Sky Golf Complaint - Inferior Product/Lousy On-Line/Telephone Assistance

Review by Bill on 2011-06-21
Resolution Update on 10/15/2011:
Almost a year to the day that I received this item after buying same online, I was notified that my membership was due for renewal. I in turn advised SkyCaddie that I was not going to renew given the fact the product they sent me had not worked for the previous 11 months so why would I renew a piece of junk. A short time later I received a new SkyCaddie in the mail with a request that I return the one I had complained about, postage paid! When I registered the new one, I also took it upon myself to buy the extended Warranty for @24.00 as the one I owned previously only had a 90 day Warranty (which I was not aware of) and Skycaddie refused to repair/replace it. In essence I went almost a full year of golfing without ever using the damn thing but paid a $54.95 yearly membership for. I was happy to receive a replacement SkyCaddie but one would have hoped that I would have also received a "gratis" yearly membership as the one previous was never used.
RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI -- I purchased this Product in October 2010. This item is a GPS that aids golfers on course(s) with distances of Golf Holes and other information. I activated my membership with Sky Golf shortly after I received the product. The first time I used this product at a golf course was May 12/2011. As I live in Canada our Golf season was delayed due to a harsh winter. We are normally golfing in early to mid April however as noted we did not get started until May. This product worked well for me for about 4 weeks and then it went on the "fritz". I was not getting yardage showing on the SG5 which is the main function of this item. I called Sky Golf. They suggested I do several re-sets and see if this corrected the problem. It did not. They then advised me there was only a 90 day Warranty on the item and I was "out of warranty". I told them I had only began to use the item in May! The representative (jonathon) then gave me a telephone number for the Canadian Distributor known as Jancor and I was to telephone them and advise that "I was just out of warranty and to send me a new one".
The representative suggested I do this as it would be much easier for them to send me a new one rather than SKY GOLF as the packaging they would send me with a new one would be needed to return the old one! In any event, I did call Jancor and explained the matter to them. They suggested I also perform several tweaks to the SG5 and if that did not work to telephone them back. I called them back to advise that the SG5 was still not functioning properly and that I wanted a new SG5. I advised them I wanted a new one as instructed by SKY GOLF earlier however Jancor advised that they normally follow the direction(s) of SKY GOLF however there were no notes in my file indicating that they had recommended I be sent a new one and to call SKY GOLF back and get them to put the note in my file. I called SKY GOLF back but am put in a que and after a few 20 minute waits, disconnected. I am getting the old passing the buck from SKY GOLF and to a lesser degree JANCOR as well. This Product is obvioulsy defective yet SKY GOLF refuses to provide me with a replacement and or assist me in this endevour. The simple fact that their representative did not enter any notes in my file about calling JANCOR to have this item replaced is evidence of this. I may live in Canada but I am not a back woods hick which is how I have been treated by SKY GOLF. I would suggest all potential buyers of this Product check the market and look at other similar Products and their customer service or lack thereof.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-10-18
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-21:
Seems as if something could have been done, but still, regardless of use (they don't trust ya) the warranty is up.
I've got the SG2.5 and not had any problems with it.
If you have an iphone you might try the app called GolfLogix, I have it also. It's a battery hog but has more courses and no yearly fee.
You can get the club membership for free and upgrade to champion for 20 usd.
good luck and good golfing.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-10-18:
Glad it worked out for ya.

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