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Thinking about cosmetic surgery in Mexico?
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CALIFORNIA -- I was a 29yr old mother of three, in excellent health having never smoked and drank only occasionally. After the birth of my third child via ceserean section and having breastfed all three, I was unhappy with the appearance of both my breasts and abdomen. After talking to a coworker that had cosmetic surgery in Mexico by Dr. Soberanes, I contacted Jessica (a facilitator) and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Soberanes. Having seen and heard the horrors of botched surgeries in Mexico, I voiced my concerns to the doctor. He then assured me that he stood by his work 100% and if there were any complications he would correct them. After several conversations and reassurrance from my facilitator Jessica, I was scheduled for a breastlift with implants and tummytuck in March 2006. The day after surgery I returned home bandaged and unaware of the ensuing complications. On the third post-op day I removed the bandages to my breast (per the doctors instructions) and was alarmed to see that my left nipple and areola was black in color and oozing green puss and my right breast was hanging as if it had never been lifted. I immediately went to my local hospital and was told by a number of physicians that my left nipple and areola was necrotic (meaning dead tissue) because the blood supply to that area had been cut off for too long during the breast lift. I also acquired a severe infection from my breast augmentation. Understandably distraught, I contacted Jessica and informed her of my complications. Jessica assured me that she would not only contact the doctor but that he would correct these problems. After several trips back to the doctors Tijuana office, extensive antibiotic treatment, almost losing my left breast, and 2 more surgeries just to remove the dead breast tissue, I was verbally guaranteed by Dr. Soberanes that he would correct the mistakes he had made to my breast and at no additional charge to me. Being that he couldn't make any corrections until my breast had completely healed, he suggested that I wait 9 months before scheduling another surgery. Nine months later (and a completely healed and disfigured left breast) I contacted Jessica via email to schedule the reconstructive surgery. Both Dr. Soberanes and Jessica were very supportive until the day of my surgery at which time I saw a totally different side of them. From the time I first spoke to one of the doctors nurses and until I left his office in tears I was called a liar and lied to, belittled, and told I would have to pay $1,000 to have the doctor correct HIS mistakes. After paying Dr. Soberanes and a total of $8,000 I now have one mutilated left breast and a right breast that hangs lower than it did before the surgery. In time I will need at least two more surgeries to correct the obvious blunders that this so-called plastic surgeon made.

In my opinion is nothing more than a group of con-artists who lure unsuspecting women looking for an alternative to the high-priced plastic surgeons here in the United States into a lions den waiting to take their money and give them less than what they paid for. I have the mangled breasts to prove it!!
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MRM on 04/10/2007:
After reading your review, I felt disgusted from the condition you were in after the operation. Why do you have go to Mexico to have cosmetic surgeries? We have the best surgeons here in the US to make sure that you are satisfied with your looks. Flying all the way to Mexico for cosmetic surgery just boggles my mind.
Anonymous on 04/10/2007:
Tijuana Mexico? I don't get it, MRM pretty much covers your post.
DORCAS on 04/11/2007:
I am understanding from the post that she thought she was getting decent surgery for a lower price. The thought of going to another country is scarey because you do not have US laws to protect you. Also, I would advise mutilated&mad that you should see a board certified plastic surgeon in the U S and find out the payment plans that they have to offer. You will not only be more comfortable with the payment plan but you can pretty much guarantee a more safe and proper procedure. I am so sorry to hear how they butcherd you and I'm sure left you a bit mentally scarred. Thank God you didn't develop blood poisening on top of it all. Good Luck to you.
Noneill on 04/11/2007:
That is a horrible story. The only good that can come of this is you may have prevented someone else the pain and agony you experienced. Good luck with your reconstruction surgeries.
bill on 04/11/2007:
I am thinking the exact same thing as MRM. I understand what DORCAS is saying about wanting a lower price, but is surgery something you want done by the lowest bidder?
PSJGirlyGirl on 04/22/2007:

I am so sorry you are going through this. I know you must be getting a lot of "I told you so" comments from friends/family who were against you going abroad in the first place.

I'd like to invite you to a support forum for patients of plastic surgeons abroad called . We are an advocacy group "for patients, by patients" and discuss experiences such as yours. I am sure you could get support from others who have had simular experiences without blame there.

Thanks again for sharing your story and I pray for a positive outcome.

Mickeynco on 05/11/2008:
Could you contact me when you have a moment.

Applepie on 06/07/2008:
Hi. Your story is horrible! I'm so sorry that happened to you. But I do have to say Iv had multiple cosmetic procedures here in the us from very well known plastic surgeions and from 3 different plastic surgeons in Tijuana, and one of those was dr. soberanes. I do agree that the your makeovers people are the worst, and so after talking with them a bit I decided to conntact Dr. Soberanes myself and schedule my surgery. I went and he did a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, liposuction in 3 areas, and a vaginoplasty in which he called in a gynecologist and he assisted her.

Everything turned out fabulous! They were great. He's a fabulous surgeon, but all surgeons have infections at one time or another and they all make mistakes sometimes. Here in the US Iv seen this happen to many friends and family and the "protection" people think they have is pretty much non existent unless you die. It's VERY hard to sue and win a PS here because no one feels very sorry because they consider cosmetic surgery so vain. This is sad but true. And the Plastic surgeons here when you complain they get very defensive and a lot of time won't admit they did anything wrong and will stop taking your calls. So this has been my exp. I had a simple nose job here (and only the tip) the doctor totally destroyed my entire nose and it collapes and I couldn't even breath! All that and when I was in his office not only did he not say he would try and fix it, he actually told my it was fine and my imagination and not to come back to his office! So I ended up having to spend 20K on a rhino rev. specialist just to fix my ruined nose. That's my story
July333 on 02/10/2010:
Hi, like all of us I am so sorry you are going through this.
But we don’t have to generalize, I can tell you that in Mexico they are excellent plastic surgeons.

Mexico is one of the countries where are performed the most important number of plastic surgeries and not all the woman suffered from botched jobs. Quite contrary the majority of the works done are a success.
Of course in the USA they are excellent plastic surgeons but in Latin America also. The most important plastic surgery meetings and congress are in Brazil.

I performed several plastic surgeries (breast implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction and tummy tuck) in Bolivia through MakeoverTravel.
MakeoverTravel is a medical tourism agency specialized in plastic surgery trips for American and European people, this agency organized my whole trip from my arrival until my departure (if you want to know more about them, their website is
This trip was a great experience for me and I am very happy with my results.
In the US it would be impossible for me to perform such “package” just because it’s too expensive.
My plastic surgeons there did an amazing job on me. So in my opinion it’s not a good thing to make a bad reputation to doctors in Latin American just because of some cases that gone wrong. The majority of plastic surgeries done in Latin America are a success and American people return to their country very happy. I really think that plastic surgery in latin America can be a solution for thousand American people who can’t afford a plastic surgery in the US. My experience in Bolivia was incredible; the plastic surgeons that underwent my surgery were absolutely excellent and the attention I receive from the staff was unbelievable.
If you want to travel abroad but you have no idea of an excellent surgeon abroad, then I recommend in a first time to contact a medical tourism company. Why? Because they can give you names of excellent plastic surgeon and good advices. Start looking for information on these surgeons to know about their reputation and some records. In general a medical tourism company has already all the research work for you.
That's my advice.
london72 on 03/10/2011:
I to went through that site I was 24 at the time and had Jessica as a facilitator as well I lost everything over the dr doing a complete botch job I also lost my breast and went through 22 procedures to fix what he did wrong. I was able to open a case in the us against him out of California since that's where he lived but this DR is SOOO Scumy he hid from being served . I am still pursuing it and also will be filing in Mexico this dr changed my intire life and at least 4 other women I know of he needs to be punished and mistakes like his DO not happen real drs real men honor there mistakes and make it right he is abusive as well as the staff who are in it for the money I WILL NOT GIVE UP I do not forget him a day that goes by .
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