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Yahoo American Greetings
Posted by on
INDIANA -- Like others, I was trapped into an automatic renewal program. I did receive an e-mail about the renewal and the fact that I could cancel. But Yahoo, an internet icon, does not allow cancellation on-line.

The reason: when you call the given number, if connected at all (the first time I was sent into cyberspace) you will have to wait forever for a reply.

I've yet to learn if indeed they did cancel.
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saj80 on 01/28/2009:
What is Yahoo American Greetings? There seem to be numerous complaints, but I've never checked them out.
Anonymous on 01/28/2009:
It's operated by American Greetings. The Yahoo American Greetings are free. But when I click on the free trial the next page says memberships are sold separately. A site map search yields no link to a cancellation policy. I did find that all service are provided by third parities. There's the problem because there's no way to find out who they are.
DebtorBasher on 01/28/2009:
A lot of companies won't take cancellations over the Internet because they want you to call them, so they can talk you out of it or try to sell you some kind of service...
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Cancellation of Service
Posted by on
Yahoo did send me an email about the bill that was coming up and how to cancel the service. So I did what they said and went to "manage my account" it had me verify my password before I could move forward with the process. I clicked on the cancellation button and it kept moving through questions about why was I cancelling, and to click yes-continue cancellation process, so the next screen asked if I wanted to just "downgrade" my service, click yes - to downgrade or click no - to continue the cancellation, next screen was do you have issues with our service, click yes to continue cancellation or no - to I clock yes to continue and it goes to another sign in screen. So I am thinking, it's done, I'm back at the sign in screen. Well, guess what, I was wrong you had to sign in a 2nd time, and then it would continue to cancel.

So I got charged for a service I maybe used twice for the year, believe me, they haven't heard the last of it. I have every intention of filing a claim against them, hope their attorney's are coming to my area small claims court. They are deceiving people with their system, and I think they should pay!
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User Replies:
Ponie on 05/17/2008:
Although I feel you should have been able to complete the cancellation, hoping 'their attorney's are coming to [your] area small claims court...' will do you no good. You're the one who has to initiate the suit.
madconsumer on 05/18/2008:
what would yahoo charge for anyway?
Starlord on 05/18/2008:
I have a big shock for you. Lawyers are not allowed in small claims courts, unless they are there either as plaintiffs of defendants. In small claims courts, each party has to act as his/her own representative. In your case, file your suit, naming the CEO of Yahoo! and file it in your local jurisdiction. You have the choice of filing in your court or theirs. You want to travel to Yahoo's home court? I wouldn't. Chances are, they won't have anyone show up. Bang, You win by default.
Anonymous on 05/18/2008:
Heliumhead, Starlord is right. Yahoo is in California. So you would have to have a friend or someone file the papers and service in Sunnyvale, Ca. You can also file everything by mail. But you will have to appear as the plaintiff in your case. You can't use an attorney in California but Yahoo may send one to defend themselevs as representing Yahoo corporate.

My guess is for what a lawyer charges Yahoo for a day in court the may even send a corporate officer. That's if they even show up. They may ignore it, you win and now have to collect on your judgment. Or they might pay you just to make it go away.

Good luck to you as Yahoo is one of the 800lb gorilla's you will be fighting with.
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Auto-renewal runaround...
Posted by on
I recently e-mailed Yahoo Greetings to cancel my membership because they were about to renew FOR me and (of course) charge me another annual fee.
I received this e-mail:
"We prefer to process your cancellation in a secure manner. Therefore, we ask that you call us at 1-866-228-2434. We understand the inconvenience this may cause, but some cancellations require that we ask for information that is not safe to send via email."
This was my reply:
"This is a load of crap. You didn't need to speak to me to take my money and sign me up!!! I am sitting here on hold, waiting for "the next available agent" reconsidering my past praise and loyalty to Yahoo products..."
I had already written to Yahoo complaining because they won't give you an e-mail address -- only a link -- so you don't have proof that you ever contacted them. Now this.


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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/24/2006:
I have to agree with Sonja. It is a load of crap. What's next. You can't cancel unless you personally deliver your cancellation request to one of our membership retention specialist in New Delhi India. “What’s wrong with using a plane, did you forget how to do it?”
CobraCat77 on 04/24/2006:
I agree with JayD. Many companies have this policy in effect so that they can ask specifically why you want to cancel. If they can't entice you back, at least they can see if a disproportionate percentage of people are ticked with a certain aspect and they can then take steps to fix that problem.
And oh, they might want to make sure you're actually YOU, and not a disgruntled ex-student/neighbor/etc trying to get revenge on you.
viperpa33s on 04/24/2006:
I don't see what the big deal is, it's not like you have to pay for the call. I agree, they want to make sure it's you and not some other disgruntled person calling.
rhondam718732 on 04/25/2006:
I think the bottom-line is that all these companies have ZERO problems taking your money via the Internet without ever talking to you - and we all know fraud can take place there. So if a company demands you call to cancel as a way to "survey" you then pist on that. Time is valuable and Sonja said she was left on hold - who knows how long - and if you're calling from your cell that uses up your minutes. Overall - they are making it dofficult so that you let it go or give up and they can renew you. I once waited on hold 23 minutes - on my cell to cancel a service w/ Google that I wasn't allowed to cancel online.
abacab on 10/14/2006:
Calling ain't so bad, it's waiting for someone to pick up the phone! They can easily find a secure way, they don't have a problem with taking your money!
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Yahoo Music is a scam! Save Yourselves!
Posted by on
Save yourself the time and headaches by NOT using the Yahoo music subscription services! Yahoo is very quick to charge your credit card, but not so quick to allow access to the music you pay for. It claims that there is a refund service should music fail to license. The problem is, no matter how much information about a track you give them, the transaction or anything else concerning their failure to deliver, you can never give them enough detail to process a refund. On top of that, in my case, for the songs I bought that Yahoo was kind enough to allow me to access, suddenly one day they would no longer play! Contact Yahoo AGAIN several times and I get the same stock answer that I need to provide more detail to fix the problem.

Yahoo Music subsciption is a scam! There is no one to police them so they can get away with it! Do not help them steal from you!
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User Replies:
beanbagbritches on 06/06/2006:
This is why my grandkids & I use Napster.
tjaco on 10/26/2006:
I will second that. My experience was a bit different having to do with the Yahoo auto renewal policy.

Yahoo uses extremely deceptive billing practices. I signed up for Yahoo music a year ago. Used it a few times but decided Rhapsody was better. I totally forgot about it until I saw a charge for Yahoo music on my credit card statement to renew another year. I figured no problem, I'll just call and cancel.

I was shocked to learn that Yahoo would not refund the subscription for the new year. They, of course, fall back on the contract which states failure to cancel before renewal results in automatic non refundable charge blah, blah blah. Fine, but I would expect a company of Yahoo's stature to put customer service above hiding behind legalese that, like it or not, not everybody reads. It's just plain slimy to lock people into paying for a service they don't want and aren't going to use. It says to me that Yahoo is not very confident about the appeal and/or value of their products. I will never be sucked into giving another dime to Yahoo no matter how attractive the offer sounds. Google's motto of "Don't be Evil" has never made so much sense.

honeeze on 11/07/2006:
oh man I wish I had seen this earlier. Yahoo Music charged my debit card and I have since incured over $257 charges negative to my checking account. Yahoo even told me on the phone they activated my INACTIVE card and now won't refund the money. My bank thought they could get it back but no luck. I'm smelling a class action lawsuit on this!! You can only cancel you Music membership via telephone--try find a phone number listed anywhere on yahoo it's impossible.

Yahoo sucks, I'm cancelling everything I can think of with them.
peace55 on 12/31/2006:
I agree - Yahoo website is deceptive. I cancelled my Music Membership within the 14 day free trial and they won't refund my $119 - said I'd signed up under a special promotion underwhich the free trial didn't apply. I went back to the website to see where I'd missed that and could n't find it anywhere. I also will not do business with Yahoo in the future. See my other posting for details.
myCent on 09/06/2007:
they pretty much did the same thing to me ( regarding the auto-renewal ). however, when I called, I would not take no for an answer. I did not care how many people I went through, or how many levels of management I had to talk to, they were going to give me my money back. I finally got a manager ( the fourth person up the chain ), he too told me that they would not refund the money. finally I told him that he could use the membership himself as I would not be using the piece of crap. I then requested to have him email me the name and number of his boss so that I could resolve this myself ( since a manager was not capable of authorizing a $74.88 refund ). he put me on hold for about a minute, returned to the phone and told me that my money would be refunded. that was three weeks ago, still no refund. I just thought I won that battle! I guess I will be making another call soon.
Tobs66 on 11/03/2007:
COMPARE YAHOO WEBSITES - Ridiculous SCAM! ... offers "Try It Free For 7 Days", hides the "NOTE: A valid
subscription is required to access saved songs" in light-grey small print outside the
advertisement frame, AND that:
Yahoo! Music Unlimited is available to Canadian subscribers only.
Cost? $83.88 per year, billed annually (that's just $6.99 per month). offers "ENJOY 14 FREE DAYS ON US!", hides the "NOTE: A valid
subscription is required to access saved songs" in light-grey small print outside the
advertisement frame, AND that:
Yahoo! Music Unlimited is available to U.S.-based subscribers only.
Cost? $71.88 per year, billed annually (that's just $5.99 per month). offers a $5.99/month annual
subscription - the same as the U.S.-based site above, but indicates fairly clearly (in
black text INSIDE the advertisement frame) that "A valid subscription is required to save
Monthly only subscription? $8.99/month!

CIRCUMSTANCES - GIVE THIS "Yahoo" company your credit card or banking information. It is
an incredible disgrace to realize that a multi-billion dollar company is succeeding (or
should I say "feeding") by ripping people around North America off! Does anyone really
believe that the ARTISTS are being paid by Yahoo!? Yeah, sure. If I were an artist, I
would think twice before allowing them to put MY WORK up for "sale". "Class Action"? I
can't wait! The customer service telephone recordings we have compiled should be worth something in way of punitive damages themselves! IT IS TIME TO STOP THESE PATHETIC corporate online BULLIES!
DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE RIPPED OFF ANYMORE! Good luck to all those who have lost
money (and time) to this scam!!!
missjackie on 12/03/2008:
I have been fighting with Yahoo & Rhapsody for months over this. Now they refuse to even respond to me. I have been BEGGING for customer technical support over my inability to listen to the music I paid for. I really wish I could find others who are ready to file a class action lawsuit.
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Yahoo Mail loads s-l-o-w or not at all for the past ten days. [Sunday, November 7, 2010]
Posted by on
This has been going on for a while. There are periods of terrible speed. I think that Yahoo hasn't kept up with user demand. Goodbye Yahoo. Hello Google.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/07/2010:
I have been having issues with yahoo as well. Mail and Messenger have been slow a lot of the time.
raven2010 on 11/07/2010:
I mostly access yahoo mail from my smartphone and I have to agree with the OP. it is SLOW lately and very inaccurate.

I will get alerts that I have mail, only to log on and find nothing. Hours later, logging on randomly, I will see mail that was sent hours if not days previously.
MRM on 11/07/2010:
I haven't been checking my Yahoo mail for a while and I've just checked for mails (46 new mails). No slowing down as you've experienced.
Anonymous on 11/07/2010:
Yahoo hasn't been slow for me. Hotmail, on the other hand, has been very slow lately
MRM on 11/07/2010:
Hotmail loads up fast for me. It depends where you are located.
Anonymous on 11/07/2010:
Never really had a problem with Yahoo or Google. All sites go down and slow down from ime to time.
Venice09 on 11/07/2010:
Hotmail is now a complete disaster. Ever since the latest upgrade to "Live" (or whatever they did to make it worse), I constantly have to refresh. It takes forever to get through the mail. The only reason I continue to use it is because I've had the same address for a long time and don't want to change it. Otherwise, I'd use gmail exclusively.

Welcome back, shorty!
leet60 on 11/07/2010:
I have had no issues with Yahoo, either on my computer or on my non smart phone - load times seems to be the same. Perhaps it is a problem either with only some of their servers or with the provider your internet service is through.
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Posted by on
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Alain on 05/15/2010:
Samie? I'm not seeing anything?
Starlord on 05/15/2010:
samie12386 on 05/18/2010:
I'm not sure what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yahoo Security Allows Passwords And Secret Questions To Be Stolen
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- Don't trust your e-mail accounts at Yahoo.

Yahoo's server is full of holes and can be hacked. I had my password changed along with my security questions. Yahoo refuses to admit it has security problems. Yahoo customer service will not help you once your account has been compromised and your credit history destroyed.

Yahoo security offers no protection to it's consumer. Yahoo has been hacked.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/10/2009:
Someone hacked into my Hotmail account a few months ago. I noticed emails were in my sent box that I never sent. I changed my password and security questions and got rid of any emails that had any personal info about myself. I don't think anything on the internet is secure. A lot of my friends have had their MySpace accounts hacked into.
Slimjim on 03/10/2009:
It wasn't so much Yahoo was hacked, is that it was your email account that was hacked. Any email account is susceptible to intrusion by hackers if you have a weak password. Someone used a tool and it figured out your password. I had the same thing happen to me on Ebay. Best defense, no matter where your email is hosted from, is use strong passwords if you care at all about the info in that account. Long characters with upper/lower case and numeric mix. Throw in a punctuation mark or two.
madconsumer on 03/10/2009:
isn't this the same complaint from this morning? just a different poster?
Soaring Consumer on 03/10/2009:
This is something I really hate about email accounts - the email providers do not typically permit special characters to be used in passwords nor do they offer case sensitivity.
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Yahoo billing complaint
Posted by on
I signed up with yahoo web hosting starter plan. Such plan, as they had indicated on their website is 8.96 for the first two months. The 25 dollar set up fee is supposed to be waived. For the first two months only, instead of being charged 11.95 per month, they charge 8.96....
Regardless of what was stated on their wehsite,
Yahoo went ahead and charged the 25 dollar set up fee and 11.95 per month charge to my card...


thank you,
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Yahoo charged me without authorization and won't give my money back
Posted by on
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- I subscribed to Yahoo Mail Plus over a year ago. It was renewed without my consent in January of 2006. I don't remember any notice from them. It's possible that it was lost in the assortment of spam that Yahoo unfortunately sends it's consumers, but I believe that I would have been alert to this.

I have emailed Yahoo's billing department a number of times to try to get them to reverse the charges. I've let them know that I'm going to contest them with the credit card company. Their activities look like obstruction and delaying tactics. I was asked for a lot of identifying info and then told that my "Yahoo Personal" had been closed. I was told that I could cancel for a pro-rated refund. I happen to believe that companies that STEAL, and that is what they have done, don't deserve to keep part of my money and I am going for a full refund.

This is a lot like what other supposedly legitimate companies are doing, charging people's credit cards for unwanted subscriptions or renewals and making it hard for people to get this reversed. Time, AOL, Verizon, and other legitimate companies are doing this this. In fact, Time was just sued by an Attorney General for this behavior. It's sad. I don't trust Yahoo now and will not be buying anything from them in the future.

I found the name and mailing address of Yahoo's CEO for those who want it. (From the company profile at Yahoo Financial) The phone and fax numbers would be the main ones at corporate headquarters rather than those of the CEO himself.

Mailing Address for the CEO of Yahoo

Terry Semel
Chairman & CEO
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Phone: 408-349-3300
Fax: 408-349-3301

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User Replies:
CobraCat77 on 03/28/2006:
I am a Time magazine subscriber and didn't read the fine print when I first subscribed. The second I saw they had renewed without my consent I called them, and they gladly offered to refund my pro-rated money and stated that the renewal policy was in the fine print. I had no problem with was my problem for not reading the fine print, same as this is your problem for the same reason.
dsmith68 on 03/28/2006:
I have many Yahoo accounts and rarely get spam from them.. IF you do not uncheck the marketing preferences then you would probably get tons..
Anonymous on 03/28/2006:
I would go for pro-rated refund and chuck it up to experience. You are right they (big companies) do this all the time they take their lead from the government and know it all people like dsmith68 and the other guy. Carry on Regardless, dude!
dsmith68 on 03/29/2006:
How is the OP supposed to 'carry on'? Carry on ignoring the fine print?
nordberg on 03/30/2006:
actually had the same thing happen to me, but I just rather pay the $10/yr than try and waste my time dealing with yahoo, which is near impossible...Time magazine is just a little bit easier to get in touch with. Also, dsmith, if you can show me the fine print on their website that shows the consumer that they will automatically charge you annually for the rest of your life, I might just mail you a dollar.
Anonymous on 03/31/2006:
Dsmith68 has big glass’s and a big nose to hold them up. Why, he can read anything. Carry on means "Fight the Fight", don't give up or let it roll. Just do what you need.
fbsoaps on 04/19/2006:
Yahoo deactivated my Yahoo ID, yet kept billing my bank account for bill pay. As Yahoo is a Yahoo ID driven system, you can only communicate with them if you have a Yahoo ID, which is what they inactivated. I caught on to this about a year after, and I am completely amazed. They cancel me off of their groups (my ID) and then, keep billing me for a service I have no access to. I have filed a report with the BBB and also with the state of California consumer protection division and will see what other avenues I can take to get my money back from Yahoo!
Valued Customers? on 10/07/2006:
I was actually sent a letter from Yahoo telling me that if I didn't respond by a certain date, my account would be cancelled. The service was worthless anyway, so I wanted it cancelled, so I didn't respond by the date. Instead of cancelling, like they said they would do in the letter, they recharged my credit card. When I called and spoke to several people, one of which was a manager, I was told I cannot have my money back because it went to a 3rd party. The fact that my account should have been cancelled was like a foreign language to them, and so they'd repeat themselves again and again like a broken record, never addressing my point.

I know this thread is old, but if anybody ever reads it again, I want them to see that this happened to me too.
Valued Customers? on 12/21/2007:
I had a similar experience, I disputed the charge through my credit card company and Yahoo didn't respond, so the money was returned to me. Yahoo sent me a letter requesting that I renew membership, and telling me that my account would be ended if I did not, but when I ignored the letter, they charged my credit card! I avoid Yahoo now!
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Phone # for Yahoo Music
Posted by on
Dear "mycents": How about posting the phone number for Yahoo Music as I can not find it listed anywhere. I have a number of complaints with this streaming music website. Thanks.
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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 09/23/2007:
The only thing I could find was help forms to send to them. Have you tried those?
CarmVit on 09/23/2007:
THanks for your comment.

I already wrote to them but they keep asking for more information. It would be so much easier just to speak with someone.
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