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Predatory Sales Tactics
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Rating: 1/51

INDIO, CALIFORNIA -- WorldMark, Indio, CA is a nice resort. The units are remodeled and they are clean. We have come here at least five times. I made the unfortunate decision to receive owner updates with a free lunch and a $100 limited restaurant gift card for only the local area. The woman who was assigned to me seemed to be a nice woman in her 70's. The woman who gave the group presentation was fun, funny, and outgoing. I had to put a $20 deposit for lunch, but I did receive that back when I showed up. Lunch was okay, but there was little variety.

I have owned a timeshare since 2002 and I did feel I was ripped off when I paid payment since the interest rate was 13%. I paid the cost off when I received an inheritance and I still owed a lot of money of approximately $6000 financed. Maintenance fees have gone from $300 to $650 a year for my 6000 points which do not cover a full week, but I can have a week two years out of three or a partial week if I have expiring points. So I have been satisfied with what I have.

The problem is when I have gone to a presentation, they often have been bullying and lying. Yesterday was the worst. The woman started badgering me that I was paying a lot per day and if I pay $35,000 more, I can get a much better deal and benefits. Then she brought over another man. When I told them I was not interested, they treated me as if I was stupid to be paying so much a day, supposed $185 a day to use this program. That was a lie and exaggeration.

I will never go to another information meeting. I may possibly never come to this resort again, since I do not even want to see their sales counter where one has to go to pick up the parking pass. I plan on seeking a lawyer's help to try to get out of the commitment I have now. I do not want to be bullied and harassed and lied to in order for these jerks to get more money from me. The rich get richer but not off of me. I have already started my social media campaign against them.

Lies, Lies and More Lies
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased this in January 2015 after a two-hour presentation. We have never been able to use and are stuck for life for the fees once the loan is paid off. You will never receive a statement from them, only an automatic deduct from your account on record. You can only transfer to family members, like you would want to stick anyone let alone a family member with this. I feel like such a fool to have believed their lies. Never received their so called FREE trip to Hawaii but did have to pay for the taxes prior to selecting destination.

Called and emailed several times to try and cancel but cannot. Went to presentations to speak with representatives for help to be released but they only wanted to sell more points. You will be told all the so-called benefits but never the pitfalls. I guess if you have money to travel it would be something for you but then again you could do much better by shopping around on your own for deals. I would be willing to join any class action suit if available. Please do not fall for their sales pitch, wish we didn't.

They Stole My Money
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FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- I was approached at the Puyallup Fair by a Worldmark representative who promised a free trip (including airfare) to Vegas if I attended one of their presentations. I told him that I had attended something similar for Trendwest previously and was never able to use the Vegas voucher due to an overwhelming number of blackout dates. The rep stated that Worldmark had purchased Trendwest and that the new vouchers were considerably more flexible, so I agreed to attend one of their presentations. He then told me that I had to pay him $10 (in cash) but that $20 would be returned to me when I attended the presentation. (Alarm bells went off at this point, but I didn't listen...)

I showed up for the presentation and sat through the entire thing before a representative there called me up to the front desk and stated that I was not eligible for a free trip voucher because of the Trendwest presentation that I had attended previously. I stated that I had told the rep that I had attended a presentation previously (while the company was still Trendwest) and no mention was ever made about my eligibility to attend again. They said they were sorry, but I could not attend again until February - those were the rules.

So, since they were so adamant about the fact that I was ineligible, I tried to be reasonable. I asked only for my $10 back and not the $20 that I was promised. They refused to give me my money back, and gave me an 800 number to call that nobody ever answered... So, basically they stole $10 from a struggling single mom.

Resolution Update 09/19/2007:

Money was refunded

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