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Horrible Customer Service/Damaged Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

Z Gallerie has the worst customer service. Their furniture is absolute crap. I ordered 10 pieces of furniture from there to furnish my new home, and half of it came damaged. The process just to get ahold of someone regarding this situation has been horrible, not to mention their ** return policy, or lack thereof. It is impossible to get a hold of anyone, and once you do, it is impossible to get a resolution. I am extremely disappointment. I still have yet to hear back from anyone, and at this point am stuck with damaged furniture. It is extremely overpriced, and horrible quality and I will never buy from them again.

Bad customer service
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Don't order online...unless you can actually see it in the store. We ordered a king size bed in a 'Gray' color and when it arrived it was more brown than gray. So, we wanted to exchange...not just return it and we were told 'After reviewing your order with our quality control team the issues pointed out are not considered a manufacturer's defect.' And if we wanted to exchange it, there would be a 10% restocking fee, plus a pick-up fee and another shipping fee. I will never shop at this store again!!!

Customer Service and Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I ordered furniture November 2 - dining room table four chairs and a bench. Was told delivery end of December and of December came was told mid January. I called customer service. Now they are telling me mid February. How do they stay in business. Then the agent told me I could not cancel my order!?!?!?

Awesome Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I just want to thank store 44 Z Galleries - both Brenda, Julie, and the sales team were absolutely amazing. I clean houses. During a clean a feather duster and bengal cat won a war of chase and we broke a chess piece statue. I searched for this for three weeks until I found the piece on a Google search. Turns out it's a discontinued piece.

I was lucky enough to find it through customer service. They gave me three stores that had this piece. The store in Texas the inventory was off, they didn't have it. I then called Brenda at store 44 in California and explained my situation. She placed me on a brief hold, found the piece and got it shipped out to me in Colorado. She also knew how extremely important it was that this breakable piece make it in one piece. The staff triple wrapped it and boxed it so it wouldn't break.

They went above and beyond to make me so happy and a life customer! I will be shopping online in their store and shipping to Colorado for all my decorating needs. Thank you Brenda, Julie, and the shipping team. You are all amazing. Love you guys!!!

Montecito Dining Table Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered the Montecito dining table on 5/28/2012 (order number **) at the Corona, CA location. The table was delivered on 6-8-2012. Before the delivery guys left, I asked them to extend both leaves on either side of the table. One side of the leaf was hanging, and would not stay up on one side. The delivery guy looked under the table and told me that two screws were loose. He said he had tightened them, and the table was now OK. The leaf was now able to stay up where it was hanging before. I noted this on my delivery slip and they left my home.

After they left, I had tried to put the leaf down and extend it back up again. It would not stay in place, and again was hanging on one side. When my husband and I inspected the table, we noticed that there were two big bolts completely missing from under the that side of the table leaf. It was after hours for customer service, and since it was a Friday, I waited til Monday to contact customer service. On 6-11-2012, I contacted customer service and spoke with someone named **. She advised me she would be sending me an email, and I needed to reply to the email with an attached picture of the hanging leaf and describe what was wrong with the table.

I did this, and she replied via email on 6-14-2012 stating that she processed a replacement for the table, and I should allow 1-2 WEEKS for delivery of the new table. On 6-20-2012 I received a call from someone saying they were calling to schedule a time for a technician to come and try and FIX the table. I was confused since a replacement was already ordered. The technician said he would contact customer service and confirm. Another customer service representative then called me right after saying that instead of them replacing the table, they were now going to try to fix it. I scheduled the technician to come out on 6-21-2012.

The technician showed up with the wrong bolts! None of the bolts he brought fit my table. I was furious, so I then attempted to contact the original customer service representative ** by email after the technician left, so I would have documentation. She never replied to my email, so I then called customer service and spoke with a manager who told me she was now going to follow through with sending a whole new table. The new table arrived on 7-6-2012. Again, after assembly, I asked the deliver guy to extend the leave on both sides. AGAIN, one side of the table was in poor condition.

It was uneven in the middle and looked as if the middle of the leaf was warped or uneven, causing it to dip in the middle and not lay even with the end of the table. The delivery guy tried and tried to fix it, but nothing worked. He told me I would have to contact customer service again. I made a note on the deliver slip, and he left. I immediately called customer service and asked to go directly to a manager. I was directed to ** who was very apologetic and asked me how I would like this situation resolved and what I expected Z Gallerie to do. I told her, I just wanted the table in good condition and I wanted to stop this ridiculous process once and for all.

She said I could get my money back for the table, have ANOTHER (third) table ordered, or pick something else from the store of equal value. I chose ANOTHER table to be brought. She said she was going to order the table and have it on the next delivery truck and someone would call me this week ASAP. She also said that because I have had such a terrible experience, that when and if I ever got a satisfactory table, she was going to make sure I got "compensated". She didn't exactly say what that meant. She said if the third table was to my satisfaction, I needed to call customer service again, and she would write in the notes for them to compensate me.

It is now Wednesday 7-11-2012 and no phone call for the THIRD delivery, and no calls from customer service. I am livid over this situation. I have never ordered from Z Gallerie before, and I will NEVER order again, unless Z Gallerie makes this situation right. I have been more than patient and have not once gotten upset or been rude to any of the deliver people or customer service support.

At this point, I feel like I am not being treated fairly considering the many problems I have encountered with this purchase. From the deliver service not assembling the table correctly the first time, from the confusion with the table being fixed or replaced, to the technician not knowing what bolts to bring for that table, to the customer service just pacifying me. Enough is enough, and I expect resolution and a formal apology.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BOCA, FLORIDA -- Sales people in Boca Raton store were a pleasure to deal with. Once you need to contact customer service it's a whole different story! I called to advise that one unit of a $6000 Bleeker leather sofa was tearing and tiny holes were appearing. I called while sofa was still in warranty.

They procrastinated with delayed emails and calls until the sofa was no longer under warranty! After 3 months of calling and leaving messages, and writing emails, sending photos they offered a $100 gift card. I refused as I wanted someone to see the damage in person. After another month they denied us service, replacement of any sort.

EVEN IF the sofa was not under warranty, why would one piece of a $6000 sofa be in such bad shape? Simple, one defective piece that they could have switched out but refused! Rude, unprofessional customer service department! Will never shop there again. Restoration Hardware -- same prices, EXCELLENT customer support and service!

Poor Customer Service - Good Luck Returning Items
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Rating: 1/51

GARDENA, CALIFORNIA -- Do yourself a big favor and DO NOT SHOP AT THIS COMPANY! They have an unfair return policy that leaves any purchase at their discretion for acceptance. I have received the purchased item... much later than the site announced to ship on their site, but did not like the quality and called them immediately to process a return. They asked for a picture, so that the return can be approved?? Really? This is not to mention that the 0800-phone line never answers... and you have to leave your number every single time for a call back.

I called several times to inquire on my return request, and every single person gave me the runaround. They will not give you a label to ship, nor provide you with an address to ship the item back. This looks like a poor business tactic to Win by exhaustion. As of now, I have nowhere to return the item... and they charged my credit card 3 weeks ago.

Terrible Furniture; Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I bought a couch from Z Gallerie 2 years ago. Upon delivery, I noticed the cushions were wrinkled and under-stuffed. I mentioned it to their contracted delivery service, who told me that I needed to contact Customer Service. The lengthy intermittent contact with them was painful (me calling/emailing them continuously just to get a reply).

Finally, after months, they replaced my cushions. It has now been exactly 2 years and my couch looks and feels 20 years old! I recently read a review of the STELLA model couch (on their website) that stated the cushion problem was a known issue.

They had the nerve to replace my cushions with more known-to-be defective cushions. Dumped the new ones at my front door when I was at work. Left me with the original huge awful ones to dispose of on my own! I decided to contact them again as I should not have an expensive couch in this condition after such a short time (in furniture life)... NO surprise - NO reply. Do not buy from Z GALLERIE if you want good quality and service!!

Never, EVER Buy From Z Gallerie
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Rating: 1/51

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- April 21, 2012 Saturday: Went to Z Gallerie at Tysons Corner 7867L Tysons Corner Center McLean, VA 22102 at 8:45 pm. The sales person ** assisted us. We told ** that we are going to buy "Blueworld of Water" which was on sale with a price tag of $499.00 around 9:00 pm (** did not tell us that "œBlueworld of Water" is final sale item, and the "Blueworld of Water" DID NOT display the tag "œfinal sale" on it. IT WAS OUR FIRST TIME SHOPPING AT Z GALLERIE. He went inside the storage to get the item for us. When he came back he only got one piece of item with him (the item should have two pieces) on the cart.

Since the item was heavy ** had to place it on the cart to carry it. We ask him if we can carry the item with the cart to our car and we will return the cart as soon as we are done. ** told us that Z Gallerie do not allow customers to take the cart outside the store because the store was about to close in 20 minutes. My husband ask him if this is a complete item. After realizing another piece of item is missing, ** went inside the storage room to get the other piece.

When he came back I was standing by the register, ready to make the payment. ** ask me to send my husband to the loading dock now about 9:20 pm. I called my husband who was a little further away. ** took the payment from me through the master card. The total payment was $524.90. ** gave my husband directions for the loading dock and tell my husband to call me when he gets there. My husband went outside to pull the car for the loading dock. My husband called me after few minutes. I could not find ** when my husband called, so I looked around for him in the store. I finally found him and told him that my husband is coming to the dock.

** just walked away without saying anything. Then ** came back after few minutes and told me that my husband is not there. I told ** that he is coming. He told me that he will bring the items to the dock himself. He showed me the way outside where the dock was and took me there. I waited for ** at the dock. ** came with one item after few minutes. Then with another item after another few minutes. I said thanks to him and then he walked away. We came back home and unpack and installed the item. However, it did not fit in our space as we expected. We had to pack the item back, so we can return it the next day to Z Gallerie.

April 22, 2012 Sunday: I called Z Gallerie. I talk to a woman and told her we purchased "œBlueworld of Water" yesterday and would like to return it today. She asked me if that was on sale. I told her, yes it was. She said Z Gallerie'™s sale items cannot be returned. I was shocked. I asked her how am I supposed to know that? She asked me if the sales person told me that. I told her that "œNO, he did not." She said "but Ma'am our sale items are final sale." I asked her again, "How am I supposed to know that if the sales person do not tell me?"

I also told her that there was NO SIGN or tag displayed on the item saying that it was a final sale item. She said "I am sure the sales person have told you." I told her he did not. Then she said "the Final Sale must be on your receipt." I told her "yes it is, but I got the receipt AFTER I made the payment." She said "this is our store policy that we cannot return the sale items." Then she said you can call tomorrow and ask for **. Then she ask me my name and tell me that "I will tell ** you will call." She also ask me to talk to the store manager **.

April 23, 2012 Monday: I called Z Gallerie at 4:55 pm and ask for the store manager **. ** came on the phone and I asked him that I wanted to come to the store and talk to him today about an item I purchased on Saturday 21 April, 2012. He said he will be leaving in 3 minutes so I can come on Wednesday from 8:30-5:00 pm anytime. Then he said if I can tell him about the item now on the phone. I told him that "I bought the "œBlueworld of Water" on Saturday and wanted to return that now, is it possible?" He said "did you open it." I told him yes. He said then "we cannot take it back if it is open."

I told him that the sales person did not tell me that it was a final sale item. It was not displayed on the item itself that it was final sale. He said cannot do anything because I opened the item. I told him it is a very expensive item and I would like to keep it but it is not fitting in my space, can you please consider it. Also, it has never happen to me that I cannot return an item in a store unless it specifies it is a final sale or the sales person tells me it is a final sale, but it was neither in this case. He said "I am sorry but I cannot do anything."

I told him I may not buy that item if I knew it cannot be return, but I was NOT TOLD and DID NOT see any sign for final sale. He said "sorry I cannot help you out." I said, "how I am supposed to find out if the item is final sale item, if the sign is NOT displayed on the item." He said "œOh, the sign is there." I said okay then. I hang up the phone. I went inside the store around 5:30pm. I went to look at the item. I was shocked because they put in hand-writing "œfinal sale" on "Blueworld of Water". I went to the register and ask the sales person where the sale items are. He pointed them to me.

I looked around for all the sale items. None of them had final sale mentioned on it except "Blueworld of Water". I was shocked because after having the phone conversation with ** he must have put the final sale on "œBlueworld of Water" with hand writing. I was definitely offended from this behavior of lie and disrespect. I took some pictures of the other sale items which DID NOT have Final Sale displayed on them in Z Gallerie. I also took a picture of "Blueworld of Water" which NOW HAD (after my phone conversation with **) final sale written on it. Then I went to the register and waited because someone was ahead of me.

One of the lady asked me if I need help. I ask her if I can talk to the manager. She said "that would be me." I was like "are you **?" She said "no, but I am also the manager." I told her the whole situation. She was persistent then she cannot return it. I ask her "it is a very expensive item, can you please consider it." She told me, "if you think it was expensive, why did you buy it?" I told her I would not have bought it, if there was a final sale displayed there or if the sales person told me that it was final sale - the case. Then she said "** told me about you and told me not to take any items back from you, so talk to him tomorrow" and then rudely she walked away without apologizing.

I was disappointed and disrespected from her behavior. I left the store.

Z Gallerie Sells Overpriced Poor Quality Furniture (Made in China)
By -

A few years ago I paid about $250 for a black glass console table plus the $95 shipping. The table was left in the corner of my house and got virtually no use. It was just for show. But within a year the black film behind the glass which gave the table its black appearance started peeling off. This cause the table to look like there were pockets of air or water underneath some areas of the glass. I called the customer service to complain about the product and to ask for a refund or exchange or store credit or some kind of compensation because I was shocked that they had taken my money in exchange for a 'lemon' of a piece of furniture.

They said there was nothing they could do because it had been over a year and the manufacturer warranty ran out. It's hard for me to believe that there is nothing they could do. It's more believable that they didn't want to do anything. I admit that their furniture has nice design to it. It looks good from far away. So several months ago we went ahead and bought a sofa from them. Upon closer inspection I could see that the nail heads in the sofa which were part of the design of the sofa were not individual nail heads but in fact all the nail heads were fused together, kind of like a string of beads to each other. How cheap!

Buyers really must beware when buying from this company. I would not have thought to closely examine the nailheads in the store when purchasing their sofa. I had just assumed that any decent store selling a sofa for +$700 would use individual nailheads in the design. Ikea makes better furniture! I didn't bother to call customer service about this as this was not a manufacturer defect but done intentionally and I should have seen this in the store. That's what customer service would have said I assume...

A few months later, my husband and I were desperate for a dresser. We ordered one in July and it finally got delivered September. Several weeks after getting it, I noticed that it, too, was poorly made. I had not noticed earlier because it took me two months to start putting my clothes into the dresser. We had just moved and I also have a one year old so there were just more important things to do than put mine and my husbands clothes away in the drawer that had already taken 2+ months to arrive.

Anyway, on the dresser, I noticed that they had oversprayed the lacquer onto the mirror facing, in addition to their being undersprayed areas on the dresser as well. And there are just other small details that scream that the dresser was made in China by people who don't care about quality. I was able to tolerate these flaws because I thought that I could fix it myself but after seeing the cheap paint get discolored because I had my TV sitting on the dresser, I had to call.

The resolution was that there was nothing they could do (or wanted to do). Their reasons: As far as the paint overspray and missing paint in some areas, this was something that I should have addressed with them when the furniture arrived. So if that had been the only problem, I guess I would have been stuck with the dresser, still. As far as the top of the dresser becoming discolored because a plasma TV on its stand had been placed on it goes, they say it could have been the TV's fault. So let me get this straight, I set my TV on the Z Gallerie dresser (what a crazy idea. Who sets their TV on top of their dresser, right?).

And this TV had previously been sitting on a glass entertainment center and on a different dresser at my previous residences and nothing had happened with the other furniture. But the discoloration on the Z Gallerie dresser is my TV's fault. So everything else about the dresser indicates that it was of poor quality, but the paint they used happens to be of excellent quality and the protective pads under my TV stand was so awful that it damaged the paint on this particular piece of furniture?

My whole experience with buying and owning Z Gallerie furniture has been awful. They won't admit that they sell overpriced but cheaply made furniture and will blame you when something goes wrong with it or make their warranties expire right before their furniture starts to break down. I will never buy from them again because I don't want to be paying a lot of money for cheap items and furthermore, I don't like how customer service blames the customer and is unwilling to compensate. Buyer beware!

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