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Appalling Service, Did Not Expect This and Have Never Seen This ANYWHERE
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- Used to think this was the gym for me. Right down the street from home, small and quiet. This morning I witnessed an employee at the front desk named MEGAN say to the girl who was working in the child care that she "FELT SORRY FOR HER" for having to take care of this one particular client's baby, because she cries a lot for not being used to strangers. She said it in front of the client! Furthermore, when confronted and asked for her manager, Megan proceeded to argue with the client, saying that her behavior was appropriate and professional. The worst and saddest part about the whole thing is that the manager heard the whole thing, and said that there was nothing wrong with it. I am straight appalled at the level of service that they think is fine to provide to their clients. I am a manager of a small business, I have and will fire people for doing something like this and this is how they run their business, with a complete lack of disrespect for their clients. So sad, they will be losing many clients, if they ever even cared.
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FoDaddy19 on 05/10/2012:
Seems that this was between two employees a manager and the client. On the bright side at least they had cojones to tell to the client's face. Such blatant honesty is rare.

" I am a manager of a small business, I have and will fire people for doing something like this "

Have you ever worked in a public school? I'll let you in on a little secret. Teachers talk about how bad they have it or how bad other teachers have it with certain students all the time. Granted in a business setting it's a little different. But if I overheard something like you described I wouldn't be bothered by it in the least. Partially because having worked in a school for several years now, I can completely sympathize with the employees, but mostly because their conversation didn't have anything to do with me.
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World Gym Cancellation Problem - Any Class Action Going
Posted by on
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Has anyone filed suit against them? I also can not seem to cancel and feel they are harassing people into trying to pay more money or get harass. My case is my original contract of 2 yrs was way over, I never went there, tried to cancel by phone and got harassment. I canceled automatic withdrawal and now get letters and I call and told them to take me to court because they do not have a contract, and basically he stated they don't take to court because it is too expensive?they will just bill me. I goggle complaints on World Gym now and found there were many. Any one else solve theirs.

I think World gym shouldn't be allow to continue to harass. Has anyone taken them to court to stop them from these harassment .
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Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
People who joing gyms and buy their coffee from Starbuck's are all in the same. It makes you feel importand and sophisticated. One thing you need to realize is that both of these enterprises are out to make money by overcharging customers who want to feel important.
CrazyRedHead on 08/19/2009:
Just because your contract ended doesn't mean that you are no longer obligated to them. When the contract ends you go into a month to month and still need to cancel. You need to pull out the contract and find out what there procedures are to cancel at the end of your contract. You will need probably need to send in a letter of cancellation certified mail to the gym. Canceling by mouth or by phone isn't the accepted procedure to cancel. I wouldn't worry about a class action suit. If you were to go into court you would be asked if you followed the proper procedure, according to the contract, in cancelling. They can collect monthly dues from the date that your contract ended to now, so you may want to dig out that contract and read it.
rdygogo on 08/20/2009:
Contract has ended after 2 years .There is fine print to a lot of contracts.Usually courts do not hold people to fine print that a large corporation (with attorneys )write in their so called contract ( there has to be a meeting of the minds. The 2 yr part would hold up but I don't think much else would because it is unusual.Businesses are trying sneaking things because people don't have the time or expertise to fight them and that is why more and more businesses (and People) try to pressure people into paying more than they should. I also feel that some businesses might be looking to write it off as a tax loss on their books against their profits.
Ponie on 08/20/2009:
rdy, your last post is filled with contradictions. Yes, courts DO pay attention to the fine print. Suppose I no longer have a lease on my apartment having run out a few months earlier. If I move to some other place they'll still continue charging me until I give them the requested 30 days' notice noted in the original lease.
Take Red's advice and read up on what proper procedures are for cancellation.
rdygogo on 08/20/2009:
Below is something that I found under Ma Consumer Affairs website under Heath club regulations.By law they cannot hold a contact beyond 1 month (pass the 2 yr contract that I did sign)
"Read The Contract Carefully! Take the time to read over the contract, and understand what you are signing. Be sure to get any verbal agreements in writing. By law, a health club may not offer a contract for a period longer than 36 months. They also cannot require payments over a period of one month past the length of the contract. For example, if the contract is for one year, the payments cannot be for more than 13 months. Payments must be required at equal intervals, and not more frequently than one per month. A contract must also include a consumer’s rights to cancellation."
Month to month leases are for housing ( after the 1st yr lease has expired and no new one is written )so that people can not be forceable evicted.
I am still looking for other defences , so that when I get a copy of the contract from World gym , I will be able to write a decent complaint letter to a Atty . General and Better Business Bureau and Mass consumer Affairs Depts . in regard to these business practices.
Ponie on 08/31/2009:
'Month to month leases are for housing ( after the 1st yr lease has expired and no new one is written )so that people can not be Month to month leases are for housing ( after the 1st yr lease has expired and no new one is written )so that people can not be forceable evicted..'

Wha-a-at? Are you telling us that if I move to MA, sign a one year apartment lease, don't sign a subsequent lease after I've lived there for 12 months, I can live there forever and ever Amen without paying rent and will not be 'forceable(sic) evicted?' Mighty strange laws you have in that state. :) Or you have an incorrect interpretation.
Ponie on 08/31/2009:
Sure messed up that post, didn't I? Been away too long. Tried 'edit,' couldn't do it. Hope all of you know what I'm trying to say--even if I don't seem to know. :)
Anonymous on 08/31/2009:
Hi Ponie, welcome home. And welcome to MA.
Ponie on 08/31/2009:
Ken, if I could get that type deal on a housing lease, I'd be moving tomorrow! No--let's make that this afternoon.
BokiBean on 08/31/2009:
rdy..depending on how much they are dunning you for, why don't you take them to small claims court? Sounds like you have a slam dunk win, and they won't be able to try to trash your credit report.

BTW, I WOULD check your credit report and make sure they're not on there. If they are, you can contest it.
rdygogo on 08/31/2009:
I do not want to focus on real estate law .
When you google -complaints health clubs- you find a lot of complaints in regards to cancellation problems with health clubs ( that is how I found this web site). Ma. has tried to clear up some problems ( like making it unlawful for health clubs to charge more than 1 month pass the contract length . The health clubs have been using this tatic and at least Ma. passed a law against it but consumers have to be aware of the laws)
This was a point that I originally gave - my contract was for 2 years- contracts ends.....
How about your states (Do they ignore your complaints)-just because a business wants to extend your payments until you close your credit card because of fine print stating you have to inform them etc. are you going to pay, pay pay. This is what health clubs are trying to do -just google it. I bet a lot of people are paying(because they are worry about their credit) rather than arguing.
To BokiBean -at this point ,about $200 as of August.I now have a e=mail address for manager ,who is suposse to send me a copy of contract(which he offered but hasn't done) for me to follow up with a complaint to Atty. General,Better Business Bureau and Mass Consumer Affair office, ( which I told him I was planning to do ).I will follow through with building a case of them harassing me and will check my credit report.
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Out of Business Out of Luck
Posted by on
BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA -- Originally joined a local fitness center called Diesel Fitness in Burlingame CA, just down the street from our office, great location, great staff. It then changed it name to World Gym. Everything went well until they started changing things, no big issues so we stood with them and even added out daughter for $100.00 for one year.

My wife wasn’t feeling well for a few months so she didn’t go to the gym. When she finally went she found out the World Gym closed its doors. We never received a letter, but on the door there was a phone number, (numerous attempts no one ever answered), and a letter stating the members were transfer to Prime Time Athletic Club. I went over to Prime time and was informed in fact; neither my wife nor my daughters were members. We immediately stopped our auto withdrawal from our credit card. After all why should we pay money to a non existent gym?

We then received a call national Fitness Financial Systems stating we owed them money. We explained to them what occurred, and were informed our contract was transfer? (Prime Time, I think not). They said they would waive any late payment fees?????? (for services not rendered?) We informed them they will not be receiving any future payments or any type and if there is any class action suit count us in!!!!!!
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Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
That's a very big change of your original contract. I don't think they can legally charge you for it unless your original contract says that they can transfer it if they close their doors. Good luck!
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