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XM Radio Billing Scam
By -

Please read if you are about to cancel your XM Satellite Radio subscription. I don't know you, but I can tell you what will happen next. You will log into your online account to cancel the service, and find out that you MUST call an XM Radio representative to cancel a subscription. You will call the 800 number, and give your name, address, and account number to the first customer service representative, who will put you on hold for twenty minutes.

The second customer service representative will ask you for the same info you already provided, and ask you WHY you are canceling. You will answer, and be put on hold for another 30 minutes. The next customer service representative will ask you for the same info you already provided, and then ask why you are canceling, and then ask if there is something they can do to keep your business. When you answer no, you wish to cancel, you will be put on hold for another twenty minutes. At this time, the phone will disconnect.You will then repeat steps 2 through 4, get disconnected again, throw your arms up in the air in disgust and call it a day.

One month later, your credit card will be billed again, and you will repeat steps 2 through 4 again. This time you will be smarter (or so you think) that the representative, and you will tell the first one who answers that you are not going to wait, that you want to cancel your subscription immediately. You will be put on hold for another twenty minutes. When the next person answers, they will try to come up with a payment plan that will meet your needs. You will decline and demand a cancellation. They will tell you they are cancelling your account and that you will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

The confirmation email never arrives. One month later, you will be billed again. You make one final telephone call to XM Radio and repeat all steps above. Angry, you resort to ranting on a message board in hopes that somebody will be able to wave a magic wand and make the whole mess go away. When the XM fairy does not show up with the magic wand, you will be forced to cancel the credit card associated with the XM Radio account. Of course, this is the one credit card you have the most credit history with, and your credit score goes down the drain.

Can Customer Service Really Get ANY Worse?!
By -

I wish this were a joke. I have been a subscriber for 5 years now. I have 3 radios on my account. All I wanted to do was to remove one of the 3 radios. I now live outside the US so I thought I could email XM to remove the one radio. Nope, I have to call a US toll free number. So I called in January when I was in the US to have the radio removed. After a 20 minute call, I thought it was taken care of. Here we are a month later, I continue to email, to plead really to remove 1 of my 3 radios from my account. I continue each time to get the same form letter that I need to call XM on the toll free US number during their business hours.

After 5 emails, I have decided that I'm going to completely close my account. There is seriously no one that even knows how to read as part of this customer service. So here I am now in March still living outside the US and I need to find a way to completely terminate my account this with company. I'd like to say that this is the first time I've had such troubles.

The opposite is true, billing is not accurate. It's not possible to get a good view into the breakdown of the billing and it seems like every time I call, I'm on hold and get someone who does not fulfill the request that I've made. Without a doubt, this is the worst customer service I've seen in my life. On the basis of the customer service alone, I would advise any and all of my friend, family, and frankly anyone who can read to stay away from XM.

Automatic Renewal After 3 Years Sent to Collections
By -

After seeing the other reviews I am less surprised at the response I got from an XM associate. I pre-paid a 3 year subscription for my car that ended 6/6/09. I never listen to XM so I did not renew when my renewal came up. I got many automated calls to call them to avoid service interruption. Never a call to say it was auto renewal and must be canceled. 7/29/09 I got recorded message from CNA collections and called to find they sent me to a collection agency and charged me an additional 30% collection fee. Yes, for one month 6/7-7/7 they say I owe them $46.33.

The collection agency gave me the number to call XM. The associate said this is what I owe and that was that. Spoke to the supervisor, Vaughn **, and he said it is an auto renewal and this is what I owe with the collection fees. How is this close to being legal??? One month service (12.95) and I owe $46.33. Even if it were legal to auto subscribe me how did they come up with such a number???

I offered to clear the account and pay for the one month at 12.95 since it was actually on, even though I did not renew. He repeated that $46.33 is what I owe. I requested to speak to his supervisor and he said he is the floor manager and that is as high as there is. Advised me to send an email.

I will take some of the advice on this site and file with the BBB and pursue corporate further. I too had intended to renew when my husband got his new vehicle so we would be on one account. No way am I getting XM after this. I will tell everyone I know to STAY AWAY FROM XM.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

In January of this year, I obtained XM radio on a new vehicle and a subsequently ordered one for an older vehicle. Although the radio was fine and the stations were good, the service by XM was a total rip off. For 4 months I heard nothing from them and received no bills. Suddenly, I received two bills for over $400 with no explanation for this. Since I was told that the service was $9.99 per month, you can imagine my concern with this charge. When I contacted them, they were very vague about what the charge was about and after about an hour on the phone with several people, they corrected the bill and extended the service; supposedly at the $9.99 fee.

Today I contacted them again as I had been directed to do. I was prepared to continue my service at the $9.99 rate. I was informed that I had a bill balance of over $46 and that they were adding an extra $1.98 per month charge for some copyright fee. I informed them that I had not received any bills nor had I received any notification that there would be an increase in the monthly rate. As this was the second time that this company attempted to raise their rates in direct violation of our original agreement, I asked to speak to a manager and was told that one was not available.

Because of their horrible service and their underhanded tactics related to pricing, I instructed them to cancel the service and I would return the radio they had sent me. I was informed that there would be a $25 early termination fee and the radio could not be returned. I informed them that since they did not uphold their end of the original agreement and raised the prices quoted without notice, I was not paying any fees. I was told that a manager would contact me about this. At this time, I have not been contacted - which seems to be their preferred method of doing business.

I was satisfied with the product, but the companies policies are obviously designed to rip off the customer. At one time I would have been an avid customer and advocate of their service. But now I would not recommend them to anyone. In fact, I intend on warning everyone I know to stay away from this company unless they wish to be ripped off by their poor customer service, increasing prices, and willingness to modify their agreements without proper notice.

Try to Cancel XM Radio --Good Luck!
By -

XM's customer service is fine if you're subscribing. If you're cancelling you get hooked up in India with this scripted methodology for making it as inconvenient as possible for you to do so. First, you'll get transferred to "another department" and it's here that they might disconnect you --accidentally? Not really. You would think so but not after I read several accounts of this online.

The next thing they'll do after you eventually get through to this other dept. is that they'll tell you that their "system is down" and they can't access your account. BS --I was ON my account online as I spoke with them. It's just that XM doesn't have an option to cancel your service online. They said the service was going to be back up in two hours and to call back at that time. They couldn't take my order to cancel nor could they call *me* back when the system was back online.

Well, I thought this was very suspicious so I did a quick search online. Guess what? MANY accounts of people that got the same runaround. Exact same things listed --disconnection the moment you say "cancel" and then the "system down" bs. That got me furious. I called them back immediately as I knew their system wasn't down at that point, and I told them as much, and, oh, a miracle --their system was working again. What a surprise.

I was so upset as this point that I cancelled all 3 of my XM radios instead of just the one I was calling about. Of course they run you through a hard sell script to try to get you to keep subscribing. They list a nothing "promotion" first like a 50% off for one month and then they build it up to 3 months free. I told them to make it a year for how they made me feel. Anyway, they lost someone that probably would have been a lifetime subscriber. I loved their product. But support this sleazy methodology? No way.

I'll bet they mistakenly charge my credit card next month and make me jump through hoops trying to get them to reimburse me just as many others are saying is the next thing they experienced after cancellation. I've submitted a convenient complaint form on the BBB website and I suggest anyone else do the same that has experienced this shameful scam.

Horrible XM Customer Service
By -

I've been an XM subscriber for 5 years with radios in two cars plus an XM Weather receiver in the cockpit of an airplane that our company operates. There have been few actual "service" problems over that time, but the billing and associated customer support is an absolute nightmare. You can't change or cancel your recurring billing online once it is instituted -- likely by design because they want to try to talk you out of doing it. However, when I called to have a recurring auto-payment stopped (due to the pending increase in rates and elimination of certain services) I was first told that I could only do that in the month my subscription renews.

Since I had waited forever on hold to get through to someone, I demanded to get it handled NOW... I was then told I'd have to be transferred to another department that could handle that task. So they transferred me and I remained on hold for 36 minutes before their phone line abruptly disconnected me. I e-mailed them about this problem and got back a B. S. response about how they pride themselves in providing "world class customer service" but aside from that they did nothing to solve my actual problem.

I e-mailed back and forth several times and despite demands to do so, I could NOT get anyone from XM to call me. They instead gave me another toll free number (allegedly for payment cancellations) which got answered by a recorded voice but then abruptly disconnected me before ever getting to a human being. I absolutely cannot reach anyone to take my cancellation order!!! As a result, I am simply going to have to resort to having American Express deny all charges made by XM and thereby constructively cancel all their services.

Slam Billing Practices
By -

I received a promotional e-mail from General Motors advising me that I was eligible for a special 3 month trial of my XM Satellite Radio at a special rate of $4.99/month for "XM Everything" service for 3 months. The offer also stated that there would be no "reactivation fees". The e-mail provided a link to the XM site where I could sign up on-line. The link worked but the site did not accept my Radio ID code as valid. So I called 800 XM RADIO to order the service. The representative kept trying to get to me sign up for a one-year plan. I told him that I just wanted the trial program.

Finally he agreed, and said that I would be billed the $4.99 per month to my credit card. He told me that the service would begin when I turned on my XM Radio and went through the "updating" process, something I tried to do every day for a week. The service never activated. Then I received a credit card charge for $35.03 from XM Radio! I called and told them that the service did not work and that I did not authorize a charge for $35.03 - only the $4.99. I further stated that I wanted to cancel the never delivered service and get a refund for the incorrect charge of $35.03.

Several days later, I received a voice mail message from the "Escalation Dept." at XM Radio advising me that they were issuing a refund to my Credit Card for $12.03. When I called to request the full refund, I was informed that the "Billing Dept." has determined that all I was entitled to was $12.03. They said that this was because I was never signed up for the $4.99 rate, I was signed up for $6.99 rate and there was an activation charge of $14.95 (non-refundable).

I told them that I was never informed of such an "activation" charge and that I did not authorize the charge, nor a monthly charge of $6.99. I was told that there was nothing that could be done, the "Billing Dept." would not authorize any further refund. I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for over 45 minutes. I finally spoke to a supervisor (Tracey **) who told me that she would investigate the issue and call me back within 30 minutes. I am not holding my breath.

The bottom line: Unless you are truly committed to a long term relationship with XM - stay away and do not accept their "Trial Programs" which mimic the very worst of bait & switch tactics and slam billing practices of other unscrupulous sales outfits.

XM Radio = the Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I strongly advise against using XM Satellite Radio's online store. I ordered a Pioneer Inno portable Mp3/satellite radio receiver from XM back on Wednesday May 17th for my vacation. I was leaving on the following Tuesday. I decided to spend the extra $40 for overnight shipping to be sure I got it on time.

When I realized it wasn't coming in time and hadn't heard anything from XM Customer Service, I emailed to cancel. It bounced back. I called to cancel the order. I was told it was too later but they would get back to me within a couple days. They didn't. I called again later that week (while I was on vacation, since $400 is a lot of money for me) and learned it was back ordered (news to me!) but they would "try to cancel it" by submitting a request to their corporate offices.

It finally arrived June 2nd (the day after I got back from vacation). I emailed again ( and it bounced back, again. I called again, and was told to refuse delivery and that I'd receive a full refund at the most within 2 weeks. I had to argue why I deserved a refund on the shipping.

Yesterday was 2 weeks from the day they received the package back (based on the FedEx delivery confirmation) and I called, again (3rd or 4th time). They said they had to submit another request to their corporate offices and would get back to me within a couple days. I am wondering if they have corporate offices at this point.

I could rant and rave all day about this, but I'm hoping the above story should summarize my experience. I sincerely hope it deters at least a handful of people from doing business with XM Satellite Radio who has consistently been a nightmare to deal with. And I really hope I get my refund.

Deplorable Customer Service Rep
By -

Each time you call to cancel they've got another pitch. I liked the Blue Collar Radio and thought for $4.99 a month I'd take it. One renewal left me agreeing a "home radio"... but with no speakers when it arrived? I complained and they sent me a docking station but my speakers didn't work with it. I hated the auto bill, called and the representative removed my account info. Thought the account would cancel after the promo period and it did not. I received an invoice I thought was marketing materials. I finally answered a call to say, "Stop calling me. I'm not purchasing another promo." I was met with you owe $31.22.

Pressed the option for billing. Told the representative I didn't agree to a renewal in fact when I called last time I specifically told the representative I did not want an auto renewal. I was met with "we're an auto renewal company"... WTF!! I asked for a supervisor and my call was transferred to "Katie". 1st class **!!! I can't believe this "Katie" is the last line of customer communication or any for that matter. Katie assured me there was nothing that could be done. Not even if the president of the company was standing right there with her.

I asked "Katie" for her manager and was told, "No. Go to the website and write us." I told "Katie" she could pull my last call where the representative from the Philippines assured me there was no auto renewal/bill. Katie informed me only a court subpoena could get the call pulled which is located at "corporate". Katie then proceeded to tell me again, "No" to a manager request, "No" to a call back from a manager then said "We're just going around in circles. Is there anything else I can help you with? If not we're done." Before she could disconnect me I said, "I'll call back and get someone else."

I got transferred to Mike when I called back. Not the warmest fella but he got down to business. I explained my experience with Katie and what was explained to me when I renewed the service. He read the notes on my account. BAM!!! He resolved the issue. Oh FYI, when they place your radio on "inactive" or "deactivate" it doesn't mean the account is closed. Who'd know that?

Sell me a "portable home radio" with no speakers. Don't mention it doesn't have speakers. Ugghhh. Worst of all "Katie". In this economy I don't want to wish anyone to lose their job, however Katie should lose her job - utterly useless, rude, unyielding, and unbending. My company notwithstanding, its people like Katie that we don't want on our front lines representing the firm. We all have work to do...

My Story
By -

Like most people I signed up online and I took a two-year subscription. Never read the details, just wanted to get the receiver up and going. And of course they took my Credit Card info for a two year lump sum payment. Two years pass and I start to get phone calls telling me to call them because my Credit Card cannot be processed (got a new card and number during that two years). Thinking I really did not want to subscribe anymore I just ignored the calls by using call display and not picking up the voice messages. The few messages I would actually listen to became threatening; like sending me to a Collections Company.

So I finally did some research and found out that I had accepted a third year subscription that I was obliged to say NO to before a certain date. I didn't do what most others on this site did, which was try to call and cancel. As it turns out that wouldn't have helped anyway; not from the runaround that people were describing. Anyway they DID send it to a collections agency which started to call daily and badger and bully me.

So I called the Collections agency and asked them what was up. They said I owed XM about $175 or so for the additional one-year service. So I told them that the LAW required the Collections agency to provide me, in writing, the contract that I signed as proof I owed, AND the contract that they signed with XM that gave them the authority to collect. They countered that it was a verbal agreement that I entered into which makes no sense to me at all because verbal agreements are NOT binding. Don't know if they wear bluffing. Interestingly enough they have not called now for almost 8 months and counting. Just FYI if that helps anyone.

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