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New Improved Flavor
Posted by Buddyie200 on 08/27/2008
I do not like the new flavor of the Wrigleys Doublemint gum. I love the old flavor best but I cant find it anymore.

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Posted by vermont patriot on 2008-08-28:
i agree with you, i also am upset that companies change flavors or looks based on current trends in the market,but the trends are not always what is popular with the current buyer of the product.i have stopped buying wrigly's gum as well as a number of other products that have done the same thing.maybe if enough of us do the same thing the compaines will get the hint, to leave well enough alone.
Posted by allnaturale on 2008-10-20:
I agree 100%. I am a fan of the regular Doublemint. There is nothing improved about this new flavor. It mimics the rest of the gums that over do the flavor and make it less enjoyable to actually chew the gum. I am not impressed and wish they would go back to the old formula. I have been literally buying up every old pack I can when I find it. I found two more packs this morning at a mom and pop deli. Wish me luck in my quest for a neverending supply of regular Doublemint.
Posted by CCollins on 2008-11-08:
Yes!! It feels like it has those flavor crystals in it. I mean, it's a classic for a reason--why mess with it?? And it was the BEST after-lunch "poppin'" gum! Everywhere I go it's gone :-(
Posted by Jazzey on 2008-12-17:
Add me to the list. I can't stand it either. It taste like wax and doesn't even come close to the old flavor and satisfaction from the original version. It’s terrible and Wrigley’s need to get the good stuff back on the market.
Posted by mshillin on 2009-01-07:
Improved taste is awful, terrible. I read somewhere that it is the best selling gum in the world - why mess with it.

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Posted by benb on 2009-01-24:
I agree what they have done with Doublemint was to make it cheaper which did away with the old flavor all together. The gum does not last near as long as the old, the texture is that of gum when you have left it in a hot car. Wrigley's has gave in as other US Corps cheap product for the same old price at the exspense of the consumer.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-01-24:
I really wish they would come out with a cod flavored gum.
Fish sticks anyone?
Posted by delworthio on 2009-04-13:
It tastes like sugar free gum with that slimey aftertaste I don't like. At least I didn't pay for it--I had a coupon for a free slim pack from the paper.
Posted by Nikkicute on 2009-06-02:
Wow, I thought I was the only one who did not like this "new and improved" gum. The color!! If wanted bright green gum I would have went for a pack of Extra. Remember how you could fold the gum into your mouth like in the old tv commercials? Not anymore!! This gum is DRY!!!! I held up a stick and flicked it with my middle finger and it just crumpled. The same goes for JuicyFruit,it's now a very bright yelow, the taste is awful. I too am looking for the original packs. There has to be a 99cent or dollar store that has it. I'm going to keep looking.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-06-02:
I used to love Juicey Fruit too...but that was changed and the flavor just isn't the same...and it's a Crayola Yellow, yuck!
Posted by Will.i.am. on 2009-06-22:
Spearmint - Doublemint - Juicy Fruit... THE'VE RUINED THEM ALL!!! I called Wrigley's, the marketing geniuses feel that every one wants flavor crystals and longer lasting gum. I say PHOOEY! Everyone out there call to complain, after all, Coke went back to classic, didn't they? And, whatever you do, buy from a WRIGLEY'S COMPETITOR!!! This is the best way to voice your unhappiness.
Posted by ScubaEric on 2009-07-28:
I agree, the new gum it too grainy, its flavor is too sharp, almost antiseptic, and it loses its flavor too fast.
Posted by mikeinmiami on 2010-11-22:
Posted by metoo on 2012-06-22:
i agree, scubaeric....you said it exactly!! i called wrigleys to complain, they said more people liked the new stuff better. boo i say :(
Posted by frank on 2013-04-28:
the new gum taste like coughmedicine bringback the classic recipes
Posted by whitcomb on 2013-09-19:
I'm not sure when it happened, but the new taste of doublemint is terrible. The flavor is gone inside of 5 minutes and then it becomes a hard consistency. I have chewed doublemint for YEARS and it was because it was the best tasting gum out there and the flavor lasted forever ! Now I have to throw it out after just minutes.. Very disappointing...
Posted by rickster on 2014-02-27:
I chewed the original Doublemint for decades. A few years back when they changed the formula, it was completely runined. Had to switch over to Chiclets to get authentic flavor. That "sugar free" aftertaste the new Doublemint has is horrific -- you couldn't pay me to chew that crap now.
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