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Purchased 3 Vehicles for Export
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Rating: 5/51
WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH -- I purchased 3 cars from these guys after reading bad reviews but took the risk since I had customers for these vehicles in my country and I just received them and was overly impressed with the vehicles as they were as shown on pictures and talk to people at the port and have seen this companies vehicles arrive daily to my country a different country and said those guys sell nice cars and I've seen their website and have good prices. I'm very happy with the purchases and will buy from them again.
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Worldwide Auto Scam
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WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH -- I recently contacted Gary G. at Worldwide auto regarding the purchase of a vehicle. Gary assured me that the only damage on the vehicle was the bed. Gary also stated that there were no title discrepancies. I had a private inspection performed on the truck and found that the truck has major damage all over the vehicle. I also found out that the trucks title was being sold as not actual miles. The notarized title was emailed to me and it shows that it is marked actual miles. The title also has a signature that is scratched off on the back with no signature replacing it. The mileage box is not checked on the title. The mileage that was stated on their ad does not match the mileage on the title and the odometer does not work on the truck. I advised several individuals at the company that I wanted my $1000.00 deposit back which I made with my Visa check card. I am unable to get any customer service and the individuals I have talked to refuse to let me talk to management. This is a junk vehicle and is being sold as a clean vehicle. I have the report with photos and descriptions of the problems associated with the truck.

The engine and drive train have also been replaced, which was never stated by the company. This company is falsely advertising vehicles and refusing to cooperate with its customers. I also found out the title was previously salvage! But like I said before, they wash the titles and commit title fraud. I have proof!
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User Replies:
Alain on 09/11/2010:
Contact the Utah Attorney General for some further advice on how to proceed with this matter. For your convenience: via e-mail,; or 801-366-0260, 801-538-9600, 801-366-0300, & 800-244-4636.
Wades on 12/16/2010:
Hmm, I bought an Infiniti M35, lot drives, salvage title. Went very well. Only thing they didn't tell me was the seatbelts were busted but maybe in the salvage world when the airbags deploy that is a given.

You are a FOOL for putting down a deposit when it CLEARLY states on their website NO REFUND.

Here is a better idea, INSPECT THE CAR BEFORE YOU DEPOSIT the money! Novel concept.

WOulda saved you the hassle. I put down my deposit and new that I was buying salvaged car. Go buy from the stealer if you aren't willing to do your due diligence or take a little risk.
Nohandle on 12/16/2010:
This is an older review Wades but please don't call another member a FOOL for sharing what he discovered the hard way. Lesson learned for him and perhaps others.
trmn8r on 12/16/2010:
I'm confused. "Worldwide Auto is the largest dealer in the West of salvaged vehicles for sale"

Wordwide advertises that they sell salvaged vehicles. I would be shocked if a single one is "clean," using my description. Thus I would inspect any vehicle carefully, and not be surprised to find what you did. I certainly wouldn't commit to buy one sight unseen.

Whoops - didn't see the date.
dep863 on 12/17/2010:
It sounds like Wade works for World Wide Auto. I guess it can be expected for this poor excuse for a car dealer to make their critics look like they are in the wrong. When actually World Wide Auto is screwing people out of money by selling them junk vehicles that are beyond repair. Worldwide Auto should be investigated and charged with theft by deception. By the way, I did get my deposit back thanks to Visa.
Brent in AZ on 06/20/2011:
I was scammed by these crooks in Jan. 2011. Here is the letter I wrote them with no response other than contact your bank.


I am writing you in regards to the above motioned vehicle. I was supposed to receive a full refund for the $500 deposit that was taken out of my checking without my approval. I spoke with your sales person ( Herman) on Friday January 21, 2011 about information on the vehicle. I told him that I was interested in the car but in no ways had I committed to buying it. I told him I wanted to see additional pictures of the car along with all title ( paper work on the car including serial number) He said that he could send it only if he had my credit card on file. I gave him the credit card to hold and if I decided to buy the vehicle I would do a bank wire. After looking at paperwork and doing some back ground on your company I decided not to buy the vehicle. There were many complaints with the attorney general office on your company. I called on Monday January 25, 2011 to tell your company that I had no interest in buying the vehicle. Then on Tuesday January 26, 2011 I noticed that you had pulled $500 out of my account without my permission. I have left multiple calls for Maura with no return call. Then today I finally got a hold of you and you tell me that I need to deal with my bank on this matter. You told me that you sold the vehicle for full price. So you lost no monies stole my $ 500 from my account without my permission. Your company lost nothing on this car but gained an extra $500. Please send me a refund of $500. I am a single father of 2 little girls and cannot afford to lose this kind of monies. I hope and pray that your company will do the right thing. It appears that your company has taken advantage of many people according to the internet. I will not hesitate to file complaint with the attorney General’s office for fraud. I am unemployed now and have a lot of time on my hand to take care of this. I will not go away until you do the right thing.

Thank you Brent 480-225-4040
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