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Auto Parts Scam
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- RE: World Auto Parts Scam

UPDATE: September 12, 2008

WORLD AUTO PARTS CORP has shut down their website and changed their phone numbers. The crook chuck farrel is now operating as "World Auto, Inc., be careful this may change as they have gone by ten other business names in the past. THEY ARE STILL SCAMMING PEOPLE!

They still owe me money. The debt has increase because of mechanic expenses, etc., etc.; chuck farrel now owes us about $6000.00!

Victims have called and e-mailed me about horrenedous situations. One guy has lost $13,000 on a high end engine!

Beware of this company and beware of chuck farrell. He is a scam artist and will steal your money or ship you a piece of scrap yard junk that they will never take back and never return your money!

E-mail me if you have had a problem. ""

Or file complaints with:

Please file complaints with the FBI, FTC, the BBB of Jacksonville Florida, Florida State Governor Charlie Crist, Florida State Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, Florida State Attorney General Bill McCollum and with the Office of the Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton. Take the time to file your complaint with each of these offices. You can do it all on the internet if you wish. Just Google their names and their web sites will become available to you. You won't be alone. There are many complaints starting with the FBI on down. The more people that voice their complaints the better for everyone!

I purchased an engine for my 1995 BMW 325I Convertible. They didn't ship for almost two months because all of the engines they tested for me were defective according to the very irritating sales people.

Then, all of a sudden they ship an engine to my mechanic in California.

The engine is absolutely filthy. My old engine is light years cleaner. Not only is it filthy it is defective. The engine is basically a piece of junk, scrap metal.

Now World Auto Parts flat out refuses return my money.

If you want to be cheated, frustrated and exasperated out of your mind then buy something from this company or one of their many subsidiaries.

I have incurred storage fees and miscellaneous parts and labor fees from my mechanic working with the engine. My car has been sitting at the mechanics shop for going on 3 months!

I am going to have to sue them to get my money back. This is something I wouldn't have to do if this company was honest. They're not!

Caveat Emptor! My advice . . . stay away from this company and warn your friends if they are looking for any kind of auto part from this company. Spread the word!
This company does business via the internet and can potentially scam people in all 50 states!

If you have been scammed like me then join me in suing them off the face of the earth.

Below is a list of their various company names.

AutoTech Microsystems, LLC, / AutoCraft Micro
Engine Control Units Direct,
World Auto Parts, LLC,
World Auto Tech Parts LLC,
World Auto Parts Corporation
233 Tresca Road
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(800) 685-1925
(904) 722-3155
(904) 724-4366
(904) 722-3150 (FAX)

Contact me if you have been scammed. I have filed complaints with the State Attorney General Bill McCollum, the Jacksonville Mayor, John Peyton, The Northeast Jacksonville BBB as well as the FTC. The BBB has 67 Plus other complaints. And no doubt this list will grow.

I will also be filing a complaint with the FBI. I am going to, finally, sue in small claims court for the California maximum then with the assistance of anyone else that want to press charges I will press Federal charges for fraud, interstate and internet as well as grand them.

E-mail me if you have been scammed:
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User Replies:
Pamela31 on 05/22/2008:
I ordered an engine from World Auto Parts which was guaranteed by Mr. Farrell to arrive in 3-5 business days from the order of the engine. It didn't happen. In fact, the engine didn't come to the shop until a couple days before December 25th-the engine was ordered on November 23rd. I heard every excuse in the book as an answer when I called several times to find out where my engine was. Just to begin with, about a week from the date of order I called to check the status of shipping, they told me that they had to test the engine to make sure it ran correctly and the man that does that was sick at the time. I would think they would know that the engine worked and had in stock when I placed my order. Well, I called back once again and they stated a truck took the engine but it was the wrong engine and had to bring that engine back and load the correct engine-this was around 2 weeks or more from the date of my order. I asked where the engine was coming from, they said somewhere around Lakeland-they really didn't know. When they finally delivered the engine to the shop-it was Christmas time-literally. The shop called me and told me the engine was here-World Auto Parts never called. The engine was dropped off on a crate with no paperwork concerning shipment, mileage, etc. Still to this day I do not know the details of the engine. The engine had a cracked oil pan, and rusted pulleys and was faded on the top-I had to use parts from my own old engine to put on World Auto Parts engine. What a rip off!
Now, concerning the warranty. When I spoke with Mr. Chuck Farrell who did the initial order of my engine stated to me and my mother that it had a LIFETIME WARRANTY for aslong as I owned the vehicle that the engine was placed into. Well, when I got my warranty paperwork in the small fine print at the bottom it states that there is a credit limit-obviously this isn't a LIFETIME WARRANTY because lifetime doesn't have limits or boundaries. I have not signed my original warranty. I spoke to Chuck regarding this matter and he stated he would send me a revised warranty which would be for 2 years with no credit limit as agreed upon below along with a 200.00 reimbursement for the shipping complications. Well guess what--I have received neither and I paid my 200.00 with the initial order to receive a warranty. Can somebody tell me what is going on with this company! I have received below-average customer service from every department I have had contact with at World Auto Parts.
Yuhright on 06/19/2008:
I understand the problems that may be encountered with purchasing a used engine from this 'outfit'. All I wanted was a radiator. Made the online order on a Thursday and received an email order confirmation. Waited until Monday with no other correspondence. Called their customer service line and after several "uh"s and "hold", someone else came on the line to explain that my order never made it through the system. Mind you, they had my email and my phone number and never attempted to contact me. Then I get - "It's just as well, we don't have one anyway." Pretty sorry service if I do say so. Now after four days downtime and needing this part, I am forced to go local for $70+ more than the advertised price. BE WARNED!!!!! They do not care! They do not need your business!!! Because a crooked business like this can survive for several years before their reputation catches up with them an then they just change their name.
(Former) Jagdriver on 07/15/2008:
Should have done my homework... now I'm out over $800 and one Jaguar ECU, in that WAP refuses to send my unit back to me after they've had three attempts to "rebuild" it. Just compare their office photo to what you find on Google Maps, Google Earth... that tells the story.

Especially given that this involves inrerstate commerce, I've filed reports with the FTC, the FBI, and the Jacksonville Consumer Affairs office. I'll soon be adding the Pompano Beach Consumer Affairs office and the Florida state attorney general's office.
rippedinoc on 07/29/2008:
Re: world auto parts corp SCAM FILE YOUR COMPLAINT!

world auto parts corp obtains junk yard auto parts from junk yards nationwide and then drop ships the scrap metal junk directly to the customer.

Here's where the nightmare begins. Only hope your junk auto part didn't cost too much money. We got scammed for $3,650 on a piece of filthy junk BMW engine not including assorted expenses.

Getting your money back is a nightmare!! Getting the run around from charles "chuck" farrell is what you will get, nonstop. The only thing he knows how to do is SCAM!

"wap" and charles "chuck" farrell refuses to return our money. I am taking them to court. I have not filed yet, but very soon. Then with the help of various government agencies I intend to press charges against wap and charles "chuck" farrell for grand theft, internet and interstate fraud.

Need your complaint to be filed if you have one. There are 67 or more complaints on file with the Jacksonville BBB!!!

I have contacted the Northeast Jacksonville, Florida BBB-contact: Linda Jones, the State Attorney General Bill McCollum, Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton, State Governor Charlie Crist, State Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp,,, and finally on July 28, 2008 I filed a report ONLINE with the FBI.

If you have been scammed by "wap" file a complaint with all of the above agencies. E-mail me so we can group together to provide a larger victim group to work together to eventually shut "wap" down" and in my case cause charles "chuck" farrell to get his deserved prison time.

Al B.
Yorba Linda, California
KyleWasScrewed on 08/07/2008:

The ordeal I had to go through to get the quality engine I paid for was unbelievable. I ordered a replacement engine from them, and a few weeks later one arrived; but it was pretty much rusted solid. They refused a refund, so I contacted a lawyer who advised I get everything in writing. This began the 3 month exhange of email with Charles 'Chuck' Farrell; a charlatan in every sense of the word. Since I was in the process of suing them, they decided to try to appease me by sending a few other rusted engines ... and a dashboard ... before I finally got a replacement engine that was ALMOST in useable condition. That one still had a blown head gasket and needed all the seals; but at least the freeze plugs were not corroded through. I was able to file a claim with the warranty I purchased through them; and they picked it up and had a different mechanic replace the head gasket since my shop wanted $1500 to do it (this is on a Land Rover). After 4 months of constant emails to Charles 'Chuck' Farrell, and consulting with my attorney ... I finally had a running vehicle. My advice to anyone is STAY AWAY. Type their address into Google Maps, it's a dirt lot. I wish I had done that PRIOR to ever contacting them.
end this scam on 09/17/2008:
I was also ripped off by WORLD AUTO PARTS.I ordered 2 motors-supposed to receive both within 7 to 10 days. The first one was shipped 30 days later.They did not call us say there was a delay. We had to call them and was told one story after another.I order over the phone(lee)he says your getting a recondtioned engine.He doesn't tell you they have their own meaning for reconditioned. When we received the frist motor that is when the nightmare begins with CHUCK FARRELL.To have the warranty affective a ASE CERTIFIED MECHANIC must install. Our mechanic said he would not install these engines.He could not believe a company could sell this as a recondtion motor. What you get is a rusted engine with a few cheap parts add and a fresh coat of silver spray paint.We paid with a credit card so we called them they said they would be able to help. They said we had to send the motors back and then they would be able to get our restocking fee and shipping charages back. After months of dealing with citi bank and the BBB of Virginia we got no where. The re-stocking fee was supposed to be 25% but they charged us 30%. The credit card company didn't even get that right. So I am out all the shipping charges and a 30% re-stocking fee.WAP did send the BBB a letter saying they did charge us the wrong re-stocking fee and would correct it. Never Did.
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