Babiesrus Midlothian VA Customer Service! Complaint - If you are a woman of color, do not shop at this Babiesrus

Review by patrice2010 on 2011-06-25
MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- My first experience at this store is when I was trying to create a baby registry as a first time mother and took my time comparing items. I went at 9:00 am when the store opened so it was nearly empty except for associates rushing empty carts around me. As I was making my list and picking out clothes and a diaper bag, I thought it was odd associates conveniently needed to scan/price check every shelf I stood by. One practically stood in front of the diaper bags I was looking at, but offered no assistance. Brushing it off, I spent over $200.00 that day and my family spent hundreds on my registry items. Now 9 months pregnant, I realized some of the newborn packaged unopened clothes I bought will be too small and wanted to make an exchange for a larger size. I left the items with the cashier to get another and she insisted I leave the empty plastic bag with her as if I would wobble out the store with merchandise. Not only did I not get the full refund for my return, but had to show my Identification twice, was accused of not having the items on the receipt until I pointed out the bar-codes I highlighted, and was given store credit of $2.50 instead of $9.99 which I paid for the return item. I was standing there so long a manager came out and stared at me like I was causing a problem! I will cancel the rest of my registry and go elsewhere. Never to shop here again!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-25:
Just what does your color have to do with this?
Posted by Sugar and spice and everything nice. on 2011-06-25:
Why would you want to take your empty bag with you? Just leave it at the counter with your return items, if you want to reuse the bag just let the cashier save it for you. It's kind if like no backpacks allowed.
Were the scanners doing price checks for an upcoming sale could be a lot of reasons for the scanners.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-25:
it sounds like they were following you around. when you returned the item, was it on sale? i know sometimes if you return an item bought at full price, and return it when it is on sale, you only get the sale price for a return.

great review.

very helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-25:
I'm not sure the color of your skin had anything to do with this incident. I'm also not sure why you felt the need to take the empty bag with you when you went back to the clothing section? Wouldn't it of been easier to leave it on the counter? I also agree with Sugar & Spice. There very well could of been a good reason for employee's to be scanning prices but again, maybe there wasn't. I just don't see how this was discrimination because of your skin tone. I mean, I'm not a woman of color but I had an incident last night trying to purchase a pair of shoes, where I was ignored by 2 hispanic employees, one of which was helping a hispanic mother & daughter. It never occurred to me that they ignored me because I'm white! I thought (and still do) that the one employee was inept at your job and unable to multi-task and help more than one customer at a time and should probably be moved out of the shoe department!
Posted by T on 2011-06-25:
On your first visit, you say that you "took [your] time comparing items". This behavior could be seen as suspicious by security, if they didn't realize what you were doing.

Asking you not to take an empty bag into the store is understandable.

I've spent some time in the Midlothian area. As a Northeasterner, I don't feel welcome there either. Sometimes South of the Mason Dixon Line it feels like it is still 1860. I don't think this is a racial issue however.
Posted by Vinnie on 2011-06-25:
The bag thing makes sense but I would have been uncomfortable if they made a big deal out of it. I would have dumped the items on the counter and had the bag crumpled up in my hand or shoved it back in my purse without giving it a second thought. Thinking back on returns I've done over the years, "the bag" issue never came up one single time and I would have been miffed at the suggestion just like the OP. I have shopped in Babies r Us with a purse, a stroller, and a diaper bag/backpack thingy on. It isn't unusual to see that there and them asking her for the bag is a little silly.

If you are uncomfortable with them, don't use them again and consider it their loss. I've found their pricing to be higher compared to Walmart, K-Mart, Amazon, etc... anyway.

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