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They Use Your Money as Cash Flow. Items in Backorder Never Arrived
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Rating: 1/51

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO ORDER SOMETHING here if they have not the item at the store.

For twice I tried to get items from this store in Atlanta, Georgia and this people messed with me. In March of 2012 ir ordered 2 mirrors and paid for them, with the manager promise to get them on 30 days. However 60 days later the items still on backorder and when I asked for a real estimated time, the store manager say " its nothing I can do, wait for another 30 days or cancel your order.

In June 5th of 2012 I decide to try lucky with other store, this time with a rug and one more time they have not the rug in store. So I placed the order with a 60 days backorder. Up today Sept 15th 2012 the rug still on backorder and the store manager give 1000 apologizes but not a solution except to cancel the order.

This is my theory...the store collect money from the customers in every order. They filled the racks only with some items and work with the clients money, until the client complains for items that never will arrive. Easy way to avoid paid interest for a loan, becase they don't pay interest to the clients. That way the stores has a permanent cash flow without incurre on banks fees. I wonder if that is LEGAL ?

Poor Product Quality
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a leather sofa from Z Gallerie around 2 years ago. The quality is awful and the leather is disintegrating. I contacted them a while back and was told that their product warranty is one year. They showed no interest in dealing with this issue in any way.

Buyer beware
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I purchased a leather recliner 2.5 years ago, cost $1100. The leather on the cushion appeared to flake away 2 months ago. Z GallErie told me they only warranty the leather for 1 year. I guess its my bad, as I could have read the warranty and chose to not buy based on that, but friends of mine who have the same chair (and 4 kids jumping on it) have had no issues. I travel a lot, hardly use the chair, so I suspect I got a lemon.

Buyer beware. I won't be patronizing Z GallErie again. You'd think for $1100 bucks there would have been some consideration. Don't expect any from this company. They follow the warranty to the letter. For such a supposed premium company, very disappointing. High margin, low quality - the American way. Thumbs down.

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- To Whom It May Concern:

On July 2, 2010, my designer, wife, and myself arrived at Z GallErie store #64 located at 309 Plaza Real Boca Raton, FL 33432 to purchase the dining room set (model Loft) with eight chairs (model Studio). Proceeding to check out, I was obligated to pay 100% of the bill ($2,110.05). The amiable store representative Jacky guaranteed us the delivery date of 2 weeks to close out the deal. Little did we know the terrible nightmare we were about to experience.

Supposedly, we were promised the delivery date of 07/16/10, which was a complete lie. After many calls and reclaims, my order finally arrived on 08/27/10. Eight weeks of waiting for my order I am delivered eight chairs in horrendous conditions. Not only were they of cheap quality, they were damaged, torn, stained, and completely destroyed. Immediately my designer and I called customer service and we were told that in order to process the claim we had to take pictures of the faulty merchandise, send them in, and wait for approval from the prestigious Z GallErie because, after all, that was the “store policy.”

After many disputes it was finally approved. We were advised to switch to another set of chairs to be assured good quality. In order to receive those chairs we had to pay an extra $436.76. Again we were guaranteed the delivery date for 2 weeks. Again they arrived on 10/20/10 a total of 7 weeks and 5 days after the date purchased. Again they were damaged and again we filed a claim. The same process was repeated. The same 2 week delivery date was assured and I have yet to receive my order.

A total of 4 months and 12 days it has taken your company to deliver my order in untouched conditions. I believe this situation is completely ridiculous. Z GallErie has played with my money and my time, guaranteeing the delivery of merchandise that is obviously not doable. My experience with this company has been awful. All the aspects of this company, with the respect of the customer service representatives, are poor quality. The final product is expensive and of low quality. I will be sure to steer away any prospective buyers so they do not commit the same mistake we made.

Pasquale Petrillo
Euly Petrillo

Very Satisfied
By -

ARIZONA -- After reading so many negative reviews I wanted to take a moment to post how satisfied I am with my purchase from Z Gallerie Furniture. I found the online store for Z Gallerie before relocating to Phoenix and immediately began stalking the "Stella" sofa for several months beforehand and have to say I read many of the negative reviews and almost decided not to purchase this sofa from this store. However I ended up changing my mind one evening and went to one of the stores in Phoenix. I was pleasantly surprised as I arrived at the store just 10 minutes before closing time. The sales representative couldn't have been more helpful. She sat with me and patiently assisted me in picking out the perfect fabric and went out of her way to be more than helpful. I ended up keeping her about 30 minutes past closing time but she never rushed me. The next issue I was concerned about was delivery. I was told it would be 6 weeks but within 3 weeks the delivery company contacted me and had received my couch for delivery. They were on time 2 days later, polite and professional. The couch is so comfortable, well made and I'm absolutely glad I purchased it from Z Gallerie.

Z Gallerie Online Ordering is HORRIBLE!
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I should have thought to read reviews on Z Gallerie before making a purchase online, but because its such a major retail store I figured it would be no problem. I ordered nearly $1000 worth of bedding and artwork for our spare bedroom. The order arrived and was missing one of the pieces of art. I called the very next day (a Thursday) and spoke with a girl who said the art was no longer available at Z Gallerie but according to her records it said it was shipped to me. She said she would have to check with FedEx, and promised me she would call me back the very next day.

She never called back, and I called her again on Saturday and had to leave a voicemail for her. I tried to speak with another customer service agent to see if she could track down the problem and she was incredibly rude and was too worried about speaking over me to listen. She insisted she could do nothing and I would have to wait for Melissa to return my call.

I am disgusted that no one can seem to find anything out and that I am apparently out the artwork and the money spent on it at this point. I will never buy from Z Gallerie again - not when I get such outstanding service from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. It is not worth the hassle.

Poor Customer Service
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I am writing to express my frustration with Z Gallerie's customer service. My husband and I were given the Borghese Mirrored Night Stands from Z Gallerie as a gift for Christmas, but didn't actually receive the night stands until February because they were "damaged". When we finally received them, one of the night stands was still damaged. I called to get a replacement and was told that another would be sent to us in 3-4 weeks. 4 weeks later when I called to follow up, I was told that they would not replace the damaged piece. They had 2 options for me, to return the entire purchase to my credit card or get a replacement mirror top for my damaged night stand. I opted for the replacement top, but expressed my frustration to the customer service representative that this had not been discussed with me 4 weeks ago when I called to get a replacement piece! Finally, we received the replacement mirror top on March 28th, it arrived via UPS and was sitting outside my door yesterday when I came home. I'll have fun prying off the damaged mirror top on one of my expensive night stands myself!!!

I can't believe they sent it this way! I will never purchase anything from Z Gallerie again! Horrible, horrible customer service. I can't believe they can run a business this way.

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DECATUR, GEORGIA -- I was not surprised to read the other negative reviews. I just ended a very frustrating and horribly dissatisfying endeavor with Z Gallerie. We ordered a dining room table from Z Gallerie back in June. We had searched far and wide for a table just like this one. So we were very happy when we finally found it. I had shopped at Z Gallerie before, however this was my first major purchase (and definitely my last). When the table arrived 8 weeks later, their "white glove" service consisted of two guy who couldn't even read the direction and didn't have the appropriate tools to put the table together. Two hours later the table is together, but it is clear there is a problem. The leaf does not seem to fit the table. The claps do not match up and it is warped. When my husband arrives home he realizes that the top does not appear to be secure. We call the customer service line who schedules a "warranty" visit for 2 weeks later. The warranty guy determines that the screws on the base has been stripped. He assures us that he will file for a new table to be ordered. Two more weeks pass and no word from the company. I call to find out that the warranty guy has only ordered a new base.

I have to argue with the customer service woman and ask her to look at the pictures taken to prove there is also a problem with the leaf. She finally orders an entirely new table. But the table is on back order and we have to wait. I am finally notified that the new table has arrived and I take the day off work. Table #2 arrived without a complete set of hardware for assembly. I send back table number #2 given that a table in pieces on my floor is no good to me. They quickly reschedule delivery of a new table the following week. I again take time off work, only to find out that they have sent table #2 back out with a "replacement" set of parts.

Upon inspection table #2 is damaged. So, again I refuse to accept this product. Another month passes and after repeated phone calls to customer service, I finally receive a call that delivery will be made. So now we are on table #3. Upon inspection there is a crack all of the way down the middle of the table. The delivery men ask if they can look at my current table. They then discover that table #1 was put together incorrectly, so the base was fine all along. The delivery guy suggests that I keep table #1 because it is the "best" he has seen for that model. Given that I designed an entire dining room around this table I decide to keep the table even though the leaf is a problem.

I am pretty upset though because now I have paid $1600 for a defective table. I call customer service again to be informed that I couldn't get another table even if I wanted one. Apparently, I had exhausted all of my tries, even though they were sending out defective products. They were willing to compensate me for my troubles. I had heard this line 3 time in the past without seeing anything. The woman promised a gift card for a set amount and assures me she will FedEx it out that day. I was busy traveling and a month later, I realize we never received the card. I call to find out the status and informed that the woman helping me is no longer with the company.

I am then informed that not only did she never submit the order for the gift card she lied about the amount. Now, they are only willing to give me 15% of my purchase price. I assured the woman that although that was nice, they had lost a customer forever and their 15% would never make up for the time I lost waiting for 4 separate deliveries, not to mentions the hours I spent on the phone with customer service.

Her reply was "that's nice." and she hung up the phone. So obviously Z Gallerie is only interested in taking your money and not providing service or quality product. Stay away!

Complaint about customer service and product quality
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I write this e-mail to inform the audience about the so-called "service" Z gallerie delivered us in its shop in Nashville, Z gallerie store #82 located 2126 Abbott Martin Rd.

TN 37215

Here are the facts:

I bought last summer a large number of items for a total of 5774 Us Dollars (mostly furniture) and ask for a delivery by the end of September. As I was relocated by my company, in Nashville , I was expected this furniture to be able to settle down with my family in my new place.

First Problem : The delivery was never made... I called the shop , being informed that the table I ordered was discontinued, therefore all the delivery was cancelled ... Never been contacted , first bad impression.

Second problem: Because that the table was discontinued, I went to the shop and selected another table (Promises, promises it is available) and scheduled a new delivery - 3 weeks delay... very good news....

Third problem: Finally, the table was delivered BROKEN on the October 5th, 2006 !!!!!
we did not realize that the table was broken because it was the extension kit (Not visible at the delivery time).

So go back to the shop, there the manager informed us he will have to visit us and identify the problem, We add to call him 15 TIMES and eventually he came to our house and obviously report the problem and ask us to wait till the company in charge of shipping came and pick up the table (20 phones calls till the shipping company came). Off course, they are protected as they don't have the furniture back, no chance to get your money back.

Fourth problem: Finally, the delivery company came to pick up the table and chairs on NOVEMBER 14th (6 WEEKS between broken table delivery and pick up)

Last problem: We are now on December 06th and STILL NO MONEY REFUND on our account (obviously we call every day and the answer is always the same, promises, promises, the Headquarter is dealing with the issue.....)

You can imagine how irritated we are!!!

I sent this e-mail to the HQ customer service in California, I did not receive any answer...

Conclusion: Caution with this Z Gallerie company , ready to steal your money, but inefficient on product quality and customer relationship.

My Experience
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was very excited to find Z Gallerie. They had beautiful furniture at great prices. I found the perfect dining room table (Bach table) and paid cash in the store for it. I was told it was backordered for 8 weeks. That was fine. I ordered it June 22. Eight weeks went by and no phone call. I called customer service and they told me to keep waiting. I waited. No phone call. I called back and by the time they had figured out what had happened it had been about ten weeks. (estimate) They told me it had arrived but one of the legs was broken so I would have to wait for a new table. And it was still backordered. I really liked the table so I decided to wait. I thought I should get the next available, but I guess I went back to the bottom of the list of people waiting for this table because it took so long to finally get it. After being told the wrong time over and over, I finally got a call from the delivery company. I was ecstatic! The delivery company came to my house on time and everything, but when they were assembling the table they realized Z Gallerie had sent the wrong henges. They told me they could still put it together and it would be OK as long as I was careful with it. They ordered new henges and left. The next day I barely touched the table and it collapsed on me knocking me down. I couldn't move and had to immediately get to the doctor. 300 dollars later and lots of hydrocodone, I called customer service. They told me new henges were on the way and it would take 5-7 business days for a service technician to come out after I received them. They also told me after everything was said and done they would partially compensate me. My henges came and they were wrong again. I called customer service and they decided to send out two more sets, they said one of them had to be right. When the delivery guys came out to assemble my table, none of the henges fit. They told me the table was defective. Customer service informed me the table was still backordered and I would have to wait. I asked what the compensation would be and they told me they would give me a gift certificate for 80 dollars, disgusted and insulted I hung up. I called my dad in Houston. He was furious. He called the general manager of the store and to this day I am still trying to get my table. I don't when I will get it. It has been over 17 weeks since I ordered it. I love the furniture, but I must admit the customer service is horrible.

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