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Auto Parts Scam
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I purchased an engine for my 1995 BMW 325I Convertible. They didn't ship for almost two months because all of the engines they tested for me were defective according to the very irritating sales people. Then, all of a sudden they ship an engine to my mechanic in California. The engine is absolutely filthy. My old engine is light years cleaner. Not only is it filthy it is defective. The engine is basically a piece of junk, scrap metal. Now World Auto Parts flat out refuses return my money. If you want to be cheated, frustrated and exasperated out of your mind then buy something from this company or one of their many subsidiaries.

I have incurred storage fees and miscellaneous parts and labor fees from my mechanic working with the engine. My car has been sitting at the mechanics shop for going on 3 months! I am going to have to sue them to get my money back. This is something I wouldn't have to do if this company was honest. They're not! Caveat Emptor! My advice: Stay away from this company and warn your friends if they are looking for any kind of auto part from this company. Spread the word!

This company does business via the internet and can potentially scam people in all 50 states! If you have been scammed like me then join me in suing them off the face of the earth. Below is a list of their various company names.

AutoTech Microsystems, LLC, / AutoCraft Micro
Engine Control Units Direct,
World Auto Parts, LLC,
World Auto Tech Parts LLC,
World Auto Parts Corporation
233 Tresca Road
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(800) 685-1925
(904) 722-3155
(904) 724-4366
(904) 722-3150 (FAX)

Contact me if you have been scammed. I have filed complaints with the State Attorney General Bill McCollum, the Jacksonville Mayor, John Peyton, The Northeast Jacksonville BBB as well as the FTC. The BBB has 67 Plus other complaints. And no doubt this list will grow. I will also be filing a complaint with the FBI. I am going to, finally, sue in small claims court for the California maximum then with the assistance of anyone else that want to press charges. I will press Federal charges for fraud, interstate and internet as well as grand them.

UPDATE: September 12, 2008. WORLD AUTO PARTS CORP has shut down their website and changed their phone numbers. The crook Chuck ** is now operating as "World Auto, Inc.". Be careful. This may change as they have gone by ten other business names in the past. THEY ARE STILL SCAMMING PEOPLE! They still owe me money. The debt has increase because of mechanic expenses, etc. etc. Chuck ** now owes us about $6000.00! Victims have called and e-mailed me about horrendous situations. One guy has lost $13,000 on a high end engine!

Beware of this company and beware of Chuck **. He is a scam artist and will steal your money or ship you a piece of scrap yard junk that they will never take back and never return your money! E-mail me if you have had a problem. ** Or file complaints with: Please file complaints with the FBI, FTC, the BBB of Jacksonville Florida, Florida State Governor Charlie Crist, Florida State Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, Florida State Attorney General Bill McCollum and with the Office of the Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton.

Take the time to file your complaint with each of these offices. You can do it all on the internet if you wish. Just Google their names and their websites will become available to you. You won't be alone. There are many complaints starting with the FBI on down. The more people that voice their complaints the better for everyone!

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