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How to get your money back from XM when improperly charged
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I sent the following letter to XM Radio, requesting removal of a charge they applied that I did not authorize. Not only did I send it to the email address XM says to send to on their website (listercare@xmradio.com), but I looked up who the senior management was at XM/Sirius (CEO, COO, Sales/Mktg SVP, etc.) and found that the logic XM/Sirius uses in their email system is first letter of first name followed by entire last name and sent the letter to both @xmradio.com and @siriusradio.com for each name. The @xmradio.com emails were returned unsent, but the @siriusradio.com went through! This morning I received a call from XM Corporate indicating they got my email and completely removed the charge from my account and sent an email confirmation to me as proof (upon my request. I figured I'd post this to help the MANY people I see are having similar issues and feel there's no possible solution. The execs you can send emails to include: mkarmazin@siriusradio.com, sgreenstein@siriusradio.com, jmeyer@siriusradio.com and daltman@siriusradio.com. Here's the letter I sent:

To Whom It May Concern:

Three years ago I signed up (over the phone) for a 3-year subscription for both of my cars (radio ID's: XXXXX and XXXXX), paying in advance. My 3 year commitment expired and I was debating on whether to renew, but had not decided yet. Today I received 2 invoices for $34.05, indicating a past due amount. I called your customer service to understand what the charge was for and was told that because I did not call to cancel my 3-year subscription, it automatically renewed and was shut off because of non-payment. I was told that it was my responsibility to go to your website to understand the terms and conditions, which indicate I needed to call to cancel.

I am disputing the charge and would like it removed from my account and not sent to collection, in that I never signed, nor agreed to, an automatic renewal. I signed for a 3-year plan and expected that at the end of my commitment, I would not have service if I did not renew, no different than a magazine subscription.

I asked to get escalated to a supervisor (Will -employee #47809), who told me that he was the furthest I could escalate to and that I should've gone on your website to be familiar with a term and condition that required me to physically call to cancel my subscription. When I asked told him how people would be expected to do that if they did not have internet or a working computer, he told me I/they would need to go to the library to access your website. When I asked for a call back from his manager, he told me it was unlikely I'd get a call.

I am outraged that this has happened and planned to re-subscribe in due time, but have serious doubt about it now, learning that this is how you treat a customer who had faith to sign and pay for 3 years in advance. I would greatly appreciate it if you would acknowledge removal of this charge, in that I do not want to have to deal with collection disputes and other time-consuming/costly effort to defend myself. After Googling to see if there was anyone who had this same problem, and how they got it resolved, I was appalled to find this is a BIG issue and not uncommon. Please prove them wrong and waive this charge.
I hope this has been helpful to you! Good luck!
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Poor customer service
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BOTHELL, WASHINGTON -- In response to a recently received XM correspondence asking me to extend my 3 mos. trial radio service on a newly purchased GM car, I called XM customer service approx. 1/30/08. That was my first mistake. Not wishing to make a difficult to correct online error, I thought telephone communication would be the wiser thing to do. And all seemingly went well. I booked 12 more mos. service at approx. $142 plus tax. I then saw an XM page that informed me I could have online service for free since I already had auto service. How cool can this be I thought; More tunes for the same money. So I called again the next day. Spoke with another service rep. who was on the ball and advised me that since I had two cars with XM service - another GM car purchased 6/05 - I qualified for the $6.99/mo rate on the second car. So he saved me money. True. But the first service rep. had failed to catch this point and had, in effect, charged me more for the second car than he should have. The second service rep. also consolidated the two radios - 2 cars - under one account number. Once again, he's on the ball.

Finally we get to the online service issue. He directs me to a link that I can used to register for the online service. But I know from prior investigation that this linked page includes a billing information page that needs to be completed. If the online service is free because I already have paid auto service, why do I need to complete a billing info page? He offers to walk me through - he's a helpful, competent guy. I say no, I'll try it myself. You've generously given me plenty of your time. That was my second mistake. I go to the link. For more than an hour I try to negotiate it w/o having to complete the billing info page. No can do. I call back and speak with a third service rep. I explain my concerns about completing the billing info page. She has a note of hesitancy/uncertainty in her voice. Go ahead and complete it, she says. Again I express my concerns. No, that's OK, she says, still w/hesitancy. Go ahead and fill it in. I do what I'm told; after all, she's the knowledgeable person. That was my third mistake. Knowing how these things tend to work, about an hour later I check my email.

Sure enough, there's a message confirming my online service order with the specification of a $7.99/mo plus tax service charge. Thought it was free, didn't you. Now reader, please note that of the three service reps. I had spoken to within a 24 hour period two had made mistakes that had the effects of charging me more money than I was supposed to be charged. I call back and explain the issue to a fourth service rep. - while gritting my teeth and explaining that I am trying, oh how I am trying, to control my irritation. Well, at that time of evening they don't have staff that are authorized either to correct or cancel your service. They only have staff who are authorized to sell you service. Funny how that works. You'll have to call back tomorrow. I call back in the morning. I speak with what seems to be a more senior service rep. person: Very professional, very accommodating, very apologetic. After all, she's the person customers talk to when they're about to terminate service. Consequently her principal responsibility is to hold on to booked business. She offers me service at a reduced rate etc., etc. Too late. I thoroughly enjoy the music in the car, no complaints whatsoever, but the jerked around factor has become too much. Maintain the radio service in the 05 Malibu - that person can't continue life w/o it -but cancel the service both in the new car and online I tell her.

All I want is never to speak with XM again. So I have my new car, and I have approx. 6 more weeks of XM auto radio service. But that's it. Do I believe anyone of the several XM persons I spoke to was less than honest and eager to serve? Absolutely not. Everyone of them, I believe, acted in accord with corporate process instructions and a genuine desire to do their job well and take care of the customer. But that brings us to the question of corporate process and the management/executive level mental giants who establish those processes. Do I believe that any of those persons would ever create a process that they suspected might confuse and hamper the customer in such manner as to benefit the corporate bottom line? What do you think? Do I believe that those same persons care as much for the customer's informed benefit as they do for their own bonuses and promotions? What do you think? Do I think that those persons might skimp on employee training and customer service in order to increase the bottom line and thereby their own rewards? What do you think?
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Hugh_Jorgen on 02/03/2008:
Sorry you had such a bad experience. You would have been better off not calling them - there is a link right off their home page to add the online service to any existing account - you just enter your radio's ID number and your email address. You set your password and you are good to go for the online service.

nstigator39 on 02/03/2008:
I just went online and set up the whole thing just using a screen name and creating a psssword, now I can listen to XM anytime on the computer, didn't need to contact a service rep.
blufour on 07/29/2008:
regarding the XM customer service: I totally agree with the first person who wrote about the bad experiences. Yes, you can sign up for on-line free listening without getting charged and it was easy to do that, just like the other commentators said. But, if you do have ANY problems that require speaking with an individual, forget it! I mean, you HAVE to do it that way (no matter that they say, go on-line and take care of this), you have no choice except calling to talk to a person with some matters but it's brutal! My husband's radio had a breakdown so we purchased a new one. This meant I had to switch service to the new one. It's been 3 days of pure torture trying to do that. The first person I called had error messages so told me to please call back later. It was only a couple of hours until closing so I waited until the next morning, knowing that by the time I waited out the hold time I'd probably get dropped off for closing time. Keep in mind that every time I've had to call I've been on hold for a LONG time. I'm talking half an hour and, yesterday, I would wait for 20 minutes or more between talking to someone and then waiting again for over 1 1/2 hour total! Each time I get a different story. The 3rd person said the phone had not been activated even though the 2nd person said it was taken care of. The 3rd person (by the way, 2 of the 4 people I spoke with could barely speak and understand English!) finally asked me if the others had told me about the terms and conditions. I says, "Noooo", thinking,"now what?" Seems that since I purchased the radio that broke on a special promo deal (for only $6 or thereabouts you get an additional radio and the additional cost for added radios is less than the main radio) I would be charged a cancellation fee of $100 for getting another radio in place of it!! By now, I'm so ready to scream at someone! I explain that I am not cancelling, only replacing a broken radio in order to KEEP THE SERVICE. She has no authority to cancel out that fee so puts me back on hold. I had to wait on hold for at least half an hour to speak to someone again. By the time he answered I was almost sure I was only getting another peon who would run me through the same loops. But he actually had the authority to waive that fee. Trouble was he was having trouble getting the system to do it. You see, they've been updating software at customer service. For the last 3 days I keep getting the same song and dance. Evidently they are having a great deal of trouble with this software update. I have now talked to 4 people trying to get this new radio activated. Each time they tell me it's okay, it's activated. I call back saying no, it is not working. They tell me it isn't activated. Now, this morning they told me the software problem has not allowed it to take effect and they will put me on a call list. Someone is to call and let me know it is activated and tell me how to set the radio to get it going. By now I know how to start the blasted radio! I just need them to get their heads out of the mud and do what THEY need to do. I will be very surprised if I get a call back. This is not the first time, by any means, that I've had trouble with XM customer service. ANYtime I've had to speak with someone about ANYthing there has been all this hassle. No one seems to know what they're doing. When I got a home radio to give as a gift and added the extra charge to my account I had to speak with someone and the woman assured me that by paying with my credit card at that time it would not mean I would keep getting billed on my card. "No, we do not keep the card here on file" she said. I've been getting billed quarterly ever since on my credit card! Can't believe anything they say!
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XM Sirius Fraudulent Billing
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While reviewing my credit card statements, I noticed a monthy charge for XM radio and a quarterly charge. My account was being billed quarterly and my spouse had noticed the 2 previous charge card statements had a monthly XM radio charge also. She had assumed we were on a monthly payment plan. I assumed that one of the kid's cars had the XM radio package (we have 5 cars). It turned out we only have 1 XM radio account and that XMSIRIUS had added a strangers account to our credit card. We spent over 2 hours and talked to 7 people and 2 months later we still had not received any credit. Called in again (another hour)and discovered that the mystery person had his radio plan adjusted to a yearly bill (with a 3 month credit-yes the credit was from my charge card).

So it was almost 3 months, 3 hours of calls, and 8 separate people and I still had the disputed charges on my credit card.

It seems like the first few people you get when you call, just want to talk you into upgrading your plan.
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User Replies:
Valerie on 12/06/2011:
I noticed a charge to my credit card from Sirus XM and I had prepaid through March 2012, so I knew there was an error. When I called XM to investigate the charge they could not find the charge, I then had to provide my credit card number in which they were able to determine my card was used to pay another account CHOAN HERNANDEZ's account. I do not know of this person and frankly I would not pay for a strangers account. After being on the phone on hold back an forth (an hour and a half to be exact) they told me I had to prove they charged my card by giving them my credit card statement! What? they just verified they charged my card and now I have to PROVE they charged my credit card? I was pretty ticked- not to mention my credit card was only tied to this XM account- so I'm pretty certain they goofed and charged me and/or an employee defrauded me. I sent statements to the fraud dept and sat on hold another 1 1/2 for resolution (by the way when you call, you're calling the Philippines)anyhow, the end result is I had to go to my credit card company to fight the charge. The moral of the story is...do not give XM your credit card information to store on account for automatic billing! Unless you enjoy making multiple calls, crapy customer service and the burden of proof!
Mike on 12/07/2011:
YEP YEP YEP..XM is a rip. I buy a new car every year. I call XM to change my id and account. Come to find out they billed me for the last 3 cars. I called and they said would adjust my account for 2 years then billed me more the next month. After hours on the phone I was told it was fixed. Now I buy a new truck and I am sent a new bill ( I am paid in full until 12/12.)They are so messed up they had 3 people and my old 3 cars and have been billing me on all 3. The "helper" rep didn't have a clue. I called the BI#@* every word in the book. DO NOT DO XM!!! RIP RIP RIP> ask anyone! This has been going on 8/10/10 to STILL!!!!
Jennifer on 01/07/2012:
I have been having issues with Sirius radio. I have been getting the run around for almost 2 months now. I had canceled my subscription 2 years ago, but I was charged $ 191.72, and another $ 184.24 after the cancellation. I spoke with many different people at Sirius and was advised I would be getting a refund for the full amount of $ 375.96. I have made numerous calls, spoke to supervisors and even given confirmation numbers, but still nothing. I have been on hold numerous times for more than an hour at a time. After being told on 3 separate occasions that my refund had been submitted but then rejected, I have become very angry and upset. Today, again I was on hold for 2 hours, and was told that I was only getting a refund of $ 25.54, What the heck is the problem here. They got their money from my account without authorization, and when I try to get my money back I get the run around. What is a consumer supposed to do when are getting taken advantage of ? I have jumped through enough hoops already, can I sue them or file a theft report on them ? I surely don't want to do that because I loved the service when I had it, but what choice are they leaving me ?
Joe Zarella on 09/06/2013:
I had the exact same issue. We paid for a year of XM radio. Fortunately my wife paid the annual fee and then noticed we were getting billed for a monthly fee. She called XM trying to get it fixed. Interestingly enough, the phone number linked to the "other" account is not the one on our account. However, the "other person's" account had our credit card number. After about an hour on the phone with the XM "service" rep and numerous holds she called the credit card company to dispute the charges.
This is where it gets really funny. She had the credit card rep on one line when the XM rep came back on. The credit card rep heard the entire conversation. In a nutshell, XM rep told my wife someone else must have the same credit card number! REALLY! She told XM to pack sand and ended the call. The Discover rep's comments were "Oh my, I am disputing these charges and canceling your card now". If it didn't piss me off so much I would laugh about it.
Now, about 2 months later we get a call from XM on the "other" cell phone number not linked to our account. They ask for the "other person". My wife had just hung up after telling them they had the wrong number when she realized who must be calling as she remember the "other person's" name. I called back and went through the automated system. Apparently the "other person's" credit card did not work and they were about $67 in the hole. Big surprise. I ended up talking to two reps (asked for a supervisor multiple times...never got anyone) who were complete idiots. BOTH said that since the phone number was linked to the "other person's" account, we must have the same phone number! WOW!!!
I asked Erika, the 2nd rep, to have Joe Zarella, Chief Service Officer at XM give me call. I would like to hear from him. I will hold my breath!
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Deplorable Customer Service Rep
Posted by on
Each time you call to cancel they've got another pitch. I liked the Blue Collar Radio and thought for $4.99 a month I'd take it. One renewal left me agreeing a "home radio"...but with no speakers when it arrived? I complained and they sent me a docking station but my speakers didn't work with it.

I hated the auto bill, called and the representative removed my account info. Thought the account would cancel after the promo period and it did not. I received an invoice I thought was marketing materials. I finally answered a call to say stop calling me I'm not purchasing another promo. I was met with you owe $31.22.

Pressed the option for billing. Told the representative I didn't agree to a renewal in fact when I called last time I specifically told the representative I did not want an auto renewal. I was met with "we're an auto renewal company"...WTF!!

I asked for a supervisor and my call was transferred to "Katie". 1st class BIOTCH!!! I can't believe this "Katie" is the last line of customer communication or any for that matter. Katie assured me there was nothing that could be done. Not even if the president of the company was standing right there with her.

I asked "Katie" for her manager and was told "no" go to the website and write us. I told "Katie" she could pull my last call where the representative from the Philippines assured me there was no auto renewal/bill, "Katie" informed me only a court subpoena could get the call pulled which is located at "Corporate".

Katie then proceeded to tell me again; "no" to a manager request, "no" to a call back from a manager. Then said "we're just going around in circles, "is there anything else I can help you with?" If not we're done, before she could disconnect me I said "I'll call back and get someone else."

I got transferred to Mike when I called back. Not the warmest fella but he got down to business. I explained my experience with Katie and what was explained to me when I renewed the service. He read the notes on my account. BAM!!! He resolved the issue.

Oh FYI, when they place your radio on "inactive" or "deactivate"it doesn't mean the account is closed. Who'd know that?

Sell me a "portable home radio" with no speakers. Don't mention it doesn't have speakers. Ugghhh. Worst of all "Katie". In this economy I don't want to wish anyone to lose their job, however "Katie" should lose her job. Utterly useless, rude, unyielding, and unbending. My company not withstanding, it's people like "Katie" that we don't want on our front lines representing the firm. We all have work to do...DBRF.17737167688
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Too much talking by DJs
Posted by on
XM Radio. My favorite stations are the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There was way too much talking by the DJs, such as Cousin Brucie (evenings) and the morning guy. I called XM on numerous occasions, sent certified letters to the president of the company and a couple of board members, and made online complaints. I even called several times, but the customer service reps said they could not do anything.

No one ever responded to the complaints. I pay for XM for the music, not to hear "has been DJs" talk about insignificant events (insignificant because most of the nation doesn't really care about the happenings in Smalltown USA), but to actually listen to the music I like. These DJs carry on for several minutes at a time on a regular basis. Most of their "callers" are little children.

This is my opinion, but it seems odd that these DJs spend so much time with little children. How many children really like oldies? While I do not have any evidence to suggest any inappropriate actions of the DJs with children, I am concerned.

There is an alternative called "Slacker Radio". I have an iphone, but I am concerned about "data charges". An AT & T lady told me that Slacker does use data when not using WiFi, but a Slacker review said that it does not. They do offer a radio for purchase, and that undoubtedly would not incur data charges. I think I am going to give it a try.

I will gladly pay to listen to my favorite music. I will not, however, pay to listen to DJs talk for than a few seconds at a time.

Bo McKneely
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 07/21/2011:
Good review (except it probably wasn't necessary to start going down the accusatory road regarding the age of the callers). XM is a subscription service, and music should be music, while talk stations should be talk.
THELUCKYONE on 06/17/2013:
Get Rid of the DJs on 07/29/2013:
I agree 100%. Especially Cousin Brucie...he goes on and on and on and on and on.....never plays any music...just talks about his own life events. I am going to cancel my subscription.
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Bait and switch
Posted by on
I've been a happy Sirius subscriber for 8 years. I've recently received a new company vehicle with an XM radio. I received a call from XM to activate my new radio at $77 for 1 year with the best of Sirius added. I jumped on this offer. When I turned on the radio the best of Sirius was not added. I checked my account online and found not only did I not have the BOS but the $77 was for a 6 month subscription. I got a hold of XM customer service, in India, and they had no authority to honor the sales pitch.
This is clearly BAIT AND SWITCH tactics. There seems to be no way to get a hold customer service in the U.S.
It took longer to cancel my subscription than I was actually a member.
Bottom line.
This company has been merged for over 2 years now and they are still a separate company at the account level.
There should be no Best of XM or Sirius. All packages should be the same.
The consumer has been hurt by this merger.
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Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
I'm seeing the bait but not the switch
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Worst Company Ever!
Posted by on
I had been a customer of XM Satellite radio for approximately 2 yrs. When my subscription expired at the end of June I wasn't aware it had expired until I was not able to get a signal & called to have the signal resent. I called them 2 different days attempting to get a signal with no luck. On the 3rd day I was told that my subscription had expired at the end of June (this call was placed on the 21st of July) & through the double talk & broken English, I was able to decipher that I now owed them $20.75 for the time they allowed my service to run over before they decided to interrupt my service. The operator attempted to get me to renew my subscription for 3 months for around $45.00 I told her that I had been on a yearly plan & asked how much that was. I have paid approximately $180.00 a year for the past 2 yrs. & was not expecting to hear that my grand total would now be $309.55. I told her not to charge anything to my account at this time as I wanted to confer with my wife to see how much she had orifinally paid for the service. She stated that my card would not be charged & gave me a reference number & we disconnected.

Upon speaking to my wife, she stated that it should not have been that much & that she would call them & see what she could accomplish. After attempting to haggle with them over the price, she concluded that our lives would not be negatively affected by canceling the subscription, which I whole heartedly supported. I found out a few days later that XM had charged my credit/debit card for the $20.75 that I told the operator not to charge but that they had further charged the $309.55 for the one year susbscription that we clearly stated we had no interest in. I understand that there may have been a bit of a launguage barrier between myself & XM's operators, but when a customer states "I want to go ahead & cancel my account, I do not authorize any further transactions on my credit card.", & they charge it anyway, that is just plain illegal.

The other 3 cents I have about this situation is against our judicial system who fails to protect it's people from corporate predators like XM. If an individual had taken my credit card information & charged $309.55 they would be prosecuted for Credit Card abuse in Texas. Since XM has corporate lawyers that can run the prosecutors in circles for God knows how long, the judicial system writes it off as a civil matter, because they are either simply too lazy or too afraid to go after the corporations. I was a police officer for 9 yrs. & have built & testified & worked with prosecutors on cases like this, so I do have some "behind the scenes" knowledge about what goes on behind the closed doors of the Judicial System.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/28/2010:
So is there really a speeding ticket quota?
Anonymous on 07/29/2010:
Simply contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. It sounds like they need every penny they can to pay Howard Stern.
CaptainSpaulding on 08/04/2010:
Alex1968: Of course there is!

chevyfan12345: I wonder what Howard Stern is going to do when Sirius XM Satellite Radio declares bankruptcy and is finally put out of it's misery?
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XM Radio Billing Scam
Posted by on
Please Read If you are about to cancel your XM Satellite Radio subscription.

I don't know you, but I can tell you what will happen next.

1. You will log into your online account to cancel the service, and find out that you MUST call an XM radio representative to cancel a subscription.

2. You will call the 800 number, and give your name, address, and account number to the first customer service representative, who will put you on hold for twenty minutes.

3. The second customer service representative will ask you for the same info you already provided, and ask you WHY you are canceling. You will answer, and be put on hold for another 30 minutes.

4. The next customer service representative will ask you for the same info you already provided, and then ask why you are canceling, and then ask if there is something they can do to keep your business. When you answer no, you wish to cancel, you will be put on hold for another twenty minutes. At this time, the phone will disconnect.

5. You will then repeat steps 2 through 4, get disconnected again, throw your arms up in the air in disgust and call it a day.

6. One month later, your credit card will be billed again, and you will repeat steps 2 through 4 again. This time you will be smarter (or so you think) that the representative, and you will tell the first one who answers that you are not going to wait, that you want to cancel your subscription immediately.

7. You will be put on hold for another twenty minutes. When the next person answers, they will try to come up with a payment plan that will meet your needs. You will decline and demand a cancellation. They will tell you they are cancelling your account and that you will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

8. The confirmation email never arrives.

9. One month later, you will be billed again.

10. You make one final telephone call to XM Radio and repeat all steps above. Angry, you resort to ranting on a message board in hopes that somebody will be able to wave a magic wand and make the whole mess go away.

11. When the XM fairy does not show up with the magic wand, you will be forced to cancel the credit card associated with the XM radio account. Of course, this is the one credit card you have the most credit history with, and your credit score goes down the drain.
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User Replies:
bcd on 04/27/2010:
Dispute the charges, don't cancel the card.
welchie84 on 06/15/2010:
UPDATE: On May 27, 2010 I called XM Radio to ask them why my satellite radio was still broadcasting. The gal who answered the telephone asked for my radio id and she DID NOT put me on hold. She seemed concerned that I was having trouble cancelling my account. After a few minutes of inquiry, she explained to me that there was no way my radio could be broadcasting. She indicated my account was closed in April 2010. She asked me to turn the radio on and tune to a station. I did and again, she could not explain how the radio was broadcasting when the account was "closed."

I clearly expressed my concerns to her and inquired if I was going to be billed again for the service. She said no, and offered to delete the credit card number that was associated with the account from the system. A few minutes later she confirmed the credit card had been deleted and was not attached to the account.

I then asked her, will I be receiving a bill in the future for the month of May. She said NO, you can't be billed because your account is closed. I reminded her that the radio was still broadcasting and she responded " I guess you are one of the lucky ones who will get free satellite radio." I told her I do not want free satellite radio. I want you to turn it off and stop billing me for the service.

Today is June 15, 2010. The radio is still broadcasting, and to date, I have not been billed for the service. I will be sure to keep you all posted on this matter.
welchie84 on 06/15/2010:
Call this telephone number if you want to speak to someone who DOES NOT PUT you on hold. 877-967-4672
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Can Customer Service Really Get ANY Worse?!
Posted by on
I wish this were a joke. I have been a subscriber for 5 years now. I have 3 radios on my account. All I wanted to do was to remove one of the 3 radios. I now live outside the US so I thought I could email XM to remove the one radio. Nope, I have to call a US toll free number. So I called in January when I was in the US to have the radio removed. After a 20 minute call - I thought it was taken care of.

Here we are a month later - I continue to email - to plead really to remove 1 of my 3 radios from my account. I continue each time to get the same form letter that I need to call XM on the toll free US number during their business hours. After 5 emails, I have decided that I'm going to completely close my account.

There is seriously no one that even knows how to read as part of this customer service. So here I am now in March, still living outside the US and I need to find a way to completely terminate my account this with company.

I'd like to say that this the first time I've had such troubles. The opposite is true - billing is not accurate. It's not possible to get a good view into the breakdown of the billing. And it seems like every time I call, I'm on hold and get someone how does not fulfill the request that I've made.

Without a doubt, this is the worst customer service I've seen in my life. On the basis of the customer service alone, I would advise any and all of my friend, family, and frankly anyone who can read to stay away from XM.
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Customer Service and Billing
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I am very upset with XMRadio. Two months in a row now they have overcharged my account. In August my monthly fee went up due to the royalty charge, which by the way was never notified about. When I called about the overcharge in August, the girl I spoke with told me how very sorry she was that I was never notified and that she would credit the overcharge back to my account and then offered me a deal that if I signed up again for another year that I would only pay $12.80 per month. I said, O. K. that sounds good. Thought all was taken care of.....Wrong. My September payment time rolled around and I was checking my bank account on-line and what to my surprise I find a charge on my account for $128.00. That was 3 days ago. I called right away to get this reversed and credited back to my checking account. The woman I spoke with said her name was Justine and could help me. She offered me a free month for the inconvenience and gave me a reference number for that. She then proceeded to process the credit to my checking account. I asked her how long it would take to go back into my account and she said it would be credited back to my account by Friday. I told her that I hoped so because I had a bill that was out there that was part of the money that had taken out of the account. (There is a bit of difference between $12.80 and $128.00.) She said no problem and that she was processing the credit as we spoke and also gave me a conformation number for that and said the money should be back into my account by Friday. Well, here it is Friday.
I checked my account and NO CREDIT. SURPRISE, SURPRISE. Oh, by the way, the check I had told Justine about went through my bank as of last night, and due to the money not being all there, I now have a $25.00 Returned check fee!!! I called XMRadio immediately and spoke to a representative by the name of Arme. After I told her about my call to them 3 days ago and what was supposed to happen, she proceeded to tell me that the person I spoke with before never processed the credit. I told her that she gave me a confirmatin number. I gave Arme the number and she proceeded to tell me that there was no such number. I said, so she lied to me!..Arme said she was going to process the credit herself and then she gave me a conformation number. I asked to speak with a supervisor several times and was put on hold several times. Each time Arme came back on the line I was told the supervsors were very busy. I asked about another number I could call and she said that there was only the one I just called. I asked for a location that I could write to and she told me that I would have to send it to South East Asia. At this point I am about ready to boil over. I can not believe a business can be run this way and continue to stay in business. I am considering canceling my subscription and writing to the BBB and FCC concerning their business practices. This is not right and from the majority of comments I have seen on here, there are a lot of unhappy customers.
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Anonymous on 09/11/2009:
Why did you even give them access to your bank accounts in the first place? With a credit card at least you can dispute charges instead of having to fight them to put the money back.
Anonymous on 09/11/2009:
Just get an HD radio and you'll have no service fees.
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