Greenville Chevrolet Complaint - integrity of the dealership(or lack thereof)

Review by kenny_wiley on 2005-06-27
GREENVILLE, TEXAS -- This past weekend(6/25/05)I went to the local chevy dealer to look at some of the suburbans while the GM employee discount was going on. While I was ther we took one for a test drive, let them check out my trade in and then started to discuss my pricing options. Everything was fine until we hit the bottom line and started talking money. Granted I understand that both parties are there to get the best deal but it was the approach that turned my stomach.

When they tried to say that with my credit(which is very good) would cost me $750 a monthy for 6 years I laughed and told them no deal. Considereing that this was supposedly with my tradein(which they seriously undercut me there as well) on a $38000 vehicle at 6%. I told him that he needs to go verify that this was 6% and he came back and told me "yes this is with 6% for 6 years" I had no intention to put it on a 6 year note anyway. When I realized we were going no wher eI asked for my keys. He kept talking. I asked again, he kept on. Once again but harsher and again he kept talking. Finally on the fifth time after I gave him his last chance(in a threatening tone I might add) he finally went to get the keys. On top of that they told me that my vehicle was more than bluebook value when I had just bought it in December used and knew that I got it below blackbook value.

If they couldn't ahve made a deal, that's fine.....if they couldn't give me what I wanted for my trade in, that's fine....

But to give me a bald faced lie on multiple occasions right to my face is uncalled for and has lost my business and any of my friends business as well. Just letting you all know if you are in the area looking for a car and come across it here.

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