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Cancel my Website Account!
Posted by on
RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- I emailed you about canceling my website account. I tried using the directions on the your website, but the only thing that was deleted was the Yahoo account that managed the website. Now, I cannot login to delete the account. When I email you about this at the beginning of February, I received what apparently was a drafted email. It helped me in no way, because it always told me to login into my account. Once again, the account that manages the website no longer exists. Since then I have, basically been receiving the same drafted emails, and no human response. I do not appreciate having to go through all of this mess just to have a website deleted.

I first, would like a reimbursement for my website, dated back to February 5, 2002, when I first received your response. Second, I would like my website removed immediately. And lastly, please provide some other method of contacting someone without having to email you. A phone number would be nice, especially if we are purchasing something from you.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/16/2002:
fils de putain!
darlene on 02/27/2006:
I caceled with them on-line, got a confirmation e-mail, the whole nine yards. My fault I didn't check my credit card statement. Been charging me since October for a free trial. Would have been cheaper to buy the whole year. Called them up and the girl said " Oh, we've been having trouble with that" I say yeah, and you are going to have trouble as long as the company is making a profit off it.
kwv on 01/08/2007:
My Geocities (Yahoo) free website was cancelled with no warning, because they said I cannot have outside links on my webpage.

So does this mean many other people with Geocities sites who has outside links will have their account cancelled?

PS The reason I wrote the above here, is because like the parent company Yahoo, I got a no, poor or slow response.
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Pornography and Abuse Reporting
Posted on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Someone using a e-mail address is sending out unsolicited obscene material (complete) with graphics to a minor. This, I believe is a violation of Yahoo's Terms of service, relevant sections below:

"You agree to not use the Service to:

(a) upload, post or otherwise transmit
any Content that is unlawful, harmful,
threatening, abusive, harassing,
tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene,
libelous, invasive of another's
privacy, hateful, or racially,
ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

(b) harm minors in any way;"

Multiple complaints to Yahoo's abuse department generate the same canned reply, which does you no good if you are not a Yahoo user, which I am not.

Obviously, Yahoo, like most other ISP's are not interested in enforcing their own Terms of Service, unless it suits them.

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pinocle games
Posted by on
Yahoo needs to monitor the cheating going on in their games. Stop instant messaging for one while playing games.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/19/2002:
There will always be cheaters. If they take away one tool (ie - chat), then the cheaters will just find another way. I don't think there is anything Yahoo can really due to stop it in the long run.
Anonymous on 04/24/2003:
Step 1: Move out of your parents' basement. Step 2: Get laid.
Step 3: Repeat the following mantra - "It's an online game. Money is not involved. Who frigging cares? I am a pathetic hermit."
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