Allergicpet.com Complaint - Poor customer service!

Review by jim9 on 2011-07-18
Packaged for larger animals only, in huge capsules. They suggest cutting the capsule in half, which is impossible. The powder spills everywhere. They suggest stuffing the capsule in a food "meat ball", which makes it even bigger. The moment the animal gets a taste of the power, it's all over.

I can't tell if the product works or not, and they won't take a return. They take forever to return calls, even longer to respond to emails... or not at all.

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Posted by Skye on 2011-07-18:
Put the capsule in a soup bowl, cut it in half, mix it inside what they suggested, or wrap it in some cheese. Now you also have what spilled, saved in the bowl for next time use. Feed it to your animal quickly, as a special treat, and they'll swallow it.

Things take time to work, it won't happen overnight. As for them not refunding, on open items, this is their refund policy:

Returns are limited to unopened containers only (seal not broken), and must be received within 30 days from date of receipt. A return authorization is required, and can be obtained by email. There will be a restocking charge of 15%, and the shipping costs are not refundable.

Posted by Vinnie on 2011-07-18:
I mix medicine in vanilla Activia yogurt. I give him a bit without medicine to get him excited then a bit with the meds in it. All depending on the taste of the medicine, your dog may walk away pissed at you but it's all about love and it's for his own good.
Posted by olie on 2011-07-18:
Most human capsules come with the warning "Do not split" or take apart. The capsule shell protects the stomach and sometimes has a time-delay feature.

I'd guess canine meds work in a similar way. There's a reason they put the medication into a capsule form instead of a tablet or liquid.

That said, Skye and Vinnie have great suggestions. I have luck with ground beef, cheese of any kind, yogurt. Basically almost any human food. Perhaps the smellier, the better. But give that same food without the meds, too, since your dog finds the medicinal taste to be unpalatable. Otherwise, that awesome treat will become something he'll avoid.

(That's what happened with my kids. There was a particularly nasty liquid antibiotic, and we'd buy a Blizzard at DQ and keep it in the freezer. Two bites before the med, three after. By the time the 7 or 10 days were up, the child would run when we'd open the freezer. Thank goodness they'll swallow pills now!)

I hope your dog
Posted by marxone on 2012-06-06:
Try peanut butter it works great good luck
Posted by Nikki on 2013-01-27:
I fed these to my yorkie, and she is small with practically no problem at all. I moulded a thin layer of cheese and wrapped it around the capsule. She loves food and gobbles them down without chewing. I then make sure she drinks and all is just fine.

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