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Zappos stands behind their motto...

This company claims to be known as the "loyalty team" and they are, simply because they treat customers with respect. This is not a greedy corporate company who wants your buck. Zappos offers an array of shoes (especially small sizes) with free shipping and no tax. Also, if your not satisfied with your shoes you can send it whenever you like (365-day policy). And they credit the money back fast.

What I most like is how fast they send shoes. I recently purchased a pair with standard shipping (4-5 days) however, Zappos sent me an email telling me that because I'm a loyal customer (even though I haven't ordered from them in a while), they're shipping the shoes August 1st and should get them tomorrow - as a way of saying thanks. When I saw that, I was like awww, isn't that sweet/thoughtful and real, I wish other companies would do that and unfortunately they don't. This company will cater to your needs without being shady or rude. Zappos treats a customer the right way!

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400 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
1-800-927-7671 (ph)
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