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Review by volvo on 2011-07-12
Experience with Melbourne City Volvo

We purchased an XC 60 in 2010 and everything was fine for the first several weeks. Then we got a letter from the government that a Safety Recall was announced for our model (That's OK, these things happen) We got the car back to find that the Remote Central Locking didn’t work. Brought the car back, when we got the car back, the window tinting was damaged in service, we brought the car back from getting the tinting fixed when we found that the window would no longer close - it would close half way, then get jammed and open again. We sent the car back and at this point we lost our sense of humour with the service department. I understand that things happen now and then but every time we took the car back to get one problem fixed, another problem was created.
We got the car back and all was good (so we thought), until I decided to try out the stereo one day and found that the center speaker wasn’t working, since we paid extra to upgrade the stereo, we took the car back to get this fixed. We were told that they never put in this type of radio before. WHAT??? Apparently I was the first to get that option and they’ve never seen this model before, not very reassuring. Finally got the car back, the radio was now much quieter – which I could live with and really didn’t want to give them the car again.

Several months passed, and when we opened the sunroof, something swung back from the roof and landed in the middle baby seat – not a soft rubber seal, but a half meter heavy plastic guide rail (no kids in the car at the time).

This was getting ridiculous. We were told by Melbourne City Volvo to make a list of problems and bring the car back, so we made a list; Brocken Sunroof, part of the air vent came loose at the drivers feet while driving (not very safe VOLVO), Remote control still not working, boot not closing (will close but not lock, then randomly opens on its own), in the meantime, new problem popped up “alarm service required” and ”key no found” errors, I even missed the “non important” stereo volume problem.

OK, took the car in and was told that I will get the same model replacement to drive around in the meantime (overnight), actually, I was told that an XC90 has been put aside for us (we have 3 kids under 4years and we needed a car which can take 3 baby seats). We got the XC70. That’s OK, we just won’t take the kids anywhere for a day, no problem.
Next day, we were told that they need the car for another day, that’s OK, let’s get it all sorted out…
Next Day, returned the loaner and picked up our car, was told that some parts needed to be ordered but that this time, they would drop off a replacement car and pick this one up.
We waited and waited and they never turned up. We let it go.
6 months had passed and all was forgotten, until we got another letter from the government for a second safety recall, 45 minute fix, they said.
Dropped the car off with another list of problems (Oil issue safety recall, “safety child lock maintenance required” error, “easy fix” they said, Loose Plastic Panel behind mirror, “that’s just how it is” they said. I know that’s how it is, but that’s not how it used to be…

Only took 2 hours this time, in the meantime, had to listen to the salesperson who originally sold us the car, how even the best cars get recalled, luckily my mobile rang and I didn’t get to tell him what I was thinking.

I don’t have a problem with Safety Recalls, $#It happens, I don’t have a problem with Factory issues, $#It happens (although annoying), don’t even mind an occasional mistake by the service department.

My problem is with the Melbourne City Volvo Service Department and the department that looked after it.
You’ve managed to create a new problem EACH TIME you fix one.

I’m writing this because I’ve just returned from Melbourne City Volvo, hit the remote and the mirrors no longer fold back as they did this morning.

When will it end, hopefully before the warranty runs out.

Volvo Driver
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Posted by T on 2011-07-12:
I wouldn't let anything go like you did for 6 months, but I can see kids might take priority over fighting with the car dealer.

Do you have an XC60 or XC70 (you mentioned both)?

I wonder if you got caught up in quality issues associated with a change of ownership of Volvo in 2010. I have two older ones that have been very good. Hopefully in time things will work themselves out for you, but it sounds grim so far.

Good review.

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