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XM Satellite Radio
1500 Eckington Place NE
Washington, DC 20002-2194
866-962-2557 (ph)
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Horrible XM Customer Service
By -

I've been an XM subscriber for 5 years with radios in two cars plus an XM Weather receiver in the cockpit of an airplane that our company operates. There have been few actual "service" problems over that time, but the billing and associated customer support is an absolute nightmare. You can't change or cancel your recurring billing online once it is instituted -- likely by design because they want to try to talk you out of doing it. However, when I called to have a recurring auto-payment stopped (due to the pending increase in rates and elimination of certain services)I was first told that I could only do that in the month my subscription renews. Since I had waited forever on hold to get through to someone, I demanded to get it handled NOW... I was then told I'd have to be transferred to another department that could handle that task. So they transferred me and I remained on hold for 36 minutes before their phone line abruptly disconnected me. I e-mailed them about this problem and got back a B. S. response about how they pride themselves in providing "world class customer service" but aside from that they did nothing to solve my actual problem. I e-mailed back and forth several times and despite demands to do so, I could NOT get anyone from XM to call me. They instead gave me another toll free number (allegedly for payment cancellations) which got answered by a recorded voice but then abruptly disconnected me before ever getting to a human being.

I absolutely cannot reach anyone to take my cancellation order !!! As a result, I am simply going to have to resort to having American Express deny all charges made by XM and thereby constructively cancel all their services.

XM service good - Customer service lacking
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have been using XM for about 5 years or so. I use the service in my car and for most of those years I drove a lot and found the service works great for me. I listen to a lot of talk radio and it worked great. On several long trips (18 hours) or so the service stayed on continuously. Before XM I would listen to a lot of AM radio but would lose the station when out of range.

Prior to 2009 when Sirius/XM changed their pricing I had myself plus 2 family members and 1 friend under a family plan where my radio was $12.99 plus theirs were $6.99 per radio. It was a good deal. I believe the additional radios went up by $2. I was a single person until recently so I had a lot of alone time in my car and at home. I had a Roady XT that I would move the radio from the car to home which I think works well and saves you some money. For me, if you will be listening a lot then it is worth it.

Regarding customer service (CS) though I do agree with some of the people here. I have not had any real problem with CS. The only time I would need to contact CS was to change a radio. Myself and family members switched equipment a couple of times so I would have to contact CS. At one time we had an extra radio we were not using. I contacted CS and asked to have the service disconnected. They told me they could give me 3 months of free service. I had not planned on using it but I ended up getting the free service and let a friend borrow the radio. After the 3 months were over my (unemployed) friend kept it and I ended up paying an extra 2 months since I did not call back XM to cancel the radio for good.

Canceling a radio is not an easy process but you can do it. You cannot do it online. This would be great if you could. They do allow you to add a radio online. When you call in it takes about 10-15 minutes before you talk to someone. The first person you speak with will take your information and talk to you but if you tell them you want to disconnect a radio they will transfer you to a second person. This whole process takes about 20-30 minutes. They will offer to give you free service. If they offer this you need to watch your bill. Their website is pretty good and allows you to check your service and billing.

The last time they did this for me they credited my account for the free service on my first bill then the last 2 months I was charged for the full service. It balances out but if you are looking at it monthly I would prefer to get credited evenly over the 3 months.

Customer Supportless
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a 7 year customer of XM Radio. I have had minimal pain until now. My wife pays our bills so I didn't have a chance to notice that XM Radio had been double billing me since Sept 08. After waiting on hold for over 40 minutes a customer serviceless representative said hello. This was pretty much the last word in English that I understood. Unfortunately I don't speak Pakistanian. After trying to explain the error to him 3 times I asked him if he actually understood what I was saying. He immediately grew terse and told me "don't you ever speak to me in that tone again." It's funny how the phone gives you instant courage! I know had he spoken that way in front of me there would now be a dentist in Pakistan counting his money for fixing this guys teeth! I digress...I didn't get in a spitting contest with this foreigner I just asked to speak to any supervisor on the floor. I was put on hold and I knew that would be the end of anyone speaking to me. I went to another phone of mine and dialed the customer serviceless line again while on hold on the other line. After being on hold again for over 30 minutes I asked the agent politely if I could speak to a supervisor on the floor. Amazingly I was only on hold for ten minutes. A supervisor came on the line and I explained both situations; the billing issue and the customer serviceless representative who put me on hold and that I was now on hold waiting for a supervisor on the other line for 1 1/2 hours! Surprisingly, she said let me check and within a few moments the other line finally went dead after the hour and a half! She knew who it was! She said she would speak to the offender and of course that made me feel a lot better (can you detect a hint of sarcasm there)! I explained the overbilling and here is where I wanted to go "medieval" on XM Radio...she said I needed to "fax" the bank statements to them. FAX? Who has a fax machine anymore?

I suggested to her that I just scan them and email them to her and she said (are you ready for this) "we don't have an email address that we can give you." This is a company who put a satellite in space and they can't accept emails???? Even after all of this nightmare it just had to go one more...the fax number 313-203-5240 wasn't working!!! It wouldn't accept any faxes! I ended up having my daughter fax it from her work and I'm still not sure if it went through as I have not received a response from them.

What is most irritating is that I can't drop them and go to a competitor. I travel a lot in my car and the actual radio service is OK. I would go to Sirius but then that wouldn't accomplish too much now would it?

Poor customer service
By -

BOTHELL, WASHINGTON -- In response to a recently received XM correspondence asking me to extend my 3 mos. trial radio service on a newly purchased GM car, I called XM customer service approx. 1/30/08. That was my first mistake. Not wishing to make a difficult to correct online error, I thought telephone communication would be the wiser thing to do. And all seemingly went well. I booked 12 more mos. service at approx. $142 plus tax. I then saw an XM page that informed me I could have online service for free since I already had auto service. How cool can this be I thought; More tunes for the same money. So I called again the next day. Spoke with another service rep. who was on the ball and advised me that since I had two cars with XM service - another GM car purchased 6/05 - I qualified for the $6.99/mo rate on the second car. So he saved me money. True. But the first service rep. had failed to catch this point and had, in effect, charged me more for the second car than he should have. The second service rep. also consolidated the two radios - 2 cars - under one account number. Once again, he's on the ball.

Finally we get to the online service issue. He directs me to a link that I can used to register for the online service. But I know from prior investigation that this linked page includes a billing information page that needs to be completed. If the online service is free because I already have paid auto service, why do I need to complete a billing info page? He offers to walk me through - he's a helpful, competent guy. I say no, I'll try it myself. You've generously given me plenty of your time. That was my second mistake. I go to the link. For more than an hour I try to negotiate it w/o having to complete the billing info page. No can do. I call back and speak with a third service rep. I explain my concerns about completing the billing info page. She has a note of hesitancy/uncertainty in her voice. Go ahead and complete it, she says. Again I express my concerns. No, that's OK, she says, still w/hesitancy. Go ahead and fill it in. I do what I'm told; after all, she's the knowledgeable person. That was my third mistake. Knowing how these things tend to work, about an hour later I check my email.

Sure enough, there's a message confirming my online service order with the specification of a $7.99/mo plus tax service charge. Thought it was free, didn't you. Now reader, please note that of the three service reps. I had spoken to within a 24 hour period two had made mistakes that had the effects of charging me more money than I was supposed to be charged. I call back and explain the issue to a fourth service rep. - while gritting my teeth and explaining that I am trying, oh how I am trying, to control my irritation. Well, at that time of evening they don't have staff that are authorized either to correct or cancel your service. They only have staff who are authorized to sell you service. Funny how that works. You'll have to call back tomorrow. I call back in the morning. I speak with what seems to be a more senior service rep. person: Very professional, very accommodating, very apologetic. After all, she's the person customers talk to when they're about to terminate service. Consequently her principal responsibility is to hold on to booked business. She offers me service at a reduced rate etc., etc. Too late. I thoroughly enjoy the music in the car, no complaints whatsoever, but the jerked around factor has become too much. Maintain the radio service in the 05 Malibu - that person can't continue life w/o it -but cancel the service both in the new car and online I tell her.

All I want is never to speak with XM again. So I have my new car, and I have approx. 6 more weeks of XM auto radio service. But that's it. Do I believe anyone of the several XM persons I spoke to was less than honest and eager to serve? Absolutely not. Everyone of them, I believe, acted in accord with corporate process instructions and a genuine desire to do their job well and take care of the customer. But that brings us to the question of corporate process and the management/executive level mental giants who establish those processes. Do I believe that any of those persons would ever create a process that they suspected might confuse and hamper the customer in such manner as to benefit the corporate bottom line? What do you think? Do I believe that those same persons care as much for the customer's informed benefit as they do for their own bonuses and promotions? What do you think? Do I think that those persons might skimp on employee training and customer service in order to increase the bottom line and thereby their own rewards? What do you think?

XM Sirius Fraudulent Billing
By -

While reviewing my credit card statements, I noticed a monthly charge for XM radio and a quarterly charge. My account was being billed quarterly and my spouse had noticed the 2 previous charge card statements had a monthly XM radio charge also. She had assumed we were on a monthly payment plan. I assumed that one of the kid's cars had the XM radio package (we have 5 cars). It turned out we only have 1 XM radio account and that XMSIRIUS had added a stranger's account to our credit card.

We spent over 2 hours and talked to 7 people and 2 months later we still had not received any credit. Called in again (another hour) and discovered that the mystery person had his radio plan adjusted to a yearly bill (with a 3 month credit-yes the credit was from my charge card). So it was almost 3 months, 3 hours of calls, and 8 separate people and I still had the disputed charges on my credit card. It seems like the first few people you get when you call, just want to talk you into upgrading your plan.

Deplorable Customer Service Rep
By -

Each time you call to cancel they've got another pitch. I liked the Blue Collar Radio and thought for $4.99 a month I'd take it. One renewal left me agreeing a "home radio"... but with no speakers when it arrived? I complained and they sent me a docking station but my speakers didn't work with it. I hated the auto bill, called and the representative removed my account info. Thought the account would cancel after the promo period and it did not. I received an invoice I thought was marketing materials. I finally answered a call to say, "Stop calling me. I'm not purchasing another promo." I was met with you owe $31.22.

Pressed the option for billing. Told the representative I didn't agree to a renewal in fact when I called last time I specifically told the representative I did not want an auto renewal. I was met with "we're an auto renewal company"... WTF!! I asked for a supervisor and my call was transferred to "Katie". 1st class **!!! I can't believe this "Katie" is the last line of customer communication or any for that matter. Katie assured me there was nothing that could be done. Not even if the president of the company was standing right there with her.

I asked "Katie" for her manager and was told, "No. Go to the website and write us." I told "Katie" she could pull my last call where the representative from the Philippines assured me there was no auto renewal/bill. Katie informed me only a court subpoena could get the call pulled which is located at "corporate". Katie then proceeded to tell me again, "No" to a manager request, "No" to a call back from a manager then said "We're just going around in circles. Is there anything else I can help you with? If not we're done." Before she could disconnect me I said, "I'll call back and get someone else."

I got transferred to Mike when I called back. Not the warmest fella but he got down to business. I explained my experience with Katie and what was explained to me when I renewed the service. He read the notes on my account. BAM!!! He resolved the issue. Oh FYI, when they place your radio on "inactive" or "deactivate" it doesn't mean the account is closed. Who'd know that?

Sell me a "portable home radio" with no speakers. Don't mention it doesn't have speakers. Ugghhh. Worst of all "Katie". In this economy I don't want to wish anyone to lose their job, however Katie should lose her job - utterly useless, rude, unyielding, and unbending. My company notwithstanding, its people like Katie that we don't want on our front lines representing the firm. We all have work to do...

Too much talking by DJs
By -

XM Radio. My favorite stations are the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There was way too much talking by the DJs such as Cousin Brucie (evenings) and the morning guy. I called XM on numerous occasions, sent certified letters to the president of the company and a couple of board members, and made online complaints. I even called several times but the customer service reps said they could not do anything. No one ever responded to the complaints. I pay for XM for the music not to hear "has been DJs" talk about insignificant events (insignificant because most of the nation doesn't really care about the happenings in Smalltown USA) but to actually listen to the music I like.

These DJs carry on for several minutes at a time on a regular basis. Most of their "callers" are little children. This is my opinion but it seems odd that these DJs spend so much time with little children. How many children really like oldies? While I do not have any evidence to suggest any inappropriate actions of the DJs with children, I am concerned. There is an alternative called "Slacker Radio". I have an iPhone but I am concerned about "data charges". An AT & T lady told me that Slacker does use data when not using WiFi but a Slacker review said that it does not.

They do offer a radio for purchase and that undoubtedly would not incur data charges. I think I am going to give it a try. I will gladly pay to listen to my favorite music. I will not, however, pay to listen to DJs talk for than a few seconds at a time.

Bait and Switch
By -

I've been a happy Sirius subscriber for 8 years. I've recently received a new company vehicle with an XM radio. I received a call from XM to activate my new radio at $77 for 1 year with the best of Sirius added. I jumped on this offer. When I turned on the radio the best of Sirius was not added. I checked my account online and found not only did I not have the BOS but the $77 was for a 6-month subscription. I got a hold of XM customer service, in India, and they had no authority to honor the sales pitch. This is clearly BAIT AND SWITCH tactics.

There seems to be no way to get ahold customer service in the U.S. It took longer to cancel my subscription than I was actually a member. Bottom line, this company has been merged for over 2 years now and they are still a separate company at the account level. There should be no Best of XM or Sirius. All packages should be the same. The consumer has been hurt by this merger.

My Story
By -

Like most people I signed up on line and I took a two year subscription. Never read the details, just wanted to get the receiver up and going. And of course they took my Credit Card info for a two year lump sum payment.
Two years pass and I start to get phone calls telling me to call them because my Credit Card can not be processed (got a new card and number during that two years).
Thinking I really did not want to subscribe anymore I just ignored the calls by using call display and not picking up the voice messages.
The few messages I would actually listen to became threatening; like sending me to a Collections Company. So I finally did some research and found out that I had accepted a third year subscription that I was obliged to say NO to before a certain date. I didn't do what most others on this site did, which was try to call and cancel. As it turns out that wouldn't have helped anyway; not from the run-a-round that people were describing.
Anyway they DID send it to a collections agency which started to call daily and badger and bully me.
So I called the Collections agency and asked them what was up. They said I owed XM about $175 or so for the additional one year service. So I told them that the LAW required the Collections agency to provide me, in writing, the contract that I signed as proof I owed, AND the contract that they signed with XM that gave them the authority to collect. They countered that it was a verbal agreement that I entered into which makes no sense to me at all because verbal agreements are NOT binding. Don't know if they wear bluffing.
Interestingly enough they have not called now for almost 8 months and counting.
Just FYI if that helps anyone.

More billing scams
By -

My new car had XM and after my 90 day trial, I decided to purchase it. I ordered one year at $142 and was billed $321. When I complained I was told that I had ordered 2 years (posted at $245) and that the additional charges were \"fees\". The promised to reduce my order to one year and make a refund which was to take 10-15 days. 4 weeks later, no refund so I called again and was told that they had decided to issue a credit for future purchase instead of a refund. I protested and they said they\'d issue a refund in 10 - 15 days; at that point (having spoken with 4 people), I opted to cancel -- which would take, you guessed it 10 - 15 days. At that point I called my credit card company only to learn that they were loath to intervene because I had \"enjoyed\" the service for over a month. I pushed it, they credited; shortly thereafter, XM gave a partial reimbursement; shortly thereafter, my credit card company recharged so we balanced. 5 months later, I get a
call from a collections agency that XM has handed my account to; trying to collected the $320! In this time, I\'ve had 10 calls from XM asking me to buy the service again, nothing to indicate that they had any issue with the accounting. now I\'m faxing credit statements to XM and the collections agency. Buyer beware ... this company is abusive, duplicitous, and not forthcoming on their charges; they advertise 2 years for $245 and it costs 40% more than that because of \"fees\". give me a break.

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