Long John Silver/store #J295027 or kfc 126/ljs Complaint - Horrible service and food

Review by ar.duck2 on 2011-07-16
My boyfriend and I went to Long John Silvers. Let me explain that today was my first and last visit to this establishment. He made our orders and we drove to the window. The window clerk asked us to pull into the parking lot and wait for our order. We pulled into the empty parking lot and waited. We waited aproximantly 15 minutes and my boyfriend went in to see what the wait was about. Doug opened the door and the delivery waiter was walking out and she looked at him and said "we're busy". Doug asked her for ketchup and she stated that it was inside and gave him the bag of food, turned around and went back to her station. Doug followed her and got the ketchup.
We drove home and pulled everything out of the bags to sit down and eat. I noticed that all of my food was pretty much dripping with oil of some sort and his chicken was very dark/burnt looking also drenched with oil. Needless to say we will not be eating this food ever again. My fish craving is gone.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-16:
wow, what an ordeal. I have never liked their foods as they always seemed greasy and over breaded to hide the tiny portion of real fish.

very helpful review!!
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-07-16:
BA MadC, even though I am not allowed to vote it for you.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-16:
thank you Old Timer. just for that the money will be under your door mat, and I voted you helpful!
Posted by Skye on 2011-07-16:
Wow, that sounds very unappetizing, and that employee was not very customer friendly that's for sure.

Did you bring it back inside, and show them the mess you received? They cannot attempt to correct what they are not made aware of.

You can also contact corporate and tell them about your poor experience. Here is their corporate contact information:

Long John Silvers Corporate Office | Headquarters
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40213

Posted by T on 2011-07-16:
I had LJS once in my life, sometime around 1990. That one visit cured my craving as well.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-16:
I think I tried it only once too, Trmn8r. The food sounds awful.
Posted by Arlene on 2011-07-16:
The LJS in Chandler, AZ has always had good food, not all greasy. The grease comes from not changing the oil when it gets bad, it needs changed to keep the food good tasting and from it clinging to the food. A clean fryalator, and proper drainage of the food coming out of it is extremely important to taste.
We won't eat at the LJS in Casa Grande, AZ...they are paired up with a Taco Bell. The food there is always greasy.
If you go to the LJS in Lacey, WA on Martin Way & Galaxy, you get pretty good food there, as long as you don't smell the grease when you pull into the parking lot, means it hasn't been changed in awaile. You shouldn't be able to smell the fryers when you walk in the door either!
Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-17:
It's always a good idea to check your food before you leave the restaurant. I would definitely call up to complain or go to their website and leave a comment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-17:
I actually love the chicken planks at Long John Silvers. Admittedly, the majority of the food is greasy, but I am fully aware of that upon entering the establishment.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-07-17:
I like the hush puppies and I like the breaded crums that are left over lol but I agree, it can be very greasy and I only have it oh, maybe once every two years. But I like their chicken because its tender....but as far as fish goes, I don't touch that.

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