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Yahoo Auction Seller Fraud
Posted on
I am a new user to Yahoo Auctions and personally know
two users who are having a particularly difficult
time receiving items which have been won and paid
for via Yahoo Auctions site.

Please read some of the feedback concerning this
seller (DX Wholesale) and you'll see that there is a definite
pattern of abuse here. Yet Yahoo continues to allow this seller to sell! Mail fraud has been committed and is a federal crime!

This seller has cashed our money order for the auction won almost two months ago.

The seller (DX Wholesale) has many, many negatives and
continues selling the exact same items which he
has refused to ship. The seller will not respond
to courteous emails requesting some or ANY
information regarding his closed auctions.
Why does Yahoo tolerate this type of behavior?

As a buyer/seller myself, I would expect that
Yahoo would take a seller such as this much more
seriously than you are.
This seller (DX Wholesale) is obviously not
following Yahoo's TOS or Yahoo's very own Auction Guidelines.
Aren't you're Terms of Service and Auction Guidelines to be taken literally? Not to mention, aiding and abetting a federal crime.
I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you for your time.

Richard Esbensen

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Remove this seller and aggressively protect the consumer.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/11/2002:
If he had such bad feedback why did you do business with him???
Anonymous on 04/11/2002:
I'm going to have to side with logan on this one. If you knew the seller had such bad ratings, you should never have bought anything from them.
agallo1006 on 04/17/2002:
Yahoo actions should remove him and all others who steal from buyers however, we need to be careful when buying and check feedback prior to bidding on items to prevent this fraud form happening as well.
fredmilliet2000 on 04/27/2002:
Yahoo Auctions let one of there sellers take me for $310.00 they rated the seller good before I paid him. I made complains emailed them yahoo never replied. they have no control over there sellers THEY ARE A PISS POOR ORGANIZATION
fredmilliet2000 on 05/08/2002:
I was taken for $310.00 on yahoo auction by a seller in oct.of 2001,no way should a seller be out there without a credit check, It shows yahoo auction don"t care about the buyers. I tried to contact Yahoo Auctions many time to find out what they found out NO REPLY GET LOST
Tiggerfan1979 on 06/02/2004:
Yahoo Auctions doesn't care about the consumer that's for sure. They have people on there selling all kinds of things, and never emailing the winners to let them know they win auctions. Several users on there stole money from my friend and claimed they never got it.....
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