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Wyndham Vacation Resorts
P.O. Box 4090
Aberdeen, SD 57401
877-999-3223 (ph)
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Wyndham do not go to the seminar
By -

To all that have not attended a Wyndham resort seminar: Do NOT go to the seminar it's a waste of time. Wyndham's salesmen are extremely unprofessional. They'd lied to us saying that RCI had merged with Wyndham, and that we need to hear about the updated info at their seminar. And oh, we have a free gift for you to choose from. It's their way to get you hooked and attend their seminar the next morning.

At the seminar, they will rub elbow grease with you. The salesman will tell you all the different resort locations and how their points system works. But do NOT fall for their trick. No salesman will tell you the negatives of their program only the good. And they will lie to you through their teeth about how easy it is to book a trip. In truth there are still restrictions like any other company. They will have 2 salesman pressure sell you their package for $60,000 and drop the price 2 times so you think it's a good deal.

But think about it here, you are being presented a vacation package for $60,000 and they want you to buy it without doing a single research or knowing anything but what they want you to know about the company. Trust us unless if you're a lawyer you're not getting out of the meeting without a being in a heated debate. It's gruesome. The closeness of the neighboring tables works to their advantage so if you say no it won't sound so good. They will go very far to make sure that you buy. Do not give them your credit card they'll ask for it when they talk about down payment. Don't go to the seminar.

Wyndham, A Bunch Of Con Artists
By -

My situation with Wyndham was a lot of broken promises and misrepresentations by them. I trusted the sales representative and brought into this whole thing. Now I am stuck with high payments and got absolutely nothing I was promised or told. I have wrote to the corporate office and spoke with them many times. They don't care that we were taken advantage of, lied to and scammed. We should all get together and file a class action suit against them for scamming us. That is fraud when you misrepresent what you are selling.

Misled & Lied to
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We were told that in order to use the new program of Wyndham, Called 'Extra Holidays", you must first buy points into Club Wyndham. In Truth: Extra Holidays is a program that anyone who is already an owner of Wyndham points in the Fairshare Plus program, and you have a reservation at any of their Resorts, you can send it to the Extra Holidays Dept. and they will rent it for you. You do NOT have to buy anything to use this program!! They take a % of the rental. We were lied to.

We were told that if you obtain a Wyndham Rewards Credit card, you can charge payments and maintenance fees to it and earn reward points that can be used toward your maintenance fees. NOT TRUE! The credit card company and program knows nothing about this. A Word to All: Always take a tape recorder and place it on the table and hit record. It can save you thousands. Thank you in advance for any cooperation in this matter. Maybe we can be of help to each other.

Resolution Update 01/30/2009:

1/30/09 As of 1/27/09 Our problem has been resolved to our satisfaction. The contract has been cancelled and we are being reinbursed for the amount we have paid on it.
This happened after I went to the BBB web site and found, in their info about Wyndham, names and departments with phone numbers. We called the one we felt was most appropriate to our situation. They were very courteous and made the decision within a few days that we were right,and made an agreeable resolution, on both our parts.

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