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They Stole My Money
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FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- I was approached at the Puyallup Fair by a Worldmark representative who promised a free trip (including airfare) to Vegas if I attended one of their presentations.

I told him that I had attended something similar for Trendwest previously and was never able to use the Vegas voucher due to an overwhelming number of blackout dates. The rep stated that Worldmark had purchased Trendwest and that the new vouchers were considerably more flexible, so I agreed to attend one of their presentations.

He then told me that I had to pay him $10 (in cash) but that $20 would be returned to me when I attended the presentation. (Alarm bells went off at this point, but I didn't listen...)

I showed up for the presentation and sat through the entire thing before a representative there called me up to the front desk and stated that I was not eligible for a free trip voucher because of the Trendwest presentation that I had attended previously. I stated that I had told the rep that I had attended a presentation previously (while the company was still Trendwest) and no mention was ever made about my eligibility to attend again. They said they were sorry, but I could not attend again until February - those were the rules.

So, since they were so adamant about the fact that I was ineligible, I tried to be reasonable. I asked only for my $10 back and not the $20 that I was promised. They refused to give me my money back, and gave me an 800 number to call that nobody ever answered...

So, basically they stole $10 from a struggling single mom.

Resolution Update 09/19/2007:

Money was refunded

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