company
By -

TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I have never had a company piss me off as much as Work Out World. I posted about them in the past when I have had a horrendous time canceling, only problem is that they are right next to my house and the gym itself is pretty good. I need to work out to keep the weight off and if the gym isn't right near my house I just don't go. Anyway I just got an offer for $19.99* a month with no initiation fee* and according to the ad you can now cancel with 30 days notice instead of 90.

So I called about the asterisk's because I'm a glutton for punishment. Here's the deal, you need to make an appointment to sign up again. They don't give any info over the phone. That sounded suspicious to me so said I would make an appointment only if he answered 3 questions.

Q: What does the asterisk by the 19.99 mean? A: 12 month commitment.
Q: What does the asterisk by the $0 initiation fee mean? A: There is no initiation fee, just a $37 paperwork processing fee! (This wasn't on the flier or the e-mail)
Q: What does it take to cancel? A: After your 12 month commitment is up you can give 30 days notice by filling out a form.
Follow-up Question: So all I have to do is stop by the desk and fill out a form and leave it there? A: No, you have to send it certified mail to our corporate office.

My response: Wait a minute, I have to wait until my 12 months are up before I can give my 30 days notice? Isn't that really a 13 month commitment? And why can't I just fill out the cancellation paperwork and give it to you guys in sales? Surely if you can manage all the paperwork to sign me up you can also manage the paperwork to cancel it couldn't you. The answer - "No it's only a 12 month commitment, you just can't give notice to cancel until after you've fulfilled your commitment. We can't accept your cancellation paperwork here because it would be way too much paperwork for us."

At this point I went on to explain that there was no way I was getting out of there paying for less than 13 months until he finally agreed. As for the paperwork fee he said every gym charges one, I'll have to check cause I think there are a couple of new gyms in the area. They are just a scummy company to deal with, it's all roses, apple pie and deceit until they get your credit card info, from that point on they just treat you like garbage to your face.

WOW should have their business license revoked!!
By -

RED BANK, NEW JERSEY -- This is the worst business I have ever dealt within my entire life. My husband & I have been members of more than a dozen gyms in three different states and have never encountered such unscrupulous business people. I have been trying to end my membership for one year and they continue to charge us. We have over fifty phone calls into WOW as well as seventy e-mails and absolutely nothing is being done to remedy this situation. It is impossible to speak to any member of corporate on the phone. The only way to contact them is through their web site. None of the gym employees can reach anyone above the gym manager. Their corporate hierarchy leaves a great deal to be desired and when I finally got in contact with [snip], the owner, she had absolutely nothing to say to me about the matter. If you are interested in reaching her please do so at

I have contacted the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau about their unfair business practices. They have received a F rating from the Better Business Bureau and I recently discovered a class action lawsuit is being organized against WOW. [snip]

It is easy to join but impossible to get out! AVOID THIS GYM!!!!!!

WOW corporate is rude and sneaky....worst gym in NJ
By -

RED BANK/MIDDLETOWN/SHREWBURY, NEW JERSEY -- I signed a 2 year contract with wow...they claim I signed a 3 year contarct...I have been asking for a copy of my contract for 9 months but they can not produce it....I stopped paying and they sent my account into collections....I contacted them for a copy of my contract and it sounds like they all went on fire in a fire that took place in there office ....So they can not prove I signed for 3 years but they say I did.... I offered to come to an agreement just to beat the headache and they act like it is my fault they lost my contract and my billing information. They have been nothing but rude and snide to me...I would have to say it has been the worst gym experience I ever had... They will not speak to me direct only over email and they will not provide me with my contract and they sent me into collections for future payment that did not even happen yet. Please be careful when you go near this gym....Plus I took a friend to work out with me once they hated the gyms layout and they harassed them over the phone and email to sign up....they had to threaten to sue before they stopped harassing them. Be careful and stay away from wow...since then I have been at Retro Fitness...nothing but a great experience...they are not mean, rude and sneaky like WOW....I suggest everyone stays away from this place. Working out anywhere else is a better call...there is a reason there dues are so cheap because they rip you off every chance they get (not to mention they overcharged me on 3 different occasions...and when I brought it to there attention they made it seem like it was my fault...sorry I check my statements and I don't like being ripped off)...WoW should stand for Worst of Workouts

Canceling Membership
By -

On March 23, 2009 I attempted to cancel my membership with the Work Out World gym in Methuen, MA. Upon calling them on the phone I was told that I needed to go to the gym and fill out a waiver form and have it signed by myself and the gym manager (Joanie). When I arrived at the gym, Joanie (no last name) informed me that they had no waiver forms on hand but "it's okay, I'll take care of it." Upon arriving home I called ABC Financial, who handles WOW's billing. They informed me that as long as I didn't submit something in writing, I couldn't cancel my membership. I called the gym back and they told me I would have to come in and sign a waiver form. Get the picture?

There is no waiver form and they intend to continue billing the member for as long as possible. I am now contacting the Better Business Bureau in Boston to deal with these cheats and liars.

WOW Employee And Customer - Dissatisfied With Both!
By -

I got a membership at a newly opened WOW in September of 08. The salesman was telling me about what a GREAT deal I was getting, spending 350 dollars down and 19.99 a month each for my boyfriend and me. He said we were getting such a great deal because we were presales. The salesman and the man whom I now know to be the manager also told me I'd get a card in the mail two weeks before the gym opened. A couple months passed, and I drove by in December and noticed that the gym WAS open, but I had not received anything in the mail. I went into the club and got my card, but the gym had already been open for a month! When I complained, it was just the same old, "Too bad, you should have checked earlier," deal. I just thought, you know, whatever, at least I have my membership now.

I was out of work and desperately needed money the first time I went into the club, so I applied for childcare. I got an interview about a week later and one of the managers asked if I could start that night, promising me an hourly rate of $8.50 an hour. I agreed.

Within the first month, I started to get to know some of the people a little better. It turns out that my managers live together, one who is 20 and one who is 23. You're supposed to be at least 18 to work in the childcare center; however, one day, two 17 year old girls walked in. How did they get their job? They walked in to work out and the 20 year old manager offered them a job. The one who is only twenty is having parties at their house, inviting girls who work in the childcare center, two of which have children. At the house parties, they drink and smoke weed, all of these people being under 21. My 20 year old manager will ask one of the 18 year old girls to go everywhere with him. They'll go to Wal-Mart and be gone for a ridiculously long time, such as 2 hours, and come back empty-handed. I've heard girls talking about having sex with him.


Workout Elsewhere!
By -

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- I joined Workout World first in 2004 for a fee of 19.99 a month and 60.00 down. The term contract lasted for 1 year. During that year I moved to an entirely different state, and provided Workout World with the correct documentation of my new address, as the terms of service stated it was necessary to cancel a contract. I sent those items out on April 1st 2005 with 6 months still left in my contract. After repeatedly calling, they "never received the documentation," and I was charged the fees when I lived over 200 miles away.

Being the naive person that I am, I chalked this up to my own bad luck or some sort of mail accident. I moved back to Rhode Island in August of 2006, and being a health nut, I re-joined Workout World, as it is the closest gym to my family. I signed a contract for 29.99 a month for two years, and never missed a payment. My contract expired in August of 2008, and today, March 5 2009, I am reviewing my bank statements and find that Workout World has been charging me 19.99 for the past 6 months. After speaking with a customer service associate, she informed me that underneath your signature on the Workout World contract there is a section for you to initial. Apparently you are initialing a "contract extension" which allows Workout World to withdraw 19.99 (not even the price I was paying per month) from your account despite the fact that you signed up for a 2 year contract. I was advised to again, send a written request to stop the service (which SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED 6 MONTHS AGO), and now I am awaiting a response about the "lost email" or "lost documentation" that they need in order to stop me from being charged again. The woman said this will take a MINIMUM of another billing cycle.

Workout World is a SCAM! The employees get paid on commission, and therefore do NOT take the time to explain to you that you are automatically enrolled in a LIFELONG contract.

I beg you, workout elsewhere. It's not worth your stress.

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