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We Just Wanted to Ride a Boat on the River. Their Offer to Pay for Our Tickets Turned Into
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- We were trying to get tickets for the boat ride on the river in San Antonio when a Wyndham salesperson said he could pay for our tickets plus a free lunch the next day. All we had to do was take a tour of their hotel and give feedback.

After about 30 minutes of wasted time he took my credit card and charged $15.00, which I thought was for the boat tickets. Not so, and he could not explain what the $15.00 was for. That is when I said "give me the $15.00 back." His "supervisor" stepped in and produced a void charge ticket for the $15.00. The charge has hit my card and I'm still waiting for the credit.

I Won Free Prizes From Wyndham Resorts Vacations
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I filled out one of those cards in the Mall that you drop in the box saying that you could win free prizes if your name is pulled. Of course, my name was pulled! Why? Because I wrote on the card that I make over $50,000 per year or more. They choose anyone that has a high salary. The person who called to tell me I was the winner of course had a ethnic accent, Hispanic, Ukrainian, Hindu, Asian or something, it was really difficult to tell on the phone.

I mean no disrespect to any of the honest people of those races and religions! It's just that corporate ** crooks in this country use your people to do these types of jobs because they know you want to climb that ladder of success in America.

Then I called them and spoke with a young ** kid, another of the upwardly mobile pigeons businessmen use in this country to deceive and trick people out of their cash! Long story short, I made the appointment to come to their seminar, though they never call it that! They just say "come get your prizes and we will have you out of here in an hour." I want them to think I am coming just to mess them around.

Hey, they are lying to people so I am returning the favor! Lol! They also ask you upfront to bring a credit card, and it can't be a debit card, it must be a credit card! They say they aren't going to need it, but you can't get the prizes without it! The prizes are supposed to be $4,000 of free air travel tickets and a $100 gift certificate to dine at some restaurants. I looked up the restaurant vouchers and you get redirected to so many sites trying to find which one will honor it, I never did find out where they would be good for!

The airline tickets have so many "subject to..." and "for participating only..." crap. You get the feeling that you will never be able to use them! It literally read like "fly anywhere in the world as long as it's from St. Louis to East St. Louis!" Lol! Some crazy stuff! And the worst part is, we live in a country that allows this scam! Wyndham Vacation Resorts isn't an obscure name. They are well known, so it isn't like it is a Nigerian scam that the government can't track down the crooks!

Don't go to their seminar folks! I'm not! But every time they call, I am going to reschedule and tell them I had personal emergencies come up, but that I really want to do it! I am going to make them think I am really a sucker. I am going to get them to a point of exhaustion and I am going to ask the girl who's trying to con me for sex! In fact, I am going to beg her! Moral of the story is, you ** yourself out for a dishonest company, then expect to be a real ** and go all the way!

Devious and Untrustworthy
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Rating: 1/51

I learned a few things this past trip to Las Vegas on how Wyndham tries to sell you a timeshare. I will admit, at first I had an open mind for it. The more I listened to the presentation, the more it made sense. But let me walk you through how my experience went. First, when I checked into the Flamingo, I was greeted by a gentleman that offered to take me and my girlfriend to our room. In the way, he offered us some free Cirque du Soleil tickets or some other prizes.

Our curiosity got the best of us. While he presented us to a girl on the counter, where she explained that all we had to do was sit in a presentation for 2 hours, he asked for our IDs. I offered my military ID (a pretty legit federal ID might I add), which he wouldn't accept. So we gave him our driver's license. Unbeknownst to us, he was actually probably running a “soft” credit check on both of us. Which would explain why they offered her to fill out the paperwork and put me down as a guest.

So we go the next day to this presentation/meeting, and they pair us up with a person that has some “similarities” as us, from California. Funny part is that they pair everyone with someone to have some sort of connection. Hispanics with Hispanics, blacks with blacks. The presentation ends and it is time for them to SELL. So our salesman, Michael ** from San Diego, starts with what do you think, and yadda yadda. Funny thing is that he presents us first with a fictitious number in their system to figure out how long it would take to pay and how much we would “save” if we didn't take the offer.

Also, he would ask these funny questions like, “Is saving money something you would be interested in?" Even after showing us this luxurious suite with a view, he would ask, “Is staying in a place like this something you'd be interested in?” Just their tactic to keep you saying yes so you can get used to it. (I'll give it to them, they are very creative, even using monopoly money to show how it works - for the visual people). When asked if he had one, he gave us a story about how he travels for this company in which he plays in. I think if I would have rolled my eyes a little harder, they would have fallen off my face.

Anyway, we're both still a little skeptical, and besides, we went to Vegas to celebrate my girl's birthday, not to get in debt $26,250 with an extremely high-interest rate of 17.99%. I kept asking questions, to get these numbers out of him, and his response to me was, “With all due respect, the offer is for her. You are not even qualified for this.” I mean, this one cracked me up because all I was asking was questions that normal people would ask. Besides, I was SUPER glad that this was not something I qualified for. Well, at this point we were 2.5 hours into the whole deal and were completely irritated.

Don't just take my word for it, look at all the other reviews! Search ‘Wyndham timeshare reviews'. We didn't even ask if we could write a check for the whole amount, but I'm sure they wouldn't want to. Even though this clown said they are not a bank, I am sure that they would really enjoy the profits from that interest like a bank. On top of that, the guy giving the presentation mentioned that would not try to force you to buy, because they are already rich. They actually are. They own hotel and motel chains like Super 8, Motel 6, Howard Johnson, etc., but they sure want you to sign that contract.

Let me not forget, right when we were finishing, he asks her to fill out this form with her information and sign it. Of course she decided not to, but his response to her asking why she needed to was, “so we can track you”. I wish I was joking! First and last time we will take anything of some value for free. Think of it as a car dealership. The salesman is not your friend. He is trying to take as much money from you as he can. Watch out for these devious people. Just be careful, all that glitters is not gold.

Issues With Timeshare
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Rating: 3/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In 2009 we purchased a Wyndham time share. Fortunately, we only bought 105,000 which kicks in every two years. Your out of pocket cost was about $10,000 and our yearly maintenance is only $250 per year... rather cheap versus quotations we have gotten when we attend their updates. This comes out to less than $1.00 per thousand shares. The most recent, two weeks ago, an effort was made to get us to upgrade our status to silver or gold. The additional shares would have cost $2.30 per thousand points. Of course we could have done even better had we gone to eBay and bought a package.

Personally, I think that one has to look at the opportunity cost that you are forgoing when you buy any timeshare and the lack of flexibility that you lose by being locked into such a package. In our case, the cost was pocket change and we have used it to our advantage, but not without extra fees, etc. We recently stayed at Wyndham's WorldMark hotel in San Francisco... right in the center of town. We basically had a hotel room but had to pay an extra charge of $100 to use WorldMark, part of the Wyndham group... something the sales people don't talk about.

Now, let's look at the opportunity cost of our package from a strict accounting standpoint. We were 62 when we bought this small package and will assume that we will use it until we are 78 years old... for a total of 16 years, every two years. We paid $10,000. Assuming that $10,000 was invested in a total stock market index fund, one should average a 6% RETURN over 16 years or $600 per year less perhaps 25% tax leaving about $450 per year return. Then we have our maintenance fee of about $250 per year (ours is very low... compared to the fees today that I see).

On top of that one has to assume that the timeshare is worth nothing at age 78... One has to either give them away from what we read. So over 16 years, we are using up $625 per year of that $10,000. Now, within that 16 year period, we will have eight opportunities to use our 105,000 since they only become available every two years.

When adding up our alternative investment return of $450 per year after tax, our maintenance fee of $250 per year and the $625 every year from our initial cost ($10,000 divided by 16 years) and converting that to our cost every two years and assuming that we are able to buy seven days from those 105,000 points every two years, our cost of lodging comes to $378 per night for those seven days! During the time that we have used our Wyndham package, I can honestly say that we would not have had to pay $378 for the comparable lodging that we had on four occasions but maybe close to that on one or two occasions.

Had we been buying the package presented to us in an update/sales presentation last week at $2.30 per 1000 points with higher maintenance fees, this per night cost would have probably doubled. That is what, in my personal opinion, each prospective buyer has to focus on... the potential cost per night based on not buying a time share. Numbers don't lie!!! Work the numbers and keep in mind that you are giving up the flexibility of going anyplace at any time and the constant phone calls, etc.

Then, of course are the extra fees such as we encountered last week using WorldMark that they don't talk about when you buy. They like to tell you that you have flexibility to go all over the world... but that is at an additional cost in many cases and requires long term planning and luck, especially if you don't have one of their priority packages in the silver, gold, and platinum category.

Last week we were asked how much we spend on vacations per year. I threw out $15,000. The salesman tried to imply that by upgrading to a silver or gold level we could save much of that... NOT TRUE at all. We would still have airline flights, travel insurance, car rental of far away from home, meals, etc... it just goes on and on. Lodging is just a small part of that $15,000 per year. He also told us 74% of Wyndham timeshare owners, like ourselves, have to stand in the back of the line when reserving since they are not in the silver, gold, and platinum category. Poor us!

I feel truly sorry for any younger couple who have to put themselves into debt to buy a time share. Our timeshare works for us every two years by paying for lodging but again, we could have bought comparable lodging out of pocket in most cases for less than the $378 per night plus it is costing us. None of the places that we have been able to book into could be considered five star resorts but some have been very nice. Please keep in mind again, that this is just my personal opinion based simply on our experience as an owner over the last six years.

File Complaints With the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.
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Rating: 1/51

WI DELLS, WISCONSIN -- I have timeshares and this one does not come close to delivering what is promised and is a scam made legitimate by the mountains of paperwork you are required to sign. Nothing is as promised. 3 months of maintenance fees alone will cover what you get for 105,000 points, leaving the remaining 9 months going into their pockets. And that is if you get it for free. And because it falls under real estate laws, you burden your children and/or your estate with these fees which do not end with your death. Good luck finding a buyer - no one wants this money sucking disease. Speak up people - there is a government agency for this. File a complaint.

Scam Alert - Wyndham Vacation Ownership
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Rating: 1/51

WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA -- If you decide to stay here, do not go to the sales pitch. We were told by Nick at the front desk that we would receive 12 free passes to Busch gardens or a week's vacation plus a $75 gift card per person if we attend a 60 min. Sales pitch. None of this was true. After the sales pitch, we discovered that you had a choice to receive a week's vacation (which was far from free, given the many extra fees), a $25 gift card or a bulk rate for tickets to the Busch gardens Christmas exhibit (Santa Land), no the full park. The rate was about $12 each so it wasn't even that great of a deal.

My father in law, who is a Vietnam veteran sat in that room listening to the sales pitch for an hour and didn't really get anything out of it. In fact, the whole experience lasted for about 2 hours: valuable vacation time lost. It really cheapened the whole experience. The hotel is decent, but it is not cheap and it made no sense for them to coerce us into a sales pitch. Other than that... the water takes 5-10 minutes to heat up. Also, my mother and father in law's rooms weren't ready when it was time to check in. They had to follow up with them repeatedly and finally was able to check in later on that evening. It has been a rough experience so far but we are making the best of it!

Dirty carpet, broken shower door, beach chair use
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Rating: 2/51

OKSLOOSA ISLAND, FLORIDA -- 1st full day went to beach approx 8 am and got 2 chairs and umbrella that are complimentary with room. Was immediately told by the chair company that these particular chairs were reserved, and to get a reserved set would cost $100. The resort says chairs are on 1st come 1st serve basis with no reservations. I was told to look in an adjacent area, but those were all claimed. So I asked for a set farther back and was told they were not setting up yet. I made him aware that there were already approx 100 set done and all I need was one set for my grandson and I.

This is where the smart ass remark from the lead man came in telling me to help them set up if I was in a hurry. So much for customer service unless someone is willing to pay $100. Then we were notified that the 2nd bath shower door was scheduled to repair a hinge. Three people arrived a day late and worked on it. That evening the door fell completely off and somehow my grandson escaped serious injury. I called the after-hours line and was told it would be repaired the next day. The next day a maintenance tech came and took the door and we had not seen it since.

So we pay for two baths for 4 people and can fully utilize only one. The main bedroom carpet was so filthy that we all wore socks to keep our feet clean, and this left our socks black. The only good thing about this vacation at this resort was the water park for kids.

They Pressure You to Take a Vacation in Las Vegas That You Don't Want
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My elderly parents own this and wanted to let me use it for a specific vacation. When they tried to get that location, they were pressured to take a special deal in Las Vegas. I was trying to accomplish a specific location to visit a family member, which they knew, but the sales people assured that if they took it for me, I could cancel by email. But my parents didn't give my correct email - they never got to the email part, so it obviously wasn't going to reach me to be canceled the only way it could be canceled - by email. So my dad called to find out why I didn't get my email, and got a phone number for me to call.

They wouldn't let him cancel. So as soon as it was business hours I called, only to be told it was too late. Well my dad assures me we still have 4 days to cancel. When I protested and told them that they shouldn't have pressured my dad to take a vacation we didn't want, the lady hung up on me! So now my dad has to take over and try to get them to cancel this. I am livid at this underhanded way of doing business.

Checked Credit Without Permission
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- July 15 we arrived at Ocean Walk and Wyndham. I had made reservations the week before on the phone and was told we would have ocean/front condo. I was told a lady name ** would check us in and meet us when we arrived with our room keys, bands, and parking permit. She did. When we got to our room, we found our balcony overlooking the Hilton's swimming pool. I called ** and she referred me to ** the lady I made reservations with. First she told me to upgrade to another room would be an extra $300. When I told her I would pay it, she said it would be an extra $800. I wanted to cancel the room but she told me I was already charged through my credit card.

We went to welcome center to receive our bands. (** didn't have those!) The lady there said she would give me $100 AmEX card and a free vacation to attend the presentation. I told her I would think about it. She offered the same deal to my sister who was staying with us in the Condo. When I realized I had no internet in the condo, I called the service desk and they informed me that I wasn't even checked in the room. ** was.

** had checked in under her name. That was why they didn't want me to check out on Thursday of that week. ** would handle it. They said I must be using **'s points. Anyway I agreed to attend the presentation to let others know how I was being treated. The girl who set the appointment left notice at our door saying I would receive $50 AmEX and a vacation and my sister would receive $50 AmEx and a vacation. My sister said she wouldn't sit through it for $50 since she was promised $100.

That morning of presentation, July 16th, the lady called to remind us of the presentation. I asked about the AmEX amount. She said she could only give $100 per condo. My sister decided to hit the beach and my husband and I went.

They wanted to see a credit card with our driver's license. I told them they could look but no one was getting the numbers. We were promised breakfast and ended up with only water and coffee. We were starving before the presentation was over. Our sales rep's manager came to our table and wanted us to fill out some paperwork to speed things up after the tour. I told her I didn't want our credit checked until we decided If this was for us. I knew it wasn't. She promised that nothing would be done until we signed up.

A week later we received notice that we were approved for the timeshare. They had checked our credit without our permission. I have tried to contact the people at Ocean Walk about this. I have been getting a runaround. I will continue to do my part to education people about these scams with Wyndham. It is so sad to read these other complaints. Please help me stop these people from preying on others.

Unhappy With Our 25th Anniversary Stay at Your Hotel
By -

We drove over 1000 miles to stay in your hotel. 25 years ago we came to Kissimmee to celebrate our honeymoon and we were very happy with our stay. We're from Indiana and don't get to leave our state very often for pleasure trips. We got to your hotel and checked in but it took quite a while to get our room and location of room.

The room was clean except for shower, which had mold/mildew on tiles and exhaust vent. Also looked around room for information on places to eat but couldn't cause no information was in our room not even a telephone book so we went to the hotel restaurant which bragged about being the best barbecue in state. We got right in but the staff was pushing the buffet very hard.

We went up and looked at what was available and found that it looked as if they had catered somewhere and had put leftovers from that out cause it looked extremely old and dry. We ordered simple barbecue sandwiches and fries with a cola. The only other people in the place was a table of 7 and they came in after us and also didn't do buffet but they got their food and several drinks before we got our pop and water and finally our food. The food was the worse attempt at a barbecue sandwich I've ever tried and the fries were very old and cold by the time we got them.

Needless to say we couldn't eat our food and we don't complain hardly ever but I had to. Waitress never came back to ask if we needed anything else or more to drink just dropped off bill when we finally got our food. So I told the man at the cash register who tried to apologize when I told him what had happened, that we were staying here for several days and wouldn't be back and that I couldn't believe the treatment that we got from the staff. So then we had to ask two different days for towels.

We also were given a parking pass at check-in but not told what we were to do with it so when we left the hotel to go get something to eat that was eatable, when coming back to our room the guard at the shack wasn't going to let us in cause we didn't have it on our dashboard. We had left all our paperwork in the room cause we were hungry and didn't know we were supposed to have that pass on dashboard. I know all of this sounds pretty petty in the grand scheme of things but how many times do you get to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

I waited to write this till I cooled off and thought about it for a while but I still believe we were wronged so that's why I'm writing now. We stayed at your hotel Ramada Plaza Hotel & Inn Gateway 7470 Highway 192 West Kissimmee room #** on 3/5/11 till 3/11/11.

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