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Review by Balente on 2005-06-10
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I am joining the thousands of customers lured to Lingo by the promise of lower cost, high quality phone services.

Like many, the modem failed and the terrible customer services and tech support were not there to help and make sure the customer was happy.

The company has two levels of tech support, both represented by low skill, low education technicians. The support services are completely separated from the customer services, they actually are above it in terms of decison-making and customer relation.

The customer services seems to be split between North American continent and Asia. This results in poor communication and above all a customer service philosophy that is light years far from what we are used to.

I decided to cancel after 7 days of struggle with Lingo's personnel and no phone service whatsoever.

I learned that you get what you pay for.

I am switching back to the more expensive but reliable land line telephone services
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Posted by S on 2005-06-11:
Go with Vonage. I've been using them for about 6 months now, no problems.
Posted by VoIP on 2005-08-13:
I recommend lightyear alliance VoIP product especially in Alabama as they have local numbers available and Vonage does not. Check out databydesign.lightyearalliance.com
Posted by jnaz on 2006-10-06:
Well I don't agree with your 3cents after only 7 days... My family uses Lingo VOIP as our primary home phone and have been for over 1 yr now. It was highly recommended to me by a friend in Idaho.

Like you I was attracted by the price and all the options you got. For the first two weeks there were modem issues. It wasn't Lingo's fault in my case it was my ISP Comcast was filtering out IP's. So after that initial hiccup I have been up and running with minor reset issues in the beginning but none in the last 6 months.

I would say it is unfair to punish lingo for trying to save us money. The phone companies have had well over 50 yrs to build infrastructure thereby becoming basically in a monopoly like position. So when a company comes along offering me a competitive proposition, I figure at lease check it out. Besides I am already paying $40 a month for my broadband internet connection I'd may as well get full use from it.

So in comparison:
Phone company; $38 per month and I get about 3 basic options and if I want long distance(which my wife would continue to use even though we get free with cell phone) was adding another $15 per month.
$53 per month + or -

Lingo: $25mo all services included, voice mail caller ID. Call forwarding, multiple lines, same number anywhere I move, no activation Fee when I move everything I could think of. Including sending VM to my email inbox, so when I am at work I can see and listen to messages. Oh and where we really save money is no long distance charge in the US and Canada.
$25 per month.

So my bottom line shows that Lingo is awesome, yes I agree they have some bugs to work out but if you are willing to work with them to set up, you come out the winner. And if you don’t use the phone that much they have a limited 500 minutes per month for $15 I believe.

And that is my3cents.
Posted by jadrianb on 2007-07-17:
I've been a Lingo customer for almost three years now and have almost no complaints. Other than Comcast outages, we have only experienced one Lingo outage the entire time, which they quickly fixed after a very fast call to the tech support line. My father signed up and he got other people to sign up and nobody has reported problems and all are equally happy. He uses his for business conference calls. All of our "modems" worked right out of the box. He has even carried his box on trips to have his phone available away from home.

Sometimes calls take a few seconds to start after I dial. Sometimes there is a little noise in the line. Sometimes my number comes up whacko on other people's caller ID boxes. But none of those do I care anything about because first, this is VOIP so what do you expect, and second, at half the cost of Bellsouth, I'd put up with even more issues.

The cost benefits plus the free long distance and portability all add up to make this worthwhile.

We do have friends that tried either Vonage or Lingo and they had so much trouble with their internet provider they had to cancel. But it was not the phone provider's fault.

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