The Worst Company ever s... Verizon. Complaint - The Worse Company.... Verizon

Review by TPHAN on 2011-06-27
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- We signed up for a bundle account with Verizon, OMG they are crooks, do not believed what they say, they just want to say things to get you off the phone.
We had this really bad experiences with them many times, but just recently we took a vacation to Jamaica, my husband turned on his cell phone and got a bill for over $500 roaming charge..... we only went for 3 nights, after the 2nd day, we found down about this and turned off the phone. Still get the bill for over 800 included everything (our bundle account) isn't it ridiculous!!!....

Husband called them and they give him 25% off of this bill, they are so nice.... they said that it's his false not to find down about the roaming charge before we left the country, which we had no ideas that it's going to be that expensive....

Trying to finish our contract and never come back to VERIZON or recommend this company to any of our friends ever......

Good bye VERIZON, hope you're going to be rich by ripping off your customers... and be bankruptcy one day.....
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Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-06-27:
Sorry but Verizon is right on this one. It was your husband's responsibility to verify the roaming charges before turning on his phone outside of the continental US.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-27:
Did your husband call prior to see if it was roaming in Jamaica? Did he check online to see if Jamaica would be roaming? I don't have Verizon but someone here will be able to verify if this is true. When you are roaming, your phone should have an indicator on it that tells you you are roaming. In addition, many (all?) of the wireless providers also send out free text that tell you you are roaming and calls/text/data will cost more, etc.

Sounds like your best option is to set up a payment plan and learn from this. Never expect a company to not want to make money off the service they provide you. good luck!
Posted by Vinnie on 2011-06-27:
I take my battery out of my cell when I am traveling outside the country. Even if you do not use it, you can still get hit for roaming data charges. Expensive lesson.

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