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Review by drtandiemitchell9 on 2011-07-21
Surely there must be someone or some citizen group, even a small task force, to initiate a class action suit? Mainstream America and American Media has put on their blinders of denial. How many millions of us have been robbed of our homes... the foundations of our existence because of a handful of "legislative" manipulators and top level "bank executives"? Facebook and You Tube started a global political revolution, what the heck has happened to the "American Spirit" and constitutional protections? There are hundreds of thousands of empty homes, no one paying these "mortgages" or paying "rents"? This is only adding to American's "economic crisis" and where are the FAMILIES, the millions of American citizens that were robbed of their homes? Is no one tracking all this? The political "campaigning" should not be wasting money and energy and time, but should be demonstrating by competition--the IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION of solutions they only talk, talk, talk, debate, debate, debate ABOUT, BUT NEVER DO! Come on! Even college students are expected to demonstrate proficiency by COMPLETING THEIR STATED GOALS! These political "debates" are nothing more than elementary school children arguing for the sake of arguing. Why doesn't someone establish, into this archaic process, a "dialogue" that is a real communication, and then get about ACTUALLY implementing concrete solutions? Then it would even be meaningful to vote. STOP ARGUING, STOP DEBATING. BE PROACTIVE. BE EXAMPLES OF SUCCESS. DO SOMETHING BESIDES JUST GRANDSTANDING AND TALKING ABOUT "TRACK RECORDS". Add to the process, if even voluntarily as an innovation, SOLUTIONS IMPLEMENTED IN OUR COMMUNITIES IN NEED! OK, SO THIS COUNTRY'S TOP BRASS IS HELPLESS TO GOVERN AS THE CONSTITUTION REQUIRES, AT LEAST IMPLEMENT REAL SOLUTIONS. OR WE WILL ALL BE HOMELESS... WE WILL NOT EVEN HAVE WHAT WE HAVE COUNTED ON FOR COUNTLESS GENERATIONS... WE WILL NOT HAVE THE SUPPORT OF MOTHER NATURE, WE WILL NOT HAVE THE SUSTAINABILITY OF OUR HOME-EARTH.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-07-22:
This belongs in the News/Politics section. You might want to e-mail your person in Congress and Senators with these ideas, but to be quite honest, I don't think they give a damn. Then again, I'm pretty cynical about the useless blowhards in DC.

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