More and More Canadian companies are joining Cheaters club Complaint - CANADA:More and More Canadian Companies are joining Cheater's Club

Review by kool on 2005-06-10
CANADA -- I want to bring in few facts about more and more Canadian comapanies are joining cheater's club in the absense of proper regulations.
There are 1000s of Phone Calling cards companies who rip-off millions of dollars every day across canada by selling dubious phone cards.

There are 100s of VOIP telecom services who cheat customers in billing, connection and poor service.

There are many many online stores who do not deliver products, services(wireless phones, internet,telephone, IDD service, car rentals etc) many products are poor quality,services highly billed with hidden charges, administration charges, freight. And most of them talk about hidden terms and conditions and company policy. These are all white collared cheating. Eg a product priced as 25 $ when it reaches your address it would be 75$. A product you might think priced 29.99 would be required to read below as three payments, ie.89.97 $.
A Shirt might look like 15.99 $ but actually when you try to buy the tie is 15.99 $ written in bold , but shirt price would be 45.99 written in very small letters.
A mobile phone advertisement would look like 25 $/month as many calls you can make, but when bill comes it would read like 65 $.(the multiple hidden charges are never talked and there are hidden company policies and terms and conditions, which you would never be able to understand, best things is to get ripped off and keep moving in this place- other wise bad credit history and you cannot live yourlife)

There are many more companies in Canada in absense of real industrial and commerical economy resort to cheating in following sector:

*Online pharmacy (cheater's heaven)
*Online pornography business (top in world)
* Online trading services B2B
* Sexual health medicines
* strip clubs
* adult toys, stores
* Fake lotteries, free gifts, awards, bonus points.
* Immigration frauds
* Banking services tied up with dubious suppliers
* Bank services cheatings, credit card company cheatings.
* You can win many fake awards and gift vouchers by cheating companies.
* winning fake holidays on your dream island if you buy fake products.
* Ripping off by insurance companies
* Rental rip-offs, doctors,
* Highly expesive University education

None of companies in Canada publish their phone numbers, fax numbers, contact emails,contact address, company's owner etc. Most of them hide under p.o. boxes or single toll-free number and reaching such toll free number could take 30 mins to 60 mins even for a 10 cents worth job.(best way of keeping away unsatisfied customers)

There are many companies which are located in Montreal , quebec are full of cheaters and one needs to be very careful. Montreal and quebec is headquartering most of organized cheating companies who sell any thing online from toys to high-tech products, online entertainment services, viagra, cialis, credit card scams .

Moreover Canada's economy depends on such activities and there is hardly any regulation.
Also for every such thing a normal citizen cannot go to court every day and there is rip-off every step but still people tolerate for not getting into trap of bad credit history.

This trend is increasing day by day.
Major revenue in Canada's economy comes from immigrants who come every year numbering atleast 200,000 and everyone brings in atleast 20000 $.

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