Pizza Hut Sidney Ohio Complaint - Manager

Review by my concern9 on 2011-07-18
I eat at this location once a week. For some reason the manager decided to pick on my granddaughter this day. We eat from the buffet and she is only as tall as the buffet. So the manager told her not to lean over the buffet, well how is she supposed to see what she is getting. The manager tone was not pleasant. I told my friend that was with us I don't have to eat here anymore. I know this would not effect anything for this is a good place to eat. But the comment from the manager was not taken lightly. This may not be a regular place to eat anymore?????
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Posted by Josh on 2011-07-18:
She may be able to ask her grandparent for help if the grandchild is not tall enough to see what she is getting. I think that would be a good solution.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-18:
Nice to see a customer flex their muscles once in a while by simply choosing to take their business elsewhere. Nice review!
Posted by Churro on 2011-07-18:
The manager probably could handle this better but I do believe this is an issue of safety. If a child is not tall enough to adequately navigate the buffet then that poses an undue burn hazard to the child potentially putting a liability risk onto Pizza Hut especially if the manager sees it and does nothing to discourage it. I'd expect a manager to have better people skills but still.

Perhaps it would be easier to accept if you saw it as the manager trying to protect your granddaughter from harm rather than seeing it as picking on your granddaughter. As they say perception everything.

Interesting review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-18:
Churro is pretty warm on this one. The OP didn't have an issue with the manager reprimanding her daughter for leaning on the glass. But instead was offended by "how" they said it, I.e. the tone of the manager's voice. It should have been dealt within a more polite manner. IMHO
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-18:
+10 churro
Posted by Anna Molly on 2011-07-18:
+100 Churro
Posted by Skye on 2011-07-18:
+100,000 Churro.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-18:
Interesting review. Good post Churro (not charro)!
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-07-19:
No one even mentioned how unsanitary it might be to have some kid's head hanging over the food underneath the sneeze-screen. Personally, I'm not all that fond of eating hair that used to be attached to someone's granddaughter.

Steve nailed it. If she's that small, the grandparents could have been helping...
Posted by Skye on 2011-07-19:
So true Whiteduck. This is why we never eat at buffets, because who knows who my have sneezed in the food.

Just saying.

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