Sears Home Improvement Complaint - Home Improvement Nightmare

Review by earlabdul on 2011-06-11
MASSACHUSETTS -- Had a kitchen remodel done by Sears home improvement...All contract signed by me prior to work being done said "all plumbing/electric to be done by lisenced sub-contractors...Permits...Passing of code" all written on contract...The contract was clearly breached..After job was complete by "general contractor" found out via city electrical inspector a permit for plumbing/electrical was never pulled..And a "general contractor" cannot do plumbing/electrical work..They installed a set in/built in hutch over a live electrical outlet...They neglected to install proper # of outlets..

I am missing 1 that now I have to now cut tiles out from a $500 tile backsplash to install...Left 40+ yr. Old wires and just switched the outlet that run behind the newly installed cabinet and countertop that have to b removed in order to not only perform the work..But to b properly inspected as well..Wires hanging...Not stapled..Down into my basement hacked into light fixture..I was lied to by district manager earl knipfner regarding permits..He said there was one for electrical and didn't need 1 for plumbing...Do and now is blaming contractor for all the violations he knew about...My home is not safe...My kitchen is not functional...

My wife is frightened to leave the house so I shut the curcuit down every day before we leave so we won't lose our home and dogs that r in the house all day..After 3 weeks of hounding this earl character I have this moron... Along w/city electrical inspector coming next week..I have learned that both the contractor and the district manager who prides himself on being a marine and an honest guy...And a contractor..Can not only lose their lisences ..But can serve jail time...Point...Never use Sears home improvement..U may die in a fire..They lie...And take your hard earned money...And don't to "the right thing"..It is run by ghetto management that I wouldn't b surprise wen all this is said and done...I don't end up in a ditch somewhere..
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Posted by T on 2011-06-11:
This reminds of the tv show Holmes on Homes, where he goes into places that have been butchered by contractors doing substandard work.

Your complaint is quite valid, but the references to "moron" and "ghetto management" detract from the focus in my opinion. I hope you get this sorted out and are compensated for the repairs.
Posted by sofia on 2011-06-15:
I work for Sears for 6 years and I know that our customers do not pay 70% of monies before they sign off on work and they are happy with the work.If you were so unhappy with work that was done why did you signed of work? On the back of your contract you have warranty department to call to fix it. In my 6 years that I work for Sears I NEVER had customer with that bad experiance. We do bring electric and plumbing up to code in kitchen area and we do not fix code violation in rest of the home, that is what says on contract.
Posted by Sears Sucks on 2012-05-22:
I am a former employee of Sears Home Improvement Products and worked in their installation department for many years. I saw first hand of all the tricks that they pulled on their customers to save a buck! There are hundreds and possible thousands of projects - especially interior projects such as kitchen remodeling that were installed without permitting. I created a website www.searshomesucks.com to warn customers of the dangers of using Sears.

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