CiCi's Pizza Compliment - Great service - Carry out pizza

Review by trp2hevn on 2011-06-14
KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- I've been to CiCi's Pizza Buffet before and their pizza and prices are pretty good for one of those chain stores. Well, tonight I decided to go and get a pizza to go from them. I really only needed one pizza, but my kid wanted one kind and I wanted a different kind. So I started to order a half this and half that pizza. And of course, got to have the cinnamon rolls. They are so good. Then I noticed they have a special of 3 medium 1-topping or specialty pizzas for $9.99. I asked the girl if I could sub some of the cinnamon rolls for a pizza and she said yes. So I got my kind, and my kid's kind of pizza plus the cinnamon rolls for $10. Normally the medium goes for about $5 and the cinnamon rolls go for about $4. So needlessly to say, I was a happy camper. So the girls tells me it will be about 15 minutes (no problem with that) and asks if I would like a drink while I wait and hands me one of the dining room cups. Well, now that impresses me. After what I believe is less than 15 minutes, she brings my order over and turns the boxes around for me to see them and opens each one so that I can verify that the order is correct. I can say I will definitely go back there.
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Posted by T on 2011-06-14:
That is great customer service.

My body can handle going to Cici's once or twice a year - I'd love to see the "nutrition" information for that food.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2011-06-14:
"I'd love to see the "nutrition" information for that food."

No you wouldn't! LOL

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-14:
I used to live across the street from a CiCi's. Love their cinnamon rolls. Good review trp2hevn!
Posted by T on 2011-06-14:
You eat 4 or 5 of those cinnamon rolls, and you leave footprints behind you from fat leaking out the sides of your shoes.

You'll turn into little something else :)
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-14:
great review.

very helpful!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-14:
It's OK to indulge every once in a while!
Posted by T on 2011-06-14:
No doubt about it, yaya. I just try not to look when I do it. You're much younger than I - I put on a few pounds just glancing. I have to maintain what's left of my lithe figure for when Ms. Right gets lost and makes a wrong turn...
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-14:
That's nice service. Thanks for sharing! We have one here, so maybe I will give it a try one day.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-14:
Trmn8r, good luck with that ;)
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-14:
I ate a Cici's about 10-years ago, and I recall not being very impressed with them. But after hearing my coworker drool over his impression of the place, and also this well written review, I can't help but wonder that may be I just went on a bad day. I suppose I will once again give them a shot.
Posted by Slimster on 2011-06-14:
a Little C s just opened near us, tried it a couple of times, but the elation of walking out with a 5 dollar pizza is soon replaced with a stomach ache.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-06-15:
Nice review, trp. Great service. I don't think we have CiCi's here, but if I ever see one, I'll be sure to check it out.
Posted by Alain on 2011-06-15:
Drooled, I mean enjoyed, this review! That type of customer service will always bring people back!
Posted by Churro on 2011-06-15:
Good review trp2hevn!

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