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Z Frank is a Joke!! When Complaining make sure you follow the chain of command???
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- 12/08-Do not waste your time. This dealership only wants one thing- YOUR MONEY. Do not trust!! I have bought 2 cars from this dealership under 2 different managements, they are like the typical dealership; Once they get your money THEY WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!! I wrote a letter to the GM describing my problems and issues at the dealership during my 2 month service and he has yet to contact me. Mind you, I handed him the leader personally. Go to another dealership for the purchase of your KIA or Chevy vehicle." THE ONLY WAY TO IMPROVE THIS DEALERSHIP IS TO CLOSE DOWN AND LET ANOTHER DEALER TAKE OVER!

2/08... My car had to go back in the shop for the engine light again (5th time) and coolant leak. So, I took it back to Z Franks since they say that service satisfaction is their 1# priority and THEY proved me WRONG again. When I picked my car up on 2/2/8 the service manager Collins said that I the CUSTOMER should not have gone out of the chain of command when complaining about my previous visits. He stated that I should have brought any service complaints to HIM, NOT the GM. He even had the audacity to tell me; after buying the car from them, that there are no contractual obligations that I the customer bring my car back to their dealership. So, as of 2/2/8, Z Frank will no longer receive a dime from me, but I will CONTINUE to write reviews about THIS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL dealership until I no longer have my 2007 Kia Rondo in position. THANKS A LOT service manager Collins for ENCOURAGING all my future reviews about Z Frank....

Do not waste your time. This dealership only wants one thing- YOUR MONEY. Do not trust THEM AT ALL!!

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mydogbozo on 02/02/2008:
I know how you feel thrilla. They rob you without a mask or gum. pigs all of them they are. Be sure to read my post on how to spot a liar in ANYTOWN USA dealer on this site. These crooks will victimize you, chew you up and spit you out and say NEXT VICTIM PLEASE. Good luck to you trilla.
mydogbozo on 02/02/2008:
You know that dealers hate when you cases with the manufacturers. I wored in a dealership before where we used to call the service manager "SHAKEY", because every time GM call with a new case he would shake. This dude really shook one day when the zone rep told him that they were sending in a team of auditors. LOL...He used to boast to me & the guy who worked next to me about how much equity he had in his house. So I told him all that equity is great and is really going to help him. He asked me, HOW IS THAT? I said, well you have the ability to get money quick, once they find out how much you stole, you will be able to make restitution and possibly keep yourself out of prison. Man, that shook the hell out of him. He was also a chain of command guy. He used to say all the time....anybody who goes up front is out of here.
Justusryan on 02/02/2008:
Well, what else would a car dealer want besides your money? Your friendship?
Anonymous on 02/02/2008:
Someones wife?
mydogbozo on 02/02/2008:
Looks like their #1 priority is getting your CA$H !!!
Thrilla on 02/03/2008:
Thanks for the blog notes****
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Unsafe brake repair
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In November 2005 my AstroVan brakes were made inoperative during a "Customer Appreciation" lube and vehicle inspection. . A complaint letter dated 11/02/05 questioned manager's explanation of "raising van on rack stressed rusted left brake line to failure". This prompted Z Frank to offer a "discounted" brake repair (grudgingly accepted) that was performed 11/15/05.

However, with only 1,010 miles driven on this repair, a sudden and complete brake failure occurred 2/15/07 on a city street with a lady friend. .An oil change and vehicle inspection on 5/23/06 identified nothing amiss, yet Z Frank wishes to absolve all and any responsibility for a frightening experience to life and limb. .

Based on an invitation that "an interested party exists for my valuable Chevrolet Truck". I have suggested title transfer if brake repair costs are refunded. Another recent offer of a "$4.95 OIL AND FILTER CHANGE" suggests they hope to discover (or create?) a new repair cost.

I hope that an angiogram scheduled for 3/12/07 will not complicate the matter.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 03/11/2007:
15 months afer the brake repair and 9 months after they last saw the vehicle and you somehow think they are responsible for your brake problem? Unless you have a mechanic that can place the blame on something they have done then you are tilting at windmills. A lot of things can happen in 9 months on a vehicle driven around Chicago and the small amount of miles you drive is even harder on a car. You should be changing your oil every three months (absolutely no more than six) anyway - you most likely never get the engine up to full temperature long enough to vaporize all the contaminates in the oil. Best of luck.
sdogv on 03/15/2007:
Are you the manager or mechanic at Z Frank who checked the repair in 2006?
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