Napoli Used Cars --Milford, CT Complaint - I Was Lied To About This Crappy Truck

Review by BEAT on 2011-06-16
MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I was looking for a truck that would last for at least until my car payments were finished so I went to the Nissan dealer in Milford CT. I looked around for about 2 days and saw the truck on line, well I test drove it but I heard a noise and they told me it was a front wheel drive. Not to worry about it. So it was listed in mint condition which it looked. Only had 57,900 mls on it so I traded my other truck in for it. They told me they put new brakes and new rooters on it and that the truck had a 16 or 21 point inspection. Before I left the lot I had asked I the questions I need to ask. 1 Day later I had no gas cap went back, they gave me a hard time for that 2 weeks later I went to the car wash and the driver side mirror fell off and they wouldn't even fix it for me I fixed it myself, so we finally got some rain after 6 weeks with this truck I get in it and their is water all over my back seat so I took it back again they told me I have to pay for them to look at it and pay to have it fixed.5 Months later I hear clicking noise in the dash board 100 Dls to look at it and then it cost me 1200.00 Dls to fix it plus the car note. 2 Days later I hear some other noise now the wheel bearings are no good that's 600.00 More dollars plus 100.00 To look at it.

They called me and asked me did I have anyone work on my brakes I said no, they told me my brake lines were twisted, now if they did the inspection they should have seen this. I only put 8000 miles on this truck for only having it for 8 months I hear a noise and now it is make brakes so I took it to Midas so they can look at it they told me Nissan never changed my rotors or my brakes so now I am stuck with another 950.00 Bill plus a car note now I no that cars or trucks brake down but not at 8,000 mls so I took it back to them and they would not even help me at all this truck cost about 22,000 they didn't even want to hear what I had to say. 3 Days later my abs light comes on they had my truck for 8 days I had to pay 100.00 For them to check the problem again. They said they fixed it I drove for about 6 miles and the light came on again I called them and told them what happened now they want me to pay another 100.00 To see what the problem is. This is not fair for people who buy expensive trucks or cars from any dealer.

I will never go to a Nissan dealer if it was the last of the dealers in the world. Now I have more problems with this truck I had to let it go and start all over again. I called to Better Business Bureau and motor vehicle and they will look it to this these crooks are not fair
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Posted by T on 2011-06-16:
16 or 21 points isn't enough. When you get a CPO car, it is more like 130 points, but of course you need to pay more for the car after that. That's why they didn't catch these problems. 16 points is mostly taken up by checking obvious stuff like oil level, tire pressure, etc.

I learned once that when you notice a problem during the test drive of a used car, DON'T buy it. They will promise to fix it, tell you it isn't a problem, etc. You don't need someone else's problem, and a used car dealer doesn't want to put time/money into fixing a car.

I'm sorry you had all these problems. You have to have an expensive used car checked out carefully before buying - unfortunately you can't trust the dealer to do it.
Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-06-16:
Did you have a mechanic you know and trust inspect the vehicle before you bought it or take the dealer's word for the condition? What did the paperwork you signed say about any form of warranty that was included in the purchase price.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-06-16:
i get that the dealer can't be responsible for stuff that happens, and a lot of this could fall under that, but the brake issue seems like they were just lying. That and the just poor condition of this vehicle is just cause for a complaint to me.

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