Amelias on Balboa Island Informative - Pass on this one. - Sea Bass and Bad Attitude

Review by MrOnyx1 on 2011-08-13
311 MARINE AVE BALBOA ISLAND NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- This was to be a 55th birthday dinner for the wife. Her meal was ok not the best, soup was weak, flavor was lacking, comming from an Italian opinion. Closest to Mom's but weak. As the entrees were server the waitress spilled my wife's soup which prompted to be moved to another table, Mine was not so pleasing as I had hoped. The thinner side of my Sea Bass was tasty and fine, the larger side was half raw, which wasn't found out till I had gotten to the other side and half the portion was consumed, Veggies were undercooked and the first bite of the penne was just warm, sitting in a cold room the food does not stay hot to long; be warned.
The buss boy was what seemed to be in a hurry because of the number of times he was asking if we were done and wanted to take the dishes as we chatted with food still on the plate. While conversing during dinner we were askes at least 4 times if we wanted more water which we obviously didn't need, glasses were 3/4 full
After we returned to the Hyatt I called the owner and Voiced my concern that she had charged me full price for this meal. She replyed we shouldn't have but never offered anything, it was at this point I had told her I was going to give them a not so good review and she said, "That's ok because there is 20 good ones in front of it and then hung up on me".
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Posted by oldisgood on 2011-08-14:
I was with you until you wrote "After we returned to the Hyatt I called the owner and Voiced my concern that she had charged me full price for this meal." It seems to me you did all the complaining just to get a reduced bill. Did you?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-14:
Great review, very informative, the lady on the phone was obviously rude.
Posted by T on 2011-08-14:
I think what the phone representative meant was that you should have spoken with a manager while you were there, and if it was as bad as you describe, the manager should have given you a discount. She agreed that you should not have paid full price, but she had no means to compensate you after the fact.

I think what happened is that when you then stated you were going to leave them a bad review, and she responded rudely, which is unprofessional.

It's hard to tell from reading another's account, similar to it's hard to completely understand your meal without being there.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-08-14:
You mentioned in your header *Bad Attitude* and I was just wondering if it was because of the response from the owner you later called but it doesn't appear to be any attitude problem from the staff while you and your wife were dining.

I've experienced both situations in a restaurant as far as staff. The wait staff totally ignoring a customer and some overbearing. I don't know what the solution is to that one because some customers expect immediate, continual attention and some want to be left alone.
Posted by Marie Milano on 2011-12-28:
Wow! It's to bad you had such a bad experience. I love this restaurant. I am sure that if you contact them, they would like to make it up to you. Instead of smearing their name everywhere, why don't you contact them and try and rectify the problem?

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