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Worst Company Ever!
By -

I had been a customer of XM Satellite radio for approximately 2 yrs. When my subscription expired at the end of June I wasn't aware it had expired until I was not able to get a signal & called to have the signal resent. I called them 2 different days attempting to get a signal with no luck. On the 3rd day I was told that my subscription had expired at the end of June (this call was placed on the 21st of July) & through the double talk & broken English, I was able to decipher that I now owed them $20.75 for the time they allowed my service to run over before they decided to interrupt my service.

The operator attempted to get me to renew my subscription for 3 months for around $45.00. I told her that I had been on a yearly plan & asked how much that was. I have paid approximately $180.00 a year for the past 2 yrs. & was not expecting to hear that my grand total would now be $309.55. I told her not to charge anything to my account at this time as I wanted to confer with my wife to see how much she had originally paid for the service. She stated that my card would not be charged & gave me a reference number & we disconnected.

Upon speaking to my wife, she stated that it should not have been that much & that she would call them & see what she could accomplish. After attempting to haggle with them over the price, she concluded that our lives would not be negatively affected by canceling the subscription, which I wholeheartedly supported. I found out a few days later that XM had charged my credit/debit card for the $20.75 that I told the operator not to charge but that they had further charged the $309.55 for the one year subscription that we clearly stated we had no interest in.

I understand that there may have been a bit of a language barrier between myself & XM's operators, but when a customer states "I want to go ahead & cancel my account, I do not authorize any further transactions on my credit card" & they charge it anyway, that is just plain illegal. The other 3 cents I have about this situation is against our judicial system who fails to protect its people from corporate predators like XM. If an individual had taken my credit card information & charged $309.55 they would be prosecuted for Credit Card abuse in Texas.

Since XM has corporate lawyers that can run the prosecutors in circles for God knows how long, the judicial system writes it off as a civil matter, because they are either simply too lazy or too afraid to go after the corporations. I was a police officer for 9 yrs. & have built & testified & worked with prosecutors on cases like this, so I do have some "behind the scenes" knowledge about what goes on behind the closed doors of the Judicial System.

Customer Service and Billing
By -

I am very upset with XM Radio. Two months in a row now they have overcharged my account. In August my monthly fee went up due to the royalty charge, which by the way was never notified about. When I called about the overcharge in August, the girl I spoke with told me how very sorry she was that I was never notified and that she would credit the overcharge back to my account and then offered me a deal that if I signed up again for another year that I would only pay $12.80 per month. I said, "O. K. that sounds good." Thought all was taken care of... Wrong.

My September payment time rolled around and I was checking my bank account online and what - to my surprise I find a charge on my account for $128.00. That was 3 days ago. I called right away to get this reversed and credited back to my checking account. The woman I spoke with said her name was Justine and could help me. She offered me a free month for the inconvenience and gave me a reference number for that. She then proceeded to process the credit to my checking account.

I asked her how long it would take to go back into my account and she said it would be credited back to my account by Friday. I told her that I hoped so because I had a bill that was out there that was part of the money that had taken out of the account. (There is a bit of difference between $12.80 and $128.00.) She said no problem and that she was processing the credit as we spoke and also gave me a conformation number for that and said the money should be back into my account by Friday. Well, here it is Friday. I checked my account and NO CREDIT. SURPRISE, SURPRISE.

Oh, by the way, the check I had told Justine about went through my bank as of last night, and due to the money not being all there, I now have a $25.00 Returned check fee!!! I called XM Radio immediately and spoke to a representative by the name of Arme. After I told her about my call to them 3 days ago and what was supposed to happen, she proceeded to tell me that the person I spoke with before never processed the credit. I told her that she gave me a confirmatin number. I gave Arme the number and she proceeded to tell me that there was no such number. I said, "So she lied to me!"

Arme said she was going to process the credit herself and then she gave me a confirmation number. I asked to speak with a supervisor several times and was put on hold several times. Each time Arme came back on the line I was told the supervisors were very busy. I asked about another number I could call and she said that there was only the one I just called. I asked for a location that I could write to and she told me that I would have to send it to South East Asia.

At this point I am about ready to boil over. I can not believe a business can be run this way and continue to stay in business. I am considering canceling my subscription and writing to the BBB and FCC concerning their business practices. This is not right and from the majority of comments I have seen on here, there are a lot of unhappy customers.

The Worst Liars I Have Ever Talked To.
By -

I called XM over the online radio and since my mom had an account already on her Hyundai so I thought we could get it free. I was wrong then the lady said that we are having a promotion and that you could have a $200 dollar radio for $19.99 and it was the SkyFi3. I thought it was a good deal and so I listened and thought I got all the information I didn't.

She said, "Sorry but we don't have that in stock. That "We sold the last one but I can give you an express EZ for $9.99." Well I thought wow that was a really good deal and then she said, "You have to have a three month subscription for $8.95 and we will not charge you for activation or shipping" so I said, "OK" and I gave her my card number. She said, "We are sorry for the long wait on getting your code for the order that you purchased and I will call back." And she never did.

I got a hold of a new person and this time he said that it didn't go through. I said, "What do you mean" and he said, "I will reorder it for you except this time amazingly the SkyFi3 was back in stock" and I said, "OK that was fine" because it had more than the Xpress EZ and then he said that the bill was $14.99 for the activation, $15.00 for the shipping, $8.95 for the 3 year subscription per a month, and then I paid $19.99 for the radio. I told him that it wasn't $55.98 that the lady said it was blah blah blah. I called the supervisor and she said OK we will get rid of all the fees and will put them as credits in your account so I said, "OK I will take it." Big mistake.

When I got it, it didn't even work so I waited on then and waited for someone to answer so then I received another radio the Xpress EZ that I didn't want so I told them to cancel the SkyFi3 and moved it over to the Xpress EZ and they said it wouldn't be no charge. I got a statement saying I owed a lot of money and I called them to find out what happened and they said we owed this amount even though we paid for everything before we got it.

I told the lady that "If you didn't straighten this out" that I will get a lawyer and sue their asses then she said, "Sir, sir we aren't going to do anything." I told her that "You will take this to a collection agency and I will be the first one to it before you cost my mom her credit rating and make it worse." She said that "We are transferring to a manager" and finally got everything straightened out.

Now we sent in the SkyFi3 for our money back and yet we still never received our check or credit whatever they were planning so now I have to call them and UPS to find out what happened tomorrow because it is too late here. But if I don't get my money back then I will be the one to file a class action lawsuit and you all will be included.

No Response to My Letter - Sound Familiar?
By -

I write you this evening after having been put on hold by your XM associates for a total of 109 minutes. I have three XM radios. I have been a subscriber of yours for more than seven years. I recently lost my job and one of my cars. I, therefore, no longer need one of the three radios. The ID of the one I want cancelled is **.

I have spoken with no fewer than 8 of your associates this evening. After explaining my wishes they said they could not take care of it and would have to transfer me. Each time I was transferred and being on hold each time for 15 minutes or more, I told them I wanted to cancel one of the three radios I was disconnected. I finally wanted to speak with supervisors and was told there would be a minimum wait of 30 minutes.

When I complained to one of your associates that XM had run this 100+ minutes from my cellphone account, she told me I had dialed a toll-free number. Someone needs to explain to her toll-free numbers do not make the call free when using a cellphone. Because I have lost my job I now have a small cellphone plan, therefore each of those minutes will cost me 25 cents (times 110). You can do the math.

I want this one radio cancelled immediately (effective June 1, 2009) and for my nearly two hours of my time, suffering with horrible customer service people, some of whom I could not understand due to their location in India, as well as the over $25.00 in cell phone costs, I am insisting on one free month of service for the remaining two radios.

I also, under the circumstances, refuse to pay any cancellation fee for any reason, including this one radio not having been in service for a year. Again, I have been a customer of yours for over seven years. I believe this is the least you can do to even come close to calling it respectful, respectable and reasonable customer service.

Also, while I have your attention, your recent marriage with Sirius is the worst thing you have done since I began my subscription. We have lost the weather channel, you are now combining cities (which make no sense together) on your traffic and weather channels, the morning “team” on “Nashville” channel 11 is horrendous – They are no better than a local small-market country station and now we have to listen to all the commercials in addition to the poor product?

So convince me why we listeners should have to pay for that when it's available anywhere in the country. The announcers on the seventies channel are a joke. They read this terrible attempt at humor and it's laughable, but not with them. To demonstrate how out of touch you are with your programming, why could you possibly believe the “Open-Road” Channel (now Road dog) should have promos for Martha Stewart! On a trucker's station???

When I first bought into your company the big deal was commercial-free music. It is anything but that today. There are commercials all throughout your programming not to mention these “mini-sermons” (religion) we are forced to listen to. Just what are you trying to accomplish? Who do you believe your audience is? How much more do you think your listeners, your customers can take?

I could go on but XM has taken up enough of my time tonight. I plan to not send another dime until I receive a positive response from your offices with regard to my request and to my comments about the product. I thank you for your time and await your response.

XM Service Good - Customer Service Lacking
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have been using XM for about 5 years or so. I use the service in my car and for most of those years I drove a lot and found the service works great for me. I listen to a lot of talk radio and it worked great. On several long trips (18 hours) or so the service stayed on continuously. Before XM I would listen to a lot of AM radio but would lose the station when out of range.

Prior to 2009 when Sirius/XM changed their pricing I had myself plus 2 family members and 1 friend under a family plan where my radio was $12.99 plus theirs were $6.99 per radio. It was a good deal. I believe the additional radios went up by $2. I was a single person until recently so I had a lot of alone time in my car and at home. I had a Roady XT that I would move the radio from the car to home which I think works well and saves you some money. For me, if you will be listening a lot then it is worth it.

Regarding customer service (CS) though I do agree with some of the people here I have not had any real problem with CS. The only time I would need to contact CS was to change a radio. Myself and family members switched equipment a couple of times so I would have to contact CS. At one time we had an extra radio we were not using. I contacted CS and asked to have the service disconnected. They told me they could give me 3 months of free service. I had not planned on using it but I ended up getting the free service and let a friend borrow the radio.

After the 3 months were over my (unemployed) friend kept it and I ended up paying an extra 2 months since I did not call back XM to cancel the radio for good. Canceling a radio is not an easy process but you can do it. You cannot do it online. This would be great if you could. They do allow you to add a radio online. When you call in it takes about 10-15 minutes before you talk to someone. The first person you speak with will take your information and talk to you but if you tell them you want to disconnect a radio they will transfer you to a second person. This whole process takes about 20-30 minutes.

They will offer to give you free service. If they offer this you need to watch your bill. Their website is pretty good and allows you to check your service and billing. The last time they did this for me they credited my account for the free service on my first bill then the last 2 months I was charged for the full service. It balances out but if you are looking at it monthly I would prefer to get credited evenly over the 3 months.

Customer Supportless
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a 7 year customer of XM Radio. I have had minimal pain until now. My wife pays our bills so I didn't have a chance to notice that XM Radio had been double billing me since Sept 08. After waiting on hold for over 40 minutes a customer serviceless representative said "hello". This was pretty much the last word in English that I understood. Unfortunately I don't speak Pakistanian.

After trying to explain the error to him 3 times I asked him if he actually understood what I was saying. He immediately grew terse and told me "don't you ever speak to me in that tone again." It's funny how the phone gives you instant courage! I know had he spoken that way in front of me there would now be a dentist in Pakistan counting his money for fixing this guys teeth! I digress. I didn't get in a spitting contest with this foreigner. I just asked to speak to any supervisor on the floor. I was put on hold and I knew that would be the end of anyone speaking to me.

I went to another phone of mine and dialed the customer serviceless line again while on hold on the other line. After being on hold again for over 30 minutes I asked the agent politely if I could speak to a supervisor on the floor. Amazingly I was only on hold for ten minutes. A supervisor came on the line and I explained both situations; the billing issue and the customer serviceless representative who put me on hold and that I was now on hold waiting for a supervisor on the other line for 1 1/2 hours!

Surprisingly, she said "let me check" and within a few moments the other line finally went dead after the hour and a half! She knew who it was! She said she would speak to the offender and of course that made me feel a lot better (can you detect a hint of sarcasm there)! I explained the overbilling and here is where I wanted to go "medieval" on XM Radio. She said I needed to "fax" the bank statements to them. FAX? Who has a fax machine anymore?

I suggested to her that I just scan them and email them to her and she said (are you ready for this) "we don't have an email address that we can give you." This is a company who put a satellite in space and they can't accept emails??? Even after all of this nightmare it just had to go one more. The fax number 313-203-5240 wasn't working! It wouldn't accept any faxes!

I ended up having my daughter fax it from her work and I'm still not sure if it went through as I have not received a response from them. What is most irritating is that I can't drop them and go to a competitor. I travel a lot in my car and the actual radio service is OK. I would go to Sirius but then that wouldn't accomplish too much now would it?

Misinformation And Customer Disservice

On 8/10/2008 I called XM Radio to deactivate a Skyfi2 radio that was stolen the night before. I figured I would also cancel my account as I didn't want to spend the hundred bucks or so I thought it would cost for another one. I was told the radio would be deactivated right away but when I said to cancel the account I was put on hold then offered a XM EZ radio for $9.99 plus shipping which had to paid upfront with a credit card. I agreed provided that it did not require any additional wiring to what was already in the car (my XM antenna and a feed to the cigarette
lighter for power).The Skyfi2 broadcasts directly to an open FM frequency as is.

This worked for me for the last couple of years. I heard from different people about different units needing more setup. I was assured after another hold that I would be "€œgood to go with what's in the vehicle" when I received the radio. 8/11 - I get an email that the order was shipped. The total was $21.91. (11.92 for shipping). 8/19 -“ The XM EZ was delivered. In the box there was a packing slip that mentioned a SURE CONNECT included with the radio. I figured it was sent in error as the instructions in the manual didn't mention it. I plugged the antenna in and attached the power cord and plugged it into the cigarette lighter.

I tuned it to the same frequency I had been using for the Skyfi2 that I knew was OK and it didn't work. (I was told it would already be activated) It wasn't. I called SHOP XM to activate the radio. While sitting in my car and on the phone with XM, I could see it activate and get the stations but it wasn't broadcasting to the radio. After being put on hold a number of times, while she kept checking who knows what, the rare someone who actually knew something about the equipment must have told her that the XM EZ (you guessed it!) needed to have the SURE CONNECT installed.

I told her at now the 1 hour 8 minute mark, that this was useless to me and unacceptable and I wanted to return it, get my money back and CANCEL my account. She was already painfully aware that I was told before I accepted this model, I wouldn't need a SURE CONNECT. (I guess whoever packed the box must have had one in their car!) After another attempt at putting me on hold, I said no I wanted to CANCEL my account and send back the radio. After some muffled background conversation, she said she could transfer me to someone who would issue me an RMA number (for excepted returns UPS) but also to offer me a better deal.

The new woman she transferred me to (how come you never get cut off when they are trying to sell you something else!) gave me an option of getting an XM Skyfi3 THAT WOULD NOT NEED ANY ADDITIONAL WIRING. (sound familiar?) I asked her twice to make absolutely sure this model did not require a SURE CONNECT as I didn't want to waste any more time on this. (My wife heard me as I was now in the house). She assured me that I only needed to connect the antenna already there and plug in the power to the lighter and then activate it.

She told me the radio would be $49.99 plus an activation fee of $14.99 which would be credited back to me and $20.97 for 3 months of XM in advance which would be credited back also "œfor what you have gone through and your patience"€. She said this had to be paid upfront with a credit card after I agree to XM radio for 12 months, and early cancellation fee. At this time I asked one final time about the SURE CONNECT because as I've said I didn't want to go through this again. The elapsed phone time at this point was somewhere past 2 hours. At this point I agreed, asked for all this to be documented in an email to me.

She said my RMA# for the return of XM EZ (remember that? Seems like years passed!) will be emailed and when they get it into the warehouse I will be credited with that also. Later that night I received an email detailing the charges with another shipping charge, now only $9.60 (I guess I earned a preferred rate) but this has tax included of $6.02. Go figure. The total is 101.57. The email has no mention of any agreement or a verification that the Skyfi3 doesn't require a SURE CONNECT. There is a second email with the RMA# and instructions for returning the XM EZ. The Skyfi3 was shipped the next day and I received it on 8/28.

At this point I figured they weren't bad people just incompetent and ignorant about what they are selling people. On 8/29 I installed it and called XM to activate it and was told I would get a signal in 10 or 20 minutes. I went out in the car and was running errands all evening. While out I noticed it was activated but when I tuned to the frequency I use for XM it wasn't coming through the car's radio. When I got home I stayed in the car while I called XM and was continuously told to try another frequency. In my haste to install the radio I didn't inspect ALL of the contents in the box.

While I was on one of my 10 minute holds, I noticed (now you're catching on!) a SURE CONNECT! I asked the girl to please find out if this was needed. She had no idea what a SURE CONNECT was. I said to transfer me to the area that handles returns. I am done, I want to return this and CANCEL my account. (There is that word again that triggers all sorts of weird behavior.) Now I was being stalled so she could find a number that I could call. I soon found out why. When my watch struck 11 PM EST she had no problem transferring me to that department.

The message was that they close at 11 pm. 8/30 The next day first thing, I call SHOP XM and go through everything again with a new representative who kept saying she couldn't let me return a radio unless it was defective. I said the person who sent it to me was defective not the radio. She offered me another Skyfi3 to replace the one I had.

When I got off the floor and stopped laughing, I explained to her for the seventh time that I was sent this in error. It was not what I agreed to. She asked me if "there was anything ELSE I can help you with?" I said "what do you mean ELSE? I haven't been helped yet in the last 2 weeks. Please put your supervisor on or someone that has the authority to undo all this nonsense."

I must say though, she did have the routine down pat. She kept saying that it should work if you use the same frequency as your radio. At this point I knew that it's not that they don't know their product as much as they are trained to do as instructed by the company. All those people in a company can't all be incompetent. Now I get her supervisor, Philip I believe. He said he has heard everything and I don't have to re-explain. This is going to be hard to type but Phil tells me I will have to use a SURE CONNECT with this model radio.

He asks me why I refuse to add this wiring. I give him my reasons even though I didn't feel I needed to and then he says "well you were UPGRADED to a better radio." My cost was UPGRADED too. You are forgetting that I didn't want this. He insinuates that I was aware of what the requirements were. At that point I said "œWhy on earth would I send back one XM EZ radio for the same reason which XM accepted because I have the RMA to prove it then let you send me a radio that just cost me 5 times as much with the same requirement that is not acceptable to me. That makes no sense". He couldn't answer that.

At this point he said "sorry all sales are final. You agreed to the terms." I said "I didn't agree to something I didn't want." The agreement was based on misinformation that I took in good faith. Such an agreement would have to be unenforceable. I said I wanted to close my account and I would take further action to get my money back. He brazenly said "œyeah we get a lot of that". I told him "€œI'™ll bet you do". He said there would be an early cancellation fee of $100. By the way, the transfer to the cancellation department never went through. If you'd like to make a call..

Now I will try to find an upper management person to send a letter to, for a chance to make this right before I take this to claims court. I would welcome any and all help in this matter. In return I would my best to insure that this does not happen to anyone else. I should have cancelled my account in the first place instead of being a victim of what appears to be fraud.

The Worst Company - Misleading Information
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Bottom line: beware. They will not tell you that the subscription is non-refundable and that a breaking the contract fee will be applied. Customer service are like robots and supervisor very rude with no communication skills. Save your money, time and effort and take your business with some other company. Detailed story below:

I bought the XM boombox and car kit from Best Buy the other day as a gift for my wife, and had it installed at Best Buy. I called XM and activated the service the next day I noticed that I was not getting the full channel line up so I called XM again. The lady I spoke to was nice helped me fix the problem and told me about a promotion; free XM radio. So I thought "Sounds like a good idea". Towards the end of the purchase it turns out that I will have to subscribe to 3 months, pay shipping, and activation fee totaling $47. I asked the lady if these 3 months would go on top of the 1 year subscription I purchased for the car kit, she said yes.

So we completed the transaction. Before hanging up I asked if I had to make the payments myself she said "No the payments are automatic deductions from your credit card." So I asked if that meant that the subscription will automatically renew and she said yes. So I thought You know what it wasn't free (had to pay $47) and it's a whole hassle so I'll just stick to my car kit and boombox." So I requested that we cancel the service (this was 10 minutes after placing the order from the same person) and she said I'll have to transfer you to cancellation (notice that she didn't say we cannot do that).

Cancellation department customer service said that we cannot cancel the order. I explained that the person I spoke to did not mention that it was non-refundable or that there were penalties. She said "Sorry we can not cancel" (like a robot). So I hung up called my bank and stopped the transaction and changed my card.

Before writing any reviews I thought I'd call and speak to a supervisor. I called (three days after) and was put on hold. The supervisor picked up and said "hello my name is.... I have your account in front of me and let me tell you that I will not tell you anything different than what you have already been told" so I replied "OK I thought I'd try one last time before writing reviews online, thank you." Here I am, very upset at the treatment I received from a huge company like XM. I have never ever received such treatment.

If you are an XM employee and would like to investigate this, refer to customer service call log that took place between 9:00 am and 9:20 am eastern time on the 7th December 2007. Please learn from my mistake and avoid this company. Good luck!

WATCH OUT for XM Radio billing! WOW!!!
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I pay annually for XM service. This past October (09) was when my latest annual subscription was up. Due to the economy, I decided not to renew. I wrote "cancel" on the renewal form, mailed it in, and thought everything was finished. Boy am I surprised now to get a COLLECTIONS notice!!! This is for the past three months apparently as they have continued charging me! I called and thought I could explain the situation and get it resolved. No way. These folks didn't even want to listen. They kept repeating their standard talking points concerning having to "call in" to cancel.

Apparently, no written or other form of communication is allowed to cancel. You have to call or else they continue your service until they realize you aren't paying. Then they cancel the service and send you a bill and a collections notice for the remaining amount due. What a total rip off! I had planned on renewing my subscription at some point as the economy turns around, but YOU CAN FORGET THAT NOW XM!!! I am now a walking advertisement "against" XM or SIRIUS radio service. I figure I can at least affect a few folks regarding their service. Dear XM: Is this really worth $51.39 to you? Wow.

XM Radio Billing Scam
By -

Please read if you are about to cancel your XM Satellite Radio subscription. I don't know you, but I can tell you what will happen next. You will log into your online account to cancel the service, and find out that you MUST call an XM Radio representative to cancel a subscription. You will call the 800 number, and give your name, address, and account number to the first customer service representative, who will put you on hold for twenty minutes.

The second customer service representative will ask you for the same info you already provided, and ask you WHY you are canceling. You will answer, and be put on hold for another 30 minutes. The next customer service representative will ask you for the same info you already provided, and then ask why you are canceling, and then ask if there is something they can do to keep your business. When you answer no, you wish to cancel, you will be put on hold for another twenty minutes. At this time, the phone will disconnect.You will then repeat steps 2 through 4, get disconnected again, throw your arms up in the air in disgust and call it a day.

One month later, your credit card will be billed again, and you will repeat steps 2 through 4 again. This time you will be smarter (or so you think) that the representative, and you will tell the first one who answers that you are not going to wait, that you want to cancel your subscription immediately. You will be put on hold for another twenty minutes. When the next person answers, they will try to come up with a payment plan that will meet your needs. You will decline and demand a cancellation. They will tell you they are cancelling your account and that you will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

The confirmation email never arrives. One month later, you will be billed again. You make one final telephone call to XM Radio and repeat all steps above. Angry, you resort to ranting on a message board in hopes that somebody will be able to wave a magic wand and make the whole mess go away. When the XM fairy does not show up with the magic wand, you will be forced to cancel the credit card associated with the XM Radio account. Of course, this is the one credit card you have the most credit history with, and your credit score goes down the drain.

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