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Misleading Packaging
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Over the holidays, I purchased a 3 lb. box of "Assorted Chocolates" produced by Zachary Confections, Inc. The description stated, "Our Favorite Selection of Caramels & Cremes". The packaging showed nine example chocolates of which three were caramels and six were assorted cremes (see the actual package: ). The actual contents totaled 84 chocolates of which ONLY SIX were caramels! The description put caramels before cremes, which tends to imply more caramels than cremes. The illustration tempers that idea by showing only 33% caramels. The reality is only 7% caramels.

The chocolates were all made with real chocolate and were high quality confections. The cremes were some of the best I've tasted. But if you prefer caramels (as I do), Zachary's assorted chocolates is not your best choice.
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