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Bait and switch
Posted by Shink on 07/14/2011
I've been a happy Sirius subscriber for 8 years. I've recently received a new company vehicle with an XM radio. I received a call from XM to activate my new radio at $77 for 1 year with the best of Sirius added. I jumped on this offer. When I turned on the radio the best of Sirius was not added. I checked my account online and found not only did I not have the BOS but the $77 was for a 6 month subscription. I got a hold of XM customer service, in India, and they had no authority to honor the sales pitch.
This is clearly BAIT AND SWITCH tactics. There seems to be no way to get a hold customer service in the U.S.
It took longer to cancel my subscription than I was actually a member.
Bottom line.
This company has been merged for over 2 years now and they are still a separate company at the account level.
There should be no Best of XM or Sirius. All packages should be the same.
The consumer has been hurt by this merger.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-14:
I'm seeing the bait but not the switch
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Billed and Billed Again
Posted by CDDilbert on 05/24/2011
I had XM Radio in my Honda Ridgeline for about 4 years. I decided I could use the money for other things, so I decided to discontinue my service. I called and cancelled the XM in my vehicle. They said fine, they would and I thought that would be the end of it.

That month I got my CC statement and there was a charge of $163.65 for 1 year subcription to XM. I called and said I did not authorize any charges and I had cancelled XM the month previous. The XM CS person told me since I had agreed to pay for XM with my CC previously that meant I "automatically" agreed to auto-renew with my CC in the future. I told them I no longer wanted XM and to cancel my account and to refund my money.

I was transferred to the service cancellation dept., where they offered me a $77 a year deal and, being an idiot, I agreed to it. But, I told them I wanted to get the refund on my CC, I no longer wanted them to charge my CC, and wanted to get a paper invoice for the $77 a year deal. They said that would not be a problem and they would take care of it.

When I got my next CC statement, I say they credited my account on June 15 of '09, the $163.65, but then applied a charge of $66.60 to my account 2 days later. In the mean time I got a bill of $88 and some change for the $77 plus royalty fee in the mail.

I called them and asked about the $66.60, was told it was for a year of XM (even though that wasn't even the right amount), and I told them I got a paper invoice for the year subscription...and that I was not paying the paper invoice until I got a refund for the $66.60 that showed up on my CC...which was an unauthorized charge to boot.

From June of '09 through Oct. of '09, I fought with them to get my refund. I called them at a least a dozen times and literally spent hours on the phone with them...all to no avail...they just would not refund the money. I kept being told the refund would be processed in 72 hours or that it was "in suspension" and they couldn't process it. I got a different story every time I called them. To make matters worse, they sent the paper invoice amount to collections and I started getting hounded by collection company calls.

Finally in Oct. of '09 I disputed the charge with my CC company and I got my money back. Once I got confirmation from my CC company I was going to be getting my money back, I called XM and told them, in no uncertain terms, that I wanted my account cancelled and never to be contacted by XM again. About a month later I got a check from XM for $66.60 and then, two days later, I got a notice from a collection agency, saying I owed XM $66.60!!! I took the check I got from XM and paid the collection agency. Little did they know I paid them with their own money! Haha!

I thought that was the end of it...but no...in Feb. of 11 I started getting bills from XM saying I had signed up for auto renewal and I owed them $40 for 3 months of XM. I called and tried to get it straightened out, but they contend I never cancelled my account, I had XM all the way through until Jan of '11, and I owed them for 3 months of service.

I tried to work something out with them, but they refused to budge on it, so I told them they could stick the $40 where the sun don't shine...because I cancelled my account over a year and 1/2 ago...and there was no way on God's green Earth they were getting a f--king penny out of me for something I never received.

Well, just recently I got another bill from a collection agency. I have to figure out how to dispute this...I'd rather pay a lawyer a $1000 then give XM one more GD red cent of my money!!!!
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Posted by prince-caesar on 2011-05-24:
Wow, these days companies will do just about anything to make a buck. Even if its illegal. They know they can get away with it. Stick with it. I dont think you need a lawyer to dispute the claim with the collection agency. Just call them up and explain to them the situation.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2011-05-25:
I've had mad problems with XM since I got it. I finally was able to cut the cord and move on but not without a fight. They continued charging my card. The issue was I wasnt the account holder and the account holder and I were no longer living together. I insisted they pursue the account holder themselves as they are the one with the contract. They insisted they have a right to charge my card, which they dont. I can revoke that right at any time. I had my CC dispute it, they disputed back. The charge was reinstated and disputed again more than a few times. It was a battle. But guess who won :D
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XM Radio Customer Service in the Philippines IS HORRIBLE!!!!
Posted by Josephinepavel on 03/26/2011
XM RADIO hires BRAIN-LESS workers ABROAD who constantly make mistakes...and throw you on hold or hang-up on you...when you become completely irritated with them...because they do NOT know what they are doing. HOWEVER, you must talk to them IF you want XM Service (which is great). I have had to call customer service OVER AND OVER AGAIN and hold for long periods of time (close to an hour EVERY TIME)...because the customer service reps do NOT know what they are doing. Every single time I call, they say that I owe money...when, in fact, I SHOULD have several months credit. Every customer service representative has a completely different story about what the current status of my account is. IT IS LIKE A BAD JOKE (ONLY BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SUCH NONSENSE WITH NITWITS)!!

COME ON, XM RADIO, don't leave us to have to deal with this inefficient outsourced customer service. IT IS NOT FAIR!!!!

Please let me talk to someone in the United States who comprehends what I am talking about!!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-28:
This is a problem a lot of people encounter with overseas call centers, but since they are cheap companies are going to continue to use them.
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Posted by Ken5 on 03/21/2011
Please do yourself a great service, when dealing with customer service, have a service where if you are American let us talk to someone that can actually speak the language clearly. It is not fair to the customer service agent and not fair for the person asking for service.

We are both wasting time and time is money. please take this into consideration

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-21:
Simple solution, politely explain that you are unable to understand the rep and request someone else. I do it from time to time, Important thing is to be nice.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-21:
I'd follow jktshff1's plan. You know, as we become more diverse, there will only be an increase in the prevalence of this issue.
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Criminal Conduct
Posted by Leehaven on 02/01/2011
I have had XM service for the past 6 years. I currently have subscriptions in two of my cars. A third car I owned had service that expired in October 2010. I sold the car back in August 2010. I received a barrage of calls to pay for two months of service beyond by renewal date of October!. They tried to automatically renew my account on that vehicle, but the credit card number had expired. XM is now having credit collectors call to collect $35.00 for two months of service that I never authorized. THey are threatening to affect my credit. If they wanted to renew my subscription, they should have let it expire at the end of the contract and I probably would have called to renew it. I will not be renewing any XM accounts now or ever in the future. Even the greatest product can be ruined by poor customer service. Sorry XM, I am afraid you have "jumped the shark" on this one. Adios
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Unable to Cancel XM Sirius Radio Subscription
Posted by Embrace on 01/29/2011
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- With a major difference, my experience is very similar to that of "con380" Posted on 9/2/2010 on this site. Contrary to what con380 was told, that even phone calls to cancel your account does not work. At this point it is not obvious to me what will. Here is my situation in capsule. Considering the new economic realities, my XM Satellite Radio yearly subscription was on the list of things to cancel. My renewal date was 12/06/2010 - Fees of approximately $160 are collected in advance/charged to your credit card. On 10/04/2010 I called XM at 877-967-4672 and talked to xxxx, one of their representatives. Explained to him why I was calling and asked him to do two things for me. 1) To remove my credit card # from their database (had been set up for automatic updates); and, (2) to cancel my account immediately. I told him I did not plan to renew my subscription for the foreseeable future due to economic hardship. He was polite and complied with my requests. We ended the call by giving me confirmation # for the cancellation (which I still have in my records). As expected, early in December 2010 my XM Radio service became unavailable. Surprisingly, on January 24, 2011, I received an email from XM Radio stating I had till February 2011 to take care of the balance in my account (fees for an additional year of subscription). I immediately called XM customer service again at 877-967-4672 and this time was connected to yyyy. I explained the content of their email and the reason for my surprise. I gave her my cancellation confirmation number from the prvious conversation in November 2010. She could not find the number. I explained that as far as I was concerned my account had been closed. If not, would she please close it now? Cherry gave confirmation # for the cancellation and our conversation ended. I was happy that the matter was finally taken care off. Much to my surprise, on the evening of 01/28/2011, I got a call from XM radio (wwww zzzz this time) wanting to know when I would take care of the balance in my account. I expressed my surprise and asked I could review the background with him. He said, did I mind if our conversation was recorded -- so that he could play it back for his managers - he suggested that the reason for my out of ordinary experience was that I had not gone through the right channels for the cancellation. I agreed and proceeded to review the background - albeit that I was getting very angry having to spend so much time with this simple request. Kris said for me to stay on line while he had his manager listen to the recording of our conversation. Then the manager will come on the line to resolve the issue. Five to ten minutes later another representative came on to ask me if I was ready to settle my balance! Does anyone to know how to cancel an XM radio account? I am mad as hell and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2011-01-29:
I've been a fan of Sirius for years but I am thinking of canceling myself. I am hooked on Pandora. I play it through my Bluetooth in my car. There is both a free and pay version. The free has commercials.
Posted by LizzieT on 2011-01-31:
When I cancelled mine, I called and asked for the cancellation department. They did it with no problem at all. Good luck.
Posted by Todd333 on 2011-02-08:
Same thing is happening to me.

I cancelled 4 months ago. They're still billing. I talked to 5 different people on the phone and their cancellation department is mysteriously experiencing technical problems.
Posted by MJC0756 on 2013-04-26:
Ditto on rude non-responsive service. I have two portable units that I'm trying to terminate as have two factory installed units in cars. Everyone is friendly until I reach cancellation dept
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Beware Music Lovers, Don't Do It.
Posted by Joe1234 on 01/25/2011
Beware music lovers of XM Radio. Don't Get sucked in, because it's almost impossible to get out or cancel your agreement.

First of all its great that they let you try it out when you buy or lease a new vehicle. But if you continue the service with them be sure to read the fine print in the owners package of information. It states that the service will automatically continue unless you call them to say you want to cancel. What I'm saying is that you get a bill in the mail to renew your plan. You don't want to renew the plan so you toss the renewal application in the trash and everything is OK right? WRONG. You have to call them or they will continue to charge your credit card. Now in the case where you have changed card companies closing one account and opening a new account they can't automatically charge you. However they turn it over to there collections people and start to hound you. If you ask them why they would charge you if you didn't renew your service they will tell you that they don't want to interrupt other customers service who forget and are paying late. They say this keeps XM from having to charge those late customers a reactivation fee in case there account is canceled. So in other words you are subsidizing the late paying customers by tossing that renewal in the recycle bin.

But wait there's more. I drove a leased vehicle that had to be returned to the lease company by the end of December 2010. But last summer they sent me a special deal...5 months for $20.00. I got sucked in and took the deal. But having prior knowledge of this company, I called in November and told the customer service representative that I no longer wanted to continue the service. Also I would be turning the vehicle in at the end of December anyway so why would I keep the service.

The representative told me there was no problem and that I didn't need to call them anyway because the special promotions was not subject to automatic renewals. OK fine but I called and was sure I would not be charged. WRONG!
In November they started charging me which I didn't realize till after Xmas. Recently I have called my card company to protest the charges and also XM to cancel again. (Calling customer service can also be interesting, don't expect it to be quick and easy)

It's a shame that this is the only choice for music and news lovers. Remember that the two satellite companies merged, you don't have a choice.

If you get sucked in because of a weak moment it's like making a deal with the devil.

I can't see how these people can avoid a class action suit some day as they are desperately ripping people off to stay alive instead of providing great service and growing the business.

I don't usually bother to write something like this but I think I thought it might help someone else before they get into trouble.
Good Luck!
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Posted by LizzieT on 2011-01-26:
Posted by LizzieT on 2011-01-26:
I just got a letter from them yesterday with the 5 months for $20 and I was contemplating on whether I should do it or not. I think after your review I will pass on that! haha Thanks!
Posted by Obsfucation on 2011-01-26:
I get all the music and news that I can possibly listen to, and I don't pay for it. I can't understand why anyone would.

When I bought my car it came with 6 months or a year of free XM. They about lost their minds that I wouldn't give them a credit card number so they could activate my 'free' trial. They talked down to me like I was an idiot when I repeatedly asked why they needed a CC for a free service. When I told them I didn't want the service, they'd sigh and say but it's FREE! And I'd say 'then good, you don't need my CC info". Then they'd sigh some more and talk more slowly so that possibly I would understand. This went on for some time until they finally got the message and stopped calling me.

I would never do any kind of business with this company, even if they had something I wanted.
Posted by Peter Morin on 2013-06-20:
Can't understand how a company in this day and age can opperate this way. The people you have to talk to just don't care how they treat you, I like satellite but one conversation with with XM and I was done. Like everyone else I thought if you didn't renew you were done and that was the end, but I had a credit card renewal and they couldn't just auto renew so they sent it for collection. The sad thing is I had signed up for a three year deal with Sirius and was supposed to have a $87.00 credit with XM. I called Sirius and after they hung up on me the first time, the second time I told them if I was not satisfied with the response from XM I would be cancelling my Sirius as well. I called XM with the idea of straightening this out and renewing instead I called the collection company and told them I was sending them a cheque for the $91.00 XM said I owe them. I told the collection company this was alot easier for me to deal with them than XM. Any company opperating this way just can't stay in business and I am glad I don't have stock in this company.
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The Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by Jsbtjones on 01/24/2011
I literally cringe every year when it is time to renew my XM service. I have had it for 5 years now with 2 radios and EVERY year get the same treatment. I get a bill in the mail for MORE than I paid the previous year. There is no explanation of what the monthly fee for each radio has gone up too. I then proceed to say a prayer for patience with this foreign person I am about to get on the phone. 5 minutes into the conversation, I am frustrated beyond belief. They read from a script that they can't deviate from. The service representative has as little information as I have. I even tried this year online and it is even worse then talking to a person. I just WISH that XM would please, please get a better customer service department. I really think after 5 years, they are about to lose me as a customer. And I HATE the idea of going back to regular radio but I just can't stand giving my money to a company who values their customers so little! Especially by outsourcing to other countries and doing away with American jobs for their customer service that is non-existent. Please just be forewarned that it is a BEATING to do business with this company. (If I wasn't so addicted to the service, it would be a no brainer to cancel.)

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Posted by LizzieT on 2011-01-24:
I totally agree with you and after 5 years with them, I decided it was not worth the aggravation, plus it seemed that there were more commercials than ever so I cancelled! It took me about a month to get used to regular radio....but I'll survive! haha
Posted by Ron in Iowa on 2011-05-25:
We have been double billed so called customer service and after waiting 15 minutes finally got
a rep who couldn't even speak decent english.
Spent half hour on phone and couldn't even get
any answers. Then I asked for a supervisor and
after talking to him for a couple minutes I got cut off. Those crooked bastards can stick there
XM radio where the sun odesn't shine!
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XM may have a good product but THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!!
Posted by Bigdtiger on 01/13/2011
Use caution when looking to XM radio for your entertainment needs. They have a good product but if you ever have problems with you bill they are completely impossible to work with. They have given me four different invoices in less than 30 days and still have not resolved the problem. On top of that they charged me $2.00 each time they sent me a different bill. I have had to contact customer service more than six times and have spent HOURS on the phone trying to resolve the problem. Have been told several times that a supervisor would call to discuss my billing issues and have not heard from anyone, other than an electronic "survey" as to how my inquiry was handled. Their "smoke screen" of they are concerned about customer service is just B. S. They may advertise as being the #1 provider out there but with their total incompetents they won’t be for long…Good luck
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-14:
Looking at some of the past XM reviews, customer service is not one of their strong points. Was this product worth the lack of service to you or did you cancel with them?
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Canceled service but still billed - Don't give them your credit card #!
Posted by Toadchili on 01/10/2011
I canceled my service in October 2010 because I could not get my device to broadcast through the FM tuner in my car. Replacement devices from XM only made it worse. I was not billed in November 2010 so I assumed all was well. Then in December 2010 and again in January 2011 I was billed for monthly service. When I called, they had a record of my cancellation but still asked if I wanted to cancel???!!?? I noted that I had thrown out my XM devices and definitely wanted to cancel. I also asked them to delete any billing or credit card information that they might still have. Don't give this company your credit card number!!!!!
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Posted by Ponie on 2011-01-10:
If CCs work the same as banks with canceling a continual charge, perhaps you could call the CC company asking them not to honor any more charges from this company. I once notified my bank of such a cancellation and they told me although not necessary if the company makes no further withdrawals, they recommend additional notification as I did. Good luck!
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