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Review by bank on 2005-06-10
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have had a contract with Liberty for 2 years and never missed a pyemnt. Recently a late charge showed up and I have it auto ded out of my acct. How can it be late, I called and was advised that to talk to them they would take 20 minutes of my monthly time each month, well ok lets do that, the late charge was explained that in February there are only 28 days???

then a .72 charge showed up on the bill when calling them again 20 minutes of my time to talk to a rep, ok lets do that the .72 was a foreign transaction fee as the Co. is now in Canada. I told them to cancel my auto ded and send me a bill that was mid May. My acct was current. I went on vacation one week and tried to use my phone and no phone. My mom is terminally ill and I advised them I need my phone I am needing to be in contact with the nursing home. Well pay the bill, but its not due. I called and he said you only have 35.00 due not 77.00 but we want 77.00 in order to turn the phone on. I come home and still no phone, I send them 77.00 and it is now June 10th and no phone, they don't have the pmt yet and will not turn on the phone.

I advised them of why I needed the phone, but that did not matter, to someone who in 2 years has never missed a payment. I went and got another phone and under no circumstances will this phone be used. My contact is up on September and I am filing a FTC complaint as well. Its crazy to give them my minutes for errors that they commit, I was not late as you take the pmt out each month, but still need 20 minutes. you charged me a fee becasue you went to Canada and another 20 minutes, then you shut off my phone, I call you and you take another 20 minutes of time from me when my acct was not past due. The Cust rep says they were having problems with the US post office in getting bills delivered. It finally came 6/9 dated 5/31 4 days before my phone was shut off.

Do not under any circumstance use this company or any of their products. I don't care what they offer you as a freebee its not worth it. There customer service reps know one statement, we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you, but nothing we can do. I am paying my July and August and never using the phone again even once its turned on. I have been in the financial business for 32 years and never have I seen anything of this nature in all of my career. Upset in Cleveland Ohio

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