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How Do They Get This Bad and Still Stay in Business
By -

NEWARK, CALIFORNIA -- I placed and order for a CPU on June 6th. ZZF charged credit card on the 7th. Website advertised shipping by FedEx ground at no charge. Online order status claimed the item was shipped on the 8th, and I was provided a "FedEx" tracking no. Issued tracking number was no good. Checked repeatedly throughout the remained of the week. Number was still no good. Item status was still listed as shipped.

Contacted customer service via email. Received this response: "We apologize, for some reason the tracking information is not uploading on your package. We are working on the issue with FedEx. We suggest you check your tracking number again at a later time. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything else."

A few hours later I received this email: your order has been shipped out [Ship Date: 06/10/2010]. Then the next day, I got another email [Ship Date: 06/11/2010]. Look at the ship dates - 10th then 11th, and now being shipped via UPS. Remember that the online status has been listed as shipped since the 8th.

Unzipped My Fly
By -

POOVILLE -- I have done rebates for years so this isn't my first rodeo. These amateurs have put me off them and as a result of not honoring their rebates, I will not be shopping at the fly no matter their price point. If it looks like poo, if it smells like poo, and if it has a fly, it must be poo. Unzipped.

Avoid This Company
By -

On December 30, 2006, I ordered two hard-to-find BenQDW1650 DVD burners from ZipZoomFly. This was my first order with them, as I'd heard very good things about them. I posted my “new find” with a user's forum and then several others followed suit. As shipments began to reach the customers, it was discovered that the wrong item entirely was being shipped out. ZipZoomFly was shipping 1650V DVD-ROM drives. Naturally the RMAs began to hit. My shipment was one of those which got switched, too.

I received my package on January 8, 2007 and immediately requested an RMA. An RMA was almost instantly issued along with a statement they would issue a prepaid shipping label. Well, that never happened. What they did issue a day later was supposed to be a FedEx RPS (Return Package Service) shipping code which I was to take to FedEx and they'd do their thing and that'd be it.

It took my lunch hour on January 10 to take care of it and wouldn't you know it, the clerk at FedEx had no clue how to do this service. After asking around and apparently getting some info, he informed me the FedEx PRS RMA label number was invalid, that I had to contact the vendor (ZipZoomFly).

I called ZipZoomFly only to get an automated service telling me to leave my name and number and they'd call back. Then, I emailed them asking for a reissued label with a valid number or an actual return label I could print out. The reply from them was their manager has been informed and I'd be getting a new, valid number. They did send the same number back, but this time they included the .PDF for me to print off. Initially they said all I needed was the FedEx return number. In the meantime, I'm still out $78. That was my first and last order with ZipZoomFly, even though they promised a full refund due to their error.

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