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Denounce the company Ygnition Networks
Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My name is Frank from Orlando, Florida
I hereby denounce the company Ygnition Networks
First, the service is absolutely the worst, customer service employees as employees of service schemes broke the bad treatment and customer service. Never had such unpleasant experience, when call request I miss the services much your name, for never in my 14 years living in Florida had heard that company but otherwise had no choice because the company was available in the area where I live.

Contact this company was a production, first because it is located in another area outside the limits of Florida therefore time is not the same, I was about 45 minutes to make the connection with customer services. The customer service staff is rude and unhelpful and basically does not care if they solve your problem or not. Your statement in indecipherable - there are so many expenses and fees is a joke!

Service was never installed corresponding day, when Ygnition service representative came to my house demonstrated all the time attitude, I put the box online where you felt like if you follow the instructions you gave turn did not have the tools necessary to carry out the connection, add to this that I put an old equipment and incomplete, I asked him several questions about equipment and said that responsibility for customer services that their duty was only to install the equipment.

How nice to start as a new customer I was very disgusted with the abuse and bad service Ygnition call the next day to cancel all, because I did not like how I dealt with from the beginning and things that start bad end badly.
When I went to cancel my service, I still want to charge for the month, plant and equipment old site that sent me,
a lack of respect, the girl I went to customer service to Ygnition stated that
"You have to give 30 days’ notice so we can pro-rate the law.”
That is unfair because it does not give notice of such requirement; also notify me that the internet box it had to send them back to Texas. I asked him why his local representative could not pick it up and his response was simply that they did not do that, Now you can leave the equipment, but not picked to ridicule, I guess they use this tactic to discourage people to stop this terrible service I told him to send me the bill that I would talk to my lawyer, not even 5 minutes passed and the manager called back to give me credit and a ha! Why? if I had not eaten anything from this service I said, I will invoice you automatically.

Not once this company gave me any document, until today I have not received any contract, only bills with a high amount when I canceled the next day. This company is thieves’ consumers making his fortune swindled customers. Please create a class action, is not money, is the dignity and respect us as consumers, we cannot let these things keep happening
enough of the abuse of trade monsters. However, demand collective worth it.
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Does your new or prospective community or complex have Ygnition?
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- It looked to me as if a more contemporary review of Ygnition Networks was in order as the previous ones are a bit dated.

I've marked this review "Informative" because that is what it is.

If you've been reading the old posts for Ygnition cable, internet, etc. then let me give you a brief synopsis so you can be on your way, after the first sentence, if you like.

Nothing has changed.

Ygnition Networks is a provider of low-quality, high speed internet, and cable TV. They primarily deal in contracts with suburban communities (HOA) and apartment complexes. Primarily apartment complexes, because a well educated, informed person like yourself would be able to see straight through their deceit.

Let's cover the internet section first, if you please.

The best service you can purchase from Ygnition in your community is their High Speed Internet. There is a variation that gives you a Static IP address (feel free to Wikipedia that), but that does nothing for you as far as speed and bandwidth go. You will pay around $40 a month for this service (or a few dollars less if bundled with cable TV). Your speeds are promised UP TO 1.5 mbps (1500kbps) download and 768kbps upload. Now notice UP TO in the previous sentence is in capital letters. This is typical of all internet providers and shouldn't worry you. What should worry you is what you will actually get. Today (I am an Ygnition customer) my download speeds capped at 250 kbps. That is kilobytes, not megabytes. Kilobytes are smaller than megabytes. That means to download an entire mp3 song from the web would take you around 8 minutes to download (you have to calculate the distance between the server your downloading from, it's capacity, bandwidth, etc. , so I've estimated for you). If you are an online gamer, you will be that guy that appears to be skipping or blinking around the game. If you are trying to view a friends Facebook or myspace page, it could take around 5 minutes for the entire page to actually load.

Now, you would assume that this wouldn't happen all of the time, but it does. And why? Because some little punk in your complex is either using a P2P file sharing client (such as Limewire, Bearshare, RipTorrent, etc.) to download and upload his porn collection from the wonderful worldwide web, or he's actually running a full fledged server in his apartment/home.

So what do we do? We call tech support. They will run you through various tests they learned from "Network Support for Idiots". They will have you unplug things from your modem/router. They will have you renew your IP address, run a virus scan, balance a bottle of Tequila on your nose and pray to the Indian goddess Shiva to save you. When all of this fails and your speedtests still bottom out, the support person will have a revelation from heaven. "Hey, someone is abusing bandwidth by running a server or P2P client." They will then promise to take care of that dirty offender. And they will as their policy is to discontinue service to those people. So little Johnny, whose porn server has just been knocked offline, will call in the morning and complain about his service not working. Ygnition will have him back up and hogging all the bandwidth by the time you get home from work. Have an online college class? That's too bad. Want to relax and play your Xbox or PC online with your friends? Too bad. You won't be able to, because Ygnition cares more about the money Porno Johnny is forking over than your money. You will be calling Ygnition three or more times a week for the next 6 months and it won't get any better. The sad truth is, that you, Johnny, and probably two other people in the complex actually use their service for internet, so it would hurt their business to ban Johnny from using the line.

Upload speeds are fine, except for the few minutes a day Johnny actually contributes to the Webs massive horde of music and porn. Although the promised upload speeds are around 500 to 768 kbps, you will usually see around 1200 kbps when you run a speed test. Phenomenal, except that, remember, download speeds are in the low 200s.

In summary, if you are moving to a complex who offers Ygnition services (make sure you ask), don't move there. You either won't have any other option for service, or the alternatives (probably AT&T Uverse) will be coming off the same line Ygnition uses. AT&T's T1 lines.

Oh yeah, as a sidenote because I don't watch TV that much, their cable won't work when it's cloudy sometimes. Also, local channels are all fuzzy and distorted. Oooh, and it's not Ygnition analog, it's rerouted Dish Network, from a lone dish situated somewhere around the dumpsters I'm sure.
Company Response 9/8/2010:
Good evening,
My name is Amber and I am with the Ygnition Cares Team. My goal is to discuss any issues that you may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past and help connect you with the proper Ygnition department to get these issues resolved. Ideally, we would like to be able to come up with a solution that works for you and help you become a satisfied customer again. We understand though, that you may have had unsatisfactory experiences and may be very frustrated. We truly want to work with you to discuss these issues so that you know that your voice is being heard. We also may already have solutions for you to several of the complaints that I have seen in this forum.
Please let us know how we can assist you.
-Amber C.
Customer Relations Associate
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User Replies:

Ohhnoregrets on 2009-01-14:
Oh man, I'm moving into a complex and the only option for TV they have IS Ygnition. They have a secondary ISP (Quest) but I was hoping for a bundle pack, ie: internet, cable, dvr.

Hopefully this company won't be around for too much longer.
blazzbee on 2009-03-08:
Ygnition really is bad. Periods of days with horribly slow download speeds. When it is this slow, it takes minutes to load a simple website, and forget about any larger downloads. I've seen 100 megabyte file take over 8 hours to download (I wish this was an exaggeration, though it is not the norm) -- download speeds vary greatly though, from moments where you can't get any connection whatsoever to lucky days whre you will average 300-500kilobytes/s (not kilobits)all day -- but they are quite rare. I think they put too many subscribers on each drop and the result is an overloaded, unreliable, and (for some reason?) overpriced service. My experience with them has been pretty bad.
Amber w/ Ygnition Cares on 2010-09-07:
Good morning,
My name is Amber and I am with the Ygnition Cares Team. My goal is to discuss any issues that you may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past and help connect you with the proper Ygnition department to get these issues resolved. Ideally, we would like to be able to come up with a solution that works for you and help you become a satisfied customer again. We understand though, that you may have had unsatisfactory experiences and may be very frustrated. We truly want to work with you to discuss these issues so that you know that your voice is being heard. We also may already have solutions for you to several of the complaints that I have seen in this forum.
Please let us know how we can assist you.
-Amber C.
Customer Relations Associate
Dracconus on 2011-03-28:
It's horrifically typical of the company to post a response on a blog like this, and because of that, I think that it's time for a nerd with his own company, server, game, and site to say something to these ISP's. (Or wannabe's thereof)
1. The internet is a pipeline of trafficable data, being restricted should NEVER be an option, and it WOULDN'T HAVE TO BE if companies that started off with WAY too little money didn't buy nodes. Yes, I'm DIRECTLY referrign to you, and quest, and other companies that rent out towers, and nodes, and then call yourselves providers.
I've been with SEVERAL large scale hosting providers, and have NEVER had to worry about my service being ripped off due to me hosting a site, or server, because I paid for MY internet, not someone elses too.
2. HOW DARE YOU CHARGE CONSUMERS FOR WHAT THEY ARE NOT GETTING. Are you aware that there are over 15 THOUSAND class action lawsuits in place right now in the judiciary system over companies doing EXACTLY that?!? You're telling your customers that they have to pay the same thing as someone else but that's not what it is at all. The real fact is that Johnny porn (as described above) is the one getting the good deal, because he's utilizing a full backbone connection to his advantage, and screwing over the rest of your customers, and you won't do crap about it, because, let's face it. YOU CAN'T. You can't afford to ban him, restrict his usage [even though as a provider (and if you were a real one you'd know this) that is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE TO DO!]
3. You tell me to pay forty a month for something when someone else is using more of it, and paying the same, I tell you to screw off.
4. YOu want more subscribers, and more people that actually RATE your service, instead of just diss it, then I tell you this.
Get off your corporate asses. Realize that there's more to running a business than scamming people, and thinking "Meh, there'll be another sucker someday" because, eventually, you're going to run out of suckers, and people are going to wise up. That is the EXACT reason that websites, blogs, social netowrks, etc. EXIST. Home based users that said "I want to get my word out on this matter." And they did, and now they have a site, or "company (respectively speaking) where they inform consumers of the choices they're making.

As a foot note, I'l include this informative bit, as I'm pretty sure you don't even give a crap, because you're just some twerp who's paid to write responses to these things, and not actually a part of the problem at all...
The other day, I was making a moving decision, and asked an apartment manager that UTILIZES YOUR INTERNET "Do you think it would be a good idea to get Ygnition internet service? I know that they feed a full backbone to the entire complex, but they have no listed speed, and I'm wondering if it's shared, or per home."
Their reply to me was this Verbatim:
" Regrettably, I'm currently unaware of how their service is now, but I've been with them before, and I know that the speed is shared throughout the complex, and there is NO GUARANTEE on speed at all (that means I may pay for a month where I don't even HAVE internet...screw that.), and my best advice to you as a consumer would be to go with Clearwire Communications."

And, on to point number two.
There are several things you can due to improve your service. Here are a few tips, since you apparently don't have enough common sense to figure them out for yourself.
1. Monitor the number of packets being sent/received every day. If they continue to be a high number, over 2Gigs, then you've got yourself a P2P'er. Scan their ports, and see which one's they're utilizing (tons of software can do this even on a consumer level, so I want no excuses.) and then find out if any relate to P2P software, and if so, then cap their speed.
2. Give your customers what they're paying for. No one is going to stay with a company that provides internet, but can't seem to "get it right." Doesn't matter if you think you're the "ONLY OPTION" you're not...EVER!!!
3. Don't make someone else suffer through speed issues when you promise High Speed, but aren't able to accompany that. (That's called breach of contract.) I know for myself, I'll never go with you, until you learn to work those vrads, and make those lines work for you.
BTW, if you're not sure how...Here's a tip...Consumers have four diagonal ports, legally, we're only allowed to use two.
kali2199 on 2011-08-30:
you should be fired for this that just goes to show what type of customer servce consumers have to tolerate with this awful type of hostility an anger in exchange for customer service.
New guy on 2013-07-04:
Hello, I'm new to the area and I was thinking of getting this service... I called and waited on hold for 20 minutes before I decided to hang up. Anyhow does anyone know their actual speeds and prices? Thx
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Ygnition cable and internet sucks!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA -- 2/12 – The Grammys were to begin at 8:00pm PST. However, in Hillsborough Park La Habra, CA, this did not happen. I spend approximately 45 minutes on the phone with Ygnition, most of it being on hold only to come to the conclusion that Channel 2, CBS, a network channel that is FREE was not working properly. The channel was on with movie trailers and Dish Network commercials BUT NO GRAMMY AWARDS. There were approximately 12 people in my apartment waiting for the Grammys to begin at 8:00pm PST and they had been in my apartments since approximately 4:00pm for this particular event. Ygnition said they would send someone out but couldn’t give a time of when it would be fixed. I got off the phone with them at 8:55pm after being on the phone with them since 8:16pm. I was informed that my account would be noted for a credit request.

2/15 – I called Ygnition. The representative informed me that a supervisor would call me in about 3 hours but definitely by the end of the day. I never received a call.

2/16 – I called Ygnition again since a supervisor did not return my call. I was informed AGAIN that a supervisor would definitely call me before the day was over. I never received a call.

2/20 – I called Ygnition again since I never received a return call. The representative spoke to a supervisor only to come back to the phone to let me know that they couldn’t give me a credit due to it only being one channel. I asked them to give me a credit for multiple channels. He told me that he couldn’t since multiple channels weren’t out. How would anyone know that since the only channel anyone was looking for was CBS (channel 2)? I informed him that the entire apartment complex was out. There was no resolution.

Ygnition customer service is terrible. They keep you on hold for several minutes searching into the depths of nothing for an answer that doesn’t represent “customer service.”

Even worse than their cable service and customer service is their internet. It’s like having dial-up all over again. It’s awful. It’s the worst internet I have EVER had since I had AOL dial-up.

Ygnition, thank you for sucking so bad that I plan to put as many bad reviews online as possible.
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User Replies:

jonthethird on 2012-02-20:
Ygnition is a small company which provides video and internet services to apartment communities. The owner of the property gives Ygnition the exclusive right to sell the services in exchange for a cut of the revenue. They are pretty shaky, the technology is 20 years behind the times, and the customer service sucks. Avoid any apartment which has Ygnition
Ygnition Customer Care on 2012-02-23:
Hello, I am an associate with Ygnition and I wanted to reach out and see if you would consider sending your Name, Community Name, Account Number, and Service Order Number(if you have it) so we can review your case.

We take our customer service very seriously and I would consider it a great favor to have the opportunity to assist you.

Email us at: customersupport@ygnition.com. Please put "Hillsborough Park La Habra, CA online complaint" in the subject line.

Thank you for the chance to assist you.
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The worst cable service ever! Never get Ygnition
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I recently moved to a new apartment complex in phoenix Arizona and had never even heard of this company before I moved here. I am forced to have this company because I live on the wrong side of the building for direct TV. This is the worst service ever! I constantly have outages and signal losses and I cannot call Dish Network because they sold the rights of this service to Ygnition! I constantly call and when I do I have to call several times because I am usually on hold for over ten minutes. According to a service representative that means that my call was not in the cue and they have problems with incoming calls also! When I do get someone they are not even helpful!

Forget calling on the weekends because they lie on their site and tell you that their representatives are available 24/7, but you get an answering service that takes down your name and number so that a tech support representative will call you back, but that doesn't happen either! No one calls back and then you have to wait til Monday to call and wait for someone to answer once again. They price gauge you for the services that are not even reliable and they have the worst channels ever.

I pay $130 a month for two pay channels and a DVR because you have to have one of the services with the most channels to even upgrade to the DVR which you pay $15 extra a month for. I only have one connection in my house because more connections would be extra! Do not ever get this service.
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User Replies:

azRider on 2013-06-30:
I think your were lied to. I live in AZ and never heard of Ygnition and I have Dish Network. did you talk to Dish Network directly or some agent that sells it?
jonthethird on 2013-06-30:
Ygnition is a private cable/internet provider who contracts with apartment communities to provide services to that complex. There is usually an analog headend with a digital service using Dish Network equipment as an option. Dish does not service the accounts, Ygnition has that responsibility.
That said, Ygnition has cut back their once excellent service to save costs.
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Ygnition ripoff
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I live at a large luxury apartment complex in Phoenix, AZ, Biltmore Square. Ygnition, our cable company, and the property management company claim to have a 10 year contract which prohibits Cox Cable from coming in with TV or phone. Century Link can provide DSL at much higher bandwidth than Ygnition and phone service both of which I now have. Ygnition's bandwidth is not sufficient for all the TV and internet they offer. The condo complex allows Dish and Direct TV directly as long as a pole with the dish is clamped to the balcony railing, but for residents who do not have a south facing view, such as myself, we have no options. The Management company and condo association both claim that the contract prohibits any competition. For example, I wanted the Dish 250 package, with DISH it is 39.99 the first year then 69,99 the second of a 2 year contract which I would gladly sign. It has free HD service, free installation and a free HD DVR. Ygnition for the same package is no contract but $79.99 all the time, no free HD DVR, no free HD service and $34.99 installation.

I am in the process of filing complaints with the FCC under the RICO act, restrictiong competition and excessive pricing.

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User Replies:

jonthethird on 2012-08-07:
Exclusive contracts used to be common, but now are rare. The complex is getting part of the revenue, which is why Ygnition is able to get the exclusive. The FCC has no authority over PCOs, as they do not cross any public lands. You may file a complaint, but the situation has been adjudicated.
tarek307 on 2013-01-14:
we have ygnition here at the Montage complex in scottsdale & I hate this garbage service I'm STUCK with!
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Never Get Service From Ygnition
Posted by on
I requested a service and take a day off to be home for them to install. They did not even stop by but they notify the company that they came and left a note. Finally, they admitted they did not come. They kept overcharged me for 2 months, charged for service I did not requested so I called to cancel. They did not come to pick up the equipment on the day they scheduled so I had to take 2 day off to stay home for them to come and pick up the equipment since they said I have to be responsible for the equipment if I even left it at leasing office. They charged me to the end of the month but service was canceled on the day they pick up the equipment, just in the middle of the month. They did not refund me the full amount of credit of my account. Manager denied to talk to me. What a service!
I read some review before I requested the service but I could not believe the service/company service was that bad.

I appreciate who posted the review that is the reason I take some time to write mine to let the world know so you don't have the same bad experience like me and someone else for this kind of service. Wish you the best!
Company Response 9/8/2010:
Good evening,
My name is Amber and I am with the Ygnition Cares Team. My goal is to discuss any issues that you may be currently experiencing or have experienced in the past and help connect you with the proper Ygnition department to get these issues resolved. Ideally, we would like to be able to come up with a solution that works for you and help you become a satisfied customer again. We understand though, that you may have had unsatisfactory experiences and may be very frustrated. We truly want to work with you to discuss these issues so that you know that your voice is being heard. We also may already have solutions for you to several of the complaints that I have seen in this forum.
Please let us know how we can assist you.
-Amber C.
Customer Relations Associate
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