Marriott - Sandestin Florida 300 Grand Blvd Complaint - Came Back @ 5:15 Room Door Wide Open With Wedge In Door, Took A Pic.

Review by mrsparnold03 on 2011-06-10
On vacation in Florida, staying @ Marriott Sandestin 300 Grand Blvd.
Got back to our room about 5:30 after being gone all day, to our shock when we approached our room the door was wide open with the wedgie holding it open which we took pictures of. We immediately called the manager who name is Quinn, he tried making excuses for the maid, saying she just left or maybe it was maintenance etc.... We were not hearing excuses, it looked like our things had been disturbed, and to add insult to injury, she didn't clean the room. They then sent the house keeping supervisor Ms. Fionna, she said she was sorry and there's was no excuse for what happen, she would send someone back to clean room, but she could not express enough how sorry she was. Manager came back after they did the key entry investigation, offered us 1 night free out of our 3, we said we wanted to be credited for 3 nights, our privacy has been invaded, we don't know who was in our room, we had plans to go out, but we were scared, our security and plans ruined, the worse hotel stay, he said he would get back with us, been over an hour!
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Posted by T on 2011-06-10:
A free night seems appropriate.

If you don't feel comfortable staying there anymore, will two more nights' compensation change that?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-10:
Great review. Very helpful. Remember this is a consumer complaint site, and not a site to complaint about the new OP's. Otherwise that just defeats the purpose of writing a review.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-10:
+1000 AFR!!

as a frequent traveler, i have learned over the years to never leave anything in the room i would not want stolen. most hotels have in-room safes, with programmable codes. otherwise, i carry my valuables to meetings and such in my satchel.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-06-10:
I'd be sore if I came back to my room and saw the door standing wide open and no housekeeping in sight. How long had the door been left open? Was there anything missing from your room although it appeared to have been disturbed. Obviously housekeeping will come into your room to clean while you are gone. I don't call that invasion of privacy unless you specifically requested no cleaning. If I had felt that uncomfortable I wouldn't want any extra free nights. I'd be gone from that place in a minute.
Posted by T on 2011-06-10:
OMG, +100000000 Nohandle!!!
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-06-11:
Nohandle and trmn get it. You couldn't pay me to stay where I didn't feel safe.

As Nohandle said, housekeeping is not an invasion of privacy. You obviously did not request no cleaning because you complained that the room wasn't cleaned. Since nothing was missing, it could be that the door was ajar for just a matter of moments while housekeeping stepped away. The supervisor's professional and sincere apology, together with one free night, seem more than fair.

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