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Checked Credit Without Permission
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DAYTONA, FLORIDA -- July 15 we arrived at Ocean Walk and Wyndham. I had made reservations the week before on the phone and was told we would have ocean/front condo. I was told a lady name Chris would check us in and meet us when we arrived with our room keys, bands, and parking permit. She did.

When we got to our room, we found our balcony overlooking the Hilton’s swimming pool. I called Chris and she referred me to Vickie the lady I made reservations with. First she told me to up grade to another room would be an extra $300. When I told her I would pay it, she said it would be an extra $800. I wanted to cancel the room but she told me I was already charged through my credit card.

We went to welcome center to receive our bands. (Chris didn’t have those!) The lady there said she would give me $100 AmEX card and a free vacation to attend the presentation. I told her I would think about it. She offered the same deal to my sister who was staying with us in the Condo. When I realized I had no internet in the condo, I called the service desk and they informed me that I wasn’t even checked in the room. Chris was.

Chris had checked in under her name. That was why they didn’t want me to check out on Thursday of that week. Chris would handle it. They said I must be using Chris’s points. Anyway I agreed to attend the presentation to let others know how I was being treated. The girl who set the appointment left notice at our door saying I would receive $50 AmEX and a vacation and my sister would receive $50 Am/Ex and a vacation. My sister said she wouldn’t sit through it for $50 since she was promised $100.

That morning of presentation, July 16th, the lady called to remind us of the presentation. I asked about the Am/EX amount. She said she could only give $100 per condo. My sister decided to hit the beach and my husband and I went.

They wanted to see a credit card with our driver’s license. I told them they could look but no one was getting the numbers. We were promised breakfast and ended up with only water and coffee. We were starving before the presentation was over. Our sales rep’s manager came to our table and wanted us to fill out some paper work to speed things up after the tour. I told her I didn’t want our credit checked until we decided If this was for us. I knew it wasn’t. She promised that nothing would be done until we signed up.

A week later we received notice that we were approved for the timeshare. They had checked our credit without our permission. I have tried to contact the people at Ocean Walk about this. I have been getting a run around.

I will continue to do my part to education people about these scams with Wyndham. It is so sad to read these other complaints. Please help me stop these people from preying on others.
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FoDaddy19 on 07/31/2012:
I'm curious to find out whether it was actually Wyndham running this time share offer or if it was a third party who was just putting up potential suckerr...er..prospects at the place as a place to stay. The fact that you weren't even checked in under your own name seems very sketchy to me.
FoDaddy19 on 07/31/2012:
I just looked at their website. It looks like something from circa 1997. Apparently this outfit only actually owns 3 condos in the entire building. I think you were dealing with a third party who bought up a few condos from Wyndham and then tried to sell you one of theirs or were going to use you as an investor to buy more condos from Wyndham. I could be wrong though.
trmn8r on 08/01/2012:
Wyndham is a good brand, but this does appear to be a timeshare property owned by them.

These kinds of promotions sometimes come with perks that mysteriously change without notice. After going through it once, I doubt I will again. Kudos to your sister for hitting the beach.
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Unhappy with our 25th Anniversary stay at your hotel
Posted by on
We drove over 1000 miles to stay in your hotel. 25 years ago we came to Kissimmee to celebrate our honeymoon and we were very happy with our stay. We're from Indiana and don't get to leave our state very often for pleasure trips. We got to your hotel and checked in but it took quite awhile to get our room and location of room. The room was clean except for shower, which had mold/mildew on tiles and exhaust vent. Also looked around room for information on places to eat but couldn't cause no information was in our room not even a telephone book so we went to the hotel restaurant which bragged about being the best barbecue in state. We got right in but the staff was pushing the buffet very hard.

We went up and looked at what was available and found that it looked as if they had catered somewhere and had put leftovers from that out cause it looked extremely old and dry. We ordered simple barbecue sandwiches and fries with a cola. The only other people in the place was a table of 7 and they came in after us and also didn't do buffet but they got their food and several drinks before we got our pop and water and finally our food. The food was the worse attempt at a barbecue sandwich I've ever tried and the fries were very old and cold by the time we got them. Needless to say we couldn't eat our food and we don't complain hardly ever but I had to. Waitress never came back to ask if we needed anything else or more to drink just dropped off bill when we finally got our food.

So I told the man at the cash register who tried to apologize when I told him what had happened, that we were staying here for several days and wouldn't be back and that I couldn't believe the treatment that we got from the staff. So then we had to ask two different days for towels. We also were given a parking pass at check-in but not told what we were to do with it so when we left the hotel to go get something to eat that was eatable, when coming back to our room the guard at the shack wasn't going to let us in cause we didn't have it on our dashboard. We had left all our paperwork in the room cause we were hungry and didn't know we were supposed to have that pass on dashboard. I know all of this sounds pretty petty in the grand scheme of things but how many times do you get to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. I waited to write this till I cooled off and thought about it for a while but I still believe we were wronged so that's why I'm writing now. We stayed at your hotel Ramada Plaza Hotel & Inn Gateway 7470 Highway 192 West Kissimmee room #357 on 3/5/11 till 3/11/11.

To Whom it May Concern,
Charles E. Amadeo III
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/18/2011:
A lot has changed in 25 years, and not for the better from your review. Give your feedback to the hotel management and the corporate office, stressing the fact that it was your 25th anniversary. And don't worry, your wife will forgive you.
Ponie on 07/18/2011:
Charles, Hoosiers are just too nice. (I can say that because I was one for 10-1/2 years.) Had that happened to me on my 25th anniversary, I'd probably still be in jail for assault. I'm also surprised to hear it because the Wyndhams I've been in were pretty decent. Follow ript's advice and contact corporate. A copy of your letter on this forum should do just well. It's concise and not filled with rants or raves. Wishing you a belated happy anniversary and hope you have 25+ years more!
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The Room And Bathroom Was So Dirty And Disgusting I Just Couldn't Believe. The Room Was From Back In The 70's.
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- REFERENCE # 76168689 11-18-11 through 11-19-11.
Total $156.02
Doreen Delgais
Plantation Fl 33324

I have to tell you I have never been so disappointed in my life. The only reason I stayed in that room was because I was to exhausted to move to anothe room. Let me tell you what I saw, the steps leading up to the room not enough light to see where you were going. The front of the steps need to be lite up. Also the Bannister was coming off the wall imagine falling down all those steps. The drapes were so dirty the corness didn't even match the drapes anymore. The floor was disgusting and dirty. The handle to the toilet was broken, the bathtub was dirty cracks paint pealing off the walls. The tissue container old old old the tolet paper holder cracked with dirt ingrained in it. the headboards were from the 50's with heavy dust in the cracks. The furniture was so old the room smelled of mildew. The ceilings were dirty and old the whole room should be knocked down and rebuilt. How can they sell these rooms I have never in my life stay in anything so disgusting. I didn't even shower in the morning I was affraid I would catch a disease. This was very stressful experience and I will never stay or recommend this Hotel to anyone. How can you give the public such disgusting service. I also ate dinner in the restaurant because we were to tired to go out of the area. Let me tell you the furniture is so old and disgusting, the tables are so old the top of the tables were pelling off. I want to be reinbursed first of all I want my money back for the room and the restaurant and I want to be compenstated for staying in such a disgusting fifthy room.
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User Replies:
drugdoc121 on 11/21/2011:
Everything you say may be true, but surely you can't expect to use the room and eat in the restaurant for free?? What did they say when you brought this to the attention of management during your stay?
Anonymous on 11/21/2011:
Not liking the decor is not reason enough for reimbursement.
Slimjim on 11/21/2011:
For clarity, the remedy you would like is the cost of the room and dinner completely refunded, as well as, extra money for your dissatisfaction?
I'm having some trouble with comping the meals because the tables were old.
Churro on 11/21/2011:
I avoid all the Wyndham brands because they do a horrible job at enforcing any kind of service or quality standards on their brands. It's a spin of the roulette wheel booking any Wyndham branded property.

If you can find a corporate contact then send them a nice short and sweet 'just the facts' demand for a refund. You'll probably at least get your room refunded or a free night at a Wyndham property. It never hurts to demand. Good luck.
Old Timer on 11/21/2011:
We had the same types of problems with the Wyndham in Palm Springs (convention center) while at a trade show. Because they were sold out they could not get us into another room. When we checked out there was a voucher from the manager for a free weekend or an upgrade to a full suite on our next stay. Unexpected but appreciated. Probably they did not want any complaints getting back to the convention organizers

They went through a big remodel the following Summer, so we used the upgrade the next season. The suite upgrade was perfect. We made sure to use it when there was no convention in town so we had the whole place just about to ourselves.

Wyndham did right by us, but it was too bad they were not up to expectations in the first place.
Skye on 11/21/2011:
Not every life inconvenience requires monetary compensation.

This location sounds like they do need to some updating, but that's not a reason for comping everything for you. I understand you were way too tired to ask for another room, but you still had that choice.
trmn8r on 11/21/2011:
You say that you were too exhausted to move to another room. If the room was that bad, would it not have been worth the effort? If you were unwilling to move and/or let the management attempt to correct the situation, they shouldn't be on the hook to compensate you IMO.

Was there something else wrong with the restaurant beside the finish on the tops of the tables? The food? Service? Cleanliness?
At Your Service on 11/21/2011:
Well stated Skye.
ok4now on 11/22/2011:
As bad as this was it could have been worse....Bed Bugs! They don't just infest the cheap hotels. A prior guest could have brought them in. This happened last year at the Tropicana Casino in A.C. They had to shut the entire floor down and have it exterminated. The P.R. damage was huge, it was all over the news.

High traffic hotels in resort locations get heavy usage. After this experience I would try another hotel chain.
CowboyFan on 11/22/2011:
The Wyndham Hotel and Resort is right down on International drive in the center of the tourist area with all of its cheap shops and tourist attractions. These are high usage, middle income hotels for tourist who come from all over the world. That hotel has been here at least since 1979 when I first began living in Orlando.

After a while I learned that in Florida, those hotels which are in the center of the tourist area are not going to be super rooms or motels. For instance, at the beach motels near the center of Daytona Beach, there is always going to be sand in the carpet and rust on everything metal. If you want a better room in Orlando, you need to go to those larger ones near or at Disney such as the Swan or Dolphin, or the other bigger stand alone hotels.
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They Pressure You to Take a Vacation in Las Vegas That You Don't Want
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My elderly parents own this and wanted to let me use it for a specific vacation. When they tried to get that location, they were pressured to take a special deal in Las Vegas. I was trying to accomplish a specific location to visit a family member, which they knew, but the sales people assured that if they took it for me, I could cancel by email. But my parents didn't give my correct email - they never got to the @ part, so it obviously wasn't going to reach me to be canceled the only way it could be canceled - by email. So my dad called to find out why I didn't get my email, and got a phone number for me to call. They wouldn't let him cancel. So as soon as it was business hours I called, only to be told it was too late. Well my dad assures me we still have 4 days to cancel. When I protested and told them that they shouldn't have pressured my dad to take a vacation we didn't want, the lady hung up on me! So now my dad has to take over and try to get them to cancel this. I am livid at this underhanded way of doing business.
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Wyndham Timeshares Rip-Off you will regret
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Wyndham Timeshares are a RIP OFF. Sales people and entire staff are dishonest and cannot be trusted. You can't book a trip where or when you want to. The promise to help you book trips is dishonest. They are no help at all. Cost of Timeshare, Monthly maintenance fees add up to more than just booking yourself a vacation and trip without buying a timeshare. You can take several nice vacations per year for many years much cheaper than what Wyndham will cost you. Plus you will be able to book where and when you want. Try selling Wyndham and you are out of luck. Its worthless. You will pay maintenance fees until you die. Then your children and grandchildren will pay until they die. Don't get ripped off by Wyndham and RCI. Stay as far away from this SCAM as you possibly can.
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clutzycook on 02/05/2014:
I'd believe it. They talked my husband into having us come and listen to their pitch in exchange for $100 of the price of our excursions in Hawaii. A two hour presentation turend into at least 3 1/2. We had to say no three different times to three different people. And then they turned nasty. Not worth the $100.
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Denied Request for Refund on Cancellation
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALBEQUERQUE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently connected with a long-lost friend through the internet. After a few months of emails and phone calls, we planned a New Mexico vacation for our reunion. The best option for travel to Albuquerque, was an arrival at 9:30 PM so I decided to book a hotel near the airport for our first night and, used the Southwest travel site to book the hotel. A few days later and more than 10 days before the scheduled arrival, my friend's son was injured in a multi-car accident. His son will be OK, but will need rest and care for several weeks. Our trip must be postponed.

The Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Hotels in Albequerque has decided that they are entitled to keep the entire payment for the room, a policy that is stated on their reservation system, but one that I overlooked. I can understand that they may be entitled to some amount for overhead (no live persons were involved in this brief booking), but I think that the policy is greedy and that their refusal to refund even a portion of the payment when the cancellation was made 10 days in advance is disappointing.
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User Replies:
jonthethird on 03/25/2013:
Book directly with the hotel: the small amount saved by going through a third party is nothing compared to the loss if something goes wrong.

Check with SouthWest: they may be able to do something for you
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Beware of Renting Vacation Properties From Wyndham Vacation Rentals!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Be very careful renting from Wyndham Vacation Rentals. We rented a 2 bedroom villa in "The Moorings" on Hilton Head Island in Palmetto Dunes. The unit was an absolute dump! Very foul odors throughout including the fridge, and the entire place did not look like it had been updated in 20 years.
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Maintenance Fees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Bought at Wyndham and am I trying to get out of it. Not asking for any money just to give back my points and stop paying maintenance fees. They said I cannot do that. They will put a judgment against me and when I die they would make my kids pay it forever. No one told us that. How can they do that legality? Can any one please help us, we are seniors and can no longer afford this.
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Anonymous on 11/29/2012:
I'm sure it's in the contract that you signed. They have no way of going after your kids so I wouldn't worry about that. They might be able to win a judgment against your estate though. But you need to look at the contract you signed.
Suzy on 11/29/2012:
Seek legal advice but I'm pretty sure they can't make your kids pay forever after you are no longer there. Also a lawyer may be able to give you options to get out of this yourself before that point. Have you tried selling?
leet60 on 11/29/2012:
In most states, and it will vary, any debts that you owe once you are deceased are paid through your estate via probate court. While the creditor may want to tell you that your children will be responsible for your debts, once the estate is settled they are not resposible for any remaining debts
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Wyndham Cozumel - What A Disaster!!!
Posted by on
WYNDHAM COZUMEL -- What a disappointment!!! We scheduled our first family Christmas vacation at the Wyndham Cozumel from 12/21/08 - 12/27/08. My husband, our sons and families - 9 people in all. 7 days & 6 nights all-inclusive. The disaster:

1. Not enough staff - We stood in line sometimes for 30 minutes just to get a soft drink at the bar. One bartender.

2. No TV remote in the room - Requested in for 5 days at the front desk and leaving notes in Spanish & leaving tips for housekeeping.

3. No coffee service in room for 3 days.

4. No children activities as advertised for whole trip.

5. Ran out of towels for beach for first 5 days at the hotel.

6. Not enough tables at Xmas Eve dinner and was asked to vacate our table so other people could eat.

7. Resort ran out of food at the evening meal several times.

8. The quality of food was fair at best. I contacted Wyndham Customer Service regarding problem. After spending approx. $13,000 in airfare and hotel rooms they said they would credit our account for $40.00!!!

I am still in negotiations with them. Should they make a VALID effort to compensate for this NIGHTMARE, I will notify all. If you hear nothing BEWARE OF WYNDHAM!!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 01/12/2009:
1. many places have cut employees.

2. simply walk over and turn the channel.

3. they do serve coffee in the day lounge.

4. plan them yourself.

5. use the same towl, it won't kill you.

6. were you occupying the table longer than your meal lasted?

7. this does happen at buffet style meals.

8. at least they offered you a 40$ credit.
Anonymous on 01/12/2009:
Nimrod, I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience, was this one of their all inclusive packages? I hope they can offer up something to compensate..I know I'd especially be angry too if I paid for activities for my child and then there weren't any.

Chitwngirl on 01/12/2009:
I think Madconsumer is very flippant. An inclusive package is specific amenities already PAID for...and you should 100% get them. Outrageous waits for drinks, being rushed for dinner,no towels, etc. is unacceptable. I'd keep talking to the hotel chain and get a better answer than $40 credit.
Anonymous on 01/12/2009:
I see I missed in the post that this was indeed an all inclusive package.

I agree with Chitwngirl, and please let us know what the outcome is.
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Bad Accommodations
Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We made reservations 2 weeks in advance and arrived at the check in time at the hotel.
We were not told there was to be a wedding in the lobby making the lobby off limits to us.
We were not told that trains would be running outside of our room until the wee hours of the morning making sleep impossible. We were not told that the only elevator was more of a service elevator than a customer elevator. ( I have MS and need elevator)
When we tried to complain at the desk the next morning we were told by the front office manager that we were not allowed to complain in front of the 2 other guests at the desk and he would call security.

A few minutes later he was just as loud talking about sports but that was OK.
I have never been at a hotel that you could not sleep in and I have never been chased out of a lobby. We were told by same manager that we should have asked to be put on the other side of the hotel - like we should have known that trains ran near our room all night. (In fact, he let us know people ask for our room so they can stay up and watch the trains all night - I didn't know you needed to pay for a rm for that!)

And we should have known they were having a wedding. And we should have known that you can not complain at the front desk. I guess we were just too ignorant to stay at this hotel.
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Anonymous on 12/14/2008:
'In fact, he let us know people ask for our room so they can stay up and watch the trains all night '

What kind of weird obsession is that???
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