Burger King (Lafayette, LA) Complaint - Short changed

Review by Ernge on 2011-07-29
LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- The Burger King (Pinhook across from Walmart) short changed me $4. Did not notice until got home. Not worth the gas to go back to try to collect. Can't make a direct compliant to BK. Just doesn't make much sense to solicit complaints but can't actually make one online.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-07-29:
Why can't you make a direct complaint to them? Their phone number for the location you are complaining about, should be on your meal receipt, along with the store number and address.

Your review is a good reminder to always count your change while still at the location of wherever you are, and not counting it until you get home. This way, if you do have a discrepancy, you can get it resolved right then and there.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-29:
wow that is horrible!! i agree depending how far it is to go back, $4 would cover 1 gallon of gas.

when ever i use cash, i try to count it before i leave, this has happened to me before at other places too. this is why i use my bank of america debit card now.

very helpful review!!
Posted by T on 2011-07-29:
Skye - the OP means online. It used to be hard to find, and now it isn't there. Yes, they can take the complaint directly to the location, which may help if the drawer count was over $4. My guess is if the OP's change was wrong, a lot of customers' was.

I agree with both replies so far - when I use cash, which is rare, I always count my change. Just a reflex. Even if I know and trust the merchant.
Posted by h on 2011-07-29:
I would go back and tell the manager. It was very likely an honest mistake

Believe it or not this almost exact happen to me at another place about 15 years ago. Only difference was I was the cashier.
My drawer was exactly $5 over, which meant I needed to fill out some paperwork. My manager told me to forget it and he would fix it. I kind of shook it off and went home. Hey too many overages or underages requiring paperwork could mean disciplinary action.
After I woke up the next morning I just didn't feel right about it so I went back to the fast food place.
As I as was telling the big manager about what happen a lady walks in and says she was shortchanged the night before...
Wow...Lady got her money back and my conscience felt so much better.
Posted by Skye on 2011-07-29:
Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, Florida 33126

Corporate Headquarters
(305) 378-3000

Consumer Relations
(305) 378-3535

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