Hughes Motors Complaint - Poor Service - 2003 VW

Review by skjgored13 on 2011-06-22
When we purchased a used VW for our daughter, everyone knew the check engine light was on. T. agreed to repair the problem, and believed it was merely a spark plug that needed replacing. We picked up the car and drove from Methuen to Albany, NY. During that time the check engine light came on once more, and the engine started making strange noises. We had it briefly checked out at a VW dealer in Albany, who reported that the car had no oil in it. We filled it with oil. When we contacted T., he replied that his mechanic had put oil in it.

My daughter lives in Worcester, and took the car to a VW dealer there, who said there were a few problems with the engine, and that the emissions test failed, but the exact cause of that aspect would need to be rechecked after the engine was repaired.

T. refused to talk to the VW receptionist, who called him to give him a list of parts required; he said she was "only a secretary". He did take the car back and repair the defects the VW dealer had reported to us.

However, T. rudely asked me, "How do they know the filter was three years old? Did they read the date on it?" I replied that the VW dealer stated that the filter was so old that all identifying information had worn off. I asked him why he hadn't changed the oil filter and his reply was, "Why should I"? He also refused to give my daughter a loaner car; thus she had to rent one for two days while he ordered the parts that he could have already ordered, had he been willing to talk to the VW dealer in Worcester.

The engine did sound much better, but on the way from Methuen to Worcester, once again the check engine light came on. My daughter took it back to the VW dealer in Worcester (and they did a check for free). They reported emissions problems that would cost approximately $600-$700 in repairs.

As I co-own the vehicle, I called T. and he once more refused to accept the code that the VW dealer had found, and wouldn't order parts prior to my daughter returning. He also said that he would fix this one more thing, and that was all. This is in spite of the fact that we have a 30 day warranty.

My daughter will have to once more rent a car at her expense (she is a student, and it will come from her food and bills budget). This has been so frustrating, and 4 members of our family have made calls regarding these problems to T. Thus, he is also frustrated. But when I asked him why he would not accept the code and order the part ahead of time (given by the Worcester VW dealer), he said he would " fix the problem, like I said." I replied, "You still haven't answered my question." At that point, he hung up on me.

I would say never, ever do business with this dealership. I have never before in all my years of purchasing cars, had an experience as awful as this one. If the need arises, I will contact a lawyer, but hopefully this can all be finally resolved in the next few days.
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Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-06-22:
Lesson learned - - never purchase a used car without having an independent mechanic inspect it and never, ever believe what the sales person tells you. Personally I can't imagine driving any car off a sales lot with a check engine light on much less taking a sales person's word for it that it was just a spark plug.
Posted by T on 2011-06-22:
As the previous reply states, never buy a car with a check engine light OR one that has a problem that they say they will repair. Buy a car that works 100%, not one that may work 100%.

I am actually impressed that the dealer is doing what he is. No, he doesn't need to change a filter or do all the other preventative maintenance that may be required - that would be extremely expensive. Not unless he is selling a car with a pre-owned warranty.

The dealer is living up to his 30 day warranty. The problem is you live far away, and bought a car without having it checked out thoroughly. I can see him not ordering parts he may by stuck with without looking at it himself most mechanics would probably do the same.

I'm sorry you are going through this, but there are lessons to be learned to help from being burned in the future. And the bottom line is, he is fixing the problems. The last one sounds like the secondary air pump.

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