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The worst liars I have ever talked too.
Posted by on
I called XM over the online radio and since my mom had an account already on her Hyundai so I thought we could get it free. I was wrong then the lady said that we are having a promotion and that you could have a $200 dollar radio for $19.99 and it was the Skyfi 3 I thought it was a good deal and so I listened and got thought I got all the information I didn't. She said sorry but we don't have that in stalk that we sold the last one but I can give you and express EZ for $9.99 well I thought wow that was a really good deal and the she said you have to have a three month subscription for $8.95 and we will not charge you for activation or shipping so I said OK and I gave her my card number. She said we are sorry for the long wait on getting your code for the order that you purchased and I will call back And she never did. I got a hold of a new person and this time he said that it didn't go through. I said what do you mean and he said I will reorder it for you except this time amazingly the Skyfi 3 was back in stock and I said OK that was fine because it had more than the Xpress EZ and then he said that the bill was $14.99 for the activation, $15.00 for the shipping, $8.95 for the 3 year subscription per a month, and then I paid $19.99 for the radio. I told him that it wasn't $55.98 that the lady said it was blah blah blah. I called the supervisor and she said OK we will get rid of all the fees and will put them as credits in your account so I said OK I will take it big mistake. When I got it, it didn't even work so I waited on then and waited for someone to answer so than I received another radio the Xpress EZ that I didn't want so I told then to cancel the Skyfi 3 and moved it over to the Xpress EZ and they said it wouldn't be no charge. I got a statement saying I owed a lot of money and I called them to find out what happed and they said we owed this amount even though we paid for everything before we got it. I told the lady that if you didn't straighten this out that I will get a layer and sue there asses then she said sir sir we aren't going to do anything. I told her that you will take this to a collection agency and I will be the first one to it before you cost my mom her credit ratting and make it worse. She said that we are transferring to a manager and finally got everything straightened out. Now we sent in the Skyfi 3 for our money back and yet we still never received our check or credit what ever they were planning so now I have to call them and UPS to find out what happed tomorrow because it is to late here But if I don't get my money back then I will be the one to file a class action lawsuit and you all will be included.
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Diabolical on 09/13/2009:
When someone claims to put a credit on your account, get their name and/or employee number, if possible, and the time/date of the phone call.

I always say, "And if the credits don't show, what number can I call to resolve this?" It's a gentle way to show them you mean business!
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Automatic renewal after 3 years sent to collections
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After seeing the other reviews I am less surprised at the response I got from an XM associate. I pre-paid a 3 year subscription for my car that ended 6/6/09. I never listen to XM so I did not renew when my renewal came up. I got many automated calls to call them to avoid service interruption. Never a call to say it was auto renewal and must be canceled. 7/29/09 I got recorded message from CNA collections and called to find they sent me to a collection agency and charged me an additional 30% collection fee. Yes, for one month 6/7 -7/7 they say I owe them $46.33. The collection agency gave me the number to call XM. The associate said this is what I owe and that was that. Spoke to the supervisor, Vaughn Easley, and he said it is an auto renewal and this is what I owe with the collection fees. How is this close to being legal??? One month service (12.95) and I owe $46.33. Even if it were legal to auto subscribe me how did they come up with such a number??? I offered to clear the account and pay for the one month at 12.95 since it was actually on, even though I did not renew. He repeated that $46.33 is what I owe. I requested to speak to his supervisor and he said he is the floor manager and that is as high as there is. Advised me to send an email.

I will take some of the advise on this site and file with the BBB and pursue corporate further. I too had intended to renew when my husband got his new vehicle so we would be on one account. No way am I getting XM after this. I will tell everyone I know to STAY AWAY FROM XM.
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goduke on 08/03/2009:
I'm betting some heavy cash that the auto-renewal is nested somewhere in the original agreement.

If you want action, I'd recommend going to the Attorney General rather than the BBB. The BBB works well for those situations where the company probably doesn't know about the issue and generally wants to do the right thing. Companies can respond with "sorry, the contract says auto-renewal, no joy" and maintain their BBB rating.

The A/G generally takes a more consumer focused approach, as they are watching for trends to see if they need to step in with some investigations.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
The auto-renewal is in the contract. One has to call them to cancel the service. From what I have read here and other places they make it very difficult to cancel. Since the OP made an offer to pay part of the debt the OP has technically admitted to owing it. It could be very hard to get out of the debt now.
CMD on 08/03/2009:
I have since looked up business news about the company. They were looking into filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year and their stock has fallen to .48 per share. Doubt I will get any resolution. I will just let it go the the Credit bureau and dispute it with them.
Anonymous on 08/03/2009:
Why would anyone pay for radio anyway?
CMD on 08/04/2009:
I got my car right after Hurricane Katrina. There were very few stations available so I subscribed since it came with my car. Now with Ipods there is no use for it.
Anonymous on 08/04/2009:
My car came with a year of free Sirius. Their heads are practically exploding because I won't give them a credit card to activate the 'free' year of service. I love telling them that I don't even want it for free.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
In January of this year, I obtained XM radio on a new vehicle and a subsequently ordered one for an older vehicle. Although the radio was fine and the stations were good, the service by XM was a total rip off. For 4 months I heard nothing from them and received no bills. Suddenly, I received two bills for over $400 with no explanation for this. Since I was told that the service was $9.99 per month, you can imagine my concern with this charge. When I contacted them, they were very vague about what the charge was about and after about an hour on the phone with several people, they corrected the bill and extended the service; supposedly at the $9.99 fee. Today I contacted them again as I had been directed to do. I was prepared to continue my service at the $9.99 rate. I was informed that I had a bill balance of over $46 and that they were adding an extra $1.98 per month charge for some copyright fee. I informed them that I had not received any bills nor had I received any notification that there would be an increase in the monthly rate. As this was the second time that this company attempted to raise their rates in direct violation of our original agreement, I asked to speak to a manager and was told that one was not available. Because of their horrible service and their underhanded tactics related to pricing, I instructed them to cancel the service and I would return the radio they had sent me. I was informed that there would be a $25 early termination fee and the radio could not be returned. I informed them that since they did not uphold their end of the original agreement and raised the prices quoted without notice, I was not paying any fees. I was told that a manager would contact me about this. At this time, I have not been contacted - which seems to be their preferred method of doing business.

I was satisfied with the product, but the companies policies are obviously designed to rip off the customer. At one time I would have been an avid customer and advocate of their service. But now I would not recommend them to anyone; in fact, I intend on warning everyone I know to stay away from this company unless they wish to be ripped off by their poor customer service, increasing prices, and willingness to modify their agreements without proper notice.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 07/30/2009:
I've had Sirrus for years and never had one billing problem or issue with cust svc...they've always been great to deal with. I have 3 units and my bill is 12.99 a month.
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Try to Cancel XM Radio --Good Luck!
Posted by on
XM's customer service is fine if you're subscribing. If you're cancelling you get hooked up in India with this scripted methodology for making it as inconvenient as possible for you to do so. First, you'll get transferred to "another department" and it's here that they might disconnect you --accidentally? Not really. You would think so but not after I read several accounts of this online. The next thing they'll do after you eventually get through to this other dept. is that they'll tell you that their "system is down" and they can't access your account. BS --I was ON my account online as I spoke with them. It's just that XM doesn't have an option to cancel your service online. They said the service was going to be back up in two hours and to call back at that time. They couldn't take my order to cancel nor could they call *me* back when the system was back online.

Well, I thought this was very suspicious so I did a quick search online. Guess what? MANY accounts of people that got the same runaround. Exact same things listed --disconnection the moment you say "cancel" and then the "system down" bs. That got me furious. I called them back immediately as I knew their system wasn't down at that point, and I told them as much, and, oh, a miracle --their system was working again. What a surprise. I was so upset as this point that I cancelled all 3 of my XM radios instead of just the one I was calling about. Of course they run you through a hard sell script to try to get you to keep subscribing. They list a nothing "promotion" first like a 50% off for one month and then they build it up to 3 months free. I told them to make it a year for how they made me feel. Anyway, they lost someone that probably would have been a lifetime subscriber. I loved their product. But support this sleazy methodology? No way.

I'll bet they mistakenly charge my credit card next month and make me jump through hoops trying to get them to reimburse me just as many others are saying is the next thing they experienced after cancellation. I've submitted a convenient complaint form on the BBB website and I suggest anyone else do the same that has experienced this shameful scam.
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tnchuck100 on 07/26/2009:
Forget the phone calls. They will deny anything and everything. Be it XM Radio, DirecTV, Sprint, or any contract/subscription based service you should always send them a certified mail/return receipt requested letter spelling out the cancellation. Be very specific about when the date of cancellation is to be effective and that you will not honor any charges incurred after that date. If you are on auto-pay (never a good idea) plainly state if they charge you after that date it will be considered fraud and will be handled accordingly.
madconsumer on 07/26/2009:
I am so glad I did not accept them on my last vehicle purchase.
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No response to my letter - sound familiar?
Posted by on
Here's the letter -

June 1, 2009

XM Satellite Radio
PO Box 33174
Detroit, MI 48232-5280

RE ACCT. # : xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir/Madam:

I write you this evening after having been put on hold by your XM associates for a total of 109 minutes. I have three XM radios. I have been a subscriber of yours for more than seven years. I recently lost my job and one of my cars. I, therefore, no longer need one of the three radios. The ID of the one I want cancelled is xxxxxxxxxxx.

I have spoken with no fewer than 8 of your associates this evening. After explaining my wishes they said they could not take care of it and would have to transfer me. Each time I was transferred and being on hold each time for 15 minutes or more, I told them I wanted to cancel one of the three radios I was disconnected. I finally wanted to speak with supervisors and was told there would be a minimum wait of 30 minutes. When I complained to one of your associates that XM had run this 100+ minutes from my cell phone account, she told me I had dialed a toll-free number. Someone needs to explain to her toll-free numbers do not make the call free when using a cell phone. Because I have lost my job I know have a small cell phone plan, therefore each of those minutes will cost me 25 cents (times 110). You can do the math.

I want this one radio cancelled immediately (effective June 1, 2009) and for my nearly two hours of my time, suffering with horrible customer service people, some of whom I could not understand due to their location in India, as well as the over $25.00 in cell phone costs, I am insisting on one free month of service for the remaining two radios. I also, under the circumstances, refuse to pay any cancellation fee for any reason, including this one radio not having been in service for a year. Again, I have been a customer of yours for over seven years. I believe this is the least you can do to even come close to calling it respectful, respectable and reasonable customer service.

Also, while I have your attention, your recent marriage with Sirius is the worst thing you have done since I began my subscription. We have lost the weather channel, you are now combining cities (which make no sense together) on your traffic and weather channels, the morning “team” on “Nashville” channel 11 is horrendous – They are no better than a local small-market country station and now we have to listen to all the commercials in addition to the poor product? So convince me why we listeners should have to pay for that when it’s available anywhere in the country. The announcers on the seventies channel are a joke. They read this terrible attempt at humor and it’s laughable, but not with them. To demonstrate how out of touch you are with your programming, why could you possibly believe the “Open-Road” Channel (now Road dog) should have promos for Martha Stewart! On a trucker’s station???

XM Radio – page two,

When I first bought into your company the big deal was commercial-free music. It is anything but that today. There are commercials all throughout your programming not to mention these “mini-sermons” (religion) we are forced to listen to. Just what are you trying to accomplish? Who do you believe your audience is? How much more do you think your listeners, your customers can take? I could go on but XM has taken up enough of my time tonight.

I have enclosed my recent invoice and I plan to not send another dime until I receive a positive response from your offices with regard to my request and to my comments about the product.

I thank you for your time and await your response.

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User Replies:
PepperElf on 06/22/2009:
I recommend using Skype to call them back.
it'll cost you yes, but nowhere near as much as a cell would
Disaster Worker on 06/22/2009:
Aren't Sirius and XM the same company now? I just cancelled one of our Sirius radios over the phone and had no hassle at all.
tnchuck100 on 06/22/2009:
Most situations like this are totally dependent on the CSR you draw. If you get a competent one things CAN work well. The sad thing is those CSR's are few and far between. It's just the luck of the draw.
etyler_ATL on 07/06/2009:
Customer service was always great to me, but I am with you on the commercials and "mini sermons"..
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Horrible XM Customer Service
Posted by on
I've been an XM subscriber for 5 years --- with radios in two cars plus an XM Weather receiver in the cockpit of an airplane that our company operates. There have been few actual "service" problems over that time, but the billing and associated customer support is an absolute nightmare. You can't change or cancel your recurring billing online once it is instituted -- likely by design because they want to try to talk you out of doing it. However, when I called to have a recurring auto-payment stopped (due to the pending increase in rates and elimination of certain services)I was first told that I could only do that in the month my subscription renews. Since I had waited forever on hold to get through to someone, I demanded to get it handled NOW... I was then told I'd have to be transferred to another department that could handle that task. So they transferred me and I remained on hold for 36 minutes before their phone line abruptly disconnected me. I e-mailed them about this problem and got back a B. S. response about how they pride themselves in providing "world class customer service" but aside from that they did nothing to solve my actual problem. I e-mailed back and forth several times and despite demands to do so, I could NOT get anyone from XM to call me. They instead gave me another toll free number (allegedly for payment cancellations) which got answered by a recorded voice but then abruptly disconnected me before ever getting to a human being.

I absolutely cannot reach anyone to take my cancellation order !!! As a result, I am simply going to have to resort to having American Express deny all charges made by XM and thereby constructively cancel all their services.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/31/2009:
I think it would be best that you send a letter in certified mail to their headquarters with your intention to cancel.
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XM service good - Customer service lacking
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have been using XM for about 5 years or so. I use the service in my car and for most of those years I drove a lot and found the service works great for me. I listen to a lot of talk radio and it worked great. On several long trips (18 hours) or so the service stayed on continuously. Before XM I would listen to a lot of AM radio but would lose the station when out of range.

Prior to 2009 when Sirius/XM changed their pricing I had myself plus 2 family members and 1 friend under a family plan where my radio was $12.99 plus theirs were $6.99 per radio. It was a good deal. I believe the additional radios went up by $2. I was a single person until recently so I had a lot of alone time in my car and at home. I had a Roady XT that I would move the radio from the car to home which I think works well and saves you some money. For me, if you will be listening a lot then it is worth it.

Regarding customer service (CS) though I do agree with some of the people here. I have not had any real problem with CS. The only time I would need to contact CS was to change a radio. Myself and family members switched equipment a couple of times so I would have to contact CS. At one time we had an extra radio we were not using. I contacted CS and asked to have the service disconnected. They told me they could give me 3 months of free service. I had not planned on using it but I ended up getting the free service and let a friend borrow the radio. After the 3 months were over my (unemployed) friend kept it and I ended up paying an extra 2 months since I did not call back XM to cancel the radio for good.

Canceling a radio is not an easy process but you can do it. You cannot do it online. This would be great if you could. They do allow you to add a radio online. When you call in it takes about 10-15 minutes before you talk to someone. The first person you speak with will take your information and talk to you but if you tell them you want to disconnect a radio they will transfer you to a second person. This whole process takes about 20-30 minutes. They will offer to give you free service. If they offer this you need to watch your bill. Their website is pretty good and allows you to check your service and billing.

The last time they did this for me they credited my account for the free service on my first bill then the last 2 months I was charged for the full service. It balances out but if you are looking at it monthly I would prefer to get credited evenly over the 3 months.
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Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
Great review, you summed up the overall XM experience quite well.
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Customer Supportless
Posted by on
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a 7 year customer of XM Radio. I have had minimal pain until now. My wife pays our bills so I didn't have a chance to notice that XM Radio had been double billing me since Sept 08. After waiting on hold for over 40 minutes a customer serviceless representative said hello. This was pretty much the last word in English that I understood. Unfortunately I don't speak Pakistanian. After trying to explain the error to him 3 times I asked him if he actually understood what I was saying. He immediately grew terse and told me "don't you ever speak to me in that tone again." It's funny how the phone gives you instant courage! I know had he spoken that way in front of me there would now be a dentist in Pakistan counting his money for fixing this guys teeth! I digress...I didn't get in a spitting contest with this foreigner I just asked to speak to any supervisor on the floor. I was put on hold and I knew that would be the end of anyone speaking to me. I went to another phone of mine and dialed the customer serviceless line again while on hold on the other line. After being on hold again for over 30 minutes I asked the agent politely if I could speak to a supervisor on the floor. Amazingly I was only on hold for ten minutes. A supervisor came on the line and I explained both situations; the billing issue and the customer serviceless representative who put me on hold and that I was now on hold waiting for a supervisor on the other line for 1 1/2 hours! Surprisingly, she said let me check and within a few moments the other line finally went dead after the hour and a half! She knew who it was! She said she would speak to the offender and of course that made me feel a lot better (can you detect a hint of sarcasm there)! I explained the overbilling and here is where I wanted to go "medieval" on XM Radio...she said I needed to "fax" the bank statements to them. FAX? Who has a fax machine anymore?

I suggested to her that I just scan them and email them to her and she said (are you ready for this) "we don't have an email address that we can give you." This is a company who put a satellite in space and they can't accept emails???? Even after all of this nightmare it just had to go one more...the fax number 313-203-5240 wasn't working!!! It wouldn't accept any faxes! I ended up having my daughter fax it from her work and I'm still not sure if it went through as I have not received a response from them.

What is most irritating is that I can't drop them and go to a competitor. I travel a lot in my car and the actual radio service is OK. I would go to Sirius but then that wouldn't accomplish too much now would it?
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Slam Billing Practices
Posted by on
I received a promotional e-mail from General Motors advising me that I was eligible for a special 3 month trial of my XM Satellite Radio at a special rate of $4.99/month for "XM Everything" service for 3 months. The offer also stated that there would be no "reactivation fees". The e-mail provided a link to the XM site where I could sign up on-line. The link worked but the site did not accept my Radio ID code as valid. So I called 800 XM RADIO to order the service. The representative kept trying to get to me sign up for a one-year plan. I told him that I just wanted the trial program. Finally he agreed, and said that I would be billed the $4.99 per month to my credit card. He told me that the service would begin when I turned on my XM Radio and went through the "updating" process, something I tried to do every day for a week. The service never activated. Then I received a credit card charge for $35.03 from XM Radio! I called and told them that the service did not work and that I did not authorize a charge for $35.03 - only the $4.99. I further stated that I wanted to cancel the never delivered service and get a refund for the incorrect charge of $35.03.

Several days later, I received a voice mail message from the "Escalation Dept." at XM Radio advising me that they were issuing a refund to my Credit Card for $12.03. When I called to request the full refund, I was informed that the "Billing Dept." has determined that all I was entitled to was $12.03. They said that this was because I was never signed up for the $4.99 rate, I was signed up for $6.99 rate and there was an activation charge of $14.95 (non-refundable). I told then that I was never informed of such an "activation" charge and that I did not authorize the charge, nor a monthly charge of $6.99. I was told that there was nothing that could be done, the "Billing Dept." would not authorize any further refund. I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for over 45 minutes. I finally spoke to a supervisor (Tracey Ann) who told me that she would investigate the issue and call me back within 30 minutes. I am not holding my breath.

The bottom line: Unless you are truly committed to a long term relationship with XM - stay away and do not accept their "Trial Programs" which mimic the very worst of bait & switch tactics and slam billing practices of other unscrupulous sales outfits.
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Anonymous on 12/30/2008:
Try a charge back with your credit card company.
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XM Radio Customer Service in the Philippines IS HORRIBLE!!!!
Posted by on
XM RADIO hires BRAIN-LESS workers ABROAD who constantly make mistakes...and throw you on hold or hang-up on you...when you become completely irritated with them...because they do NOT know what they are doing. HOWEVER, you must talk to them IF you want XM Service (which is great). I have had to call customer service OVER AND OVER AGAIN and hold for long periods of time (close to an hour EVERY TIME)...because the customer service reps do NOT know what they are doing. Every single time I call, they say that I owe money...when, in fact, I SHOULD have several months credit. Every customer service representative has a completely different story about what the current status of my account is. IT IS LIKE A BAD JOKE (ONLY BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SUCH NONSENSE WITH NITWITS)!!

COME ON, XM RADIO, don't leave us to have to deal with this inefficient outsourced customer service. IT IS NOT FAIR!!!!

Please let me talk to someone in the United States who comprehends what I am talking about!!!!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/28/2011:
This is a problem a lot of people encounter with overseas call centers, but since they are cheap companies are going to continue to use them.
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