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Wyndham Hotels
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Maintenance Fees
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MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Bought at Wyndham and am I trying to get out of it. Not asking for any money just to give back my points and stop paying maintenance fees. They said I cannot do that. They will put a judgment against me and when I die they would make my kids pay it forever. No one told us that. How can they do that legality? Can anyone please help us. We are seniors and can no longer afford this.

Wyndham Cozumel - What A Disaster!!!
By -

WYNDHAM COZUMEL -- What a disappointment!!! We scheduled our first family Christmas vacation at the Wyndham Cozumel from 12/21/08 - 12/27/08. My husband, our sons and families - 9 people in all. 7 days & 6 nights all-inclusive. The disaster: Not enough staff. We stood in line sometimes for 30 minutes just to get a soft drink at the bar. One bartender. No TV remote in the room. Requested in for 5 days at the front desk and leaving notes in Spanish & leaving tips for housekeeping.

No coffee service in room for 3 days. No children activities as advertised for whole trip. Ran out of towels for beach for first 5 days at the hotel. Not enough tables at Xmas Eve dinner and was asked to vacate our table so other people could eat. Resort ran out of food at the evening meal several times.

The quality of food was fair at best. I contacted Wyndham Customer Service regarding problem. After spending approx. $13,000 in airfare and hotel rooms they said they would credit our account for $40.00!!! I am still in negotiations with them. Should they make a VALID effort to compensate for this NIGHTMARE, I will notify all. If you hear nothing BEWARE OF WYNDHAM!!

Poor Service All Around
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I was in town on business, ironically enough to deliver presentations regarding Service Recovery. This was my first visit to the Wyndham chain, and I certainly hope it will be my last. The front desk staff were not at all friendly or accommodating. For me though the problem began on the second night of my stay. At 9 p.m., when I was already in my pajamas, I received a call asking that I move rooms because there was an electrical problem that they wanted to be able to work on in the morning. They asked that I move at night rather than the morning because it would be more convenient for them.

Other than suggesting they could send someone to move my bags, they did not offer any type of compensation. I think perhaps if they had better trained their staff in regard to service, empathy and atonement, I may not have been so utterly disappointed. To put their poor service into further perspective, my colleague locked her key in her room. When asking for a new key at the front desk, the assistant manager didn't even look up and simply said, "Do you have ID?". She then proceeded to create a new key with no additional interaction with us and without ever looking up, handed the key back over.

When checking out, I heard additional examples of others commenting on the Wyndham's poor service. The topper though was when they didn't ask how our stay was or invite us to return on our next trip. I wrote a letter of complaint (submitted via email) when I returned home because I thought they might be interested to know that I had a captive audience of over 100 people with whom I had shared my story. I was hoping that they would try to apologize or at the very least acknowledge my complaint. Unfortunately, it's been about a month since my stay and I have yet to hear from them.

As a follow up, I sent email to the corporate site indicating that I would like send a physical letter of complaint because I had not received a response. In response, they simply provided me with an address. Once again, they squandered an opportunity to offer empathy! When traveling to Denver, we normally stay at the Hyatt. Even though we couldn't stay there for this visit, we went there for breakfast one morning. Even though it had been about four months since our last visit, the server said, "Welcome back ladies". Now that's the kind of service for which the Wyndham should strive!!!

Bad Accommodations
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We made reservations 2 weeks in advance and arrived at the check in time at the hotel. We were not told there was to be a wedding in the lobby making the lobby off limits to us. We were not told that trains would be running outside of our room until the wee hours of the morning making sleep impossible. We were not told that the only elevator was more of a service elevator than a customer elevator. ( I have MS and need elevator.) When we tried to complain at the desk the next morning we were told by the front office manager that we were not allowed to complain in front of the 2 other guests at the desk and he would call security.

A few minutes later he was just as loud talking about sports but that was OK. I have never been at a hotel that you could not sleep in and I have never been chased out of a lobby. We were told by same manager that we should have asked to be put on the other side of the hotel - like we should have known that trains ran near our room all night. (In fact, he let us know people ask for our room so they can stay up and watch the trains all night - I didn't know you needed to pay for a room for that!)

And we should have known they were having a wedding. And we should have known that you cannot complain at the front desk. I guess we were just too ignorant to stay at this hotel.

Bad Customer Service-Harrisburg, PA
By -

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- My family and I have stayed at the Wyndham Hotel at 4650 Lindle Road in Harrisburg, PA for several days every summer while visiting nearby Hershey Park. We have been guests since it was a Marriott hotel before Wyndham even acquired it. We have also recommended this hotel over the years to several families that we vacation with.

However, after our visit this summer, we will never stay at a Wyndham Hotel again. My husband made our reservations about a month in advance. When he called, the reservations agent asked if we had any discount cards. My husband explained that we had both the AAA card and Entertainment card. The agent explained that either card had the same rate. We were then given a rate of $112.00 per night. However, when we arrived and started to check in, we were asked to show our Entertainment card.

My husband showed the clerk our AAA card, and explained to her that, first of all, we didn't bring our Entertainment card because we were never asked to do so (and in past years, we were never asked to show the card upon check in); he also explained that we were told that the same rate would apply to either Entertainment or AAA. The clerk told us that it was booked under Entertainment, and that if we didn't show her that card, we would not be getting any discount, and our room would be $149.00 per night.

My husband calmly told the clerk that if Wyndham didn't want our business, he would be happy to go to any of the many surrounding hotels in the area and that they would be happy to accommodate us. The clerk said nothing, and my husband walked out the door. I pleaded with the clerk, telling her that we just spent 4 hours in a car with kids and we were tired and just wanted to settle in, but she just said "it will be $149 a night." I asked to speak to the manager, but she just told me that it was out of the manager's hands.

So, because of a clerk with a bad attitude, Wyndham will be losing at least $1,000 a year of my family's business alone, as well as all of the people I have told this story to. DON'T STAY AT WYNDHAM HOTELS!!!

Blood - Sweat - Hair and maybe worse...
By -

With a view to planning a tour to San Juan, Puerto Rico, I stayed at this hotel in Isla Verde In the case of the El San Juan Hotel, thumbs down from the bottom to the top! Our flight from Oregon included a 4 am departure to the airport, an unplanned snowstorm in New York delaying all flights. Our expected arrival was 8 pm. We were looking forward to a comfortable night in your hotel and my companion's delayed flight out of JFK at 1:30 a.m. made it essential. A $500.00 room should at least guarantee that, don't you think? A clean bed… at least?

We checked into the room, the bell captain had to be called twice. He brought the bags up 45 minutes later and then left. Keep in mind this weary traveler from Oregon has now been awake for more than 24 hours. When the 2nd bed was turned down, there was blood and hair on the pillow! We made no less than 7 calls to the front desk. The time elapsed until it was 4:00 in the morning. I was already in my nightclothes. Did they expect me to dress now and get them to change the linens? The words that enter into my mind are absolutely unthinkable, but every time I hear the name WYNDHAM, I will think of them.

We had to actually SHARE the bed I was sleeping in. I can't remember a worse trip in all the years that I have been in the travel industry. We woke up late for our 11 am appt., complained to the front desk clerk who was completely unresponsive and literally had to run to make our appointment that morning.

As soon as I returned to Oregon, I called and spoke with a number of people. These people included the evening front desk manager, the general manager's assistant and the general manager, **. Mr ** was completely dispassionate and unresponsive when I requested a PARTIAL refund. I should have requested a full refund instead. He offered a voucher. To this day it hasn't come.

Incidentally, I have the red stained with blood pillowcase. I offered to send it to Mr. **, he told me to keep it. I intend to photograph the blood on it. It's wonderful that now reviewers have the capacity to upload photos, and I intend to include mine of this experience. What other body fluids were on those sheets?

Excellent service and rooms
By -

I travel quite often, and I have been taken with Wyndham Hotels. The rooms are always clean, the beds are as comfortable as can be, and the front desk staff is friendly. I like Wyndhams so much that I've joined the Wyndham By Request club. Not only is it free, but you get some nice perks with it, including frequent flyer miles and news on specials. Traveling? Go Wyndham!

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