Duke Power Complaint - Why is Duke Power taking all our money ?

Review by shoggard6 on 2011-07-12
Due to the high cost of usage for electric in the weather is double the amount in the summer. I live in a 3 bedroom home, I work 10 hrs a day and 3hrs 3 day out the week of schooling. I shut off all my light and still I'm paying close the 500.00 dollars or a little less. In the month of January my bill jumped 30 to 40% higher. In March my bill jumped up 600.00 dollars. ( I had to make arrangements) Now this is my 2nd time using this program and I truly hate setting arrangement with DP. By listening to friends and family it always pull you back instead of helping the customer. Now I'm very aware of the arrangement and the new monthly bill must be paid on set date. paid on time and tried to close out the agreement sooner. I make my payment by phone so I spoke with an agent about my arrangements and explain I would like to close it out ahead of time. Agent stated that I was set and back to a zero balance and the new bill will be out in 2 wks. In to week know need to worry about my bill, I came home to NO LIGHTS :( I get home late so it was around 9pm and no light. I called customer service and they can see the notes with the young lady but she gave me wrong info. and I'11 have to pay full payment in reconnection fee. (oh and to have it turn on that night an extra 50 dollar.) Just say I had to pay way more if the lady had know her job. (and people do make mistakes) But now 2 to 3 wks later I receive a bill for 595.00. (due August) Now my bill should be 88.00 to 150.00. I call upset and scared, I don't have that type of money to put out again. Well I found out they charged me 350.00 for security and posted it July 6, 2011. Now, I call customer service to get some kind of understanding and as always very short no help. They quick to give you some kind of agency for help. No payment arrangement ( I don't want)I just have to pay the amount by August 12th. I fill sad about this matter and will do without something this month. But I'm writing for elderly, handicap, young home owners and other.

Time is hard for us all but this company has the money to cut cost and to offer better service. We need them and they need us !!! The truly need an Audit on all there accounts and we need another company or two to offer the same service. They know we can go nowhere else so that why they play us like an fiddle.
I hope the right person see this until then place budget and kepp both eyes on your light biller
God Bless :)
Ms. Sharon
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Posted by Dan on 2011-07-12:
I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this. Do you have any other options for power? I have heard nothing but bad things about Duke and how expensive they are. Everyone I know who has them pays almost double what I do. I have a 3500 sq ft house with 24 ft ceilings and I ran my AC nonstop last month and my bill was $220 so $500 seems very high to me. I would look into other options if they are available. Good luck!

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