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Beware of Online Travel Agency Collaboration!
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I want to increase consumer awareness, to avoid spending more money, wasting time and becoming aggravated! We booked a trip online through World Wide Travel Exchange, which books through and Expedia apparently sells its services through several different entities, because they are earning such a bad reputation from the reviews I can see on this website. On my reservation, it says, but we booked the vacation package through World Wide Travel Exchange billed by credit card for the full amount of the vacation on January 27, 2005. We arrived in Miami, FL on February 27, 2005 only to find our luggage six was still in Cleveland. The hotel Marco Polo Ramada Beach Resort in North Miami sold our reserved room. We came back to the airport to pick up the luggage since we did not have a hotel. We informed baggage claim our hotel room was sold. The manager of American Airlines called World Wide Travel Exchange and spoke to a manager. The manager said we would give me a “good deal” on different hotel reservations. We made the reservations, which were several hundred dollars more. We found out at a latter time, he booked a hotel room through at a higher rate than the hotel would have changed if we called and booked it ourselves. This whole scenario indicates these online booking agencies have collaborated up to deceive consumers by selling online airline, hotel, and rental car services through other travel agencies. Do we call to World Wide Travel Exchange,,, or the hotel to complain? Nobody wants to take responsibility for this problem that has ended up costing us more money, lost time, and increased aggravation. Not much of a vacation! I spent several hours on the phone trying to get the company to pay the cost difference, but after transferring me back and forth, they informed me they could not do anything, but HAVE A NICE DAY! Of course, I will never book a vacation through these companies as long as I live!
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wearecruisers on 03/08/2005:
I agree 110%. Book directly with the hotel. The only thing that Expedia and are good for is to find a listing of hotels in the area that you are visiting. Also, most hotels offer cards that gives you a discount on your stays and a free night after so many stays. I do not believe that Expedia and gives you that option.
socal1 on 03/09/2005:
Plus, Expedia and generally charge a service fee, or require FULL PREPAYMENT with strict cancellation policies. Booking directly on the hotel site never results in a service fee and generally don't even require a deposit.
jesicarabitz on 03/17/2005: and and Expedia. and I believe cheap tickets are all the corp. They are separate but the same. But back to your problem. When these companies above sell you are room. They have made arrangements with these hotels to be guarn. a block or rooms from the hotel. Two things happen when you get to the hotel and your room has been sold out, one the booking agency didn't fax over your confirmation, so the hotel never received it or 2, they over sold their hotel or messed up. But WWTE should have found you another room either same star quality or higher star rating at no extra charge to you. You need to call and ask to for the Corp offices phone number. Ask to speak to a customer care rep and then ask for the corp office. The corp office has a team of senior agents who should help you. And if you want reimbursed don't give in to the I'll give you a coupon. Threaten the Attorney General in Tacoma Washington. Good luck
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WWTE - Unresponsive Customer Service!
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UNKNOWN, CALIFORNIA -- We booked a holiday package through World Wide Travel Exchange (WWTE),which included a rental car through Budget. Per the travel confirmation 'Rules and restrictions' the following were included in the price paid: Collision & Damage waiver, Theft Protection, Third-Party Liability Insurance, City/Airport Surcharges, Road Tax and VAT/Tax. Upon picking up the car we were informed by the rental company that Third-Party liability wasn't setup by WWTE with them. We had to pay for the liability insurance out-of-pocket, an additional $168.00.
My complaint is primarily about poor customer service received when contacting WWTE. To try to resolve this we called WWTE customer service several times, faxing documentation per their request three separate times, but each time they were unable to locate the faxes on their side. We were placed on hold for many hours, had to repeat information previously provided each time we called again , and when finally able to speak to a supervisor no solution was offered and we were hung up on for no reason. We were not impolite or rude, just persistent.

Consumer beware when purchasing your travel package through WWTE.
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Alain on 11/28/2011:
I couldn't find out very much about this company as far as who runs it and from where. That and your review certainly don't encourage me to ever consider using them.
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